Clarity, Encouragement, & Hope
Reuniting God's Two Books

Earle Fox
(another email on the Episcopal General Convention)

"And you shall make this response before the Lord your God,
'A wandering Aramean was my father....'"  (Deut. 26:5) 

As we recuperate from the devastation of the Episcopal Church accomplished recently at General Convention with the confirmation of an openly homosexual candidate for the episcopacy, let us close ranks around the truth and the Lord of truth. 

General Convention, as Bishop Robert Duncan has indicated, has left the Church, we have not left General Convention, still less the Church.  If, in the world's eyes, we become again wandering Arameans, so be it.  We may even feel like it.  We are continually faced with that awful decision: Choose this day whom you will serve.   The vote for a practicing and affirming homosexual bishop was one of those choices, witting or not, between God vs. the world, the flesh, and the devil. 

If one thinks the Kingdom resides in those magnificent cathedrals and parish church buildings, or in those places of familiarity and family history, we are as trapped in Babylon as the revisionists -- idolators.  We must be ready at any time to become again wandering Arameans, leaving behind, when we must, the culture of Babylon and the flesh pots of Egypt.   As Alan Keyes says, we must stand as few, many, or alone when necessary, for truth. 

Sadly, our side was unwilling or unable to force clarity into the homosexuality discussion, unable to force a clear decision between the world and the Kingdom.  So we were simply not taken seriously.  Despite the best efforts of the other side to shut us down, our failure was our fault, not theirs.  The Lord is disciplining us by allowing the Assyrians to provide their own clarity, by their simply doing what they said that would do, by being faithful to their misbegotten principles.  

But clarity favors truth, no matter who brings it.  As evil emerges victorious, the issues become more and more clear.  And that, finally, raises up the resistance to the evil.  Until there is clarity, there can be no effective resistance and counter-attack. 

God knows how to produce clarity.  Only then can we, with spiritual integrity, "choose this day whom we will serve".  

The time, once again, has come.   Let us give up our hand-wringing and "ain't it awful" discussions, and get about the business of testifying that Jesus is Lord and to the common sense clarity of His word and presence. 

Some will feel, "All is lost!"  That is our own immaturity and betrayal -- when we know "neither the Scriptures nor the power of God." 

The Evil Empire was doomed from the very beginning, not because Ronald Reagan showed up when it appeared to be at its height.  Anything held together only by deceit and coercion will self-destruct.    He understood, as he said, that "the task is to manage the decline of the Soviet Union."

The homosexual program, the whole of the pseudo-liberal agenda -- knows neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.  It, also, was lost from the beginning, no matter the contrary appearances.  As Maggie Gallagher said (Washington Times 8/9/03), "...every tribe or group that adopts [the sex code of post-modern secularism], from Europe to mainline Protestantism, is dwindling."  That pansexual sex-code has its own trajectory, so it is just a matter of time before it looks lost and collapses.  Our task is simply to help manage that collapse. 

Things for us to do to speed it on its way:

1.  A serious and searching moral inventory -- asking God to show us why we have failed to turn the homosexualist tide, and then, repentance. 

2.  Learn how to force clarity to our discussions

        First, within our own souls -- our minds, wills, and relationships 
                            clarity in our relationship with God and one another,
                            living in the light;

        Secondly, clarity in the public arena, how to wield the Sword of the Spirit,
                            giving our testimony,
                            speaking in love -- the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth;

3.  Learn about the two books that God wrote:

            1.  the Book of Creation 

            2.  the Book of Scripture

God's Two Books

God wrote the Book of Creation first.   He wrote the second book because we messed up the first one.   He wrote the second one to restore us to the first one.  The Fall was a fall away from being creatures into becoming autonomous, independent decision-makers.  Fatal mistake.  "...for in the day you eat of it, you shall die." 

How do we read the book of creation?  

        1.  by honest observation, and

        2.  by careful reasoning from those observations.  

In short, by the methods of science, the methods of fact and logic. 

Our defense against the homosexual agenda failed because we would not look at that fallen part of creation called homosexuality.  We refused, over and over again, to look at it.  We thought we could argue our case by referring only to Scripture, the second book (with a few glances at tradition), without reference to the first book.  It was too nasty and ugly, and s-o-o-o un-Episcopal.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Christians, in effect, gave away the first book to the secular and pagan people -- because we had no good answers to their theory of evolution as a replacement for God.  In doing so, we made the second book virtually irrelevant.  That is precisely how the world views orthodox Christianity.  We thought empirical evidence was their turf, not ours, and that we could wield the Sword of the Spirit standing on Scripture divorced from Creation.  A fatal mistake, leading to the most devastating century in human history.  By the 1950's we had already slaughtered a greater percentage of our own human population than any other century. 

Living in the Kingdom is about living fully and openly in the world of Creation.  Creation, after all, is the only place where creatures can live.  If we are unwilling to discipline ourselves to study it, we can expect to be ignored by those who (vainly) imagine themselves to be the "reasonable" ones, in touch with the realities of "the world".   Well, they were at least trying.  

Scripture is meant to show us how to live in the world, but not of it.  We have been trying to live neither in it nor of it, and so have made ourselves ridiculous.   We deserve to be ignored. 

If we had forced a clear look at the nature and consequences of homosexual behavior, we would have turned the whole homosexual agenda on its head (see two quotes from Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?).  We would have shown quite obviously why a loving God would say "no", rather than sounding like we were pontificating on it from the second book divorced from the first.  

The homosexual program will not survive an honest airing of their behavior.   It will get nasty and brutish for a spell as they counter-attack.   But then it will be all over. 

The public, even the secular public, does not like being lied to, and would not take kindly to finding out that it has been led down a terribly self-destructive path -- all of which has been carefully hidden behind a superb, but evil, mind-control program, administered through our media and public school system, and enforced by a Satan-coopted government (see Chapter IV of Homosexuality: Good & Right...?). 

    When Christians begin using Scripture as God's way for our getting back into Creation rather than avoiding it, we will begin to turn the tide of secularism and paganism in all their forms.  The two-edged Sword of the Spirit (reason welded back to back with revelation) is an invincible weapon.   The magnificent success of the secular program rested in their creating the illusion that they knew more about the world than we did, that science belonged to them.  

And we let them get away with it.  

If you want to get serious about these matters, may I suggest a reading of

Homosexuality:  Good & Right in the Eyes of God? 
the Wedding of Truth to Compassion
and Reason to Revelation


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