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Betrayal by Pseudo-Conservative Leadership

F. Earle Fox

The article at this url (Underground Journal) is a stunning revelation of precisely the kind of betrayal by our conservative leadership currently in almost every field, which had recently led to the surrender of the Episcopal Church to homosexual activists.  The pseudo-liberals did not win the Episcopal Church, the pseudo-conservatives surrendered it. 

It is worse than I had thought...   The loyal remnant (those who value truth and our constitutional freedoms) are now a very small minority.   Read the unassailable evidence right in the Massachusetts Constitution (quotes below at the website article).  The Courts are NOT the Big Problem, it is the legislators who will not stand up, and executives who desire power and control.  We have far worse executive activism than judicial.  To my astonished surprise, we ought to be going after the President and governors rather than the judges.  Judicial activism is a scam to cover for executive activism (betrayal of oath of office ought to be a felony crime).  

The issue behind the issue is the separation of powers. 


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Below is my response to XXX who had responded to accusations from another email correspondent that XXX had failed in to stand up to betrayal by many pseudo-conservative leaders, who bought into and promoted the "judicial activism" scam.  I wrote:

XXX, (et al),

        I have known little of your history, XXX, have no reason to doubt that your story below is true, and am grateful for your contributions to sanity. 

        But I do not see the relevance of your very accomplished history regarding the issue which is being discussed, namely that the focus ought to be, not on the courts, though, yes, they have their sins.  It ought to be on the executive branch, because the courts have no enforcing powers, and rely almost totally on the executive branch to enforce their decisions.  So any breaking of the law will be done almost always by the execs., the enforcers.  If the enforcer actually obeys the law, even in the face of a misguided or evil-minded judiciary, then the judiciary is impotent to break much of it with any serious effect.  Likewise for the legislature.  The big failure of the legislature has been in disciplining the executive, which it has the power to do.  At least at the national level. 

        It is as though we have a shell-game going with the judiciary deflecting our attention so that the executive can get away with trashing the constitution.  "The judiciary made me do it!"   This con-game has to be deliberate.  As FDR said, if it  happens in politics, someone planned it.  The judiciary cannot make the executive do anything at all.  It can issue only an opinion. 

        If it is true that the judiciary, I suppose in every state across America, is impotent to change the law, then for what possible reason could anyone refuse to go after the executive who is doing the real (and felonious) harm?  It is not complicated, it is simple common sense.  So far I have not seen anyone respond directly to the challenges on that score from Gregg, John, and others. 

        That raises questions for those of us listening in -- Why will you all not respond to the questions?  It has been that simple fact of refusal to respond directly (well, along with my experience with Episcopal pseudo-conservative leaders) which has persuaded me that something is far more rotten in the State of American Religious Conservatism than I had thought.  Reading this current email debate, I saw clearly things about "judicial review" which for a couple of decades I had only vaguely suspected.  You and others could resolve the matter with respect at least to yourselves in an instant by giving a reasonable and direct response to this central issue of the judiciary and the executive guilt in the matter. 

        Gregg and John are absolutely correct that millions (!) of little babies have died because our pseudo-conservative leadership could not stand up and be counted.  Millions of otherwise intelligent adults are dying or suffering terrible diseases because they will not obey the laws of God on sexuality, and are being given a judicial pass by the "conservatives".  It is unconscionable that we "conservatives" have allowed our government to get away with this judicial activism shell game.  It is executive activism, with the judiciary running interference, and harmlessly taking the rap.  And behind them is the globalist shadow government.  And behind them is The Enemy.  We MUST shine the light of truth on all of them. 

        If the Christian community had stood up with the truth 40-50 years ago, we would not have seen these terrible and tragic years, with blood on all of our hands. 

        I believe that God is raising up a new Gideon army, that it takes only a small committed minority to change a society, and that it will be made up of those who are committed to the Way of the Cross, to living in the Light, to telling the truth at any cost to themselves, and who will stand together under the cosmic authority of Jesus Christ.  

        And welcome to those of other persuasions who will work with us.  America belongs to those of any stripe who will fight for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity of discussion in the common public arena.   And not to those who deny that.       

Resurrection Blessings, Earle Fox

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Date Posted -  06/16/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012