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What is the Lambeth Conference?

Every ten years, the Archbishop of Canterbury (ABC) invites all bishops of the Anglican Communion to a conference (originally held at Lambeth Palace, which it soon outgrew).  Being invited to the conference is almost the same as being a part of the Anglican Communion.  Not being asked would be tantamount to ex-communication. 

The last conference was in 1998, at which the bishops, newly led by the third world contingent well outnumbering the Western bishops, strongly endorsed the Biblical stance against acceptance of homosexuality as within the Christian understanding of sexual activity.  The authority of leadership has shifted strongly to the third-world Anglicans, out of the hands of the "liberalized" west....,  a wholly new state of affairs. 

See Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? the Wedding of Truth to Compassion and Reason to Revelation by Earle Fox & David Virtue. 


The 1998 Lambeth Conference -

The Lambeth Conference was a fascinating study in the pseudo-liberal/pseudo-conservative pathology of the Anglican Communion -- and of the West generally.  Although much good was done, there was clearly an inability and unwillingness on the prt of the top Anglican spiritual leadership to force the truth to the table.  

Lambeth Conference - July 18 - August 9 (latest items first)

      The "Lambeth" articles are reports by Earle Fox, the first 4 from onsite at Lambeth

Homosexuality Resolution - Full Text

Lambeth #4 - (7/23) More on Honest Discussion

Lambeth #3 - (7/23) Bishops Duncan Buchanan & Richard Holloway - Compromised Integrity

Lambeth #2 - (7/22) Debt Forgiveness, the Year of Jubilee,  & the Five Talent Program

Lambeth #1 - (7/20) 1. Spong & Secularism; 2. ABC Carey's Presidential Talk


Other Websites

BBS report  - on Anglican rejection of Homosexual practices

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