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A Paleo Epitaph

from Paul Gottfried  

[COMMENT:  Gottfried tells the truth about the pseudo-conservative movements which have come and gone for about two centuries now.  Conservatives dropped the ball beginning right after the Revolutionary War, and failed to secure and explain the Biblical foundations of what God had given us.   My bold emphasis below.  

I am not at all sure that the paleo-conservatives can win this war for intellectual, moral, and spiritual sanity.  But I am sure that God can win it through us if we will sign up with Him.  My hope is to help point the way...    E. Fox]

Gottfried writes: 

With due regard for my now dead comrade [Sam Francis], I donít think the biggest problem for the paleos has been their inability to play cards effectively. Their lack of resources in the face of a truly grim opposition is so great that Iíve no idea what arrangement of cards would work for them in the foreseeable future. Their aging, embittered leaders have spent so long fighting in the trenches that theyíve taken to turning on each other. The unending tirade against Protestants that some Catholic paleos now engage in is both silly and counterproductive. We are living in a predominantly Protestant country whose institutions (before they became corrupted) were tied to a recognizably Calvinist society. (For the record, Calvinists held a majority among Southerners and Yankees alike.) Rhapsodizing about the glories of the Catholic Middle Ages played well in early 19th-century France and the Rhineland, but by now such lyrical outbursts (together with expressed revulsion for the Reformation) are a bit out of place. What American traditionalists need to defend is a badly denatured liberal Protestant polity that is going quickly to seed. Iíve no idea how appeals to Mary Queen of Scots and Pius IX will save our political society, or the even more badly deteriorated Catholic regions of Western and Southern Europe.

The Road to Emmaus is online specifically to help remedy the situation seen by Gottfried.  But the outlook is much brighter than Gottfried sees.  He knows neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.  Despite the apparent odds against a recovery of Biblical civilization, we are in a very winnable battle.  See The Narrow Gate and scroll down to Quick Intro to Christian Apologetics.

The reason we are where we are is that the Judeo-Christian community has not been obedient to what God has been telling us for about 6 centuries -- in
(1) the rise of science,
(2) the rise of due process in civil law (limited government, separation of powers, equal justice before the law, freemarket economy, etc.), and
(3) the development of a freemarket economy (in which the rich are no longer able to enslave and plunder the poor). 

So we are losing all three because we do not know how to defend them.  That is, we do not know how God is necessarily the foundation of all three, which is why they appeared only in a Judeo-Christian civilization after about 1000 years of slow simmering in Biblical thinking and living. 

Christians everywhere are defending their faith using the rules of discussion given by the enemy, not by God.  That is not only sinful, it is stupid.  The single most important reason why we Christians are losing is that we have forgotten God.  We have lost nearly all capacity to say out loud, with truth and grace, that "Jesus is Lord", and so civil government is taking over as lord. 

But the arm of God is not shortened so that He cannot equip us to fight this battle -- if we are willing to do it His way.  God owns the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground, and is inviting us to stand there with Him. 

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Date Posted -  07/17/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012