Anglican Reactions to
Same-Sex Unions in Canada

[COMMENT: Below is an email of June 4, 2003, from IRD - the Institute on Religion & Democracy.  Several relevant websites listed regarding responses to the Anglican mess.

Here is a slightly adapted response of my own to an AAC meeting in Washington, DC:


The events in New Hampshire (a practicing homosexual priest about to be elected bishop) and Canada (a blessing of a same-sex union has occurred in western Canada under Bishop Ingham) illustrate a basic principle -- that clarity always favors truth, righteousness, and love.  That is a "no-brainer, as we say.  And the opposite of clarity -- smoke and mirrors, dust in the air, subversion of truth -- always favors falsehood, unrighteousness, and subverts love. 

"Our side", ever since this sexuality discussion has been going on, has been incompetent to force clarity on the issues.  You have to force clarity because the other side will do all it can to prevent it.  They know full well that clarity means the end of their program.  But our side will not persistently press for clarity. 

If the prophets and Jesus were about anything, they were about forcing clarity in moral and spiritual matters. 

So, as things would have it, the other side is doing what our side will not do, providing clarity -- by the simple expedient of behaving consistently with with they believe. 

They are showing that they really do believe in the homosexual lifestyle, and they really do plan to carry out their plans.  We should not be surprised when Bishop John Chane, of Washington, DC, behaves in a manner consistent with what he publicly says he believes. 

The problem is that we pretend-conservatives are not willing or able to act consistently with what we say we believe. 

I want to make an observation with an implied recommendation:  Unless we are willing to spend time, resource, and effort to get ourselves trained to understand, first of all the Biblical foundations of human sexuality, and then by contrast, the perversions of that standard, we will not be effective in stabilizing the Episcopal Church.  Alpha Courses are wonderful and to be promoted with eagerness, but alone, they will not cut the mustard with sexuality issues. 

Probably about 1% of Christian children get an adequate sex education from their parents.  Only as we understand and hold up the honestly understood plumb-line of Biblical sexuality can we adequately discern the pansexual perversions and distortions (of which homosexuality is only one segment), or know what to do about them. 

The whole fabric of Anglican (and Christian) theology and pastoral work must be rebuilt to deal with modernism and post-modernism.  We are at least four hundred years behind where the Lord is in cultural transformation because we failed to integrate the two crown jewels of Western Civ: science and due process in civil law.   The secular/pagan world has not been slow to take advantage of that tragic fact.   (I talk about this in detail in the Introduction and first three chapters of Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?)        E. Fox]

Episcopal Friends:

No doubt you have already heard about the same-sex blessing authorized by Bishop Ingham in New Westminster, Anglican Church of Canada. The IRD has posted an article about the blessings - it can be found here:

Already there has been quite a response to the "union" in New Westminster. Significantly, Archbishop Peter Akinola of the Anglican Church of Nigeria has formally broken communion with the Diocese of New Westminster. Below are included some links to relevant responses and documents. Let me encourage you to read them and reflect on them with care, as many of these responses will come to bear once again this summer as our own Episcopal Church holds its own General Convention.

All involved are in desperate need of our prayers.

In Christ,
Erik Nelson

Pastoral Letter from the Primates of the Anglican Communion:
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams' Response:

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