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The Death of Free Speech:
How Our Broken National Dialogue
Has Killed the Truth & Divided America 

[COMMENT:  Here is some of the evidence of the disintegration of Western Civ.  We no longer even understand the rules of honest public engagement.  That will mean, if it is not reversed, the end of civilization by any credible description.   

We now need to tell the story of how Jesus will restore the truth and raise up America as again one of His servant nations.  E. Fox]


By John Ziegler

In "The Death of Free Speech," radio talk-show host and TV commentator John Ziegler examines how the news media have created arbitrary, biased, and illogical rules for determining what can and cannot be said in the public arena.

He details how in almost every major case of "speech and punishment" in modern America, the guilty verdict was wrong and unjust. From incidents involving Jimmy "the Greek," Trent Lott, and Fuzzy Zoeller to Rush Limbaugh, John Rocker, and Jocelyn Elders, he blows apart the conventional wisdom that led to these public figures being unfairly penalized for expressing their constitutionally protected opinions and explains why others have been spared despite making similar statements.

Through his own experiences of being fired for things he has said on-air, as well as never-before-revealed interactions with others who found themselves the target of the self-appointed "thought police" in the news media, Ziegler takes an in-depth look at the issues that surround these controversies. Ziegler also looks at the increasing corporate conflicts and legal restrictions being imposed on free speech, particularly when it comes to political speech, which came to the forefront of the 2004 election campaign in the battle over the candidates' Vietnam War records.

Read how Zeigler scathingly obliterates the news media's pathetic handling of that issue and describes how it affected the election itself. Additionally, he exposes how restrictions on free speech have created a media matrix that makes it impossible for the truth ever to be known by most Americans.

"The Death of Free Speech" is an objective, credible, provocative, and entertaining look at one of the most important and underreported realities in American society. No one is in a better position to tell this story than John Ziegler as he warns that this most cherished constitutional right is in grave jeopardy.

John Ziegler is a veteran of the radio and television industries who has been on the air in several major markets including Raleigh, Nashville, Philadelphia, Louisville, and Los Angeles, where he currently is the host of the evening show on the most listened-to talk-radio station in the country. He has frequently served as a commentator on local and national television shows and as a columnist for numerous newspapers and prominent political Web sites. He lives in Burbank, California.

Hardcover, 288 pages.

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