Episcopal General Convention

Philadelphia - July 15-25, 1997

News and Commentary
from the Rev. Earle Fox
at Emmaus Ministries

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The Episcopal General Convention is reputedly the largest legislative body in the world, with over 1000 bishops and deputies in attendance.  The House of Bishops corresponds roughly to the Senate, and the House of Deputies corresponds to the House of Representatives in the US Congress. Many of the same men wrote the constitutions for both bodies.  

NOTE: Latest items are posted first.  

See also ESA (now Forward in Faith) Convention pages for further info

Sunday 8/10 - Homosexualist Replies to Stephen Noll's book: Two Sexes - One Flesh
                        (at Louie Crew's website)

Sunday 8/03 - Roger Boltz of AAC reports on Gen Con

Thursday 7/31 - CCLEC responds to ESA

Sunday 7/27 - Yet More Commentary on the fallout.  

Saturday 7/26 - More Commentary on the fallout

Friday 7/25 Closing Day - Commentary - more on the new PB and his failing philosophy, and on how to respond in a seemingly hopeless situation.  Bp. Stanton on AAC support for ESA.  

Thursday 7/24 - Commentary - on the New PB, and Standing Firm

Wednesday 7/23 - Report from General Convention (at last....)

Thursday 7/17 - Archbishop Cary & English Synod on homosexuality - Also appended is Carey's speech to the General Convention - where he betrays the objectivity of truth for the sake of collegiality.  

Nothing much reported on the first day (Wednesday)  of Gen Con so far.  Vigorous discussion and testimony on homosexual unions and ordination at relevant committees.  

7/12/97 - I will be at General Convention from Sunday, July 20th on, but news and commentary will be posted as soon as the convention begins.  

This convention promises to hold many surprises -- perhaps one of them the Biblically rooted Christians standing up and drawing clear lines - at any cost.  

Convention WebSites

(These sites are not "pre-approved", so, as to theological reliability, you will have to sort them out yourselves....)

AAC - American Anglican Council - an attempt to unite the Biblical based Episcopal ministries into a cohesive body for action at General Convention.  May have Gen Con info on their site.

FiF - Forward in Faith

EU - Episcopalians United

ENS - Episcopal News Service

Anglicans Online -

"815" - Episcopal Church Center, New York City

Diocese of Pittsburgh - Has other helpful links to Gen Con info.  

Louie Crew - an arch-liberal, but full of information.

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