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How to Win
the Cultural, Moral, Spiritual War

There are lots of good diagnoses around about the condition of our culture, mostly focusing on "them", with a lot of "ain't it awful" comments, often with a request for money attached. 

Sorry, folks, the problem is not "them", it is "us".  We are not so much in need of a new strategy or new tactics as a new kind of people.  We Christians are the main problem.  That has almost always been true in the spiritual warfare being conducted since the Fall itself.  When the people of God trust and obey God, the pagans and secular opponents are no match for them.  When they do not, we must get in God's way.  

Below is a list of things which would lead victories in the war we fight, but there are few Christians who are deeply engaged in any of them:

  1. Be truth-seekers and truth-speakers at any cost to ourselves.  Learn how to explain why we believe what we believe.

  2. Learn how to trust and obey God -- at any cost to ourselves.

  3. Learn how to die well.  If we do not know what we would die for, we cannot live deeply.

  4. Learn the Biblical worldview, and how to contrast that with the secular/pagan worldview.

  5. Learn the Biblical forms of community life:  Family, social, church, political, etc. 

  6. Learn how to present the Good News, how to say "Jesus is Lord", in public with truth and grace, with a correctible spirit -- at any cost to ourselves. 

Winning means a different way of life, a new kind of people, not just different tactics.  It means becoming rooted and grounded in Him who is the Creator of and Lord over all things, being able to stand on the Hand of God for our stability, and to hear and obey His Voice for our moral direction. 

It means catholic faith, evangelical fervor, and charismatic power all in one package, the life-giving presence of God, turning us into lightning rods through which the Spirit of God touches down on earth.  Strategy and tactics will become obvious as we become that kind of people.  Until then, searching after tactics and strategy will only be diversions from the task before us. 

How does one promote such a thing?  By working on one's family life, by corporate worship, by small groups where one can dig into one's own spiritual life and allow others to help that process, and by personal devotions.  The one most seriously lacking is the small group experience of closeness to brothers and sisters in the faith where one can learn to be open, be trusting, and be secure enough to weather failures in others. 

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