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Judaism Library

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** Relationship with God -- & Jewish Psychotherapy  --  Peter Toon with commentary by E. Fox 

** The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit -- & Its Impact on World History ...  by E. Michael Jones -- reviews by E. Fox and and other writers.  Jones raises some powerful questions about where world history is headed.  I disagree strongly with some of his assertions, but he is raising issues with which we MUST deal, or perish as a meaningful civilization. 

The Debka File -- Israeli information from the "inside" so to speak....  

The Passion & the Talmud - by Terry Mattingly  --   an Orthodox Jewish view on the "Passion of the Christ"

Why a Jew Supports Christian America - Don Feder

The Jewish Case for "Merry Christmas"  --  Don Feder 

Iwo Jima and the Rabbi 

Rabbi warns of coming purging --  Rabbi Daniel Lapin on -- How the world of today compares with the world of Noah. 

Jews in the War for Independence --  

Salomon Haym and Jews in the Revolutionary War 

Stand With Us -- support Israel in the fight for its existence.  YES! 

"Merry Christmas!" from Ben Stein, a Jew....  a worthy and good read.  Thank you, Ben Stein.  E. Fox  

When General Grant Expelled the Jews....   An astonishing story with an astonishing end.  I have a whole new respect for General/President Grant and the Jews as well!   E. Fox.    

Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital --  A wonderful testimony to the spirit of the Israelies. 

Prager, Dennis

Dennis Prager - Judaism's Sexual Revolution - Why Judaism Rejected Homosexuality --  A classic on the subject of human sexuality.  

The Case for Judeo-Christian Values  -- Dennis Prager (Jewish writer)

"Newsweek & the Rioters"  -- Dennis Prager -  insights into "Muslim" & "liberal"  personalities -- regarding Newsweek blunder about Americans flushing pages of Koran down toilet.  

Dennis Prager on American citizenship...   Unique in the world.   

Albert Ellis now thinks homosexual persons not emotionally OK.   Part of an article from a Jewish point of view.   See also Dennis Prager's article

Is Israel an "Aparthied" State?   Dennis Prager, Jewish commentator. 


Zionism: a Defense --  Peter Hitchens on Israel -- a candid view of history and reality. 

WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS - Sharp Critic of Current Zionism -- http://whtt.org/   If what these people are saying is true, we Christians must take a different look at Israel, and call them to account for their atrocities and sins.   Whom can we trust to give us the truth??? See UTube discussion by Ted Pike on top page.   
          [COMMENT:  I do no know how to judge this presentation, whether Pike is on target or not.  He does not say anything about the moral status of Islam, which other reliable Christians have much to say.  I am suspicious of a secular Judaism, and do not trust it.  And I believe we ought to hold Israel responsible for whatever crimes it commits.  This is a discussion badly in need of careful and truthful investigation.   E. Fox]  

Survivor of Palestinian Tyranny Defends Israel --  Brigitte Gabriel

Is Israel an "Aparthied" State?   Dennis Prager, Jewish commentator. 

KABBALA -- Links to some of the best authentic Kabbala learning centers on the net.
[NOTE: the Kabbala is a mystical / gnostic / paganized form of Judaism.  E. Fox]


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