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Islam in Malvo, Sweden


The following was an email to my extended family regarding the above YouTube on the devastating effects of Islam in Sweden.  E. Fox


Dear Family,

        Please watch this news report    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaPz7p-1-bk  on what is happening to Sweden with the invasion of Muslims. 

        For those who think that Islam is a peaceful religion, this speaks for itself.  Sweden is often portrayed as an ideal society.  Well, not quite.  Like the rest of Europe, the Swedes do not know how to defend their own existence.  The fruits of so-call "multi-culturalism".   I.e., relative truth.  They are suicidal, giving up on life. 

        Those who have lived for centuries under Muslim rule know that Muslims can be peaceful so long as they are the minority.  But when they get into power, then their facade comes off, and they wring the necks of anyone who disagrees with them. 

        Multi-culturalism and relative truth will ALWAYS eventually lead to the victory of the tyrant, the bully, the manipulator.  The logic is inevitable.  We are watching that happen right here in the US of A, just a few years behind Europe.   Resistance to the dictators among us (they are always around) requires a stern respect for objective truth and objective morality.  And you will not get much of either in a Godless society. 

        Truth and morality cannot survive without each other.  The saying is true: "When truth becomes optional, it will soon become outlawed."  The right to be a truth-seeker and truth-speaker is THE fundamental right of all, without which no other right or freedom can survive.  So that is the right which tyrants first commandeer for their own benefit, through mind-control and/or force of arms.  That is why a free people will never, never, never give over education or the media to civil government.  You will soon no longer have a freemarket of ideas.  Only what Big Bro wants you to hear. 

        I was chided recently for my post remarking that the deity of Islam does not hold himself to either truth or morality.  That is exactly the truth.  And what you see on the video is an example of it.  Maybe coming to a neighborhood near you soon. 

        The Biblical God could refuse to hold Himself accountable, because, as T. pointed out, if God were under an authority higher than Himself, He would not be God.  But the God of the Bible as a matter of His own choice does indeed limit Himself to that kind of human-friendly behavior.  It is called "grace".  Does the word 'grace' even occur in Islam?  With the same meaning? 

        Yes, there are fine and noble Muslims around.  Some of them, I have no doubt, live as citizens in Israel.  Of all places.  But the general run of "moderate" Muslims are not to be trusted until they will stand up and turn in the radicals, make it pointedly clear, at any cost to themselves, that such behavior will not be tolerated.  Zero tolerance for any person who refuses to engage in open, candid public discussion of the vital issues, or who will subvert the level playing field to favor themselves.

        If you want to read a serious discussion of those issues of the law and the grace of God, go to http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/EM/ShpMl/Law&Grace/00Law&Grace.htm (pdf file) 

         A question for anyone who thinks Islam is an inherently peaceful religion apart from "those radicals" --  What would you do if you lived in Malmo? 

        And, for those who believed in the Global Warming stuff, does this kind of evidence suggest that we had better prepare ourselves for dealing with a strong, well-equipped (probably by the rent-a-crisis Globalists), and brutal enemy?  

        Remember Vienna?  And Spain?  and the Near East, and North Africa (and probably Muslim Asia as well - though I do  not know the history there)?   None of those places became Muslim by honest persuasion, only by the scimitar.  They seemed to be aiming at Europe with a pincer movement through Spain and up the Balkans all the way to Vienna.  They were not stopped by persuasion, but only by military force. 

         Whatever the moderates may happily make of it, that is the real Islam.  And, it comes right out of their theology and epistemology, the way the Koran was written.  The Pope was right.  Their version of God does not hold himself to either truth or morality.  He is totally arbitrary, and Muslims think it a slander on God to say otherwise because they think that demeans his sovereignty. 

        The Biblical view is quite the opposite, that it is a slander on God to say that God does not hold Himself to those qualities.  It is blasphemy to attribute to God behavior which, for us humans, would be criminal or immoral - because that demeans His sovereignty.  As in Genesis 18:25.   Or, Job 13:6-12.   

        For the Pope's remarks, go to http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/33Rlg/Islm/00Islam.htm#Papal_Challenge_to_Islam_   The Pope is a splendid scholar, and was not overstepping himself to make a point. 

        This is a primary and substantial difference between Biblical religion and Islam.  That needs to be said pointedly to the Muslims, and to the world.  

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Date Posted - 12/30/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012