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The Episcopal Church is the American branch of the Anglican Communion, which is the worldwide family begun in the Church of England and generally spread following the British Empire.  

The Episcopal Church struggles to rediscover its identity as a part of the Body of Christ -- not with much success in the last half century.  But, it can be said, there is a Gideon army being raised up....

The two "Strategy" sections below can be used to fine-tune your own strategy for dealing with the homosexual agenda.   Revisionists are extremely vulnerable, but it will take courage and spiritual stability to stand and present the truth.  Spend considerable time on your knees with God.  (See also Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?, especially chapter VI, for details on winning strategy.) 

Provinces of the Anglican Communion



Collapse & Realignment


Primates Meet

Property Rights

Pittsburgh Diocese

Robinson Consecration

John Spong (former bishop)

Strategy: Winning

Windsor Report

Washington, DC Diocese

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Faithful, Orthodox Anglican Parishes -- online listing


** "Who is a Christian?" - an open letter from Earle Fox to Peter Lee, Episcopal Bishop of Virginia.

** A Letter to a Search Committee -- from E. Fox to *** Church -- with basic principles for truth-seeking, and 5 questions to ask your candidates.  If your church is looking for a pastor/priest/minister, read this and give it to your search committee. 

** Evolution & Episcopal Church -- Bishops defending evolution - & Earle Fox's response. 

** Shori on Sexuality and other Faiths -- interview with Presiding Bishop elect --   E. Fox commentary

** Penthouse, the Minutemen, & the Best of all Possible...   E. Fox Sermon 

**The Future of Anglicanism -- Its troubles, and its solutions.   E. Fox  

Map of churches in the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA). 

Wiccan Episcopal priest repents ....!  --  an astonishing and welcome  turn-around....   If it holds up....

"What is the Prayer Book Society?"  - 

"Anglican Revisionism"  --  comparison with the Protestant Churches of Nazi Germany. 

Three Sermons on the Teaching of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  Excellent, well-written sermons.  How would you compare his first sermon on the authority of the Bible with The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age?  The author, Rowan Williams, and myself (E. Fox) take three significantly different views.  The 3 sermons give a view of the Anglican Communion -- at its best.

Secure Your IT Systems...!!!  - one church did not, & was invaded by its bishop (Episcopal, of course). 

Episcopal Bishops getting tough...  !!!   Intervening against Drew Smith, Bishop of Connecticut. 

Companions of St. Peter now fully an Anglican congregation -- (where I was their first priest... E. Fox) 

Doublethink & the Church (& the West...)  --  The Revs. Paul Zahl  and W. B.  Two superb articles on the necessary foundations of truth for any coherent civilization.  

The 1996 Righter Trial & Church Discipline -- Steven Noll - on dealing with heresy in the Episcopal Church. 

Faithful, Orthodox Anglican Parishes -- online listing

Collapse of the Episcopal Church
                (& Realignment of the Anglican Communion)

** Catholic Faith, Common Ground -- Winning Strategy  - Earle Fox sermon  -  the way to unity in the Anglican Communion -- & the rest of Christendom. 

**  Why the Episcopal Church has Self-Destructed  -- For a full treatment of this issue, see Part II of Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?  E. Fox  

** Report on the Forward in Faith Conference at Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, PA  June 26-8, 2003. 

** Response to Sam Edwards - E. Fox -- Challenge to the Anglican Communion 

** Four Levels of Christian Unity -- and the Way There --  E. Fox     How can Christians approach the disunity in the Church with hope of reunifying?  How can people anywhere successfully seek unity?   

** The Episcopal Dilemma -- Well Put  -  by Sarah Hey -- (there is also a solution -- Comment E. Fox)  

** Unity in the Episcopal Church -- to leave or not to leave, that is the question....   A letter by E. Fox

TimeLine for Episcopal Debate on homosexuality -- leading to moral and theological collapse of Episcopal Church

Bp Wantland Responds to PECUSA, Inc. Flap

Brockton, Mass. - Unprecedented confrontation -

Sam Edwards on "Communion: the Nature & Limits"

Sam Edwards  - Challenge to ECUSA orthodox & conservatives

Crisis in the Episcopal Church - Tucker Carlson

Dallas Statement - International meeting of the Ekklesia Society, Dallas, Tx ., Sept. 1997

First Promise - Another firm statement

Klepto-Phobia and the Episcopal Church - David Virtue - a satire

Another evidence of Frank Griswold's apostasy --  letter to the Anglican Primates

Stats on growth/shrinkage disparity between those Episcopal dioceses which voted for vs. against a homosexual bishop.    Any surprise? 

The End of the Church & Triumph of Denominationalism --  What is happening to the Episcopal Church???  -- by Philip Turner

Catholic Modernism -- Les Fairfield on "What Caused Minneapolis?"  --

The Complexity of the Anglican Communion -- a good summary of how things are..

Feminization of Church Reveals Wasteland - by David Virtue.   Picture of a church committing suicide.

A Modest Proposal for a New Anglican Communion - Bishop William Wantland with David Virtue. 

Here are some Internet resources that might be of value in keeping you informed… 
A site in Great Britain: “Crisis 2003”  http://london2003.anglican.tk/
Kendall Harmon’s excellent web site http://titusonenine.blogspot.com/
David Virtue’s web page with a wide ranging collection of news stories
The American Anglican Council
The AAC Legal Resources page    http://www.americananglican.org/Issues/IssuesList.cfm?c=47
The AAC Dallas Strategy affirmed by over 2300 people 
Guidelines and Application for the AAC’s Adequate Episcopal Oversight

Where are we in the Anglican Communion? - Question by John Rodgers, bishop in AMiA (Anglican Mission in America). 

Episcopal Options...   Ephriam Radnor - and responses

Where is Anglicanism now???   --   a report by the Rt. Rev. John K. Rucyahana , Bishop of the Diocese of Shyira, Rwanda and The Rt. Rev. John H. Rodgers,Jr., Chairman of The Society for the Propagation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine (SPREAD).  Often lacking from such a perspective is undergirding in natural theology, an articulation of the cosmological argument for God, which establishes the Biblical worldview on a logical basis, and provides the answer to "evolution" as a cosmic event, and thus makes the Bible a reasonably believable book of revelation. 

Episcopal House of Bishops' Response to the Global Primates on Homosexuality --  More manipulation.  The question is whether the so-called orthodox will be able, not only to stand up and reasonably and gracefully hold their ground, but take the offensive.   If not, they will continue to lose.  And they will have to do it reasonably.   See The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age... for how to do this. 

The Seat of Pseudo-Liberalism - Washington, DC, National Cathedral.  An apostate Episcopal cathedral. 

Diocese of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Pastoral Letter - Bishop Robert Duncan

Bishops' of Pittsburgh Pastoral on Sexuality - Challenges and responses

Special Convention Resolutions - September 27, 2003 --  A firm and clear stand of "realignment" 

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh prepares for Realignment ---    Nov. 2007 

Bishop Robert Duncan addresses his diocese -- on the future....  Nov. 2007 

Letter from Bishop Robert Duncan to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, who is planning to depose him from his episcopal ministry this Thursday, Sept. 18.   

Diocese of San Joaquin (California)

Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin Prepares to Secede from Episcopal Church Jurisdiction --  Several articles on the subject included....

Diocese of Washington, DC

**Letter to John Chane, Bishop of Washington - E. Fox responding to Chane's remarks about fundamentalists and modernists

** "Reason, Revelation, & Ecclesiastical Authority" --  Earle Fox's response to Jane Dixon  (See also The Nature & Limits of Communion by the Rev. Samuel Edwards)

Reactions to Canadian Blessing of Same-sex Unions

The Seat of Pseudo-Liberalism - Washington, DC, National Cathedral.  An apostate Episcopal cathedral. 


** Faith & Futility - Why we are in our present absurd dilemma... (in the Homosexuality Library)

** An Open Letter to the Episcopal leadership ---  When will we take the battle to the enemy rather than they always to us???   E. Fox   Reactions to Canadian Blessing of Same-sex Unions

** The Case Against Gene Robinson's Homosexuality --  E. Fox  --  Using the strategy which can win the debate...  If we have the grace and the gumption. 

Totalitarian Nature of Homosexualism -- World Magazine w. comment by E. Fox

Homosexuality in Church History --   by Allen Dobras

Archbishop of Canterbury says Homosexual persons must change...  An astonishing change of mind....

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, revealed (no surprise) to be pro-homosexual. 

20 Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality --  right out of the Episcopal Cauldron.    Read it, copy it, and pass it out like popcorn. 

The Rt. Rev. Paul E. Moore -- a travesty from which the Episcopal Church and the whole Anglican tradition must repent and recover.

Primates Meet to Unify Broken Church

** Dialogue in Darkness -- or Scientific Debate?   -- on the nature and solution to the terribly destructive debate being conducted on sexuality (and a lot of other) issues.  If you want to win the battle for sexual sanity, read this.  We MUST restore the unity of truth with compassion and of reason with revelation -- or we will continue to lose this war.     E. Fox

David Virtue reports on Primates' meeting

Links to items on Episcopal/Anglican homosexuality furor

Anglican Primates Report from Dromantine, Ireland on discipline of US Episcopal Church

Dar es Salaam meeting - February 2007 

   ** Episcopal "Gay" Bishop , Gene Robinson, responds to demands by Anglican Primates at Dar es Salaam.  by E. Fox.   Robinson is good at what he does.  The problem is that he is either ignorant of the facts, or he is deliberately lying and manipulating.  The test is, always, if he (or we) were wrong, would he (or we) want to know?  Is he willing to get into honest discussion and debate to find out?  If he is not, then he is morally immature or morally corrupt. 

   Episcopal Church put on notice -- Ruth Gledhill 

   Goeffrey Kirk on the Anglican Debacle --  Sees through the failure to call the Episcopal Church to account now. 

   Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, revealed (no surprise) to be pro-homosexual. 

   End of the Anglican Fudge?  Anglicans are noted for their strategy/policy of finding the middle way.  Via Media...  But there is Godly compromise with basic truth. 

   See "Dialogue in Darkness" above...

NIgerian Anglicans will not succumb to pressure from the West - Archbishop Akinola....  Good to get an African viewpoint on the Anglican - Episcopal situation. 

Property Rights in the Church

** Church Hierarchies & Church Property - Peter Toon --  a survey of the differences between hierarchical churches and "democratic" churches.    E. Fox comment.

** 4 Levels of Unity --  E. Fox  

Episcopal Church - Hired Gun against Property Rights...   These people will have a hard time surviving the Last Judgement.   This behavior may be "legal" in some warped sense of the word, but it is criminal behavior in the eyes of God.  E. Fox. 

Property Rights in the Episcopal Church --  The Episcopal Church is NOT hierarchical in matters of property, and was not from the beginning.  The Parish is the Basic Unit...  By the Revs. Tim Smith and George Conger.  

Property Canons   

Anglican Polity  --  Louis Tarsitano

Judge rules in favor of Episcopal Breakaway groups -- Julia Duin, Washington Times.  Thanks be to God for a judge who appears to understand law and justice.    E. Fox. 

Episcopal Church Polity -- Is a Diocese Free to Leave the Episcopal Church? -- Yes, says Mark McCall...  A thorough documentation of the legal aspects.  TEC is NOT 'hierarchical' in the legal sense often taken by the courts.  The legal argument appears to be clear and plain.   E. Fox.  

Strategy: Winning the Sexuality Battle - It is never too late to start telling the truth...

** Truth or Rabbit Trails???  --  The KEY to WINNING    (NOTE - 2011) The Episcopal Church failed, and the pseudo-conservative leadership surrendered it -- they would not stand up, the pseudo-liberals did not "win" it.  E. Fox) 

** 1-Sheet 2-page Strategy for Turning the Homosexuality Tide --
to copy and distribute to your friends, clergy, politicians, educators, study groups. 

** National Press Club event - Earle Fox responds to Frank Wade, rector of St. Alban's Episcopal Church in DC, on the National Cathedral grounds -- who gives revisionist view of General Convention and homosexual bishop. 

** Homosexuality:  Winning is Sifting --  Report on November 3 Press Club Conference --

** Taking the Pig out of the Poke -- a letter to a bishop on wielding the Sword of the Spirit in the sexuality debates. 

** An open letter to Paul Zahl, Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry -- responding to his article: Re-Alignment and the Episcopal Church -- on taking back the Episcopal Church for Christ.

A Place to Stand - a Call to Action -- from the delegates to the "Dallas" convention

Strategy: at the Consecration of Gene Robinson

** Earle Fox presents counter-testimony at the consecration of Gene Robinson.  Presiding Bishop, Frank Griswold, cuts him off.   Pictures available. 

** But... Why focus on such ugly behavior???

** The Case Against Gene Robinson's Homosexuality --  E. Fox  --  Using the strategy which can win the debate...  If we have the grace and the gumption. 

**The Future of Anglicanism -- Its troubles, and its solutions.   E. Fox  

It's the Behavior, Stupid...! -- by David Virtue

"Spare us the details...." says Presiding Bishop, Frank Griswold -- by Les Kinsolving. 
            But, no, the devil is in the details....

Homosexuality:  Winnng is Sifting --  Report on November 3 Press Club Conference --  Good summary of how not to win and how to win sexuality wars. 

John Spong - (former Episcopal bishop) 

More pseudo-scientific nonsense from Spong to ABC Carey

Spong Nails His 12 Theses - John Rodgers, Earle Fox, & 50 bishops respond

Spong-Carey Debate - Commentary by D. Virtue & E. Fox

Bp Peter John Lee of South Africa responds to Bp Spong

Lambeth #1 - (7/20) 1. Spong & Secularism; 2. ABC Carey's Presidential Talk

Windsor Report

** The Windsor Report - Dialogue to Consensus -  a runaway train with no brakes. 
Critique by E. Fox   --  Theology in the Trenches...     (see also Eames Library)

"A Critique of Mark Dyer’s Explanation of the Windsor Report", as recorded at Virginia Seminary in Alexandria, VA, by Dr. Andrew Goddard, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.    See also E. Fox's  commentary on the Windsor Report.    The transcript of Dyer's comments is available at

Other Episcopal Libraries

Anglican Library

General Convention

Presiding Bishop

Forward in Faith (FiF - formerly ESA)

American Anglican Conference (AAC)

Anglican Mission in America (AMiA)

Prayer Book Society

Episcopal Sites to Visit

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