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Pagan Religion

Paganism refers to any religion that is not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, meaning any non-Biblical religion.  Along with secularism, it is means belief in the "closed circle" cosmos, in which the cosmos is the sum total of existence, with no God outside the cosmos.  Hence the closed circle.  Biblical religion is an "open circle",  because the circle of time-space existence is open to God outside of itself, who is its creator.   (See the Worldview Library.)  


Earth Charter -- a *.pdf file requiring Adobe Reader  (The Earth Charter can be downloaded from http://www.earthcharterusa.org/earth_charter.html

United States Constitution -- compare the political and religious viewpoints....   Stunning. 

MORMONISM -- is it Biblical or Christian?  or is it a demonic intrusion to divide Christendom? 

Vishal Mangalwadi -  former Hindu, one of the best Christian apologists alive. 

Ravi Zacharias, another former Hindu, superb in his explaining of the Christian faith


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