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End Game

F. Earle Fox

I (and others) have been saying for well over a decade, and thinking it for several decades (in my case, since spring of 1960), that our Western culture is headed for a crash.  I say it again. 

Western Civilization is in its "end game" -- a term used in chess to indicate the end of the game when it appears that checkmate (final capture of the opponent's king) is about to happen. 

[A day after writing this, I saw From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, an incredible CD on the power struggle in America to turn us into slaves on a fascist plantation -- run by the thugs in the globalist camp.  Russo, in his interview available as an extra on the CD, uses the same term -- we are in endgame. 

If that seems like strong language, the facts are pretty clear.  The IRS cannot come up with a law validating their taking our money via the 1040, and the Federal Reserve is a scam.  The IRS and the Fed are the tools by which the bankers are successfully controlling our lives.]

Western Civilization is Christian civilization.  The two defining aspects of Western Civ. are (1) the rise of science and (2) the development of due process in civil law, essentially equality before the law for all persons and the ability to choose our own rulers -- a democratic republic under God. 

Those two things should define Christian, not secular, civilization, and would -- except that Christians have made enemies of both science and politics.  All of that civilization is now collapsing under the flag of a militantly secular "liberal democracy".   The West is now officially in every liberal democracy, anti-Christian, and thus in practice anti-Christ.  And so we are losing our grip in both science and freedom. 

'Liberal' has come to be identified with secular post-modernism, i.e. a relativity of morality and of truth.  No civilization can survive with that non-foundation.  Without God, we have neither ontological nor moral stability -- the warp and woof of any civilization, the two foundations upon which any society must be built to survive.  Only the Biblical worldview can provide those foundations.

But the secular "Enlightenment" -- which has proved itself to be a new Dark Age -- has persuaded westerners that secularism is the only rational way to live. 

Yet, we are checkmating ourselves.  There is not a teaspoon of truth in the claims that secularism is at all a rational way to live, let alone the only rational way, but the PR program to promote secularism has been enormously successful.  And Christians (with very few exceptions) have utterly failed to stand up for their faith in a rationally coherent and graceful manner.  We have, as a people, bought into the feel-good, personal comfort mentality.  The Way of the Cross is almost non-existent among us.  How many Western, main-stream Christians today would respond to tragedy as do the Amish?

Secularism, of all the possible things to believe, it is the least stable, secure, or rewarding worldview.  It is utterly impersonal, and depersonalizes everything it touches.  It leaves societies drifting toward totalitarianism as it pursues the dream of (pseudo) scientific control to produce -- the good life.  And it will always drift back toward paganism, which at least has the illusion of more or less personal gods and goddesses. 

And then, because it destroys personhood, it leaves the populace with no will to stand up and fight for what is right and good.  Europe is committing suicide, and America is right behind them.  Pray that we turn back to God who alone can pull us out of our nosedive. 

What are the evidences of this demise of Western Civilization?  The items below are symptoms, not basic causes, but the symptoms are mounting.  Among others:

  1. The almost total incapacity of Christians to witness gracefully and rationally to their faith, to proclaim that Jesus is Lord over all things, including civil government;

  2. The incapacity/unwillingness of Americans (and almost any Western country) to close their borders;

  3. The history of abuse by the American government of its own people; 

  4. The ambiguous and uncertain leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, and the nearly complete disintegration of the Anglican Communion in the West as a living spiritual force; 

  5. Current elections in America with no clarity about issues, only a falling back into a defensive, self-serving position;

  6. The possibility that, although Western globalists may have been funding and training Islamic jihad, jihad may also have spun out of their control;

  7. Europe is in severe emotional, intellectual, and spiritual denial, and, if it continues as is, will not survive the century;

  8. America is only about 50 years behind Europe;

  9. ...and on it goes...

The basic causes are spiritual, not military or political.  Our choice is between "Jesus is Lord" and tyranny.  But the Churches are all but useless in the spiritual warfare, having abandoned their own ground of being and moral direction. 

God will not leave things in this mess.  He will raise up, yet one more time, a new army of truth-seekers and truth-speakers, persons of honest good-will who have found Him to be indeed the only possible source of stability of being and of meaning and moral direction. 

The secular and pagan worlds are not capable of supporting freedom in any meaningful sense.  But Western Civ., beginning in earnest with the French Revolution, began a rebellion against God which is leading to the death of Western (i.e., Christian) Civ.  The death of Christianity is the death of Western Civilization -- devoutly sought by You Know Who.  The Enemy lost the battle with Jesus, but he still thinks he can conquer the people of Jesus.  He is well on his way to sidelining Western Christians completely.  He can conquer the wanna-be's who are too timid and cowardly, but he cannot conquer the real followers of Jesus.  So -- where are the real followers?  Where are those who will give public testimony to the lordship of Jesus over all things, including civil government -- especially civil government? 

I would like to count the Jews as standing with orthodox Christians in these matters in general Biblical terms.  Both current Judaism and Christianity sprang out of Old Testament Hebrew religion. 

But Judaism has itself largely swung in the "liberal", i.e., socialist, centralized government direction.  In the West, orthodox Jews, like most orthodox Christians, have made themselves irrelevant to the public arena, and the new pseudo-liberals, Jews and Christians alike, have made the political arena the very center of their attention, and so betrayed their Biblical foundations in favor of government-sponsored salvation.  They have traded freedom and Godly self-reliance for comfort and safety -- i.e., govt. nanny tyranny. 

In the process, Christians have become soft and squishy, a tragic misunderstanding (or deliberate subversion) of the commandment to love our neighbors like we love ourselves.   According to one report, Slouching toward Suicide, the Roman Catholic Church thinks it OK to cede (or sell) their redundant churches to the burgeoning Muslim population.  In today's world, that is suicidal, it is not the Way of the Cross.   

It does no one a loving turn to welcome them into our midst at the price of our midst being trashed and destroyed, and thus rendered unworthy of anyone being welcomed into it.  Either we properly defend our midst, or we will die as a people and a culture.  Welcoming illegal aliens, including terrorists and drug dealers, including criminals, including sexual predators, is itself a crime against God and our fellow man.  It is not an obedience to the second Great Commandment. 

None of these things are happening by accident.  They are part of a deliberate secular globalist strategy to subvert the integrity and the freedom of the people, to get control of the levers of government so as to be in complete control.  They think of themselves as the saviors of mankind.  They are the enemy

Pillars of Imprecation, a recent article in Touchstone Magazine (Nov. 2006) calls for a renewed understanding of those parts of the Psalms which call down the wrath of God upon enemies, in particular, regarding persecutors of Christians.  We should be praying, the author rightly says, that God would either convert them or take them out. 

God aims at the behavior, not the person, but if we cling to our forbidden behavior, we put ourselves in the line of fire.  There are some behaviors which will not enter the Kingdom of heaven.  Either we give them up, or we do not enter.

And not entering, in the end, means damnation -- the final retribution for evil.  "Depart from Me, I never knew you."  It is, of course, a self-inflicted retribution.  The Son of God has given His life to draw all mankind unto Himself and to the Father.  All are invited, no one is refused.  But on God's terms, not ours.  God is calling us into His midst -- and He will protect the integrity of that place.  So the refusal is ours, not His. 

These are thoughts unfamiliar to even Christians today (at least in the West), that there will be a division of sheep and goats, that coercive, including military, force should be applied against some evils.  

The Kingdom of God is not an airy-fairy state of essence somewhere above and beyond the daily toil.  The Kingdom is the practical hard work of personal relationships.  It begins here and now, and we begin to approach that Kingdom by how we conduct our relationships with God and one another right here and now. 

A severe dislocation of Western Civilization, indeed of the whole world, is coming.  Short of a profoundly deep repentance and spiritual renewal, there is no avoiding it.  I suggest you do whatever you must to prepare yourself in this End Game of Western Civilization.  Christians must first get our own act together with the Lord, and then be ready to pick up the pieces when the light begins again to dawn. 

In the meantime, let us take good advantage of the immigrant influx to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to introduce them to the true American vision of Godly truth, righteousness, and love in the public arena.  God will accomplish His own purposes in the midst of all this. 

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