[Note: David Virtue is co-author with me of Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?  E. Fox] 

News Analysis

By David W. Virtue

The Rev. Dr. Earle Fox did something no one has ever dared do in the
history of The Episcopal Church. He spoke the unthinkable.

He got up in front of 3,500 Episcopalians on an ice rink and told the
truth about the clinical and medical facts of homosexual behavior.

And the Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold got so red-faced, he publicly
censored him and stopped him in the middle of his peroration and told
him to "spare us the details" and get to the point and, by implication,
stop telling us the nasty clinical details about oral sex, anal sex,
rimming, and other egregious homosexual practices.

It was a moment to remember. For episcopal homosexuals a moment to
forget. It will be forever etched into the [homosexual] history of the
Episcopal Church.  Someone had stood up and in clear, succinct, non-
flowery language, dared to face down the High and Mitered Ones in ECUSA
and say what no one else would say.

And what Dr. Fox did not describe, and, because he was rudely
interrupted, couldn't, were the practices of fisting, golden showers,
and mud rolling, all of which necessarily entail contact with human
waste. You can get not only AIDS from this behavior, but about 40 other
STD's transmitted by sexual promiscuity, mostly from anal sex, one of
the most popular and appalling homosexual practices.

If he had gone that far Griswold would probably have had a heart attack
and his miter toppled to the ice rink floor, because, as Fox's
description indicated, it makes no more sense to encourage your child
to explore homosexuality than to play in the toilet, and for the same
reasons. The consequences for both are predictably disastrous.

The truth is no one wants to talk about behavior because it destroys
the romantic, " it's all about love" and "committed" notions,
perpetuated by pansexualist propagandists, and pounded into us, day in
and day out by television, the Internet, movies and more.

Whenever the Center for Disease Control (CDC) comes out with the latest
sexually transmitted disease statistics, homosexuals are quick to jump
in and deflect blame from their behavior and call any criticism of
their behavior homophobic. They then argue for more money from the
American taxpayer to fight the pandemic that they helped create.

It is one of the best propagandist ploys in the history of modern
advertising and public relations. Deflect talk away from behavior and
focus on "gene" theories, or "I was born this way," and blast anyone
who suggests that people can change and keep pressing the lie that God
approves on the grounds that the Bible doesn't talk about "committed"
same-sex relationships.

The secular campaign for homosexual acceptance has been mirrored by the
liberal Protestant church's acceptance of homosexuality, and no one
church has been as successful as The Episcopal Church in brokering
homosexuality into the church, sanctifying it, and then consecrating a
bishop who practices it.

It has been a personal stunning victory for Louie Crew, the church's
First Sodomy Promoter, who has pushed homosexuality for more than 35
years. He has lived to see his man V. Gene Robinson made a bishop. He
was afforded a special place of honor and allowed to sit in front of
the consecrating bishops, facing the Presiding Bishop, just a few feet
away from Robinson himself.

One hopes he lives long enough to see the damage he has wrought, and
the slow but inevitable unraveling of a once proud denomination that
will now follow.

Griswold wants us to believe that "our church is larger than any one
point of view and must embrace all." Griswold's all embracing ECUSA is
clearly larger (and therefore better) than God's mere one point of

He wrote this in a letter to ECUSA's clergy just a few days before the
consecration, hoping no doubt to deflect the inevitable anger and
disintegration that would follow.

The Presiding Bishop's statement is a glorious half truth and Griswold
is good at telling those.  The church has always "embraced all"
including homosexuals. When has the church not done so? Name a brand of
sinner and the sin that person has committed that the church hasn't
opened itself to. The sinner is called to be redeemed and the sin to be
repented of. The church has embraced adulterers, fornicators,
embezzlers, murderers, divorcees, homosexuals and it has done so with
one clear simple message.

Repent of your sin, stop what you are doing, do a U-turn (metanoia),
and embrace Christ. God is open to all persons, but some behaviors, all
persons must check at the door to heaven. When some complain, who are
refused entrance, St. Peter might just echo St. Clinton, "It's the
behavior, stupid."

It's a very old story and it applies to every single human being on the
planet regardless of race, color, gender, age or sexual preference. You
stop, you repent, and you conform to God's will.

Of course there will be times you will fall. We all do. The Apostle
Paul called himself the chiefest of sinners. You may spend a life time
falling and you will spend a lifetime picking yourself up off the
floor. The message is still the same: repent and go on.

But never, never, never say that God is going to allow a special group
of people the right to change the behavioral ground rules even if they
are the Archbishop of York, the Bishop of New Hampshire, hundreds of
priests and thousands of laity. Because God won't.

And don't let the emotionally laden word "inclusion" sidetrack you, as
though somehow you have to include a special brand of sin
(homosexuality) because he or she says so. And don't let some Episcopal
sodomy promoter make you state whether your church is "inclusive" and
put a sign outside on church property if it is, because ALL Episcopal
churches are inclusive.

My own biblically orthodox parish of 1,500 has a number of homosexuals
in it and they wrestle with their sexuality every day of the week. And
they have support groups that hold them accountable, and they are
trying to live out the gospel by being faithful with their bodies, and
when they hear Episcopal sodomy promoters say it is okay to have gay
sex, it only doubles their agony.

Here you have a group of men and women trying to live out Kingdom
standards of sexual behavior and they are being told they can indulge
themselves because members of the misnamed organization Integrity
believe God has changed His mind - for them.  They are wrong, dead
wrong, "for such were some of you," wrote Paul.

But you have been washed...transformed...and you have put on Christ.
You have been redeemed, redeemed by the blood of the cross.

And you will see the face of God.

For more details on Fox's views see the book GOOD AND RIGHT IN
THE EYES OF GOD - how to win the sexuality battles, at Dr. Fox's


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