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Indian Congregation Attacked for 2nd Time


[COMMENT:  As you sit in church this Sunday, contemplate the piece below.  Would you show up the following Sunday? 

Pray for persistent, strong, and faithful witness --  first here at home, and also among those under such terrible pressure. 

At any cost to ourselves.... E. Fox]

Congregation Attacked for Second Time - VOMsources/persecution.com
For the second time in three weeks, Pastor Vijayakumar's congregation of 30, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, was attacked on September 10th. Reappearing after their first violent attack on August 20th, a militant Hindu mob stormed the prayer and worship service. The frightened congregation continued to worship, even though the militants threatened there would be a blood bath the following Sunday if they persisted in worshipping Jesus Christ. Pray for God's protection on His people and the militant Hindus who sit in darkness will be brought into the glorious light of His kingdom. Psalm 36:9

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