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...... The Anglican Communion today is in severe danger of fracturing because the Westernized branches, mainly in England, North America, and Australia, have taken a course toward "liberalism" (really pseudo-liberalism), while the "conservatives" in these branches have been almost completely ineffective in conserving any serious resemblance of orthodoxy against the steady drift into, not honest liberalism, but paganism and secularism. 

However, the present ABC has stated that he would support a parallel jurisdiction in North America should the drift into pansexuality proceed much further.  The end result would probably be the ex-communication of the pseudo-liberals from the Anglican Communion.  Not many "liberal" leaders want to find themselves outside the Anglican community, so many of them are pulling back from the leap into permitting homosexual unions or ordinations. 

The Anglican Communion is shrinking rapidly in the Western nations, and growing by leaps and bounds in the third world developing nations, but to the disgust of "liberal" leaders, who see them as not having caught up with the "scientific" revolution.  They do not really mean "scientific", but rather "secular".   There is no conflict between Christianity and science, only between Christianity and secularism.   Science is not secular, it is Biblical.  But few Christians, unfortunately, know how to make that case, so the illusion continues of a conflict between science and the Bible.   (We will be dealing with that conflict in other areas of the Road==>>.) 

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