Episcopal General Convention
2003 in Minneapolis

The 2003 General Convention in Minneapolis, during July and August, could be either a watershed convention, or another in a long line of not-making-a-decision.  The Presiding Bishop, Frank Griswold, seems to think of himself as a reconciler, but there is no reconciliation between Biblical religion and pansexualism.  Griswold is not really a reconciler so much as a manipulator (see articles on Griswold in the Presiding Bishop Library). 

In any event, he does not wish to preside over the breakup of the Episcopal Church, nor over its being excommunicated from the Anglican Communion.   So he is caught in his own foolishness.  He cannot stand with the homosexual agenda because that would split the Anglican Communion, with the large majority against support of homosexuality.  And he cannot meaningfully stand against them because he believes in their cause.  So he is trapped into playing the politician.  The eternal, "Let's wait until we can come to some agreement with each other...."   

His attempts at "reconciling" (read schmoozing) everyone into unity are rapidly unraveling because there is no possibility of reconciliation.  The two sides are two worldviews apart, two religions apart.  The difference between heaven and hell, between Creation and the Fall.  


**Gene Robinson and Homosexuality -- Email by E. Fox.  Robinson to be the first openly homosexual bishop in the history of Christendom?   His train may have been derailed by his own behavior.  Investigation pending. 

Robert Duncan, Bp. of Pittsburgh, statement on confirmation of Gene Robinson

**Clarity, Encouragement, and Hope -- Reuniting God's Two Books

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