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We, the People vs. US Government

F. Earle Fox

How has it come about that the people are filing court cases against their own government.  Is it not because the government has been routinely making laws against the people whom they are to serve?

Bob Schulz, who leads We, the People, is about to go on a hunger strike, even to death he says, if the government does not respond to the pleas of the people for Constitutionally guaranteed redress of grievances.  His website is "Give me liberty..." from Patrick Henry's speech, and he is willing to say also, "...or give me death."  So far, the government has dismissed the appeal as not their obligation -- despite the clear obligation imposed directly in the last clause of the First Amendment. 

There is, however, "good reason" for the government to be stonewalling Schulz and We, the People.  Schulz is standing directly astride the pathway of the whole Satanic/Globalist movement, which seeks to get control of the world through deceit, or by force if necessary.  Their weapon of choice has, for the last century or so, mind-control, brainwashing.  It is less expensive, and does less damage to the physical infrastructure of the society targeted for control.  And it has been astonishingly effective. 

I had been aware of We, the People for some time, but had not investigated their efforts closely until now.  Please read this pdf file, a flyer from We, the People, and go to http://www.givemeliberty.org:80/default.htm for firsthand information on the briefs which both they and the government have submitted against each other. 

Schulz is pitting everything against the very foundations of the Globalist conspiracy: the federal reserve, the IRS, the war in Iraq, the immigration invasion and erasure of sovereign boundaries, etc.  He is not railing against these things, he is simply asking the courts to render a clear statement on their constitutionality.  The only thing he does not seem to be calling them to justify as consistent with the Constitution is government-run education (which is the heart of the whole Globalist strategy). 

But the Globalists cannot survive an honest look at these matters, and are, in my judgement, evil and utterly ruthless.  They will not stop at anything they think they can get away with.  If Schulz does not die by starvation in his hunger strike, I predict that he will die a "mysterious" death. 

I do not know whether Schulz is a Christian, though I suspect that he is.  If so, I hope that he will risk his life for something higher than even our political freedom, namely the Lord Jesus Christ who gives us this freedom (see Preamble to Declaration of Independence).  I hope that he will declare that government gets its authority only from God and is absolutely accountable to God through the people, that the Church is the conscience of the nation, and it is the people under God who are to interpret the will of God to the government. 

That is the true sense in which the Church is to be "disestablished".  The government has no authority to interpret the will of God apart from the will of the people through their elected representatives.  That means also that the people will get what they deserve.  If they do not serve God, they will serve mammon in the clothing of Big Bureaucratic Government, as slaves on a government plantation. 

Our constitutional democratic republic could have come into being only under God in a Biblically minded society.  No pagan or secular society could have written our constitution.  And we will not win this war for our political freedom unless we are committed to the Lordship of God over all things.  As the Presbyterians battle cry of the Revolutionary War rang out, "No king but Jesus!"  So long as the evil side can keep Christians off the spiritual issues, they will continue winning.   Without God, we are no match for them (and Satan).  With God, they (even with Satan) are no match for us. 

I hope that you, dear reader, will do two things:  (1) Get yourself equipped for spiritual warfare, because the battle in which we are engaged is primarily a spiritual battle.  It may have physical, military consequences.  But the stakes are the highest possible -- Who is Lord, Jesus or civil government?  If Jesus is not, civil government will be.  That is just the nature of the human condition.   (2) Pray for Bob Schulz and We, the People, and join them.   Pray that they will see the spiritual issues which drive this whole conflict, and that they will learn about spiritual warfare.     

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