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Founding Vision
for Road==>> Construction

The Road to Emmaus==>> will be growing substantially over the next years.  There are several books waiting on the shelves to be finalized and published, along with many articles already finished.  The new "print on demand" (POD) publishing system has made it possible for unknowns like myself to make important material available, and with that combined with website technology, folks like myself are in pigs' heaven. 

Things planned have a way of taking on a mind of their own, but below is what we have in mind.  Along with a growing collection of occasional commentaries, etc., about many subjects, the substantial base of apologetics will grow: 

  1. Getting the Road to Emmaus==>> running smoothly.  Probably in reasonable shape by the end of May (2003).

  2. Psychology/Anthropology - Biblical Inner Healing is a synthesis of Biblical psychology and anthropology with those same valid sciences in the secular world.  There is only one human nature, the one created by God, so any real truth discovered by anyone will be valid.  
            Biblical Inner Healing
    is now available in paperback form.  There is much more to be done exploring how the Biblical view of human nature is healing and restorative, just knowing about it makes a big difference, but much of that will have to wait for some of these other items below to get a foundation. 
            Religion & Freud: a Psycho-Historical Reality Check was written while in seminary in the spring of 1960, making the case that Freud had it backwards.  The evidence shows that Biblical religion is the protector of our objective reality contact, not the enemy of it. 

  3. Metaphysics and Epistemology - Personality, Empiricism, and God is my D. Phil. thesis from Oxford, finished in 1964.  It will be next in line for getting published via POD and on the website, hopefully in 2011. 

  4. Worldview - Yahweh or the Great Mother? describes the two ultimate and final worldviews we have to choose between, the Biblical and the "Perennial" (secular/pagan).  The comparison is quite stunning, and helps simplify our thinking about life.  There are thousands of variations on the two worldviews, but they boil down to just two -- God vs. the world, the flesh, and the devil.  The Yahweh or the Great Mother? video is being "remastered", and will eventually be available in a two-hour video set.  It will be much expanded in printed format. 
            Yahweh or the Great Mother? is the flagship work for Emmaus Ministries, the foundation upon which all else stands in that it presents most of the basics of Christian apologetics in very digestible form. 

  5. Biblical theology -- Emmaus Ministries has nearly 100 audio tapes on various aspects of Biblical theology, all of which needs to be reduced to printed form or on CDs. 

  6. Morality - the collapse of morality in the West has not been an accident.  It has been the planned result of hard-working secularists and pagans who cannot stand the idea that God might be telling them what to do.  There is one and only one foundation for moral standards, the law of God, our reason for existence.  Christians must learn how again to not back down from using moral language in public, and to tell the world that Jesus is both Lord and Savior.   Morality is the foundation of all rational politics, despite what you hear abroad.  See Ethics Library.  

  7. Politics and economics - The Christian community has treated these subjects as unworthy of study because we gave up the thought that God has plans for all of His world, including these parts.  And so the secular and pagan folks were able to create the horrendous travesty of western culture developed in the 20th century.  Resting on the foundations of the materials above, we have a chance to get back into the public arena and show that freedom really does come from God.  Only God can sustain a free political system, and only God knows how to run a free-market system which does not become yet one more disguise for rapaciousness.  See Politics, Constitution, and Economics Libraries.  Also, Reason, Revelation, &  Politics, and The Theology of Civil Government

  8. Education - one of the three most important things that must happen for our culture to restabilize on its Biblical foundations is for parents to regain and reassert their responsibility before God to educate and raise up their own children.  Civil government must be taken wholly and completely out of education because the temptation for it to become a mind-control mechanism will inevitably take over. 
            There is a specifically Biblical view of education, which the world simply cannot surpass.  Education by the world cannot in the long run continue to focus on truth and freedom.  It will always begin to focus on feelings and on control.  As we see today. 
            (The other two most important things that must happen in America are (1) that we come to understand how our constitution could not have been written without the law and grace of God, and that it and our freedom will not survive the loss of God in our public and private lives; and (2) most importantly, spiritual renewal.   Nothing can stabilize unless we regain our intellectual credibility.)  See Education Library.

  9. Sexuality - We have jumped the gun with Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? which is already published -- largely due to my being involved in the Episcopal sexuality debacle and then working with Transformation Christian Ministries (an Exodus affiliate) helping people out of the homosexual lifestyle.   I generally prefer to lay all the logical foundations first (see Principles of Organization) before getting into the nuts and bolts, street-fighting end of things.  But God had other ideas.   HG&R? provides a "theology in the trenches", a study in apologetics, using homosexuality as the test case.  But there is much more to be written on the healing of sexual addiction.  See also, Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science, the Sexuality Libraries, and the theological side of sexuality.

That is the tentative plan for the Road to Emmaus==>>.  It will take at least the next ten (2000 AD as of this writing) years to flesh out fully.  My vision is to help develop a consistent and viable theology which can stand in any public arena to the glory of God and for the conversion and healing of our broken and apostate Church and our muddled and wandering people. 

God has not made His people to be "victims" of history, but writers of it.  God is all about history, and He knows how to guide and form it to His own purposes.  We need only to get on board with Him. 

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