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How do Christians respond to Blasphemy?

[COMMENT:  The email below is from Don Wildmon at American Family Association (AFA).  The news he is reporting is blasphemy against God.  How should Christians respond? 

I think Wildmon's strategy is right in exposing the nonsense.  That is a necessary beginning. 

But I think also a better strategy would be to force an honest confrontation between evil and good rather than just objecting on "moral" grounds.  The portrayal of evil by the evil side cannot win that honest contest.  If we force the presence of evil to face the presence of the truly good and right, in person, and with truth and grace, the other side will lose.  Any meeting between Satan and Jesus will end up with Satan defeated.  That is what we must force -- by our own Christ-like lives.   

How do do that with the sort of thing mentioned below?  There is no "formula" answer to that challenge.  It takes a maturity of Christian faith, not one who is prudish, but one who can deal directly with sexual issues in public, one who knows the power of sex, and the power of God who created sex. 

The worst thing we can do is react prudishly and defensively.  We must learn how to take the offensive with truth and grace, not avoiding any issue.  Christians are seldom able to do that.  We generally react defensively and sound like we are whining. 

We must learn to expose the immaturity and unreality and foolish rebellion of such nonsense.  Sin is not only evil, it is stupid. God rejects such behavior because of its stupidity -- because it is narcissistic, self-centered, and self-destructive.  It is destructive of relationships, of family, and of community.  The Kingdom of God is about the fullness of life, not its strangulation under prudishness, which is what the likes of Sheen would have us believe.  

But that point can be made only by persons whose own lives are solid enough to deal with reality without being squeamish or prudish.  Straight forward march into reality.  No quarter asked or given.  Winner take all.  Unconditional surrender demanded -- on both sides.  We must learn how to flay the enemy's case right out in public.  That is the struggle between good and evil.  If we pay a price for it, so what?  We must force the victory of truth in an open, honest contest. 

The problem is not the arrogance of the enemy, it is the immaturity of Christians.  If we Christians has shown maturity over the last 200 years, there would be no such public blasphemy today.  There is no force or movement in all creation which can defeat a mature Christian community.    E. Fox]

December 13, 2006

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends.

CBS, Charlie Sheen bash Christ, Christmas and Christians

Charlie Sheen makes Joy to the World into a cheap sex song

Dear Earle,

CBS and actor Charlie Sheen have used the Christmas season to ridicule and mock Christ, Christmas and Christians. CBS approved actor Charlie Sheen’s vulgar adaptation of a favorite Christian Christmas carol. On the December 11 program, the network included in their Two and a Half Men an episode featuring Sheen singing about his sexual activity to the tune of the traditional Christmas hymn "Joy to the World."

CBS and Sheen knew that the lyrics would greatly offend Christians, but did not hesitate to air them. Click here to see the episode on CBS.

The episode opens with series star Charlie (Sheen) singing:

“Joy to the world, I’m getting laid; I’m getting laid tonight. We’ll light the yule log, deck the halls, and then we’ll play some jingle balls. It’s been a real long wait – this is our second date! It’s Christmas Eve and I’m getting laid.”
His housekeeper/cook comes in and asks:
“Hey, I’m mixing up the egg nog. You want this broad lit up or just slightly glowing?” “Well,” Charlie says, “let’s see, we’re celebrating peace on earth and good will towards all mankind, so let’s get ‘er plowed!” “Hallelujah!” says the cook.
Charlie returns to singing, “Glo-oh-oh-oh-oh-ria, tonight I’m boinking Gloria!” CBS punctuates every single line with a laugh track.

Take Action

Such actions send a signal from CBS and Hollywood: “It’s ok to bash Christians, their religion and their God.” If you are tired of this bigotry from CBS and Hollywood, please take action and then forward this to your friends and family.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!

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