Islam coopted by Globalists?

[COMMENT:  I have long suspected that there has been collusion between what one might loosely call "globalists" or "socialists" or "communists" or one form of "totalitarianists" (mainly the postmodern Democratic Party today) and Islam, or at least the totalitarian (Koranic) form of Islam. 

The "victim" strategy of the Palestinians is not a typical mindset of Arabs.  That comes, I suspect, from collusion (and money) from Western globalist psychological warfare experts who want to undermine America's sovereignty and what is left of its Biblical foundations  (more or less the same ones who run our government school system -- see Education Library). And the astonishing appearance of Islamic studies in schools across America almost immediately after 9/11/01 was no accident. 

The globalists are not in favor of Islam.  They are using Islam as a club with which to beat and undermine the Biblical heritage of America.  (That heritage is already long gone in Europe -- with the French Revolution.)   The article below points out the conflicts between postmodernists and Islam -- along with the absurd alliance.  They are not natural bedfellows.  If the postmodernists begin to win, they will turn with a vengeance on Islam.  And vice-versa, as I think likely to happen in Europe.  They are natural enemies.    E. Fox] 

From Summit Journal --  May 2005

 "At UNC-Chapel Hill, a six-month study initiated by the provost concluded that an Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer-Identified (LGBTQ) Life and Study was needed. Furthermore, the need to tolerate and even ‘embrace the diversity’ created by LGBTQ people was stressed. The study also described UNC-Chapel Hill as ‘behind the times’ because students are not allowed to major in ‘queer studies.’

"The recent decision requiring incoming UNC freshmen to read a Muslim devotional entitled Approaching the Quran comes as no surprise to those of us who have been paying attention to the diversity movement. After years of focusing on race, gender, and sexual orientation, the movement finally decided to become involved in religious matters by embracing Islam last September.

"Christians should welcome this new prong of the diversity agenda by making their presence known on campus. Students, professors, and staff should begin to wear jewelry and T-shirts adorned with crosses. If the administration makes any disparaging remarks, they should be reminded of their commitment to cross-dressing. Wherever ‘gay friendly’ rainbow stickers are found on professor’s doors, ‘Christian friendly’ stickers could be made and placed beside them.

"Perhaps the different themes of the diversity movement, could eventually be brought together with a lecture series on the lack of queer studies programs in Islamic nations. If those are well attended, maybe there could be whole courses on the status of the feminist movement in the Middle East. If the courses fill up, we could petition to have next year’s freshmen read a book about the role of Christianity in the abolition of slavery.

"For too long, Christians have been complaining bitterly about the current climate on college campuses. But getting angry at the patently absurd solves nothing. We must respond with both reason and ridicule, in proper balance. Only then will we lift the veil on dogmatism disguised as diversity."

—Mike S. Adams, Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel, p. 62- 63

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