Understanding Muslim Terrorism

[COMMENT: I am ambivalent about these kinds of reports.  On one hand, I think there is solid but unfortunate truth in the picture described below of Islam.   On the other hand, we must remember that we are dealing with real people, most of whom are caught in a deception and ignorance, and who are not sold out to evil, as this person below.  Islam is an evil religion, it is false, it gives us a terribly wrong picture of God.  But people are to be won for Christ, at whatever cost it may be to ourselves.  We rightly force judgement on behavior, but not on persons.   That is God's business alone.    E. Fox]   

Omar Bakri Muhammad is a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist who was interviewed recently in a Portuguese newspaper, Publico.  Here is what he had to say about the intentional killing of civilians: 

“We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents.  Only between Muslims and non-believers.  And the life of a non-believer has no value.  There’s no sanctity in it…Terror is the language of the 21st century.  If I want something, I terrorize you to achieve it…The word ‘terrorism’ is not new among Muslims.  Muhammad said: ‘I am the prophet who laughs when he’s killing the enemy.’  It is not only a question of killing.  It’s laughing while we are killing.”                                              

[Source: Gary Bauer’s End-of-Day 6-28-04]




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