Lambeth Conference
from Canterbury, England

by Earle Fox

Thursday, July 23 1998


1.  THE RC's & Bp. TUTU --

The Roman Catholic Church has come out with the only stance consistent with its own position, and with Biblical religion. The Church of England Newspaper writes:

"An ecumenical grenade was flung into the midst of the Lambeth Conference when a leading Vatican official promised that unity could proceed no further if divisions on homosexuality remained on the ascendant."

Homosexualists were, of course, outraged. But they only rarely make themselves available for honest discussion of the issues, so their rage is only rarely relevant.

Retired archbishop of South Africa, Desmond Tutu, wrote the preface for the booklet, "Called to Full Humanity", launched today by the Lesbian & Gay Christians organization. In his preface, he writes, "Like the colour of one's skin, sexual orientation is a biological given, over which the individual has no choice."

The bishop is guilty of serious moral and intellectual irresponsibility, and must be challenged on such remarks directly by those who have access to him, or who have a bully pulpit. He is either lying or is inexcuseably ignorant.  

There is not one shred of evidence to support the notion that homosexual attraction is biologically or genetically caused in any determinative way. It has been only since the matter was deliberately politicized by homosexualists that anyone in the last several decades supported such a theory. Every major writer on the subject, including Alfred Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, John Money, and many others who had no "right-wing Christian" biases, held that homosexual persons can indeed change their orientation. Although it helps, one does not have to be a Christian to hold oneself to honesty and objectivity with respect to truth.


Regarding the "shell shock" experienced by Bishop Buchanan over the hostility at his section meeting on sexuality, one might suppose that a good deal of the hostility was due to the subversion of honest discussion by the homosexualists. It was asked at the bishops section meeting: If homosexuality was to be discussed, why not bestiality and child abuse also?  Why not, indeed.  Both bestiality and pedophilia are being taught as "OK" in some American public schools.  

The comment about "Why not...?" was taken with great resentment by those supporting homosexuality, but the question is a perfectly good one. The open truth of the matter is that bestiality has been taught as "OK" in American public schools. I have a textbook, "Learning About Sex" by Gary Kelly, used in New York City schools for a while, and in Westport, Connecticut schools, which tells the students that bestiality is quite acceptable if there is appropriate concern for health and cleanliness.  "Intergenerational" sex, as it is politely called, is being publicly defended.  

Bishop Buchanan responded sharply when a reporter suggested a connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.  He stoutly denied that there was any connection between the two, and said that some of the worst child abusers were heterosexual.  "Let's put that to rest!"

The bishop is badly mistaken.  The numbers are quite clear.  Homosexualists try to deceive the public by using absolute numbers rather than percentages.  There are about six times more heterosexual than homosexual pedophiles because there are about 40 times more heterosexal than homosexual persons.  But with a little junior high school math, one can quickly figure the percentages, which exactly reverses the balance.   A homosexual person is six times more likely than a heterosexual to be a pedophile.

So if we are to put something to rest, let it be Bishop Buchanan's error -- and the massive propaganda campaign run by homosexualists to promote a cause which will not stand the light of candid discussion.  

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