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Spiritual Warfare
in our Pseudo-Scientific Culture

This was the title of a conference I led at the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy (Peoria, IL) on May 11, 2004.  We Westerners are of the false impression that we are scientific.  That has been slowly, for over a century, becoming less and less true.  In the humanities (as distinct from the hard sciences) we are in almost full rebellion against science -- because science requires self-discipline and believes that there is an objective truth.  Science, over the last two centuries, has been at least as riddled with deceit, manipulation, and posturing as religion has.  But the negative sides of the scientific and academic communities do not get the press attention that religious communities get. 

The whole of the secular take-over of Western Civ. has been largely under a camouflage of being founded on science.  And that was aided and abetted by the dismal intellectual competence of almost all Christians during that period.  Christians are now, at the beginning of the 21st century, far more likely to take the offensive than at any time in the last three centuries.  We are showing signs of recovery of our intellectual integrity, which we had almost trashed. 

One sign of that is the magnificent work being done in the ID (Intelligent Design) theory.  Another is the steady growth of home schooling and the beginning recovery of Christian and other non-government-run schools.  If just these two movements keep going, we will be well on our way toward recovery of our Biblical foundations. 


The conference was built on six sections:

1.  What is spiritual warfare?  the role of intellectual integrity...

2.  The Two Crown Jewels of Western Civ. -- two gifts from God (Science & Due Process in civil law.)

3.  The subversion of truth.  The first step in the Fall.  How Christians failed.

4.  Our Reasonable God -- who holds the intellectual and moral high ground. 

5.  The Unity of Faith & Reason -- How we know what we know.  

6.  Spiritual Warfare -- on the Offensive.  How we are going to win the culture war.  


The response of the clergy (about 40) was very positive.  I told them that it is not too late (despite current conditions) for a small Gideon army to turn the Episcopal Church around -- if we learn the Godly methods of spiritual warfare -- speaking the truth in love, wielding the Sword of the Spirit.  

It is not "winning" in the usual sense that matters so much as speaking the truth in love.  If you do that, you have already won.  If they shut you down, you have already lost.  Speak the truth in love -- at any cost to yourself, and God will do the rest. 

The tapes of the conference turned out well, and are available from Emmaus Ministries for $10 plus $2.25 shipping. 


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