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Homosexuality Furor
& the End of ECUSA

[The first response to the Primates' statement by many orthodox Episcopalians has been negative, feeling betrayed by the Primates for not kicking ECUSA out of the Anglican fold.   And indeed, the statement from the Primates shows all the signs of manipulation to stem the damage from the revisionists who largely controlled the staging of the meeting. 

But, as Bishop Duncan clearly indicates, the statement has some real substance to it -- but only if the orthodox folks will learn how to debate in public (as in "come, let us reason together...) with the sword of the Spirit.  They (we) MUST take on the forbidden issue -- homosexual behavior. 

If we do not, we can plan on continuing to lose this debate.  E. Fox] 

On the Orthodox side

Primates response from London (October 16)  from ACNS (Anglican Communion News Service)

AAC Website Home Page  - or -  AAC Primates' Page - or - AAC News Page
the American Anglican Council has been the primary leader in resisting the homosexual agenda.  Their website will have considerable information on the issues.  See also AAC Library here on the Road.

Christ Church, Plano, TX  (link to website)-  the Rev. David Roseberry - Sponsored the "Dallas" meeting prior to the Primates' meeting in England.   Good source of info. 

Bishop Duncan's response to Primates' report

Lambeth 1998 Resolution on homosexuality -- (scroll down to resolution #10)  This resolution passed overwhelmingly at the 1998 Lambeth conference, representing all the Anglican bishops from over the world.  (See also Lambeth Library.)

Church Society responds to Primates - a good assessment.

David Virtue reports on Primates' meeting

Catholic Modernism -- Les Fairfield on "What Caused Minneapolis?"  --

A new website up on Responses to  the Primates' Statement by Lou Tarsitano and Peter Toon -- Excellent resource.

On the Homosexualist side

Integrity Website - the ECUSA homosexual advocacy group.

Integrity, Virginia, Website


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