The primates of the worldwide Anglican Communion concluded their meeting with
Archbishop Rowan Williams at approximately 4 p.m. London, England, time and
released a statement that reveals a crucial intervention in the affairs of
North American Anglicanism. The statement is clear. The teaching of Lambeth has
been upheld. No province has the right to move forward unilaterally from the
teachings of the Lambeth Conference. Any province which departs from this
teaching unilaterally jeopardizes the communion.

The statement calls for

the provision of adequate alternative Episcopal oversight to dissenting minorities in any diocese where these innovations have been instituted. Alternative Episcopal oversight will be under the direction of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The statement states with great clarity that these unilateral actions have

1)  jeopardized the unity of the communion;

2) adversely effected ecumenical relationships;

3) hurt witness and mission in the Anglican tradition, and

4) imperiled interfaith relations.

The Bishop wishes to thank the people of the diocese for the fervency of their prayers and we thank God for what the primates have done.

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