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Street Gangs in Los Angeles

[COMMENT: Well, we asked for it.  We do not need a Marshall Plan, we need a Jesus Christ plan.  The only solution is Jesus Christ.  He and only He can unify a people around truth, righteousness, and love.  No one else in the whole cosmos can do that. 

For an example of how Jesus does that, go to www.JewsforJesus.org and do a search for the video, "Forbidden Peace".  A stunning and powerful documentary of Jews and Palestinians learning to love one another.  The examples are all over the world, in every culture.  The evidence is abundant, but Christians in the West, for the most part, do not yet get it. 

Our pseudo-inclusive culture does not include Jesus in its ranks of the acceptable.  So we continue to pay the price.  And the Church is above all to blame -- which cannot yet come up with a graceful and reasonable public testimony.  The day is coming.  But it seems that we need persecution to wake us up.  Everywhere Christians are being persecuted, they begin to have a public witness. 

The email below is from a friend.   E. Fox]

LA Needs Marshall Plan To Stop Gangs

(Opening paragraph:

"Plagued by an out-of-control crime problem - sparked by 720 street
gangs with a mind-boggling 39,000 members - Los Angeles needs a
billion dollar Marshall plan to stop the epidemic of gang crime, a
new study suggests ")

Another quote:

"After a quarter-century of a multibillion-dollar war on gangs, there
are six times as many gangs and at least double the number of gang
members in the region," the report states."

Quarter-century, 25 years!

While this story is shocking, how many OTHER major current problems
of all kinds, all across America, have had the same long, long trail
of repetitive studies, costing millions of dollars times the number
of states, times the number of cities and towns -- and all coming up
with the same recommendations almost every time?

We've educated a lot of consultants on how to have job security, haven't we?


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