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"A Seat at the Table"

 By Tom Hoefling

[COMMENT:   Which table are we talking about?  

God calls us, "Come, let us reason together..."  (Isaiah 1:18) to discuss the issues of life (and death), the issues of covenant with Him, the issues of being servants of the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Those are political, global, local, cosmic issues.  All of them.

God owns the table, God sets the rules for discussion.  All are invited, but on His terms, not ours.  The terms:  "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth...."  which will not happen without the "so help me God" part.  The plan of God is to draw us to Himself with truth and love, the Sword of the Spirit, truth spoken in love.  What better agenda could there be? 

So, Christians, who are supposed to represent God, are not to be seeking a place at anyone's table other than that one.  We should be aggressively insisting on God's terms -- the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  And then challenge the world, the flesh, and the devil to get into the fray.  We are on the offensive, but only if we are truth-seekers and truth-speakers -- at any cost to ourselves.  Short of that, either God or Satan will put us right at the point where we are not willing to speak the truth.  Satan to draw us further into darkness by confirming our sin, and God to challenge us right at our sin, to repent. 

The Republican Party is NOT pro-life.  It may have been, but it is under the control of those who want to win elections, not save lives.   That is an anti-Christ agenda.  If Palin is a Christian, as advertized, then let her act like one.  There is one and only one Christian position on abortion -- the life of the unborn child commands the same protection as that of a born child -- or of a grown child.   

I would take exception to one comment of Hoefling below, that abortion is the fundamental moral issue of today.  Rather, government control of our minds through its dys-education program is more fundamental, it is a severe violation of our Constitution.  Government education will always, in long run, become a mind-control program -- through which they can then brainwash us with nonsense about abortion, homosexuality, etc.  If we do not defend the real "table", the public open discussion, the free-market of ideas, then we have already lost the battle for life and for freedom.  The real fundamental question is, "Who is Lord, Jesus or civil government?"

Government education is always an enemy of the freemarket of ideas which God commands.  We MUST get government totally out of education and give it back to the parents.  

All of which is to say that if we do not put God first in all things, at all times, we will lose to the world, the flesh, and the devil.   Without God, we are no match for them.  With God, they are no match for us.

NOTE: for the application of "truth-seeking" to the Bible and the Church, see The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age.    E. Fox]


For years I've heard the "leaders" of the conservative movement talk about getting us a "seat at the table." With the Republican nomination of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate from their standpoint they've reached their goal.

The first question I would ask all real conservatives in America, though, is this: What's on the menu?

If you read the transcript of her vice-presidential nomination acceptance speech on Wednesday night, the clear answer to that question is: Whatever John McCain and his handlers say is available. Don't forget, they are now the proprietors of the GOP establishment, and had the power to control every single word in her prepared text, which she faithfully stuck to other than one ad-libbed, and very funny, joke about hockey moms, pitbulls and lipstick.

Now, anyone with any sense of the realities of politics in America today, and the honesty to tell the truth no matter its impact on their own personal political agenda, must admit that Governor Palin's speech was a huge political success. She came across as a genuine person with a very real, very attractive family, and a gritty determination about her. And she certainly demonstrated an ability to effectively slice and dice the Democrats, with a winning smile. I don't know if Barack Obama will ever fully recover from the experience. Let's hope not.

But what of the substance? In keeping with the normal culinary proclivities of John McCain and the George Soros-funded liberals who run his political operations, there was not a single mention of the central moral question of our day: the fact that even though the protection of the God-given, unalienable right to life is the foundation upon which American liberty rests every day in this country thousands of unborn children continue to be brutally killed in their mother's wombs. Not a single word.

The other primary purpose for the existence of government as described in our founding documents is the protection of our fundamental liberties. This generation has seen an incredible erosion of those sacred rights in many areas, including the throttling of free political speech that was represented by the McCain-Feingold legislation of a few years ago. But, of course, this couldn't be mentioned.

Marriage, the most fundamental of our civilization's institutions the institution most necessary to the fulfillment of the stated ultimate purpose of our Constitution, "to secure the Blessings of Liberty to our posterity" is now under constant assault by the Left. But again, as measured by the content of Governor Palin's speech, this critical issue of our time, one that the vast majority of Americans agree with conservatives about, by the way, just doesn't have enough importance to be considered for inclusion. No surprise, since John McCain opposes a Federal Marriage Amendment to protect the natural family and real marriage.

There was much talk in St. Paul about National Security, and protecting our country from the terrorist threat. But again, Palin's text neglected to mention, even once, the threat posed by the ongoing unlawful invasion of our country by tens of millions of foreign nationals, and the fact that no one knows who these people are or where they came from. Again, this is not surprising, since the folks vetting the speech work faithfully for the godfather of amnesty for illegal aliens, Senator John McCain, and they very much want our national back door left wide open.

Throughout this convention, there was also plenty of lip service paid to issues of money and prosperity, as always. Republican political operatives, even if they don't believe in much of anything else, believe fervently that your most pressing concern is your pocketbook. But again, not a word was said concerning the only possible way to truly restore prosperity in America over the long haul: fundamental tax reform. Sure, they promise tax cuts (once again they're bribing you, buying your vote with your own money), but, as has been the case for a very long time with Republican leaders, there was no discussion of getting at the root of our money troubles. In other words, the perverse destroyer of liberty, productivity and prosperity that we call the federal income tax, stands undisturbed in any real way into the foreseeable future.

Other than the obligatory "God bless America" at the end of the speech, our Creator, the Giver of Life, the Author of Liberty, and the Sustainer and Defender of everything we have and are, was not mentioned once. No Scripture was cited. If you'll remember, even Bill Clinton felt an obligation to at least mention the Bible, its timeless principles, and the Lord, in his nomination acceptance speech.

I have no idea if Governor Palin wanted to include any of these things, but it matters little because in the end the room was swept clean by those who are now running the Republican Party and the McCain campaign.

I'll be charitable to all those good folks who are now panting after the red meat promised by this nomination. I know you're hungry for some real meaning in your politics. But I'll not be shy about raising the warning flag: with John McCain at the head of the ticket, you're not going to get to eat anything you really need. In their own political interest, the compromised "leaders" of the Republican Party are more than happy to let you, or Sarah Palin, pull up a chair, but you'll only get what they decide is good for you. And that won't include reliance upon God, the defense of traditional marriage, our borders, or the principled protection of the unalienable rights to life and liberty. They are embarrassed by all of that. The sign on the wall clearly says, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." Those who insist on the inclusion of these fundamental matters of national survival can expect to be shown the door. As the hokey John Rich country tune "Raisin' McCain" says, "Get on the train or get out of the way."

Sadly, what they are offering has none of the actual nutritional content that is needed if the body politic is to thrive or survive. And, given the makeup of the McCain team, and McCain's history in government, the American people are about to be served up plenty of dishes that are fatal to the republic and its indispensable historic principles.

As the intentional process of driving God out of our public life and our politics continues to accelerate, liberty will depart with Him count on it because, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

As regard for the claims of innocent human life is brought only to a place of derision, scorn or embarrassed silence, don't be surprised at the rise of the culture of death in all its evil ugliness.

As the limitations of our physical borders, the rule of law, and the Constitution are ignored, don't act shocked when all other restraints on human evil also melt away, stripping you and your posterity of every last vestige of security, sovereignty and freedom.

Personally, I think it's time we start doing our political cooking at home again anyway. And then, in that great American tradition, we can get together for potluck. It will be safer, cheaper, more nutritious, tastier, and prepared by the hands of those who actually know and care about us, and our children's future.

Let's rebuild our communities and our politics from the ground up and restore true government of, by and for the people. Let's do it in reality, not in highly-produced television extravaganzas. We're fools if we place our faith in celebrity or personalities.

"Country first"? No. Faith in God, adherence to America's principles, and love for our families, neighbors, and communities, first. That is the true hope for America.

Tom Hoefling is the Chairman of America's Independent Party. (www.aipnews.com)



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Date Posted -  09/06/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012