The War against
the Imago Dei

[COMMENT:  Friends, this is not about merely "gender relations", this is a war against the Image of God.  Christians and Jews, sadly, have done very little to develop the Biblical doctrine of creation, especially Genesis 1:26 ff., that we are made in the Image of God -- male and female.  This teaching on creation is the fundamental basis of all Biblical theology.  It is the basis of the Biblical worldview, the watershed, the continental divide between Biblical religion and all other belief systems. 

People who should know better talk about "getting beyond" the gender issues so that we can get to the "real" task of the Church, evangelism and service to the needy.  Well and good.  But how we evangelize and how we serve the needy will be radically different depending on how we view gender and sex.  If we do not get the fact that we are created in the image of God male and female straight, the Church will never recover its mission.  If we do not know the nature of God and how we are to reflect that nature, if we cannot understand these most basic of all concepts, then nothing else we do will come out right, and we will continue to be the butt of the world's jokes.  And, rightly so.  The sad part is that that mockery is really aimed at God.  And we allow it to happen because we are inept, cowardly, ignorant, or all of the above. 

They cannot win this war, of course.  The Image of God is the most stable thing in all of existence.  ALL other stability emanates from that.  But you have to give the "A" for effort.  We need to rekindle our own effort in an intelligent and graceful way.  This is a winnable war -- precisely because of the Imago Dei.  

How many of the vital issues before us today revolve around sex and gender?  Abortion, feminism, divorce, destruction of family life, women in the military, an all-male Christian ordained ministry, homosexuality, pansexuality, the sex-revolution, and on it goes.  Every one of these issues is a Trojan Horse for an attack on gender differences, those very differences which men and women are made to reflect in human life originating in the Image of God. 

The anti-Christ is aiming a dart right at the heart of Biblical theology, and our side remains oblivious.  They cannot win, of course, but in the meantime, how many lives, marriages, and children will be twisted and broken?  But God is raising up a new Gideon army -- Christian soldiers who are not afraid to speak the truth, and are graceful enough to do it in love.  Christian soldiers who know how to combine reason and revelation -- to weld those two edges of the Sword of the Spirit back to back, making an invincible weapon.  See The Authority of Scripture in a Scientific Age. 

When Christians, and others of any common sense, for example, begin to force homosexuality advocates to defend homosexual behavior openly and in public, then it will be all over.      E. Fox] 



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Friday February 25, 2005 

“Man and Woman”, “Wife”, “Husband”, “Widow”, “Widower” Banished From all Ontario Law

Terms, when referring to spouses,
are banned from all government programs, services, documents

Toronto, February 25, 2005 ( – With the obscenely rapid, three-day introduction and passage of its same-sex “marriage” Bill 171, the Ontario government has advanced a revolutionary change in the way all laws and government programs and institutions refer to marriage and married persons. Everything referring to spouses must now be gender neutral.

No longer can a married couple be referred to as “husband and wife” or “man and woman”. The terms “Widow” and “widower” are also struck from government statutes. Attorney General Michael Bryant stated, on introducing the bill, "Currently, the statutes offend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms".

Bryant continued, "The bill removes references to gender and gender-specific language from Ontario definitions of spousal terms and uses one term, 'spouse', to include opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples who are married or who live together in conjugal relationships outside of marriage."

Considering the massive size and pervasiveness of government, this is certain to gradually lead to a general devaluation of marriage throughout the province – all for the purpose of imposing “equality” for that tiny number of same-sex couples that chooses to “marry”, taking advantage of activist judge imposed re-definition of marriage.

“Spouse” is redefined in the new law to concur with the re-definition of “marriage” imposed by activist judges, but not yet passed in the federal parliament, that now includes same-sex couples.

A perusal of the bill shows substitutions for previously used spousal terms in numerous places throughout 73 Ontario Statutes as follows:

“Widows”, widowers” replaced by “surviving spouses”
“A person of the opposite sex” replaced by “a person”
“Wives, husbands” replaced by “spouses”
“Two persons of the opposite sex” replaced by “two persons”
“The wife or husband” replaced by “spouse”
“A husband or wife” replaced by “spouse”
“The husband and wife” replaced by “the spouses”
“A man and a woman” replaced by “two persons”
“Husband and wife” replaced by “spouses”
“Cohabited as man and wife” replaced by “cohabited as a married couple”
“Same-sex partner” replaced by “spouse”

See Ontario Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill - All Party Collusion to Avoid Accountability Succeeds

See the complete legislation


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