Explosion over Nomination
of Gene Robinson for Bishop

[The email below was sent out in response to the news of accusations of impropriety on the part of Gene Robinson, candidate to be consecrated the first openly homosexual bishop in the whole of Christendom.  My target was the Episcopal House of Bishops -- that someone there will print out the email and help force a discussion of the vital issues.  

As it turned out shortly after this email, Robinson was exonerated, whether rightly or wrongly so far as his personal life, I have no idea.  But so far as the homosexual lifestyle is concerned, the lifestyle stands guilty as charged.  See below.    E. Fox] 

Greetings, Fellow Christians,

        Regarding Gene Robinson's apparent connection with and support of
pornography, you will likely have to look long and hard to find a
"gay and lesbian" website that does  not have links to porn of one sort
or another.  For Robinson to deny knowing of those links is
"understandable".  For anyone to believe him is silly.  Porn is a
constituent aspect of the pansexual lifestyle, of which homosexuality is
only one small segment.  
        It is absolutely unconscionable that our side (conservative
leadership) is not playing hardball.  The lives of thousands of persons
are at stake, and our side can do nothing but "be polite".   But for reason
of their own, they will not discuss the "unmentionable" topic: the specifics
of homosexual behavior.   If that were done, there would be a firestorm,
and then it would be all over. 
        One does not have to be ungraceful in telling the truth.  Failure in
telling the truth is a kindness that kills.  We either discuss the hard facts of the
homosexual lifestyle, openly and publicly, or we can make up our minds
that we will lose this war.  With all of the attendant consequences.
Including the judgement of God, not on our sexuality, but on our cowardice. 
        Homosexual behavior is documented in "Homosexuality:  Good &
Right in the Eyes of God?
" by David Virtue and myself (see signature
below.)   I quote here from our section on homosexual behavior, the
"forbidden topic", in chapter V, "The Hard Evidence", section A,
"Homsexual Behavior: a Profile".   It is a bit long, but, at they say, "a
good read". 
        Studies abound describing homosexual culture, compiled by
persons, both for and against homosexuality. Granted the difficulty in
arriving at exact figures in such a subject, in its broad strokes, the
evidence appears uncontested by any reputable scholar, resulting in a
fairly clear picture of the kinds and frequencies of behavior engaged in
by homosexual persons.

        The following figures are taken from Are Gay Rights Right? by
Roger Magnuson, Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud, by Reisman and Eichel, and from
The Gay Agenda, a video documentary by The Report. These in turn quote
from a wide range of sources, mostly various public health reports.

        As Magnuson comments, homosexual persons cannot use the normal
means of sexual gratification, i.e. to reach orgasm, and so must
substitute other means, chiefly other body apertures not constructed for
sexual penetration, to imitate sexual intercourse. As the Massachusetts
group decided [see below], you are "having sex" when an orifice is filled
with genitalia. The pansexual means to accomplish this is limited not to
the same or opposite sex. The pansexual illusion tells us that you are
"having sex" whenever your genitalia get stimulated, whatever the

        Homosexual culture centers around great numbers of anonymous
sexual encounters in almost every available circumstance, whether public
or private. Sexual encounters commonly happen in public parks and
lavatories, anywhere an unseen fleeting moment can be had. This kind of
report is common both from persons still in the homosexual lifestyle and
those who have come out of it.

        If research statistics are correct, nearly 100% of homosexual
persons have engaged in oral sex. Approximately 93% engage in anal sex,
the insertion of the penis into the anus of the partner. 92% engage in
"rimming", touching the anus of one's partner with one's tongue and
inserting the tongue into the anus. 47% engage in "fisting", inserting
one's fist into the anus of the partner. 29% engage in "golden showers",
urinating on each other. 17% engage in "scat", the eating of feces, or
rubbing of feces on each other, and in "mud rolling", rolling on the
floor where feces have been deposited. Many homosexual persons also
engage in sado-masochism, the inflicting or receiving of pain to
stimulate sexual feelings.

        Obtaining wholly accurate figures for such behavior is always
going to be questionable, but persons who challenge these figures must be
themselves challenged to come up with better studies and more accurate
figures. What one finds quickly is that the homosexual leadership would
just as soon not discuss the matter, and therefore rather than getting
better figures, they often try to shut down the discussion with
name-calling and innuendo.

        But, some are quite candid:

        One of the largest surveys ever conducted of homosexual sex
practices was published by two homosexual researchers in 1979. In The Gay
Report by Jay and Young, they reported that 99% engaged in oral sex; 91%
had anal intercourse; 83% engaged in rimming; 22% had done fisting; 23%
admitted to participating in golden showers; 76% admitted to public or
group sex; 73% admitted having sex with boys; and 4% admitted to eating

        The self-reporting from homosexual studies compares reasonably
closely with figures obtained elsewhere. And the 73% having sex with boys
is tells us something about child abuse and homosexuality.

        Kirk and Madsen [the primiere homosexualist strategists, authors
of "After the Ball"] make a reference to scat:

        "We're sure, for example, that it's a fact that the oft-heard
imputation of coprophagia -- eating feces -- to the majority of gays is
false, but can we prove its falsity? Hardly
."  (P. 139)

        They do not take the opportunity to deny that homosexuals consume
feces, only to deny that a majority of them do so. 17% is not anywhere
near a majority, but they raise the matter in a way to slyly suggest that
their critics are far off the mark.


        Almost all of the above information had been given by myself to
the every member of General Convention in Indianapolis (1994), and spread
abroad other times as well. 

Maybe it is now time for it to actually hit the floor of debate?  

        If our conservative leaders have any desire to actually win this
battle for sexual sanity, they will tell the assembled folks, for
example, about the homosexual-sponsored events going on in Massachusetts,
the teaching of "fisting" and other pansexual behavior to students 12
years old and up.  (Yes, I have the stuff on both audio and video, and
know some of the people who were able to expose the travesty in
Massachusetts.  Just a few weeks ago, I did a weekend seminar in
Lexington, Mass., teaching folks how to handle the homosexual
issues -- with truth wedded to love. 

For further info, visit   http://theRoadtoEmmaus.org

        The following comes from chapter IV, "The 'Gay' Strategy", a
section entitled, "Massachusetts and the Lost Children of GLSEN".   

        As the Boy Scouts say.....,   Be prepared. 

        GLSEN [Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network] began in
Massachusetts, perhaps the most deliberately, government-sponsored
sex-saturated area in American, if not on the globe. The Massachusetts
governor reportedly budgets $1.5 million tax dollars for his Governor’s
Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth, working through the Massachusetts
Department of Education. By 2000, the Department of Education had teamed
up with GLSEN to set up over 180 "Gay-Straight Alliance" clubs (already
over 700 nationwide) to promote the homosexual lifestyle under the "safe
schools" mantra.

        On March 25, 2000, the Massachusetts Department of Education, the
Governor’s Commission, and GLSEN cosponsored a workshop at Tufts
University called "Teach Out" -- to which children as young as 12 were

        One appalled teacher gives an eye-witness report... 

        "I slouched into the auditorium and sat down among about 300
adults and 200 kids. Just sitting elbow-to-elbow with minors at what I
first thought would be an adult-only conference was disconcerting. In all
my decades of teaching, I had never before attended any education
seminars where students were taught on the same level with veteran
teachers. Even before the conference began, I sensed the importance of
the adult-child mentorship that is so vital for the "gay agenda" to
propagate its divisive and destructive doctrines into the core beliefs of
the youth subculture

        Teaching "on the same level with veteran teachers" is no
accident. "Adult-child mentorship" is crucial to seduction. That is
mandatory reportable criminal child-abuse.

        We predict that our American public education system will sooner
or later expose to public view the same kind of tragic betrayal of
children that we have seen in the Roman Catholic Church.


        The descent continues.

        "Many of the youths, who were bussed from local high schools, were
jubilant. Some greeted each other with same-sex hugs and mouth-to-mouth
friendly kisses..
. "

        Parents were not invited -- because among the goals was expanding
homosexual teaching into the lower grades.  K through 12, and pre-school
if they can get it. As Alfred Kinsey’s "Table 34" amply demonstrates,
infants are targeted.

        Workshops, with those school children as young as 12 attending,
gave graphic descriptions of "fisting", the insertion of one’s hand into
the rectum or vagina of the partner for "sexual" pleasure.

        Parents were not invited, but a few attended nevertheless, one
with an audio recorder. The tape, with annotated excerpts from the
workshops, is available from their website, www.massnews.com, along with
a written text from Massachusetts News, June 2000.

        Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN, was keynote speaker. He, of
course, abandoned the pseudo-liberal "tolerance" and "relative morality":

        "There is [sic] no two sides to this debate. There is a right;
there is a wrong. We are right, our opponents are wrong

        He abandoned even the "separation of Church and State" line. The
eye-witness teacher, who must remain unnamed, reports:

        "The son of a Baptist minister, Jennings preached with overt
religious exhortations. I wondered how the hundreds of trusting
parents... would feel if they knew that the state was unabashedly
retraining their children. 

        "I was shocked to hear the "Reverend" Jennings retell the Gospel
story of the widow’s mite... He challenged the audience to political
activism: 'Are we giving all that we have [to the G & L movement]?
Probably most of us could do more.'

        This is the same Kevin Jennings who seven years earlier, on June
30, 1993, introducing the GLSEN program to the public at a press
conference, said:

        "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are
created equal... It’s time our schools took these words to the heart and
made them a reality in the classroom

        Those words he wants us to take to heart are specifically
Biblical religious words, and understood so by the founding fathers who
wrote them into our Declaration of Independence. He thus appeals to
religious principle to dictate state-run education. And then...
        "I would like to take a moment here to address the complaint by
religious groups who feel that our program violates their religious
beliefs... In case people have forgotten, I’d like to remind us all that
there is separation of church and state in this country, and that
religious beliefs cannot... dictate state policy

        This press conference was held in the Arlington Street Unitarian
Universalist Church on Boston Common -- with all the religious and
political associations attached thereunto, Governor William Weld speaking
in support -- from the pulpit. Apparently Unitarian religious beliefs can

        There are two names for such nonsense: ignorance or dishonesty.
We know of no reason to think these people ignorant -- unless educated in
the post-1960 public school system. The founding fathers of America, and,
indeed, the founding mothers, would have picked up their guns again to
rid America of such blasphemy and criminal child abuse. Where are fathers
and mothers today? They can hardly even pick up their votes. GLSEN is
coming your way.

        The Parents’ Rights Coalition (www.parentsrightscoalition.org),
which was distributing the tape, was sued on the grounds (believe it or
not) that they had violated the privacy of the Teach Out conference. They
have been legally inhibited from distributing the tape, so Massachusetts
News is doing the distribution.

        The June 2000 Massachusetts News describes the Teach Out in
detail. One session was led by Massachusetts Department of Education
employees Margot Abels and Julie Netherland, and by Michael Gaucher, an
AIDS educator from the Massachusetts public health agency:

        "The workshop opened by the three public employees asking the
children 'how they knew, as gay people, whether or not they’ve had sex.'
.... Eventually the answer presented itself, and it was determined that
whenever an orifice was filled with genitalia, then sex had occurred. The
Department of Public Health employee, Michael Gaucher, had the following
exchange with one student." 

        "Gaucher: 'What orifices are we talking about?'"
        "Student: [hesitation]"
        "Gaucher: 'Don’t be shy, honey. You can do it.'"
        "Student: 'Your mouth.'"
        "Gaucher: 'OK.'"
        "Student: 'Your ass.'"
        "Gaucher: 'There you go.'"
        "Student: 'Your pussy. That kind of place.'"

        "But since sex occurred 'when an orifice was filled,' the next
question was how lesbians could 'have sex.' Margot Abels discussed
whether a dildo [an object simulating the male sex organ] had to be
involved; when it was too big or too small; and what homosexual resources
students could consult to get similar questions answered." 

        The fact that such a discussion could even take place informs us
of several things:

        1. the abysmal ignorance of, and/or cynical manipulation by,
government and school leadership concerning sexuality;

        2. the desperation of children who have such a degraded,
depersonalized view of their own bodies, not for sex, but for belonging,
for knowing that they are doing "the real thing", for meaning,
importance, and approval;

        3. the bankruptcy of a "feeling-oriented" value system, i.e. any
worldview in which things are the basic entities, not persons;

        4. the abysmal failure of Christian parents to help their
children understand what it means to grow into manhood and womanhood,
made in the image of God;

        5. the compulsive and lethal results of such failures.

        A discussion was then had on "fisting", described by a student

                "when you put your "whole hand into the ass or pussy" of

        "When some students winced, Margot Abels informed them that '
fisting' was 'an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with.'"

        "It is not about sex," homosexualists sometimes claim. "It is
about intimacy." They are lying, of course. It is all about sex. The
homosexual lifestyle without sex is nothing at all.

        That kind of abusive "intimacy" ends by raising up some of the
deepest and most impenetrable defensive walls in the psyches of children.
That kind of betrayal makes honest trust and intimacy nearly impossible. 

        The above examples are a sample of the events and materials
routinely being forced on Massachusetts children and other parts of
America through our government-run schools.

        This is not education, this is deliberate, criminal child
seduction. This is the powers of darkness in high places. In
Massachusetts, one might be tempted to conclude, Satan is in control,
employing his standard bait (freedom, pleasure, acceptance) and switch
(bondage, slavery, death) technique.
        Dear friends at General Convention: this is what you are inviting
into the Episcopal Church, into your Sunday Schools, into your youth
programs, into your local communities and public schools.  It is making
strong headway already also in California, and other states, largely
through our public school system.  (There are now signs of the program
in my own state of Virginia.) 


        Print this email out and pass it around to the House of Bishops,
and anyone else who will take it.  Ask them to find anything said here
that is demonstrably untrue.  Is Massachusetts, with full state and
school cooperation, doing the above or not?   Yes or no.  Can this
reasonably be called criminal sexual abuse of children?  Yes or no. 

        Is the above description of homosexual behavior accurate or not?
Yes or no.  Will those who identify themselves as homosexual tell us
whether this is a reasonably accurate picture of the "gay" lifestyle? 
If they disagree, ask what statistics they would propose for those behaviors
- each behavior specifically. 

        And then, ask them whether they would be willing to examine on
the House of Bishops floor the medical statistics emerging for those who
engage in such behavior.  Those are also in our book.  (Hint: the average
lifespan for practicing homosexual persons is somewhere in the 40's.
They lose 30% to 40% of their lifespan compared with the average American

        Challenge Gene Robinson to explain, in view of the massive
empirical evidence available, why we should not believe that
the above descriptions are not reasonably typical of the homosexual
lifestyle.  What counter-evidence can he bring to show otherwise? 

        And then ask them what the loving response (from God or anyone
else) would be toward persons who find themselves compelled toward such
behavior and such consequences. 

        Challenge the House of Bishops to again postpone their vote until
these issues have been duly discussed on the floor. 

Pentecost Blessings, Earle Fox

[COMMENT: The sad story is that our pseudo-conservative leadership is incapable of conserving anything when they have to risk their comfort zones.  They cannot claim ignorance of the homosexual facts because they have been told.   Robinson was confirmed the next day after the accusations. 

But clarity always favors truth -- even if the clarity is brought by the evil side.  The clear presentation of the homosexual agenda (by the homosexual persons themselves) which will be emerging will eventually raise up the resistance and counter-movement which the pseudo-conservatives have been incapable of mounting.   (See next email on Hope and God's Two Books.)

God knows what He is doing, and we need only to join Him.] 

Pentecost Blessings
Earle Fox
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