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ISLAM in American Government Schools

F. Earle Fox

Yesterday (8/10/09) I attended a meeting of ACT! for America nearby in North Orange County, CA, on the subject of Islam rewriting the history of Israel.  It was an enlightening presentation on the systematic brainwashing process going on with respect to Near East history of Israel, and the systematic hostility towards Israel among the dominant Muslims.  Afterward there was a shorter presentation on Islam in our local California government run schools, and a video showing a brief history of ACT! for America

You can read their pdf document with information on the Islamic invasion of California schools.  It is an education in itself.  

A very capable and intelligent Lebanese woman, Brigitte Gabriel, founded ACT! for America in an effort to stem the tide of Islam intruding into our country.  Brigitte Gabriel was a Christian refugee from the Islamic takeover of Lebanon. 

My reactions are as follows.  I agree with and applaud their aim of turning the tide against Islam's intrusion into America.  But I see several weaknesses.

1. They seemed to be unaware of the dangers of how genuinely "moderate" Muslims can be used to infiltrate a society -- being used as Trojan Horses.

2. They are fighting the wrong educational battle.  The infiltration of Islam into our schools is AN issue, but not THE issue.  The bigger enemy of American education is our own government near monopoly takeover of education. 

Any government-controlled education system will sooner or later become a mind-control system to "educate" the people to vote their governors back into office, and to subject the people to the whims of the governors.  The temptation is just too easily picked off the tree to long resist.  Globalist would-be tyrants currently run our education system, using, I believe, both the homosexualist agenda and the Muslim agenda for their one purposes.  They may have a very large bear by the tail with the Muslims, and not be able to control them. 

The appearance of Islamic classes in our government schools (forbidden to Christians) immediately after 9/11 was a dead giveaway that the globalists, who are running our government, were engineering this travesty, really treason, against the American people. 

They are employing the mind-control strategy of "cognitive dissonance", promoting conflicting and contradictory messages by which they hope to confuse the people, and get them to "give up" on making sense of the issues.  The people then become apathetic and impotent.  Ripe for a authoritarian take-over. 

If we had free-market education, with no government control, then the people themselves would vote with their feet when their children were being abused in such a manner as forced Islamic studies -- which are meant to pry them loose them from their parental beliefs.   

It is right and good to pursue the intrusion of Islam, but the deliberate destruction beginning in the 1800's of the free-market education system was the precursor to totalitarian forces of various stripes taking over.  We MUST get our children out of government education, and then get government our of education. 

3. They want to fight this battle on a strictly secular playing field, no religion allowed.  Religion they see as divisive rather than uniting.  They apparently see secularism as uniting.  It is not clear to me whether that is the idea of Brigitte Gabriel herself, or of the political advisor who appears to run much of the program, or some other person or group.  But that is very poor thinking. 

Secularism has divided and butchered the world to a degree far exceeding anything done by religious interests in, at least, Western history.  The only possible exception being Islam itself -- which the Islamic courses, naturally, deceitfully picture as peace-loving.  They are lying to our students, and would be immediately and forcefully booted from any honest school system. 

The issues are essentially spiritual and religious, and only secondarily political.  The image of God is the root of both the freedom given in Judeo-Christian religion and the totalitarianism inherent to Islam.  Islam will inherently drift toward control, not toward ordered freedom, because Muslims attribute to God no desire to limit Himself to either reason or morality.  That is blasphemy against God, and the world needs to hear Christians and Jews challenging them on that.

We do need to address the political issues, but that can be done only with the Biblical view of politics.  

4. They appear unaware that there is a Biblical form of government, that which was given to us by our founding fathers.   That is largely the fault of the churches and synagogues and of the Judeo-Christian community, which is mostly oblivious to its public arena duties.  It was our moral and spiritual consensus as a Judeo-Christian nation which gave us our unity and greatness.  Without that being our aim and goal, we will never overcome the forces arrayed against us.  

I wish well for ACT! for America and Brigitte Gabriel, and success in their attempt to help interdict the already well-established invasion of Islam into America.  But I think the will fail if they do not remedy these blind spots and support that which made America the most free and powerful nation on earth.  That was not secularism, it was the Biblical worldview and Gospel.  

Either Jesus is Lord, or civil government will be lord.  

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Date Posted -  08/11/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012