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the "Windsor Report"
& the emerging Anglican Covenant

The Anglican Church has decided to investigate the actions of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in Canada regarding their rebellious promotion of homosexuality.   We will try to keep track of events in this library. 


** Letter by Earle Fox  to the Eames Commission - appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to assess the possibilities for keeping the Anglican Communion together in the face of the homosexual agenda in Episcopal Church, and also in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  Click here for pdf version.

"Windsor Report" -- from the Eames Commission - on the future of the Anglican Communion -
Commentary by Robert England 

** The Windsor Report - Dialogue to Consensus -  a runaway train with no brakes. 
Critique by E. Fox   --  Theology in the Trenches...

"A Critique of Mark Dyer’s Explanation of the Windsor Report", as recorded at Virginia Seminary in Alexandria, VA, by Dr. Andrew Goddard, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.    See also E. Fox's  commentary on the Windsor Report.    The transcript of Dyer's comments is available at


Draft of Emerging Anglican Covenant --  St. Andrews Draft -- search for a new base for Anglican unity amidst disintegration.   It looks good -- so far.  E. Fox

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