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One might ask why Islam is not included in the Judeo/Christian library, since Islam shares the same Bible, and has the same notion of a Creator ex-nihilo.  Islam shares the same Biblical text, but rewrites it to conform to its own notion of God ('Allah' is the Arabic word for 'God'), and then accuses the Jews and Christians of having altered the Bible.  Christians and Jews are (or should be) willing to put that question to an open, honest, and public examination.  Whether Muslims are capable of that remains to be seen.   Given the nature of the Koran and Muslim epistemology, the chances are not good. 

The Muslim notion of God creates a closed system so far as human communication is concerned, not an open system.   For more on this, see the Worldview Library with the comparison between the Biblical worldview (open system) and the "Perennial" worldview (closed system).   The closure of the Muslim system is not cosmological (as with the Perennial view), it is rather relational, emotional, and spiritual.  They believe in a God who seems to be a person, which creates the possibility of an open system, but a God who does not personally relate to His creation.  He just sends laws which are to be obeyed without question, but does not love us in any identifiable manner.  So we end up with a closed system just the same, i.e., a system in which there is not possible exchange of energy or information which can be called an open relationship between God and man. 

That means that the Muslim world is based on "feeling good", not on "relating well".  Heaven is defined in terms of sexual pleasure, not good relationships, as per the two Great Commandments to love God and each other, as is the case with the Biblical world.  The Muslim world is about blind obedience with pleasure as the reward.  The Biblical world is about obedience also, but reasonable obedience in which we can ask God questions, challenge Him. 

"Come, let us reason together..." (Isaiah 1:18) is God's primary strategy for reaching out to us, and so we can come to an honest choice about our relationship to Him.  We can be radical truth-seekers with God.  That is not possible with the Muslim notion of God whom (they say) we are not allowed to question. 

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