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Romney & the Republican Party vs. America & God

F. Earle Fox

Romney's apparent capturing of sufficient votes to ensure his getting nominated as the Republican candidate ensures that growing Marxism tyranny and  will continue for the next several generations.  Not because the politicians are sold out to evil, but because the American people are sold out.  It means that the majority of the American people have lost any serious capacity to decide between right and wrong, between Godly and unGodly, between American and anti-American.  

The problem is not the politicians, it is we, the people, we, the voters taken as a whole, who are the Highest Officer of the State, we are the ones who have betrayed our own implied oath to support and defend the Declaration and Constitution given to us by God Himself.  We have voted ourselves down the tubes to political hell. 

And behind we, the people, is a betraying Church, not the Church of God, which is those faithful few who genuinely love the Lord of truth, but the great majority of pastors and churches who love their own comfort more than babies in the womb, more than political Godliness, more than speaking the truth in love, wielding the Sword of the Spirit.  

 Romney, in my opinion, has been groomed by the government centralizers, globalists, if you like, just as was Obama, for the Presidency.  It matters little who wins this election -- so far as the two parties go.  They are two heads on the same monster of government centralization, that is, tyranny. 

If Biblical people will not very soon begin to pull together, America will have to fight its way back to spiritual and cultural sanity just like the Chinese Christians are, from the ground up with all the apparent odds against us.  From inside prison cells, from hidden places, and probably with most of the churches compromised as in pre-Nazi Germany.  

There will be no "America" out there across the ocean, no land of the free and home of the brave to come and save us, no allied forces of freedom.  The free world has been captured from within, rotted from within, and is already collapsing into the waiting arms of our government saviors, the Administrative State.  We have been taught to value our comfort more than our Godly freedom.  We have, just like the Hebrews, rejected God for the pagan world around us.  If we cannot out loud, in the public arena, say "Jesus is Lord!"  then we will also not act like Jesus is Lord. 

But like every other tyranny, it will corrupt and weaken from within.  An unGodly society cannot retain its unity.  Only God can unify us from within -- a moral and spiritual consensus under a living God.  No one can stop it. 

So, God will raise up persons who again, are willing to devote their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to serve Him.  And they will once again establish Godly civilization.  Unless the King returns first.  But I believe that God will first purify His Bride, the real Church.  And it may be again in the fires of open conflict -- as it already is in many places around the globe.  I hope that your children and grandchildren will be among the free and the brave -- who cannot be enslaved by the world, or the flesh, or the devil himself, the true sons and daughters of God. 

The law and the grace of God will triumph, it cannot be otherwise. 

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Date Posted - 03/14/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012