Is the Worcester Police Dept.
Siding with Tyrants?

[COMMENT:  You can read the whole article quoted in my email to the Worcester Police Dept below my email.    E. Fox]

to the Worcester Police Department:  
        The following was a leader for an article describing in not very complementary terms the response of the WPD regarding a "Mr. Heterosexual Event".   If the allegations of the article are the truth, then you, the WPD, have become the enemy of the people. 
=== 2. Worcester cops & public officials cave in as homosexual movement prepares to disrupt an event by Christians yet again! ===     
        Tyrants rely on cowards to keep their programs going.  Tyrants cannot abide honest discussion because evil cannot survive the light of open dialogue.   
        I have worked with helping persons coming out of the homosexual lifestye for over 15 years.  The truth of the matter is openly available for anyone to check out.    Attached are two articles which you might peruse, and, again, if the allegations are true, you might perhaps reconsider your siding with the homosexual program and begin supporting truth and honest discussion -- without which no people can remain free.   One article summarizes the evidence which is publicly available.  The other outlines the way to have honest discussion about the only real issue -- homosexual behavior. 
        You people are the "enforcers", you use coercion to ensure that the law is obeyed.  That means you are under the highest obligations, at any cost to yourselves, to ensure in your work that truth is spoken, that justice is done.  Any law enforcement officer who is not doing that makes himself an enemy of the people. 
        Those are harsh words because we live in harsh times.  One side will win, the other will lose.  Whose side are you on?   May God grant you the courage and backbone to do what is right.   And may you be willing to follow the lead of God. 
Blessings, Earle Fox
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The following article was sent out by "Article 8 -- Massachusetts Resistence"   Go to  and to  for more details.  E. Fox


=== 2. Worcester cops & public officials cave in as homosexual movement prepares to disrupt an event by Christians yet again! ===

Several months back, Pastor Tom Crouse decided he'd had enough. Like everyone else, he'd endured years of depraved public "gay pride" parades, gay exhibits, gay banquets, and gay programs in the schools. Then he read about a "Mr. Gay International" event being held out in San Diego, and he decided it was time for a little equality and tolerance.

If they can hold a public "Mr. Gay" event, why not a "Mr. Heterosexual" event? So Pastor Crouse started putting things together, making arrangements, etc, for his "Mr. Hetero" contest. Sure, it's a little corny, but underneath there's a solid message -- that reminds one of George Orwell's observation that "there are times when the obvious must constantly be re-stated."

The theme of the event is "A celebration of God's design of heterosexuality." In addition to contestants, he also invited a former homosexual to speak during the event on how Jesus Christ freed him from that spiritual and physical path to self-destruction.

Well. . . not so fast. This isn't the America you used to know. As soon as the word got out, the gay brownshirts started threatening Pastor Crouse personally, from not only Massachusetts, but also from other states. They intimidated the hotel that had agreed to rent them the space for the event -- the Sturbridge Host -- enough to cancel on them two days later. (How many "queer" events are held in Massachusetts hotels these days without any problems? All of them.)

So the Mr. Hetero contest been moved to THIS SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. 18, at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. Click here for the "Mr. Hetero" website, for ticket info ($12.00) and more.

And the gay activists have announced they'll be out in force to disrupt it as much as possible. One homosexual group is organizing a "kiss-in" there. And police are expecting possibly hundreds of other organized demonstrators. A Unitarian group is bringing people in for a "candlelight vigil" against "hate speech." (They even put up an anti-Mr. Hetero website!)

Worcester police cave in.

The Worcester police have reacted to this in an all-too-typical despicable fashion. They've decided that these pro-gay hoodlums are dangerous enough that a minimum of 13-20 (or possibly more) police officers will be needed to stop possible violence. So the police department has ordered Pastor Crouse to pay them nearly $6,000 up front for these police details, or else they've threatened to stop the event from taking place!

You read this correctly. The police aren't charging the groups that are threatening to cause the trouble, a single dime! They're making the victims pay, not the perpetrators. And the gays know this, and are reveling in the fact that if Pastor Crouse can't come up with the money, he'll be forced to cancel.

We called up the Worcester Police and asked them how they justify this. All we got was some mealy-mouthed excuse that every event, even church events, require police, and this isn't any different. Oh, sure! Over the years, we've been involved with hundreds of events all over the state -- where no police were there, or even needed. This is nothing but thuggery and political cowardice.


1. Support Pastor Crouse. If you can, come out Saturday night. [More info here.] You can email him at

2. Donate, if you can. Donations can be sent to Pastor Tom Crouse, PO Box 708, Fiskdale, MA 01508.

3. Contact the Worcester Police (here's their website) and inform them that this is still America, and their decision to force Pastor Crouse to pay $6,000 in order to exercise his freedom of speech and religion is outrageous and offensive.

More to come. . .

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