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What is the Anglican Communion?

The Anglican Communion is the Church of England as it spread around the world, following the British Empire first, and then evangelical missions to other non-Christian peoples.   The various national branches (America, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, etc.), are autonomous, but linked together by a common fellowship with the Archbishop of Canterbury, a "primus enter pares", or "first among equals".   The Archbishop of Canterbury (ABC) has no legislative authority in the other branches, as the Pope does in the Roman Catholic Church.  But he exerts a strong moral influence, and his opinions are not taken lightly.  (The terms "archbishop", "primate", and "presiding bishop" are roughly equivalent.  They signify the head of a national jurisdiction or "Church".) 

The material below is grim reading, of the terrible fall of a once noble body of Christians.  One day God will restore His order among us.  But it will take blood sweat and tears, the way of the cross, no more consumerist, apathetic, deliberately ignorant Anglicanism.  It will take persons who know how, and are willing, to wield the Sword of the Spirit, the word of truth spoken in love, tough love, and who know how to die well. 

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Libraries & Files

Provinces of the Anglican Communion  &  Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen


** Letter by Earle Fox  to the Eames Commission - appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to assess the possibilities for keeping the Anglican Communion together in the face of the homosexual agenda in Episcopal Church, and also in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

** Taking the Pig out of the Poke -- E. Fox  letter to a bishop on wielding the Sword of the Spirit in the sexuality debates. 

ACNA - Anglican Church in North America - The new Anglican Province is replacing the Episcopal Church which has abandoned large segments of Biblical faith. 

Map of churches in the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA). 

Three Sermons on the Teaching of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  Excellent, well-written sermons.  How would you compare his first sermon on the authority of the Bible with The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age?  The author, Rowan Williams, and myself (E. Fox) take three significantly different views.  The 3 sermons give a view of the Anglican Communion -- at its best.

"Mary: Grace & Hope in Christ" - Samuel Edwards on new Anglican/Roman Catholic document

Archbishop of Canterbury - David Nichols Mem'l Lecture  --  "Law, Power, & Peace..."  Does the ABC articulate a genuinely Biblical view of civil government? 

Companions of St. Peter now fully an Anglican congregation -- (where I was their first priest... E. Fox) 

Senior Chinese State Official Attends Archbishop's Installation in Singapore....  --  Jesus is moving in Asia...

Forward in Faith - Australia -- responds to the "liberal" insistence on Women Priests.   Truthfully (which is a good start) but not yet effectively.  

Peter Toon, a stalwart defender of the Anglican Reformation, died a day or two ago (today is April 28, 2009).  Most, of Dr. Toon's books are "posted" to a section within www.anglicanbooksrevitalized.us. (When you get to the main page, click on "Peter Toon's Books Online" at upper right.)

Anglicanism -- What is It?  And where we are going....

The 39 Articles of Anglicanism -- The Anglican Communion is not by nature intellectually mushy (though one might not know that from recent history).  Its past history shows that it has some of the most perceptive minds in Christendom.  We have a clear and defensible view of the Christian faith, which can be expressed and defended with grace and clarity --  if we will once again do our intellectual, moral, and spiritual homework.   

** Remaking Anglicanism -- & Western Civ.     E. Fox commentary.   How helpful will 3rd World Christians be in helping Western Christians out of their mess?  Only in a limited way. 

**The Future of Anglicanism -- Its troubles, and its solutions.   E. Fox  

** Challenge to the Anglican Communion & to Christendom at Large --

Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, What Is Anglicanism?   an article first published in First Things magazine, August/September 2007.  Here published on the GAFCON website.

Where are we in the Anglican Communion? - Question by John Rodgers, bishop in AMiA (Anglican Mission in America). 

The Jerusalem Declaration -- from GAFCON  in Jerusalem, potential breakaway from the Anglican Communion.  They would do better to attend the Lambeth Conference in England under the Archbishop of Canterbury, and stay united with other orthodox Anglicans.  We are in a winnable battle IF we do not let the Enemy (again) divide and conquer. 

Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans -- by Anglicans who refuse to accept the disintegration of orthodox Christianity in the Anglican Communion.  We aim to preserve honest Anglican teaching and tradition, which is the only reasonable thing to do.  Reason and Revelation are wed. 
   GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) the global conference at which it all came together...

Property Rights 

** Church Hierarchies & Church Property - Peter Toon --  a survey of the differences between hierarchical churches and "democratic" churches.    E. Fox comment.

Property Rights in the Episcopal Church -- the Parish is the Basic Unit... 

ECUSA and the Primates - see -- Collapse & ReAlignment - in Episcopal Library

Links to items on Episcopal/Anglican homosexuality furor

** An Open Letter to the Episcopal leadership ---  When will we take the battle to the enemy rather than they always to us???   E. Fox  

** The Windsor Report - Dialogue to Consensus -  a runaway train with no brakes. 
Critique by E. Fox   --  Theology in the Trenches...

Anglican Life And Witness Conference - Sept. 1997  Anglican bishops challenge ECUSA

Church of England Splitting...? - 2 articles from the London Times - Nov. 9, 1997

Good News from the North - Canadian Anglicans Reject Homosexuality
(note: it did not last long - the Canadian Church is splitting over the issue in 2003))

Another evidence of Frank Griswold's apostasy --  letter to the Anglican Primates 

The Anglican "Glue" - the Rev. Peter Toon --  What holds together the Anglican Communion???

David Virtue reports on Primates' meeting

The Complexity of the Anglican Communion -- a good summary of how things are..

"A Modest Proposal for a New Anglican Communion" - Bishop William Wantland with David Virtue. 

"Windsor Report" -- from the Eames Commission - on the future of the Anglican Communion - Commentary by Robert England

Anglican Primates Report from Dromantine, Ireland on discipline of US Episcopal Church

Why the Nigerians Refused the Peace Plan of Rowan Williams --  David Virtue 

Where is Anglicanism now???   --   a report by the Rt. Rev. John K. Rucyahana , Bishop of the Diocese of Shyira, Rwanda and The Rt. Rev. John H. Rodgers,Jr., Chairman of The Society for the Propagation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine (SPREAD).  Often lacking from such a perspective is undergirding in natural theology, an articulation of the cosmological argument for God, which establishes the Biblical worldview on a logical basis, and provides the answer to "evolution" as a cosmic event, and thus makes the Bible a reasonably believable book of revelation. 

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, revealed (no secret & no surprise) to be pro-homosexual. 

Dar es Salaam  -- Anglican conference: 

     ** Episcopal "Gay" Bishop , Gene Robinson, responds to demands by Anglican Primates at Dar es Salaam.  by E. Fox.   Robinson is good at what he does.  The problem is that he is either ignorant of the facts, or he is deliberately lying and manipulating.  The test is, always, if he (or we) were wrong, would he (or we) want to know?  Is he willing to get into honest discussion and debate to find out?  If he is not, then he is morally immature or morally corrupt. 

     Episcopal Church put on notice -- Ruth Gledhill 

     Goeffrey Kirk on the Anglican Debacle --  Sees the failure to call the Episcopal Church to account now. 

     Gregory Venables from the Southern Cone on Dar es Salaam --  

     First Things on the Anglican Crisis --  Jordan Hylden 

     Dar es Salaam: end of the Anglican Fudge?  Anglicans are noted for their strategy/policy of finding the middle way.  Via Media...  But there is Godly compromise with basic truth. 

NIgerian Anglicans will not succumb to pressure from the West - Archbishop Akinola....  Good to get an African viewpoint on the Anglican - Episcopal situation. 

Episcopal House of Bishops' Response to the Global Primates on Homosexuality --  More manipulation.  The question is whether the so-called orthodox will be able, not only to stand up and reasonably and gracefully hold their ground, but take the offensive.   If not, they will continue to lose.  And they will have to do it reasonably.   See The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age... for how to do this. 

Revisionism, Homosexuality, Etc.

** An Open Letter to the Episcopal leadership ---  When will we take the battle to the enemy rather than they always to us???   E. Fox  

Archbishop of Canterbury - on homosexuality

Archbishop of Canterbury - heated dialogue with Bishop Spong

Archbishop of Canterbury says Homosexual persons must change...  An astonishing change of mind....

Reactions to Canadian Blessing of Same-sex Unions

Rowan Williams - Archbishop of Canterbury -- strongly pro-homosexual

Homosexuality & True Union in the Body (of Christ)  --  a link to Drs. Andrew Walker and Peter Goddard
at the Anglican Institute in England

"Anglican Revisionism"  --  comparison with the Protestant Churches of Nazi Germany. 

Canadian Anglican Primates on Revisionism -- (They are for it).   Can you offer a reasonable and compelling response to their strategy of "Dialogue to Consensus"? 

Archbishop Rowan Williams & Scripture --  An assessment of the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury on Doctrine and Homosexuality. 

The Rt. Rev. Paul E. Moore -- a travesty from which the Episcopal Church and the whole Anglican tradition must repent and recover.

Other Anglican Libraries

Lambeth Conference Library
Windsor Report & emerging Anglican Covenant

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