(Anglican Mission in America)

AMiA began when two priests (John Rodgers and Chuck Murphy) of the Episcopal Church (ECUSA) were consecrated bishops by foreign bishops in Singapore a few years ago.   Since then, several other bishops have been consecrated. 

Their purpose was to provide temporary relief for congregations in the Episcopal Church who were under attack by apostate local bishops, and who were being refused access to ministry by orthodox bishops.  In the event the Episcopal General Convention approves homosexual unions and ordinations at the 2003 Gen Con in Minneapolis this summer, there will be a strong support for an Anglican province in the USA independent of ECUSA. 

Their presence in most American dioceses has not usually been appreciated by the local bishops.  They are coming in under foreign jurisdiction, so the local bishop cannot do much other than complain.  America, which has sent probably more missionaries than any other nation, has become a mission field itself. 

The AAC (American Anglican Council) is doing much the same work from within the Episcopal Church, laying the groundwork for an Anglican province independent from ECUSA.  

AMiA is still (as of May 2003) studying the notion of the ordination of women to reach a consensus.   The AAC agrees to such ordinations, while FiF (Forward in Faith) rejects the ordination of women.   [For your webmaster's view on the subject, see the Women's Ordination Library.]

The idea of an independent province infuriates pseudo-liberals, but there is little they can do about it since the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has stated that he would support such an independent province if it were needed. 

AMiA and the AAC have considerable support from the third-world primates.  One prays that AMiA and the AAC will work charitably together, and not go down the pot-shotting road which conservatives often do. 

AMiA has affirmed the all-male priesthood. 


First Promise - the beginnings of AMiA.  FP makes a statement in support of the Episcopal Synod, now become Forward in Faith.

Where are we in the Anglican Communion? - Question by John Rodgers, bishop in AMiA (Anglican Mission in America). 

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