"Spare us the details..."
(But no, the devil is in the details....)

[COMMENT:  Griswold did not want to hear the details of homosexual activity, not, at least at his service of consecration of the first openly homosexual bishop in all Christendom with the whole world watching via TV.  But, as someone said, "the devil is in the details".   And so he is, in the details of homosexual activity.  That activity MUST be put openly, dispassionately, objectively on the table for inspection.   E. Fox]

"Spare Us the Details," orders the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop Griswold

By Les Kinsolving

This column will appear in WND (World Net Daily) this week-end.

"Spare Us the Details" Orders the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop Griswold

The New York Times' page-one story on the Episcopal Church's consecration of its first openly homosexual bishop included a photograph of the Rev. Scott Erickson of Concord, NH and the Rev. F. Earle Fox of Alexandria, Va., a priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Father Erickson is looking so intently at Father Fox that his eyes appear to be popping -- as if he were suddenly shocked by a horror movie.

The Times did not explain the cause of such a shocked expression, but the Washington Post did, as follows:

"'It breaks my heart to be here,' said the Rev. Earle Fox of Pittsburgh, before graphically describing sexual acts 'engaged in by homosexuals.' Griswold then interrupted Fox, telling him to 'spare us the details.'"

Father Fox holds a doctorate of philosophy from Oxford, where he served as acting chaplain of Oriel College. He is canonically connected to the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pa. but resides in Alexandria, Va. as head of Emmaus Ministries.

But neither of these leading U.S. newspapers mentioned this. Nor were they willing to report what Father Fox actually said -- which led to the Griswold censorship.

This led to widespread suspicion that Father Fox had engaged in obscenities.

But the Associated Press in Concord, NH allowed me to listen to their recording of his objection.

First he thanked them for their willingness to listen to objections. Then he noted the importance of judging behavior. And finally, he noted:

"Research on homosexuality reports that 99% engage in oral sex; 91% engage in anal sex. 82% engage in rimming -- the touching of the anus of one's partner with one's tongue."

At that point -- of medical terminology with an absence of street obscenity -- the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop imposed censorship. Neither the Baltimore Sun nor the Los Angeles Times reported this.

Griswold wanted to be spared any details -- even medical -- of the sodomist behavior of a man he was about to install as a successor to Jesus Christ's twelve apostles.


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