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>> Episcopal / Anglican <<

The Episcopal Church is the American branch of the world-wide Anglican Communion.   The whole Anglican Communion is currently under heavy attack, mostly in the pseudo-sophisticated West, by enemies who have penetrated to the highest levels of leadership.  And it is not weathering the storm very well. 

God is stirring up the pot, and something new and marvelous to behold will emerge.  What we are witnessing is the cleansing and clarification which has long been needed in all of Western Christendom.

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Anglican Communion

        Lambeth Conference

        Eames Commission - Windsor Report  -- the Eames Commission is investigating the Episcopal Church and Canadian Anglican Church  for their promotion of homosexuality. 

       Faithful, Orthodox Anglican Parishes -- online listing  

      The Jerusalem Declaration --  a statement by Anglicans dedicated to honest and Godly Anglican renewal and ministry.

     Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans -- by Anglicans who refuse to accept the disintegration of orthodox Christianity in the Anglican Communion.  We aim to preserve honest Anglican teaching and tradition, which is the only reasonable thing to do.  Reason and Revelation are wed. 
GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) the global conference at which it all came together...


Episcopal Church (was once the Anglican Communion in the United States, now an apostate church)

        General Convention

        Presiding Bishop

        Forward in Faith (FiF - was ESA)

        Anglican Mission in America (AMiA)

        American Anglican Council (AAC)

       The Seat of Pseudo-Liberalism - Washington, DC, National Cathedral.  An apostate Episcopal cathedral. 

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