Change of view in Mideast news

[COMMENT: I do not know how new this change is, but truth will out if we keep persistent and graceful.  Much of America is neither, and we need to repent ourselves before asking others to do so.  In particular, the media, even some of the "conservative" writers, need to shape up, i.e., be balanced in their reporting.

In any event, this is a sign of victory.  Spiritual victory.  Clarity always favors truth, and truth always favors God.  E. Fox]

A twist - a change for the better in this fight against worldwide terrorism! Is the Arab world finally waking up?
Monday, July 04, 2005 - Last Updated: 11:09 AM 
Abu Musab al-Zarqaw's al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist organization recently threatened the Arabic-language al-Jazeera satellite TV station and accused its staff of distorting the news in its coverage of Iraq. "We have had enough of al-Jazeera's bias and of the efforts you make to kowtow to the crusaders and the traitor government [of Iraq]," said a message posted on several Islamic Websites.

What angered the terrorists was a change in reporting by al-Jazeera, once widely viewed as sympathetic to al-Qaida. Instead of calling Iraqi insurgents "the resistance," al-Jazeera's reporters have started to call them simply "gunmen" or "suicide bombers."

A recent BBC report suggests that the change in policy reflects growing revulsion in the Arab world over atrocities committed against ordinary Iraqi civilians. Al-Jazeera now quotes Iraqi citizens, as well as government officials, denouncing the insurgents and calling them "terrorists."

The BBC also reports that al-Jazeera's rival, the al-Arabiya TV network, has removed its rose-colored spectacles and is reporting on the suffering of the Iraqi people at the blood-drenched hands of terrorists. It too has been threatened by al-Qaida and one of its senior correspondents was attacked by gunmen and was lucky to escape with his life.

"The fact that Iraqi civilians are the main victims of the attacks is increasingly being stressed in reports, interviews and comments," says the BBC's world media correspondent. "This has raised questions in some parts of the Arab media about the legitimacy of the groups carrying out the attacks, although the blame for the upsurge in violence is still mainly being placed on the Americans."

In Iraq itself, the BBC reports, the media have no illusions about the violence. Two of the most widely watched channels, al-Iraqiya and al-Sharqiya, have always depicted suicide bombers as trying to destroy the country rather than liberate it. There is also a regular program on al-Iraqiya that features alleged insurgents "confessing to a series of crimes, including bombings, murder and rape."

One newspaper recently ran an editorial that said "terrorism had exceeded all moral limits," while another paper called on Iraqis to wake up to the fact that they are the targets of terrorism and urged them to unite and fight back. No wonder al-Qaida has turned on al-Jazeera and other media in the Arab world.


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