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The inability & unwillingness of  Western Christians to defend credibly, gracefully, &  in public the honor of Jesus Christ, to proclaim Him King of kings and Lord of lords over all aspects of human life, including civil government, is why the Church is so abysmally ineffective.  You can do that gracefully & truthfully --the evidence is overwhelming - i.e., IF you are interested in evidence Political salvation, as well as personal, salvation freedoms
come from God aloneSee The Theology of Civil  Government.

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One World Government?

The UN cannot supply peace.  Concentration of power in one unaccountable place guarantees continuation of war.  Godly freedom-lovers will rise up.  The UN, run (largely) by thugs, is trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel - & will get it. 

We do not "need" a one world government -- we have one, & the One World Governor is already chosen: Jesus, King of kings & Lord of lords.  That is a political statement.  

We do not need one controlling civil / military power, we need many nations under the sovereignty of the King of kings.  Not 'til then shall we see peace. 

See UN Library    vs.   the Great Commission.

     How to change the impending disaster:  Ask God to change us to truth-seekers rather than position-defenders...  Only truth-seeking can lead to the true position.

by Earle Fox
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** The Abortion, the Bible, & America --
A recovery of our Biblical worldview is required to give us success in ending abortion. 

Art & Religion - by Emile Cammaerts with Commentary by Earle Fox

The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific World  -  Published. 

** Biblical Inner Healing
he Biblical view of psychology, the study of the soul (psyche).  How we get broken, and how God makes us whole.  - .

Dialogue in Darkness - on the mind-control techniques used in education, sexuality, and other "debates".

Directed Force, Responsible Action, & Grace vs. the Abortionist an essay on the trial of Paul Hill. 

Due Process & the
"--clusions" of God

on the terribly distorted and destructive politics of feminism & the drive for women's ordination.

Freud & Religion: a Psycho-Historical Reality Check - how Freud got it all wrong, and badly misunderstood his own Biblical background. -  Published.

Gender In God - A summary of why God is our Mother as well as our Father.  Published. 

** Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God -- (eCommerce).
the Wedding of Truth to Compassion & Reason to Revelation -- Perhaps the only book giving a clear offensive strategy for winning Godly sanity in sex & gender issues.

Law & Grace in Imago Dei   Invitation to a Wedding -   Foundations for a Theology of Atonement  -  online

Personality, Empiricism, & God  (PEG) Vol. I Foundation of Biblical Theology - the Cosmological Argument for God  -  Online

Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women 
Theological and psychological reasons for a male priesthood, defending the place of women in the Image of God. 

Reason, Revelation, & Politics.  How Christians tragically failed with reason, science, and Christian faith - & what to do.   Published.

Scripture or SIECUS?  on the perversion of sexuality by the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States pansexual movement - inspired by the dishonest science of Alfred Kinsey. 

The Theology of Civil Government -- Why Government Requires God - Outline of video streaming lectures.    PDF book available online as it gets typed out from the outline.  Showing why Biblical government is the only logically reasonable kind of civil government...  book format

Yahweh or the Great Mother? 
Comparison of the two basic worldviews - Biblical vs. Secular/Pagan  -  Online being prepared for coming PDF & DVD . 


2013 Anno Domini


9.24   Kate Smith introduces "God Bless America..."   A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice -- the best voice in America, said Frank Sinatra.  I remember her well.    E. Fox  

     9.22  ** The Church Today, the World Today -- & What to Do about It --  <-Printed copy (no Audio)  Sermon at Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Mesa, AZ, June 30, 2013, to see whether I should become their priest.  (I have done so, and am {as of September 8} now in Arizona).   E. Fox 

9.08  Arrived in Arizona -- temporarily at a mobile home park in Apache Junction,  next to Mesa, to be the priest at Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Mesa (Mesa is a suburb of Phoenix).  La Habra, California, is no longer home!   Full story -- a stunning and surprising adventure -- will be posted as soon as I can.   The Road to Emmaus will continue, with an added element.   Just got my computer going again -- will have internet access probably by Tuesday, the 24th when this shows up.  E. Fox.

   ** It from Bit, or Bit from It?   Essay contest sponsored by FQXi (at www.FQXi.org ).   Here is Earle Fox's  contribution (see original at http://fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/1857 )    


8.31   Ronald Reagan on God and politics.  His personal testimony. 

     2nd Amendment Thoughts...  Catches your attention....

     Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital --  A wonderful testimony to the spirit of the Israelis.    You will not likely find any parallel to this anywhere in Islam.  Do Muslims know how to have fun with serious stuff?  

8.25   A horrid development -- Sodomy violence in our high schools... and lower.  You perhaps thought that homosexuality was benign...   We are seeing how homosexual behavior can be used by heterosexual persons to inflict violence and degradation on others -- as it has often in previous pagan "civilizations".   See Strategy  for Winning the homosexuality debate. 

     The Truth in American Education - Website with the real story of what is going on.  Read about our "new" Common Core education, which really began at least as early as the 1960's.   Government education is about control, not about education. 

      8.15  Truth-Speaking in Congress on  ObamaCare -- ObamaCare is a deliberate travesty on the part of an over-centralized government to  control and steal from the people of the United States.  It is criminal behavior parading as politics.  It has nothing at all to do with being "for the people".   Yes, there are honest believers, but the test for honesty is whether a person or a group is willing to promote and engage in honest truth-seeking, submitting themselves to an honest freemarket of ideas to find the truth of a matter.  The central founders of Obama Care are not interested in the truth.   "...when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism..."   See Declaration....

     Religious Freedom - a secondary right?  J. Randy Forbes, 4th Congressional District of Virginia and is a member of Great Bridge Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Va.  Will Christians stand up or not?  When your religious freedoms are attacked, your political freedoms are also in the crosshairs.  The two freedoms cannot stand alone, only together.  The globalists  think they have us licked.  Not if Jesus (and our faithfulness to Him) has anything to do with it. 
     Religious Freedom is linked to Post Modernism (see just below).  Religious freedom requires objective truth -- which is why the control-minded do not like objective truth.  The target of subjective truth is moral accountability.  But the people who promote subjective truth and morality mean it only for the rest of us, not for themselves.  They think their truth and morality are objective.  (Consider "Hate Crime" laws.
     God calls us to be truth-seekers and truth-speakers at any cost to ourselves.  That is the only way to find the true God and the true morality.

      Post-Modernism: a Dangerous Mood - by Robert S. Munday, commenting on Ravi Zacharias.  Robert Munday was Dean of the Anglican Nashotah House Seminary in Wisconsin, Ravi Zachariah is a former Hindu become one of the finest Christian apologists alive today.  Zacharias comments on the decline of Western Civ, Munday comments on Zechariah's remarks.  Worth a read.  
     One has to add, I think, that the Christian Church has been the biggest culprit in the decline, not the pagans or secular folks, because most Christians (including seminaries and Bible colleges) lost their intellectual credibility, and were thus easily manipulated by the globalist shadow government running our schools, and infiltrating (as per Antonio Gramsci) all of Western Society.  Christians, the sleeping giant, are beginning to wake up. 
     But it will be a savage fight.  The enemy now holds the reins of political power, i.e., coercive force.  But Christians often know better how to handle government as their enemy (by the way of the cross) than government as their friend (we often get seduced into the power-struggle and lose the cross - & thus lose our spiritual power).   

8.11  ** Being, Doing, & Salvation <- Printed version (no audio).  Why is the distinction between being and doing so important in understanding the nature of salvation?    Sermon, Earle Fox Aug. 11, 2013 

     www.educationnews.org    A super site on education issues.  Keep up to date on the state of education vs. government dys-education. 
    See  also Dr. Brian Ray at National Home Education Research Inst. ( www.nheri.org )  which produces studies on homeschooling.   Get the facts.    

8.6    the Wretched Lynching of George Zimmerman -  ...what looks like an astonishing case of willful lies and deceit on the part of the media et al  The truth did not come from the controlled media, but from the (still free) Internet.  No wonder some evil-minded folks want to control it. 


7.15   Newsweek on Obama....   It ain't pretty, but it is honest.    But there is more to be said...   E. Fox

         Islam and British humor....    Telling it like it is.  Truth-speaking as it ought to be.  From an email... "If you haven't seen this Brit before, you've missed an extraordinarily erudite speaker. He is serious when he is funny and he is funny when he is serious. And, boy, is he on point."   Until we will risk what we need to tell the truth about Islam, Islam will grow in its control over the rest of the world.  What we are doing to pacify Muslims is insane. 
     Those being pacified are the "globalists", who, I think, are using the Muslims (and the homosexual community) for their own ends, to create chaos. 

7.Benzene in your Auto???   Open your windows before your start engine or a/c.   

       Is Obama Losing It?   Many leftists think so....

      Satan Wins Back the Scouts -- Scott Lively ( www.DefendTheFamily.com )  I had not known of the Satanic origin of scouting....   Go here for how to win.    E. Fox 

      Did Chinese ideograms come from ancient Biblical times?  The evidence is quite stunning. 
Read also, Eternity in their Hearts, by Don Richardson. 

     ** The Two Basic Laws of All Science, Religion, & Rationality -- 
1. Non-Contradiction & 2. Sufficient Cause. 


** The Church Today, the World Today -- & What to Do about It --  <-Printed copy (no Audio)  Sermon at Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Mesa, AZ, June 30, 2013, to see whether I should become their priest.  (I have done so, and am {as of September 8} now in Arizona).   E. Fox

6.27   Arab World War Two: Sunni vs. Shia -- the internal strife of a terrible religion.   

     She Walked Away (from the Girl Scouts)  See also the Boy Scouts  A sad commentary on the spiritual leadership of the Church, unable to fight the spiritual war in which we are engaged.  How many clergy are telling their people to get their children out of both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts (the latter being very pro-abortion)?

    Flight of the Humming Bird --  a delight to behold.....   A new video by Illustra Media

      What's Wrong with Same-Sex Marriage?  by Paul Shlickta at American Thinker --  Yes!  a very     good summary of the meaning of sex and marriage.  See also The Making of Love...

      The LandFillHarmonic Orchestra -  Absolutely stunning and very moving.  The best from those near the very bottom of the world's list. 

     Dr. Scott Lively on the coming Homosexualist Attack on the Church Stern warning of a coming donnybrook -- against an almost totally unprepared Church.  Pray for the pastors, priests, elders, bishops to rise from the spiritually dead.  Sometimes it takes a persecution, a hard spanking from God to wake us up.   It will happen, the arms of the enemy are too short to box with God.  Either we force the discussion of homosexual behavior, or we will continue to lose this battle. 

6.21   NRA on the Border Situation -- Treason in the Whitehouse, Congress, & the Courts. 

      Sen. Rand Paul - on the tragic loss of our freedoms --

      ** America 2000 / Goals 2000 - an 800 page Research Manual by James R. Patrick and Citizens for Academic Excellence in 1994-- on the globalist attempt to control education world-wide through the UN.  Most of the book is photocopies of the documents which prove his case, not merely quotes.  He has done his research.  This treasure trove of information was almost totally ignored by everyone, including most importantly -- the clergy. 
       For another such treasure trove, go to Charlotte Iserbyt's website American Deception -- Charlotte Iserbyt
       The planned destruction of the Church of God is not a religious issue?  Government ed. is the Church of Secular Humanism, and the government is its enforcer.  That is why they want to tell the clergy what they can and cannot preach on.  Not in my church they won't....!
       See also an old article, The Globalization of American Education.  E. Fox  

R. J. Rushdoony - Biblical View of "Vocation & Work" -- a good read.  

6.18   Black Senator Elbert Guillory switches from Dem to Rep and tells why... 

   ** Fatherhood -- & Father's Day. <-Audio (coming).  Printed Version. How important is fatherhood?   June 16, 2013

     A Helpless Military - Just what Obama ordered.... 

     Who founded the NRA (National Rifle Assn?)  You'd never guess....!  

    "Democracy is...  two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."    Benjamin Franklin    
      Note: The founding fathers wee not interested in "democracy" as the basis of government, only as one aspect of it.  We are a constitutional democratic republic under God.    Pure democracies lead to tyranny of the majority. 

     Former Secret Service Agent tells his story in support of 2nd Amendment

6.11  What Really Died at Auschwitz?   a reflection on the present course to disaster in the West. 

6.6    Education, Government, & the Declaration of Independence -- at top of Education Library.  Some brief reflections. 

      ** I'm a Recovered Muslim - Bosch Fawstin.   A former Muslim speaks his mind on what is the true Islam and what is the new "friendly Islam".    E. Fox commentary.

       Astonishing Skip Roping at the Naval Academy basket ball half-time.   Needs to be seen to be believed....    4th to 8th graders, that's about 9 to 13 years old. 


5.31  Jailed for Facebook Comments, Marine Sues...   God bless him!  Standing up for truth.  Watch the video with the Rutherford Inst. interviewed.  They do not say it out loud, unfortunately, that this is not merely "paranoia", as they say, it is deliberate intimidation in support of a mind-control program already long under way.  This is America???  Not if I can help it.  Where do you stand?    E. Fox. 

      ** Personality, Empiricism, & God -  by E. Fox - the cosmological argument for God -- a winning case...  

      Coed bathroom bill passes CA Assembly -- now goes to Senate.  Pray for the judgement of God to descend on their consciences.   This is not about homo-sexuality, it is about pan-sexuality and the take-down of Biblical America. 

      Christian Florist Sued by Homosexual Couple - "When Your freedom puts Me in chains"-- by Debra Smith.  This is America?   Yes, it is.  Sadly.  But we can change things around.   Debra Smith thinks clearly.  Worth reading. 

      The Death of an Age & Its Faith...  R. J. Rushdoony    A superb assessment of our current situation.  Humanism, not the world, is in its last days.  But it will almost for sure be a violent death with many of us affected by (or caught in) the carnage.   So be prepared.   

5.21  ** Gender in God -- an essay on Biblical gender roles.  

      The Benghazi Fight -- What it means.... 

      Only in America...   by a Canadian...   A slightly humorous, but tragic comment on the US of A.   It is not a joke because there is too much truth in it.   America is being run by a pack of liars, but we the cowardly people let them get away with it.    Use the Sword of the Spirit - reason and revelation welded back to back. 

5.13   Judith Reisman on Alfred Kinsey --  "20th Century Sex Science and the Law."  Kinsey was a sociopathic molester of small children, as shown by his own writings.  Watch this video by Reisman -- the world expert on Kinsey and the so-called sex revolution.  And the world bought it.  We Christians must turn it around in the name of truth and of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The evidence is overwhelming and damning.  

   How Addictive is Porn? -- Judith Reisman  (Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Study of Social Trends, Human Rights and Media Forensics at www.theInterAmerican.org).   All sexual pleasure can become addictive if it is separated from Godly and righteous relationship

      ** The basic Two Laws of all Science, Religion, & Rationality -- MORE COMING...  E. Fox

Religion & Public Life in America --  by R. R. Reno, editor of First Things magazine.  One of the best assessments of the issue I have seen.  We are in trouble.   E. Fox  

05.11  Why Muslims Must Hate Jews - Nonie Darwish in American Thinker.   From what I have read of Islamic history, this is a reasonable interpretation, I think.  Muslim writings do not hide Mohammed's hatred of Jews, and why he hated them.  He is the model for their behavior.  We ought to be challenging our current traditional Muslims why they attribute to God criminal behavior, and that they are committing blasphemy by doing so.    E. Fox.   

05.07  Feedback from the Abortion-battle front-lines.      


04.29   Newtown, CT vs. Chicago, Il.  A brief comparison.  Is this a fair comparison?

04.16  The Boy Scouts & Homosexuality -- the health costs of homosexuality do not permit anyone at all to recommend or promote such behavior.  Read the material sent to every local Scout Council, with the hope that that material will be forwarded to the national council demanding that the Scouts remain true to their purposes stated in their Scout Oath and Promises. 

04.09   The Great American Hustle -   A Response to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Role in Getting Americans to Impulse-Purchase Same-Sex Marriage -- By Jeff Myers, Ph.D.  SUMMIT MINISTIRES -- A superb essay on the AAP's role in promoting bogus health care, a betray of American citizens, and most especially of homosexual persons, who, of all people, most need an honest discussion of their situation. 

04.06  The Gazelle protects itself from the Leopard...   Addressed to a somewhat "stunned  Congress".  GUN PROHIBITION HARMS THE INNOCENT IN A VAIN ATTEMPT TO CONTROL THE GUILTY.


03.23   Herbert Titus, Constitutional lawyer -- on Biblical government...   Well worth the look and read.

03.01   Irena Sendler Remembers Janusz Korczak - The children are picked up and transported to the Nazi death camps.  A Pro-Life YouTube....  A bit of tragic history being repeated here in America and all over the world. 


 02.28  ** Putting Truth ahead of God ---   Heresy???   Not according to God. 

              ** Truth-Seeking before Position-Defending -  Only truth sets us free.  

       Guns and the Culture Cycle --  The evidence continues to be consistent and clear.  Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens leads to less crime, not more.  Objectors please explain why you continue to hold your anti-gun position.  

       Obama's Taqqiya Unravels --  by Nonie Darwish in "American Thinker"  -- an extraordinary interpretation of Obama...!   Read it!  

       The Skinny on Obama - Not a pretty picture.  

       ** Cross My Heart & Hope to Die....! <-Audio (coming)  Printed.  How does God show that He means business with His promises???  See Genesis 15:6-18.  Sermon Lent 2, Feb. 24, 2013

      Chicago & Guns  --  the tragic story of a great city.  Where are the fiery sermons???  Read this article along with Texas Concealed Handgun Law - 10 Years Later...

02.17   9-11 REVISITED -- 13 years later, I have viewed again the DVD, "Loose Change", put out by www.ae911truth.org describing the observed facts, and have revised this article.  The facts are plain and clear.  The government NIST report was a fraud.  Somebody got into those huge buildings to plant the explosives -- a monumental task.   And, it turns out, as explained by the www.ae911truth.org website, there were "elevator repairs" made about a month prior  to the attacks -- a perfect cover for planting demolition charges which could bring the buildings down on the central supporting columns.  But that is just the bare beginning of the evidence.  The evidence for a new and independent investigation is clear and unassailable.  What will come of that remains to be seen.  But truth is not the strong point of most governments -- except that of God.
       The evidence against the government NIST report is convincing, commanding,  and overwhelming.  An independent government investigation MUST be opened.  So many questions 13 years later.  Was there collusion between our government and the government of Afghanistan to put the blame on Bin Ladin? 

   The Global End-Game in 14 Points --  One of the finest explanations of our financial crisis I have seen.  We are in an endgame battle against ourselves.  There are ways out, but they are very painful, no matter how  you cut it.  They begin with spiritual renewal to raise up honest and bold leaders and followers. 
     The first step is to renew the pulpits of America to preach an honest Biblical worldview and Gospel to both public and individuals, remove all  schools from government control & put parents back in control, return to the Constitution of the US of A, and develop a clearly articulated exposition of Biblical government.   Maybe the first step is to renew the hearts and the courage of the fathers of America.  So that they will demand honest spiritual leadership from their pastors -- rather than the sissy-pants preaching which runs from the confronting the public arena, politicians, commerce....

      Firearms in Canada - registration leads to confiscation.  Warning the US...  It is NOT for our protection.  It is for our enslavement.  GUN PROHIBITION HARMS THE INNOCENT IN A VAIN ATTEMPT TO CONTROL THE GUILTY. 

      Is Israel an "Apartheid" State?   Dennis Prager, Jewish commentator. 

      ** Guns & Citizenship - Earle Fox's 2nd Amendment Story -- 

     http://video.foxnews.com/v/2088158329001/   NRA Responds to Biden on Gun Control -- NRA response is good, but....  It does NOT get at the real issue -- that we have rejected and forgotten God.  Until our national moral consensus is restored in our Biblical worldview, nothing much will happen to restore our freedoms, and our guns will continue to be removed. 

02.08   Christianity - Arguably the Most Persecuted Religion in the World --  from the Assyrian International News Agency.  A tragic story of the spiritual warfare in which Christians are engaged.  But let us rejoice and be glad, for the Lord God reigns!   And let us partake in helping these persecuted people (and their persecutors) where we can with the truth and joy of the Lord. 
      Maybe beginning right at home -- with the preborn.   

       Dutch Courage - Scrapping Multi-Culturalism   -- a new (old) take on immigration. 

      ** The Calling of Jesus - to Unite Heaven & Earth -   <- Printed (no audio). Both the pagan and secular worlds fail to unite the physical with the spiritual.  Only the Biblical world does that.  That single difference puts the Biblical world far ahead of either the secular or pagan worlds.  Sermon - Feb. 3, 2013 


01.27   Jonathan Cahn  - extraordinary Keynote Speaker at The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast .. Jan 21, 2013     Next to Israel, America was the most Biblically founded nation on earth.  Both have fallen badly. It may be that America can be saved if our preachers will wake up and preach like Jonathan Cahn.    God owns the whole world, including the political part.     Was Obama and family there?  

      Who AM I?   I thought this was so predictable I almost turned it off -- I was wrong.  It is short and to the point!  WHO AM I?   It is probably not who you were thinking of.  But Who Is He??  http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=rrjU-HBkmLE    Then think again and again and again.  

    The Sin of Silence - Dr. Laurence White - Lutheran pastor on the state of the Church in America.  Powerful.         

       Well-regulated Militia takes over in Athens, TN, 1946.   Hardly known, but important for today.... 

01.21  Breaking news! Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts scheduled a case by Attorney Orley Taitz regarding Obama’s forged IDs to be heard in conference before the full Supreme Court   God Bless Orley Taitz for her phenomenal persistence in the face of defeat after defeat and endless mockery!!!   You will "probably" not hear much of this on the "news".  So pass it around & Pray that justice be done...

      Wounded Knee & Gun Control -- The Experts Agree: Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Castro, Qaddafi, Idi Amin, Mao Tse-Tung, Kim Jong-Il  (& many in the US government)  -- Gun Control Works --

    The Seat of Pseudo-Liberalism - Washington, DC, National Cathedral.  An apostate Episcopal cathedral. 

    See our New 2nd Amendment Page....  Separated out from the Constitution Page 

      Why the Benghazi investigation is at a standstill....   Not a pretty picture.  Not at all...

      Revived!  State Law Banishing DC Gun Rules...  Montana is standing firm on the 2nd Amendment.   NOTE: the firm use of the word 'tyranny' in their discussion!  The Fed is putting taxes on future generations who have no ability to vote on them.  That is  tyranny over our children & grandchildren....   Yes! 

       ** Connection between Abortion & Homosexuality  Why we need to keep both in mind.   E. Fox. 

       ** Reparative Therapy for Homosexual Persons???   E. Fox 

01.11    Alabama Court Rules Unborn is a CHILD...!    Yes!  America is waking up! 

      ** An Extended Response to Muslims from Christians -- There are very few Christians (or anyone else) who know how to respond to Muslims about our relationship to them.  The numbers are growing and there are excellent resources, but Christian clergy are very slow to pick up on the matter or to preach about it.  The contest is primarily spiritual, not military or political.  The issues are some of the most fundamental any civilization can face.      E. Fox 

      ** The Evidence for the 2nd Amendment --    Godly government supports and honors an armed and Godly people.   E. Fox. 

01.7   IDF - Israel Defense Forces Training - powerful stuff.  

      Another infant in the womb grasping the doctor's finger....  

      Sharia Law in America...!   According to Frontiers of Freedom (POB 96488, Washington, DC 20090), a federal court has overturned an Oklahoma law banning sharia law.  If that is not treason, what is?  I hope they fight it until they win. 
     Another example of Globalist/Gramsci influence undermining the very fabric of America.  Reportedly 50 cases in America have used Muslim law to be adjudicated.   This is not the will of the people, this is the will of our taskmasters, whom we have elected.  We are digging our own grave by voting in those who will destroy America with control of the media, control of education, and subversion of the Church of God. 
      Where are the pastors, priests, rabbis, clergy of America?  Dead in the water.  Shake up your clergy!  Tell them to preach the Gospel for the public arena as well as for our personal salvation, or get out of the pulpit.  Tell them to stop letting the government tell them what they can or cannot preach about.  Or get out of the pulpit. 

     Why are Americans supporting the tyranny of Obama?  Some no longer are.   Hobby Lobby CEO open letter: “Honoring God is more important than turning a profit.”  Company refuses to obey Obama's command to fund abortion, and fighting back in court.  More and more people will be standing up.  Thanks be to God for these good examples!  Stand against Obama's government tyranny...!  Force Obama to reveal his not-very-well hidden agenda -- control, not welfare. 
     Pray for people everywhere, especially behind the lines of the enemy, to become truth-seekers before they are position-defenders.  A move toward truth-seeking and righteousness-obeying will turn the world around. 

01.4   In 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt, a member of the Dutch Reformed Church, stated: "After a week on perplexing problems...it does so rest my soul to come into the house of The Lord and to sing and mean it, 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty'....  (My) great joy and glory that, in occupying an exalted position in the nation, I am enabled, to preach the practical moralities of The Bible to my fellow-countrymen and to hold up Christ as the hope and Savior of the world." 
     The supposed separation between Church & State is bogus.  We have been betrayed, and have allowed the betrayers to get away with it.  (See What is Biblical Government.)  Teddy was a "progressive", that is a government centralizer.  But Americans had lost track of what Biblical government is, not sorted out the new "progressivism", and how to distinguish the extent of legitimate centralization.  They wrestled with obvious evils in the economy but did not see the dangers of centralization.  I did not see the point until late in my life, about 1992.  We are having to learn the hard way, but we do have a chance to not fall off the political cliff, and to return to a truly Biblical government for which the founding fathers gave us the foundations.  (See Road Master Plan; and, see free online courses on the Declaration and Constitution at www.hillsdale.edu -- with others coming online  --   superb!)   E. Fox. 

     We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts - not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution.   - Abraham Lincoln -

     Tora, Tora, Tora - from Pearl Harbor to Jesus.  The story of the man who led the aerial attack on Pearl Harbor.  

    Scott Lively - The day when 'gay' fascists began to fear...   A very encouraging commentary in a dismal time.   We shall see whether Lively's hope bears out.  He is cautious, but I think alert to a truth.

   Simplicity -- on which side of Complexity???  Common Sense Christianity...

01.1              A   B L E S S E D   N E W   Y E A R    --     TO US ALL !  !  !


Anno Domini

Anno Domini


12.29 Hillsdale College Page - with link to videos

      Conservative Canada comments on Regressive America....   Please listen... to Canada speak. 

   ** Cadfael - the Middle Ages - & Despair  -  Powerful DVD series on the Middle Ages.  Commentary by E. Fox  

12.22   ** Biblical Government - a short Summary of Church/State and the Separation of Powers -- a uniquely American understanding.  But adaptable by all. 

      Obama's Hypocritical Oath -  grieving (?) for the slain of Sandy Hook, but deliberately (?) missing the 3000 + who are slain every day in abortion killing places.  To be fair to Obama, so do the great majority of clergy, and most of all Americans, miss this undebatable fact that fetuses are human beings, persons, and thus have the right to protection by the people and by the government.   A very short video.   So, as the video shows, Obama is a serious problem, willingly aiding and abetting murder, but the more serious problem is a people who have the stony hearts to elect such a man.  So God is impeaching the electorate, taking away their control of their nation (the effectiveness of their vote) and giving the power to control government back to tyrants. 

      ** Which Grinch Stole Which Christmas?   The unhappy Theology of Santa Claus.....    E. Fox    

      ** Common Sense Christianity --  What is that?   E. Fox

      Independent LIving - Lee Bellinger -- on how to survive the coming crash.  Read in context of the "7 Reasons...." article just below. 
     Many are offering this kind of advice -- so be alert and wise in your choices.  

     7 Reasons Why Global Currency Collapse is POSITIVE...(!)  An extraordinary article which shows the absurdity, shallowness, and vulnerability of the whole globalist scheme -- if we can get the churches, pastors, and believers to act and lead in moral and spiritual unity.   This is above all else a spiritual issue.  Who is God?  Who holds ultimate authority?  
    Those in control, e.g., the Federal Reserve, know how to profit from the economy whether it is going up or down.  They will be very difficult to dislodge.  They are the inside of all inside traders.  Only a strong spiritual renewal can bring true change about.  Pray for Christians to become truth-seekers before they are position-defenders...! 
     Read in context of Lee Bellinger article just above. 

12.15  Sandy Hook, CT - & Darrell Scott --  Scott at the House Judiciary Committee on the Columbine, CO, massacre.  Nothing has changed since Columbine.   We continue on our blind, spiritual stupidity down the path of self-destruction.  Read Scott's comments, and my commentary.  Also listen to Scott's story on Columbine. 

     Why Newtown [Sandy Hook] is more important than we think...  An email from a friend. 

12.8  Attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche: "When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."  An abyss is empty, but it can take on the life of another mind, depending on one's own mental and spiritual stability.   You can get swallowed up into such a situation.  Nietzsche was himself not mentally or spiritually stable.  (On the abyss, read Unamuno's story, "St. Emmanuel the Good, Martyr") 

        Obamacare Video - Dinesh D'Souza with Michael Shermer -- how to understand and deal with ObamaCare.  A winner...  Only 6 minutes long. 

12.4    Contraception & Its Dangers -- a compelling video which needs further investigation.... 

      ** The Metaphysical (Spiritual) Presuppositions of Science --  A long-ago letter to the editor of First Things.   E. Fox

      ** The "Comings" of God <-(audio -coming) Printed Ver.  Sermon  on what the Comings of Jesus tell us about the relation between the spiritual and material worlds.  Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, Advent I Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012.  


11.23  Obama and God.   This is a very convincing piece and may have had a strong role to play in his 2nd election, fooling thousands of voters.  Obama is not a believer in the God of the Bible.  He is a believer in whatever will please his audience. 

      Bibles in China --  by the Millions.  From http://www.theblaze.com/stories/shocker-guess-which-country-is-the-largest-producer-of-bibles/   
     "When one thinks of China, Christianity and the Bible are likely two of the furthest things that come to mind. “Communism,” “forced abortions,” one-child policy” and other terms are, more generally, what’s the nation is known for. But now, a shocking new development has come to the forefront: China, a country that makes many products consumed in the U.S. and abroad, is now also the world’s largest Bible producer.
     "Amity Printing Company is the only outfit in China that is permitted to produce Christian Bibles. While the Chinese government doesn’t have the most stellar record when it comes to religious freedom, Amity Printing has been fast at work, with the company’s chairman, Qiu Zhonghui, announcing that the business published its 100 millionth Bible in July."

       How to Save Congress -- Either we discipline Congress, or we will not recover our Godly Government.  Congress can discipline both the president and the courts.  But they will not do that unless, we, the people under God discipline them.  

     Bullseye Quote  --  Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them.  This quote came from the Czech Republic.   Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague  newspaper Prager Zeitungon  
"The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.  It will be far easier to limit
 and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.  Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.  The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.  It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president." 

     Another Bullseye -   A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. --  <      Attributed to a href="#Cicero">Cicero, 1st Century BC  This perfectly describes the situation in America today, and all through the West.  We are consistently betrayed by our leaders who, in many cases, have no intention of submitting themselves to the rule of the people.  They have intentions of "secretly" destroying the Constitution in which we enshrine our God-given freedoms, and of becoming godlets themselves.  But, as above, yes, we elect them.   So, WE are the problem. 

11.19  7 Reasons Why the GOP Should be Worried about its Future...   If this is the level to which American politics has descended, that explains why we have failed.  Note especially the sexualizing implied in #6.  The article concludes: "The GOP is in trouble – trouble of a systemic, tactical and practical nature."  Indeed!  The GOP and most of the rest of America is in trouble because we have spit in the face of God -- including clergy who have no backbone to preach in the public arena -- with either truth or grace.  Just as Martin Niemoller said of Nazi Germany, that Christians were more responsible than the Gestapo for the rise of Hitler, so also, today the churches are more responsible than the Democrats for the rise of Obama and his antics.   In neither case do Christians know how to stand up and speak the truth in love.   

11.9   The Declaration, Laura Ingalls, & Obama --  The Declaration with commentary by E. Fox, & Laura Ingalls (Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie). 

      99 Year War to Destroy America?   Dick Young...  

   WHY MITT ROMNEY LOST - Christopher Ruddy at NewsMax...   Might have some light to shed on the disaster.  But I think the problem is the voters, themselves, their intellectual, moral, and spiritual immaturity and confusion -- as one might expect from products of a government school system. 
      The most helpful systemic change America could make would be to remove government totally, 100%, from education.  But that will have to be built on the renewed spiritual foundation in the Church of God, which is not much help to the Kingdom of God and not much threat to the kingdom of Satan.  But God will raise up His own army...   E. Fox.  

11.3   Molon Labe - "Come & Take Them..."   Said by the Greeks of their weapons to the Persian commander...  A coming video on the 2nd Amendment. 

      ** 9-11 - Challenge to the government "NIST" report on what made the Twin Towers fall...  There MUST be a new and independent report on the matter.  The case has never been adequately and independently examined -- and probably never will be until America reclaims its Biblical government.

   Two Articles:  (1) Prayer, Rutherford, & the ACLU  (2) The Wall-of-Separation Stunt --
written about 1992 when (in my fifth decade) I was just beginning to understand that America was founded as a Christian, not a secular, nation. 


10.28   ** Is America Exceptional?  Norman Podhoretz in Imprimis from Hillsdale College - with commentary by E. Fox... 

       ** from a Pastor to Pastors --  Are we willing to defend the babies in the womb???  E. Fox

10.22   A wonderful, beautiful article on Einstein, Science, & God - at the American Right to Life website.    

10.19   ** The Fear of Truth-Seeking & Truth-Speaking -- the loss of a most precious freedom. 

     Design thinking hardwired into brain???   Random chance evolution is having a harder and harder time of it.

    The Ten Top Problems with Darwinian Evolution...   A good read...   

    California Tar Pit Study Shows Complete Absence of Evolutionary Change.   More fodder for thought...

    What it Was Like when Men were Free -- Beverly Eakman --  Looking back on a better past.  The past had many faults, but, in our warped pursuit of dealing with those faults, we are losing the good that was there.  All this is by design, not accident.  We are not evolving by chance, we are being criminally designed to fail.  See Centralized Coercion vs. Limited Government

        ** Ascension Theology - by Douglas Farrow (Prof. of Christian Thought at McGill U., in Montreal, Canada).  A brilliant and needed essay on the critical importance of the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the heavenly places after His resurrection, death, and the harrowing of hell.   It is not just a metaphor for a way to get off-stage a savior who has done his job and can now go home.  It is a crucial (and somewhat frightening) part of the continuing story of redemption and salvation.  Farrow brings up some scary issues which need clear spiritual direction.    Book Review by E. Fox  

       Gouverneur Morris, Penman and Signer of the Constitution said - “For avoiding the extremes of Despotism or Anarchy . . . the only ground of hope must be on the morals of the people. I believe that religion is the only solid base of morals, and that morals are the only possible support of free governments. Therefore, education should teach the precepts of religion and the duties of man towards God.” 
     G. Morris is exactly right.  See Law &Grace in Imago Dei.   E. Fox. 
"America will be ruled by the Bible or by the bayonet" - Speaker of the House, ca. 1855. 

      Senator Jim DeMint said, “You cannot be a fiscal conservative without being a social conservative,” and I’d add that you cannot have a true winner [of the Romney-Obama debate] without addressing the real problems, but you can certainly have a loser; and in this case it was and is America…..    If the moral/spiritual questions are not addressed and resolved, America has no future -- Just like the Roman Empire, and for the same reasons.  Ask St. Augustine (in the City of God).  E. Fox

10.11  What is Science?  An oldie, but goodie. 

   ** What is Theocracy?   Not what you probably think.... 

   ** What is Freedom?   Also not what you probably think... 

10.2    Does Thrift Lead to Generosity?  Barbara Defoe Whitehead --  says, "yes"....   Is she right?

      Is Someone in Your Church Homosexual?  The ABC's of How to Respond.   Send url (http://pfox.org/Is-Someone-Church-Gay-ABC-Respond.pdf ) to your pastor... for this super pdf file put out by PFOX (Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays www.pfox.org ).  See Homosexuality Library.  

       Obama & Pharaoh.....  

      ** Their Last 6 Seconds -- 2 Marines, Spiritual Warfare, & a Large Blue Truck...   An extraordinary piece on 2 Marines, America, and God.  (See also Reason & Revelation sermon...)   Commentary, E. Fox 


9.29   Preambles of all 50 States -- and God

   ** The Contemplative Spiritual Life vs. the Active Missionary Life.  Coming soon.   E. Fox.... 

       How Public Unions became So Powerful - Paul Moreno - WSJ.   The story of how unions for government employees came to control government.   See also: The Birth of the Administrative State -- Where It Came From & What it Means for Limited Government...   Ronald J. Pestritto, Ph.D. prof. at Hillsdale College.  PDF file. 

      Welch Revival --  a story of what God can do when we obey...    Listen up, America! 

     "If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power."               -- DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, speech, Mar. 6, 1956  

** The Making of Love --  the Purpose and Meaning of Sexual Intercourse --  Some answers to perhaps the most profoundly misunderstood aspect of human life -- even, sadly, by most Christians....   God's way is astonishingly beautiful and creative.   E. Fox 

      Paradoxical Quote of The Day From Ben Stein: "Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen."  Now add this, "Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens."
     This is not paradox, this is criminal and deliberate.  We are being forced to decide whether our political leaders are stupid or evil-minded.  They are not stupid (not the ones at the top...).   

       Is Obama guilty of high treason?   ... for aiding and abetting the enemy?  See this piece by some in the intelligence corps, Navy Seals, and others who are raising the issue on the release of classified information by the the administration, putting American and other lives at risk. 

9.23   America's most Biblically Hostile President Ever...?   Must be read by every Christian and Jew.  But it is more important to be for Jesus than against Obama.  The best option is to set the two along side of each other for comparison.  No contest.   See two articles: The Middle Class - & Imago Dei, and Centralized Coercion vs. Limited Government  

Globalization of American Education -  If you think the Fed Dept of Ed is a disgrace, wait til you see the UN Dept of Ed.  Go to second article, "Will students lose the American dream?"           Lose it?  We have not been teaching it for at least a century.  It all began with Horace Mann, who, with others, persuaded America to adopt the system of the most militaristic nation in the world at that time, Prussia.  A system perfected by the so-called "progressives", made for tyrants, not a free people, aiming not at education, but control.   Read the article.  Your child will no longer choose his or her profession.  A bureaucrat will.            We are on our way to being globalized because Christians are too timid (cowardly), ignorant, or on the wrong side to begin with.  There is a Biblical form of education, and America does not have it.  And for sure the UN does not.  It is an anti-Christ organization.    (Pdf file.  If you need the free Adobe pdf reader, click here.)

      NEO - Network for Educational Opportunity ( http://www.networkforeducation.org/ )  -- is setting a new pace in New Hampshire with tax free funding of non-government education.  A business can donate to the proper middleman (such as NEO) and take 90% of that right off of its tax bill (not off the taxable amount, but directly off the tax bill).  Not long ago this was declared legal by the Supreme Court (sometimes they come through on the right side...!  This is a winner!)   Let's get the same thing going in every state....  This will inspire homeschooling and private schooling, hopefully a renewal of church schools...   God bless America.  Getting children out of government schooling (and government wholly out of education) will do more to renew the freemarket of ideas than almost anything else.  Go to NH School Choice Education Scholarships & Business Tax Credit Information - NEO New Hampshire   

      ** The Middle Class - & Imago Dei  -  Why the Middle Class is a Godly foundation of Western freedom and prosperity. 

9.14   ** Centralized Coercion vs. Limited GovernmentWhy is Centralized Government Morally & Spiritually Evil -- & Limited Coercion a Positive Good?   Government is about coercion.  How much of our lives should be coerced? 

    A Discussion on the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs -- Economics 101..  So to speak.   Superb! Even though they touch only the surface.  For more, go to www.theMoneyMasters.com.  And to www.FreedomToFascism.com   And to Conservative Collapse  E.  Fox.  

      The Birth of the Administrative State -- Where It Came From & What it Means for Limited Government...   Ronald J. Pestritto, Ph.D. prof. at Hillsdale College.  PDF file. 
      At www.Hillsdale.edu, Click on the section on "Constitution 101" for a superb course on the Declaration and Constitution.  A MUST for every American.  Pestritto's article is an add-on to that course.  If you do nothing else patriotic in the next week, download and view the 15 videos (5 introductory, and 10 in the course).    We can take back America for Godly common sense if and only if we know ourselves what God once gave us -- and can restore for us -- and then, yet one more time, pit our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor into the fight.  This series is a work of beauty, with a compelling vision of America's "exceptionalism" -- to be shared with all other nations, not to exalt America over others.
     See also The Theology of Civil Government...   E. Fox  

9.12  Obama's Miracle --  Hmmm? 

    Who is Antonio Gramsci?    Long dead, but one of the most to-be-feared men in history.  Yet not more than the living God.   And therefore easily dealt with -- if we have the will to obey God.    E. Fox  

     The Magna Carta -- an interesting and important bit of  history -- forerunner of our own Declaration and Constitution.   

9.08   ** Common Sense Christianity (no audio) Printed version only, Sermon - Sept. 9, 2012.   E. Fox

      Antonio Gramsci - Who is he???

      Jury Nullification - upheld in New Hampshire....   New Hampshire is going in the right direction.  See also,

       HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!  Pray for the workers to rise up and throw off their chains to a centralized government and centralized unions.   Nothing will be accomplished without first a powerful spiritual renewal.  

     ** For Voters - a 2nd Amendment Question:  Of these three groups, (1) ordinary citizens, (2) government, (3) criminals -- which has been the most destructive to society?  (Click Here to find out.)

       2nd Amendment - the "well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..."  At Inter-American Inst., Devvy Kidd interviews Edwin Vieira on that security of a free state.   About 45 minutes of the best discussion available on the necessity of that Militia (of the people, not of the government) for the state to remain free.   WELL WORTH LISTENING TO....   45 minute powerful Constitutional lesson on why owning and being trained in using a gun is necessary.  Switzerland does it, and remained free through two world wars raging around them.   In WW 2, Japan did not seek to invade America because they heard that our citizens were armed.  E. Fox     
     None of this good stuff will stick if we do not get the Biblical foundation under it....

     Homeland "Security"???  "Recently, the Department of Homeland Security purchased 750 million rounds of ammo.  Our military went through only about 70 million rounds per year during the Iraq War!    If you're as outraged as I am, I hope you'll take a few moments to read Senator Paul's email below and take action to help RANDPAC lead the fight to disarm federal agencies that have no legitimate law enforcement functions."   
    Read the Email from Senator Paul Rand's secretary -- one of the true Constitutionalists in Congress.  This ammunition is meant to threaten the citizens.  There is no other possible reason for DHS to purchase such absurd amounts of ammunition.  Obama's government is scared to death of the armed citizens in America.    Germany voted itself into a tyranny from which it could not vote itself out.   We Americans are being led down that same primrose path.  The Church today in America is just like Germany.  Oblivious and cowardly.   E. Fox 

      WW II Revisionists Turn on the Swiss --  Eric Margolis.   Powerful story of how the small Swiss nation defended itself against Fascist Italian and Nazi German armies of vastly larger size. 

     "Right-Wing Threats" -- as seen by our so-called "Home Land Security".   (PDF document)  If this is an example of homeland security, we are in deep, deep trouble.  Is anyone surprised?    Much of what is detailed here would apply to anyone with a Biblical view of government, including myself.   These people are not interested in security, they are interested in control of the people.  These are the people who leave borders open after 9 / 11.  That is either insanity or treason.    E. Fox

** What is "Common Sense" Christianity?  Good Question...   <---Click for the answer...  

       Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption, and the Criminalization of Fathers and Parents -- Stephen Baskerville at the Inter-American Institute...  A very ugly picture of American courts, which corresponds with my own experiences. 


8.31    Herbert Hoover - a Great President --  with great foresight into the dangers of centralized government.  His second term was almost for sure done in by the centralizers who understood that his message was death to their program -- using the Federal Reserve, taxes, and control of the money system, etc.   

      Will Pastors spend One Minute each Sermon condemning the Killing of Babies in the Womb?   Yes or No?  And how will we answer God on Judgement Day?  And  how will God answer us? See graceful way to introduce this contentious issue. 

      ** Freedom from Sexual Lust -- How we get caught and how God sets us free from sexual temptation.  

8.26   Seven Reasons Why Christians Should Attend the Local Life Chain  --   Royce Dunn    
(http://www.nationallifechain.org): Most of us are reluctant to witness to pastors because, in the past, they have always witnessed to us. But we must persuade and plead on behalf of rejected Preborns and our troubled culture. The church can end the killing, and lay pro-life leaders have passion and wisdom God can use to help liberate clergy from the spiritual stronghold Satan has cased around them without notice. The same stronghold was present in Germany and is required to sustain a holocaust inside the traditional boundaries of Christendom.
        Who is a pro-life pastor? When I asked myself that question earlier this year, I thought of the revered pro-life pastors of Germany, Poland, and Romania during the Jewish Holocaust and observed that most of them were either killed or imprisoned. Being few in number, they were easily marked for persecution. If only we had such clergy in our cities and towns today. Let's partner with God to help raise up such pastors locally. If we succeed with one, that pastor may succeed with many.....
        Together we thank God for His daily mercies and His amazing promises to us. I thank God for you, and I thank you for reading this message.
        May you be greatly blessed this and every day,        Royce Dunn, Director of Life Chain
        LOCAL LIFE-CHAIN AT http://lifechain.net/     see also Letter from a Pastor to Pastors

    How Missouri handles illegals...   effectively...!    

     Law & Grace in Imago Dei - available for viewing online - almost ready for publication. 

      Congressional Reform Act - 2012 ---  What the founders of America wanted from their governors.

      A church does NOT need a 501(c)3 for members to donate tax free gifts.   New article attached..

      Bishop E. W. Jackson -- All Christians to leave Democratic Party...   YES!

     Pastors Silent - Innocent Blood Shed in our Cities --  Bud Reeves.   

     8.22    “When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin....”  remark by Dutch theologian and statesman.   We are in that battle for America today. 

       ** How to Introduce the ABORTION issue - gracefully:  "You and I are on opposite sides of this issue.  But if the evidence should show that the entity in the womb is not a person, then I will stand with you, and promote the freedom of women to have abortions.  On the other hand, if the evidence should show that the entity in the womb is indeed a person, would you we willing to reconsider your position?"   That short bit says that you are willing to put the issue on the basis of the objective evidence, that you are not there to pick a fight, and that you want to spell out how you could be proven wrong.   The you ask for the same courtesy from them.  That is an honest conversation, based on truth-seeking, not on blind position-defending.  It will almost always allow an honest conversation to at least get started. 
        Another approach
Abortion is perfectly OK -- (1) IF the entity in the womb is not a person; or, (2) IF God says that it is OK to take someone else's life to solve your problem.   If the entity in the womb is not a person, then there is no person being killed.  And, it might be right to take someone else's life if that person is violently attacking you.  Does either of these apply to the entity in the womb???

        NEO - Network for Educational Freedom -- Alan Schaeffer leader.   Doing an astonishing work in New Hampshire.  Legislature sponsors tax-credit arrangement, with no government interference in education.  

      Blasphemy & Free Speech -- another gem from www.Hillsdale.edu  regarding the assault on free speech by globalist centralizers using Islam as "useful idiots".  

        501(c)3 -- are churches required to have this to accept donations tax free to the donor? 
Answer:  NO-- says the IRS.  Check IRS website....

      Is there a Population Time-Bomb???   Some folks say "NO."   See for yourself.  There clearly is some limit to what the earth can reasonably support, but we do not appear to be anywhere near it.  And, in any event, killing infants in the womb is no way to solve it.    

    Vote Pro-Life Video (very short) - (and to the point)  

   ** A New Reformation - What the Church must do to regain credibility, spiritual leadership --- and save the littlest ones.   (Revised - again.)  

8.12   ** Obama's Birth-Cert Destroys His own Case...   No matter how you cut it, his own certificate as he has it online scuttles his alleged "presidency".    Does Congress have the courage and common sense to act on this?  More importantly, do we, the people, have courage and common sense to act on it?   Commentary by E. Fox. 

8.06   Curtis Martin - Football Hall of Fame Speech -- a winner out of poverty and tragedy.  Deo gratia!

    Helpful tidbit for the day --  NEVER dial 90# on your phone when someone calls and asks for it.  It gives the other person access to your number and line so that they can  use it as if it were their own.  It is used by the phone company when they need if for doing repairs on your line. 

     Marriage & Homosexuality -  Stephen Baskerville at the Inter-American Institute.   The purpose of marriage is to tie the father to the mother.  That cannot be the only reason,  but it surely is a central reason in our fallen world.  

      What is Freedom?  An almost always misunderstood item. 


 7.31   NEO - NEtwork for Education Opportunity ---  NEO has created a working model, a new horizon in education in the State of New Hampshire....   that provides real answers to the current education crisis we face.  Privately run, independent educational options can move us toward affordable, quality learning environments that will enhance our children’s lives and opportunities.   
        Yes!  New Hampshire has passed legislation which will change the course of education in America.  Pray for these people -- government centralizers will not stand for this freedom of the people to educate themselves.   But God does.  And their arms are too short to box with God.   But God works through His people, so stand up with the NEO.  Talk about it, promote it!   
        Here is the ACLU's response.  But the problem was never prayer or God in schools, it was and still is, government (i.e., coercive force) in schools.  That is the illegal and unconstitutional - problem.  We need to say this every time we get a chance.  
        Here is a response to the ACLU.   

      Russian Footprints - Ion Mahai Pacepa - highest Communist defector to the West tells how Soviet Communists infiltrated America and still control our thinking through their hidden influence in the media, politics, education, etc.   I think he is correct.  But a slowly awakening Christian population will change that -- hopefully sooner rather than later.   See also Olavo de Carvalho on a similar theme.   And, see Cold War's Arab Spring  below by Berlinski.       E. Fox.  

     Cold War's Arab Spring - Claire Berlinski -  Stolen Kremlin records show how the Soviets, including Gorbachev, created many of today’s Middle East conflicts.  See Russian Footprints  above by Pacepa. 

      Hillsdale Reinvents Teacher Education - Daniel Coupland (Hurrah!) --   Under pressure, Hillsdale improves its already excellent program and shows that accreditation doesn’t matter if you’re good.  Teacher certification is not the same as teacher education.  Hillsdale, forced to choose between them, chooses education.  There is NO good reason for government teacher or school certification.  It all becomes a control mechanism, mind-control, not education.  

    When General Grant Expelled the Jews....   An astonishing story with an astonishing end.  I have a whole new respect for General/President Grant and the Jews as well!   E. Fox. 

               Yuri Bezmenov - former Soviet agent tells of subversive strategy going on in America....   1984 Interview by G. Edward Griffin.  Obama (as per Antonio Gramsci) is right behind the subversion, and so are the many citizens in America who have given up their capacity to think straight -- logically and factually, and choose rather to "feel good".   Just as Bezmenov describes.  

    Who is Antonio Gramsci?    Long dead, but one of the most to-be-feared men in history.  Yet not more than the living God.   And therefore easily dealt with -- if we have the will to obey God.    E. Fox  

     The Cold War's Arab Spring -- by Claire Berlinski - from The Tablet-A New Read on Jewish Life...  Stolen Kremlin records show how the Soviets, including Gorbachev, created many of today’s Middle East conflicts.   It may change the way you view the Near East.   Yes, there were many travesties committed by Westerners.  But many of the "victims" rejoice that both Christianity and a government for the people were brought to them.   Read India: the grand experiment by Vishal Mangalwadi, one of the most articulate Christians alive today.  
       On the other hand, I think the Iraq and Near East experience generally has been a disaster.  The American politicians were way in over their heads on cultural and theological matters.  Ditto concerning Israel.  If you do not understand God's point of view, you cannot get it right.   E. Fox

      Emancipation Proclamation for the PreBorn Child  

      Dr. Ted Baehr Responds to the DARK KNIGHT Massacre   Thank you, Ted!  ...who has no fears of telling his personal faith story in public, although he is right in the middle of the media storm over just about any issue that might come up.  God bless him, and may his tribe increase among...  us.   Fellow clergy, we should be so bold!!!  What is making cowards of us all???  Death? or maybe Life

     ** Abortion is not Legal - not anywhere in the US or any place else in the world.  Why not??? 

      PERSONHOODUSA.COM -- Yes!!!  This is THE ISSUE!   Visit this website and get on board.  We are all persons in the sight of God and therefore necessarily in law, from conception on.      E. Fox.

7.18   DownSize DC - on how our own government has became (probably) THE major criminal enterprise in America.   -->> Time to "alter or abolish" our present form of government???  <<--   See DSDC's answer. 

    DownSize DC - On how to handle the ObamaCare Con Game.  Some good ideas. 

7.12   Dearborn, MI. a Muslim-run American City.  Coming soon to a city near you.  You still believe that Islam is a "peaceful religion"?  Who is paying for that nonsense to be broadcast?  It must be the Globalist crowd who wish to use Muslims as "useful idiots", in my estimation.  Muslims are not capable of doing this by themselves.  They can hardly manage their own oil fields or hospitals. 

       A Short History of Congress's Power to Tax -- Paul Moreno  --  Reflections on Justice Roberts warped ObamaCare judgement.   WSJ  July 6, 2012   More excellent stuff from Hillsdale College (where Moreno is associated) on the current travesty of American politics. 
      Take the splendid free online course at Hillsdale, "Constitution 101".   Read this along with The Birth of the Administrative State.  The drift is directly towards tyranny. 

      Nick Vujicic  -- "life without limbs..."   Yes.  See it.  And rejoice. 

      Dr. Orley Taitz, Esq.   Candidate for US Senate from California.  I do not know the odds of Dr. Taitz winnng this contest, but she is a truth-seeker and truth-speaker.  She has my vote.  E. Fox.  
      Go to her website: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/   She is married, with children, a doctor of dentistry and of law.  And she is a bulldog with Obama (birth cert, etc.).  May her tribe increase!!!  

       American Doctors 4 Truth ---  American doctors on ObamaCare. 

      Margaret Sanger interviewed by Mike Wallace, September 21, 1957 on birth-control -- the beginning of the abortion holocaust.   Birth-control had been OKed by the Anglican Church in the early 1930's, to the shame of that Church.  Sanger was the sparkplug for birth-control and abortion, and was very much on the side of Nazism.  She wanted to exterminate the black race and other "inferior genetic stock". 

    Life Dynamics - valuable pro-life resource center.     

7.08  ** A New Reformation <-Audio.  (No printed copy - Click here for full expanded printed version.)   .  (I am back for now at the Episcopal Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, volunteering.)   July 8, 2012  

    ** The One, Holy, & Undivided Trinity -- How 3 in 1???  <-Audio.  (No printed version.)   Sermon at Christ Our Savior Anglican Church, Torrence, CA, June 3, 2012  

       What Happened to Chief Justice John Roberts?   by Tom Tancredo, former Congressman.   Why did Roberts move to the dark side?  Was he paid off?  Was he threatened?  Was it just a personal cave-in to pressure?  Does he really believe what he did was right? 

       ObamaCare STILL NOT Constitutional -- Rand Paul...  Like the Supreme Court Dred Scott decision - ignored by A. Lincoln.   The debate is not over until the government obeys the rules of the Constitution under God.  There is nothing the Supreme Court can do to change that.

       ** A New Reformation to Reestablish the Pro-Life High Ground in America --  (revised again) E. Fox

        ObamaCare Death Panels    Now Operating    in Connecticut... -- coming to a  hospital near you.  OK, America. What are you going to do about it?   And I direct that question to the clergy of America more than to anyone else.  Where are you defending your people against an evil government? 
     PS: do not think that Romney will be your savior.  We need to clean house from the bottom up, beginning with the Church and we, the people.  Recovery by the States of their independence from the Fed is a major key.  See "
Taming the Money System" just below.   And
"A Principled Prescription for America's Health". 

        ObamaCare has a TAX on your HOME...   Are you registered to VOTE? 

       A Principled Prescription for America's Health - Congressman Tom Price, MD.  One of the very few concrete proposals for honest, Godly, & Constitutional health care I have seen.  It is short and needs more details, but seems to be very good beginning.  We MUST encourage more of this and get it out over the internet. 

     Taming the Money System via the Constitution -- interview with  Edwin Vieira, Constitutional expert.  There are real and realistic ways to end the present self-destruction of our economy and world position and restoring sane government and economics.  It will take time, and there will be some severe dislocations before we are done, but it can be done.   Get yourself educated!! 

        WWII Widow Finds Out What Happened to her Missing Husband.... 60 years later....

7.04   OOOOKLAHOMA.....!   where the wind comes rushing down the plain... vs. Obama, et al.    God bless them!, and may they bless God who has given us our freedoms and our responsibilities.  This is a month or so old, but still true and still circulating...    

      Find a Church to go to on the 4th!!  To say "Thank You!"   God gave us our Declaration and Constitution...  And only under God can we get it back. 

       ** Independence, Government, God, & Theocracy --  on the meaning of the 4th of July.

       ** What is Freedom?   If we do not understand this notion, all our religious and political haggling will be of no useful purpose. 

      ** More on the 4th of July.....  


6.30   The Odds against Obama...???   Maybe so....   But what is the alternative?   Romney???  Two heads on the same globalist monster.  Vote for the person speaking the truth, not the person who is likely to win, or the least of 2 evils: Tom Hoefling of America's Party (http://www.selfgovernment.us/ ).  He obviously will not win, hardly even be noticed.  But he is speaking the truth, and understands Biblical government.  Vote for the truth-speaker so that truth has a chance of growing.   Or content yourself with remaining mired in compromised and mired public debate. 
         If we do not vote for those who speak the unpopular truth, truth never gets a voice in the public arena, and stays in the dark.  Christians need to be people of the Light of Christ.  Or America has no future.  The conversion of the Roman empire began with 12 Apostles.   If we become truth-seekers and truth-speakers, people like Obama and Romney will soon be gone from power.  If we do not become truth-seekers and -speakers, the Romneys who replace the Obamas will still hold us in thrall.  

          www.ChildPredators.com - in their own voices, representatives of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation will tell you how they protect the men who are raping and sexually abusing our children.  

6.24   Engaging the Culture: Not Easy, Not Optional -- from Summit Ministries  

      Dennis Prager on American citizenship...   Unique in the world.   But available to any country which wants to raise up a free people. 

      Humanist Manifestos - 1 - 3  -- test your wits.  What kind of case do the secularists make, and can we Christians do better???   The Road to Emmaus was founded to do better...!  Does the Road succeed?  Can you???    E. Fox

     Children of Parents in Same Sex Relationships at Greater Risk -- Karla Dial on U. of TX research.  A long needed and helpful addition to the armory for family and sexual sanity. 

      Humming Bird Ballet....   Amazing....  at Illustra Media,  working on Intelligent Design. 

6.19   Reformed tradition is strongly pro-life...  Contrary to most Reformed practice today....   A strong article...  by Jonathan van Maren... 

       Wild West Photos -- as it really was -- post civil war. 

The Declaration of Independence gave liberty not alone to the people of this country, but hope to all the world, for all future time.  It was that which gave promise that in due time the weights would be lifted from the shoulders of all men, and that all should have an equal chance. 

This is the sentiment embodied in the Declaration of Independence....  I would rather be assassinated on this spot than surrender it. 

On April 15, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln died, shot the night before in Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth, just five days after the Civil War ended.  Over a half a million lost their lives in that War.  President Lincoln, whose last act in office was to sign the bill placing "In God We Trust" on our national coins, declared the above in a speech at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, 1861:

 More attributed to Abraham Lincoln....

You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the s
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
You cannot build character and courage
by taking away people's initiative and independence.

You cannot help people permanently by doing for them
what they could and should do for themselves.

6.14   RC Priest at Republican state convention in Colorado....!  ...delivers the invocation.  May his tribe increase all over America!   

    ** FAREWELL to the Republican Party --   (an Oldie...) Open letter to President Bush from E. Fox 

6.11   Why is California Broke???   From the LA Times..... of all places!!.   

6.04    Kamal Saleem Sunni Muslim terrorist becomes Christian....  The story of "peaceful" Islam.  The traditional terrorists are not the peaceful ones, the traditional Islam is violent.  The peaceful Muslims are the rebels and radicals, the "modern" Islam, they are the one's who have changed things.  And they are likely to be the Trojan Horse for take-over by the real Islam.  NOTE: All this is, I believe, engineered by the Globalist crowd who are using Muslims as "useful idiots".  Like the homosexualist movement, they do not have the intellectual or leadership capacity to do what they are doing on their own.  E. Fox. 

      What Honor Looks Like --  "flash mob" at gate 38 -- incoming at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. 

       Sheriff Richard Mack - a powerful ally of Constitutional law & the sovereignty of the states -- Visit his website & read the Supreme Court (Justice Scalia) 1997 decision voiding the ability of the Federal Government to force State officers to carry out federal mandates.  This is one of the most important decision protecting the sovereignty of the States ever made by the Supreme Court, and needs to be studied by anyone interested in retaining the guts of our Constitution. 

      Sen. Paul Rand takes on FDA and "Administrative State".  God bless and protect him, and may his tribe flourish!   Pray that Rand Paul (and you) will become able and bold to articulate the place of God in this travesty of government.  We will not win until we join God in His plan for politics.  It takes a moral consensus to unite a people, and that comes with any stability only under God. 
See also Mannatech Page and Administrative State for more examples.

     Fearful Lie -  essay by Olavo de Carvalho at Inter-American Institute.  "The protest of the Russian government against the moral equation of Nazism with Communism boils down to one of the most fearful historical falsifications of all times."   Communists do not want to be compared to Nazis.  But they have been far worse in their origins and in their accomplishments' long before Nazism was even thought of.   And they have not changed a bit.     


5.31   ** Romney and the Republican Party vs. America --  Romney's apparent capturing of sufficient votes to ensure his getting nominated as the Republican candidate ensures that growing Marxism tyranny and  will continue for the next several generations.  Not because the politicians are sold out to evil, but because the American people are sold out.  It means that the majority of the American people have lost any serious capacity to decide between right and wrong, between Godly and unGodly, between American and anti-American.   E. Fox...   (Read more..

      ObamaCare vs. the Constitution --  description of the gutting of our Declaration and Constitution by Barak Obama and his handlers.   

      ** Common Sense Science (CSS) joins with PEG...  A commentary on the disaster which secularized science has created for itself.   And on some folks who are doing something about it...   E. Fox with two CSS authors. 

     ** The Law & the Grace of God - text is available, formatting almost finished, and index in progress..  Another major building block for the Road to Emmaus master plan for a comprehensive rewriting of Biblical theology to meet our troubled times. 
    See A New Reformation, Master Plans 1-3, and "Intro to Apologetics" on the entry page.  The Law & the Grace of God will stand along side Personality, Empiricism, & God,  Biblical Inner Healing, and Abortion, the Bible, & America as part of the major structure of this effort. 

5.24   Research into Obama's past -- seems to be unearthing more and more ugly things.  A debt collector accidentally discovers more sordid stuff about the man in the oval office.  Numerous SS numbers, property ownership fraud, and more.   No one could do this on his own and rise to power out of nowhere as Obama did.  Obama has had the help of the globalist folks, who are the only one's to benefit by what O is doing.  Qui bono?  Who benefits by this?   Follow the trail. 
        For insight into the dynamics, read my booklet, Dialogue in Darkness, on the brainwashing processes used in the Episcopal Church to foment the sex revolution.  Much of the same evil is happening routinely in our schools, media, and government.  If you are willing to die, you can defeat it.  Life, fortune, and sacred honor.  The way of the cross. 

      "...a long train of abuses and usurpations..."   What do we see today?  E. Fox  

     Saudis Supply 90% of Jihad Funding...  from Screwed!  No wonder Obama does not want Americans to drill for oil and become Saudi-independent.  Obama, et al, want us to pay for our own destruction.  That is why the "administration" continues to buy Saudi oil and refuses to drill on our own land.

      The Big Picture: Our Curiously Failing Civilization --  from American Thinker.  Our tragically failing civilization...!  It need not have been happening -- if Christians had not lot their intellectual credibility -- along with moral and spiritual.  The article is good at the problem, but no sign of a solution.  Such as "Jesus is Lord".  The consequences (spiritual, moral, political, economic, cultural....) of Jesus being Lord are unavoidable.   It will happen whether anyone likes it or not, so we'd best get on with it.   E. Fox  

     UN-Defined Ethics --  Steve Baskerville (at the Inter-American Institute...) another long train of abuses and usurpations....   The UN is an evil organization run for the most part by thugs.  It has little interest in anything productive, only in control -- like most socialist/Communist enterprises.  

5.06   I Like Oklahoma...  Yes, indeedy.  Oklahoma is the only state that Obama did not carry one precinct in the last election.  Now standing up against the treason and tyranny of our pseudo administration in Washington. 

       ** WITNESS - by Whittaker Chambers...   Chambers is one of the great heroes of the 20th century -- leaving the Communist underground to expose the Communist infiltration, standing almost alone through severe Congressional investigations, and writing a stunning book to tell the story....   He understood the spiritual warfare in which he was engaged better than almost anyone of the time, and paid a deep price for his honesty.  And won a more powerful prize - his faith.   Reading WITNESS is like reading the Lord of the Rings in real time.    Yes, there was (still is) an evil empire (see "Conspiracy" files).      E. Fox    


4.29  ** We bind unto ourselves today the strong name of the Trinity....   <-Audio.  Printed.  Final sermon at St. Luke's REC.  The end of an era for many of us.  How can we separate with truth and grace?  Apr. 29, 2012.         

4.22   TEST OF FIRE - a Roman Catholic commercial -- for all Christians.   What will you vote next November?   For or against the America under the Law & Grace of God?   No power in heaven or earth can stand against an intellectually, morally, and spiritually mature Church of God.  

    ** to Look Forward, Dig Down --  Why are we so blind to the future?  Because we look in the wrong direction.  (Under Construction...)       E. Fox

        St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church in Santa Ana, CA, where I have been their priest for about 3 years  will be closing its doors as of next Sunday, April 29, (due to economic difficulties).  For sermons and Sunday School, I have been going over some of the key and essential teachings which I have given over this time. 
       They include issues of truth-seeking as well as the below on atonement.  
       And a New Reformation -  Reformation is not a "finished event", it is a continuing event for every age.  Includes also a generic statement of the Christian faith.   What are the issues to be protected by a New Reformation today?  Absolutely essential for the Church to move ahead in our disintegrating culture.... 
       ** Series on Atonement  --  Today's sermon (Sunday, April 22)  was the selection on "The Price Jesus Paid".      
E. Fox 

    ** The Uniqueness of Christ -- Can we reasonably say that Jesus and only Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life?  Yes, the evidence is clear....  --   E. Fox 

4.17   90,000,000 Americans functionally illiterate - half the adult population -- from http://darrinrows.blogspot.com/
       I (E. Fox) remember the banner headlines in 1993.  The figure is routinely mocked today, but the truth is that it can only have gotten worse, not better.  And that will remain the case until parents reassert their obligation and right to educate their own children as they see fit, and
we remove government from all connection to education, totallyFor the most part, parents love their children, bureaucrats love their power and their turf -- people are just numbers. 

       Quote from the above website: "Here's a fun factoid - about 90 million Americans (55% of the adult population) are functionally illiterate. That's from the National Adult Literacy Survey in 1993. Now, assuming that half the adult population hasn't been striving to get their read on in the past 12 years, it's safe to say it's around the same level now.
     Usually, I'd like to tell some kind of joke here, but I think this bears repeating - according to the National Adult Literacy Survey in 1993, 90 million Americans are illiterate. That's 90 million, which when written out looks like this: 90,000,000. That's the number of people who can't read. In America." 

      Here is the 1993 study, pdf format: http://nces.ed.gov/pubs93/93275.pdf
      The figures given in this report must be compared with homeschooled adults (PDF) & religious faithfulness  and with early American literacy rates, prior to government control
      Functional illiteracy means inability to do the things required to get along in society, read a bus schedule, write a check, simple things that we take for granted. 
      It had already in the 1980's been stated by officials 
that that was the first generation in which children would not receive an education better than their parents.  Nothing has changed because officialdom does not want it to.  They want a controllable, not an educated, population.  GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT of GOVERNMENT EDUCATION.... 

    ** The Bible and Truth-Seeking -- are they compatible???   They are not only compatible, the Bible mandates truth-seeking.  

      See our new Communism Library -- long overdue, to be filled with relevant information. 

      A Universe without a Purpose - LA Times article.  "The illusion of purpose and design is perhaps the most pervasive illusion about nature that science has to confront on a daily basis. Everywhere we look, it appears that the world was designed so that we could flourish."   (my emphasis) So begins the article.  Read it well and remember its main points.  They are, in my humble opinion, all wrong, but they are what you will encounter "out there" from secular writers.  This why we Christians MUST learn how to defend our worldview.  See good responses to the issues of this article at www.discovery.org

      Evidences for a Recent Dating of Adam...  Some possibly surprising reports related to Biblical dating.  Read with caution, but read with an open mind. 

        ** Born Again & Justified by Faith Alone -- <- Audio.   Printed.  a summary of these issues for a New Reformation.  Apr. 15, 2012 -- 

4.10   UN-Defined Ethics -- a Joke and a Betrayal -- The US must get out of the UN -- and never again become a part of an organization which does not submit itself to Biblical principles of civil government

       ** How Do We Know? ...that Jesus was raised from the dead.  <-Audio.  Printed.  Easter sermon April 8, 2012  

4.03   Warrentless Spying -- against America...   If this is not betrayal against the citizens, what is? 

     ** The Church Militant vs. a Renegade Government -- an old but very relevant sermon.   

       Samuel Morse, God, & America --  another testimony to the Godly foundations of America, and a prediction of what would happen if we lost that foundation.  Coming true today.  E. Fox 

         **Let Us Go that We May Die with Him <-Audio.   Printed.  To live well, we must know how to die well.  Palm Sunday points at Good Friday.  What will it cost us?  And what will it gain us?   Sermon Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012


3.28   Obama recorded (!) in betrayal of America to Russian President Medvedev.  Astonishing.  Can this man survive this?  Only if we continue as cowards ourselves, and continue ignorant of our own form of government, and ignorant and rebellious against God who owns the whole cosmos.   E. Fox. 

3.27    DHHS vs. Florida - SUPERB!   the pdf Brief submitted by www.DownsizeDC.org in the ObamaCare case before the Supreme Court (as of Monday, March 16).   Sign up for emails from www.DownSizeDC.org  

      Obama vs. Christianity -- a double damning issue.   A list of the things Obama has done to show his contempt for both the Constitution and for the Biblical faith upon which it was built.  

       ** Only the Innocent can Die for the Guilty - <-Audio.   Printed.  Why can only the innocent die for the guilty?  What's the connection?  And what kind of innocence is meant?  There are two ways to be guilty or innocent -- for my being (who I am), and for my doing (my behavior).  What's the difference?  and why is that distinction vitally important for understanding salvation?  Sermon Mar. 25,2012

     The latest act of betrayal and treason?  If this Executive Order from Obama says what bloggers are saying it says, then what?    See also blog by Ann Barnhardt"Why the NDRP E.O. of March 16, 2012 is Different" -- Posted by Ann Barnhardt -  (Scroll down to March 18, AD 2012 8:46 PM MST)  
     Obama has told us that he wants to "streamline" the government.  He is not telling the truth.  He wants to streamline his control of the government and thereby of we, the people. 

      Churches and tax-exempt 501(c)3 status -- Churches apparently do NOT need to have a 501(c)3 to receive tax free donations.  But if you are a church, get your own independent information from the IRS.   In any event, the IRS was part of the Federal Reserve scam begun in 1913, and should be scuttled for a "fair tax", a national sales tax, in my humble opinion...   E. Fox.  

      ** The Kingdom -- Relationship Reality is Among You.  <-Audio.  Printed Version.  God is not "incomprehensible" or beyond understanding.  Because God is among us, the Kingdom is among us.  Sermon Mar. 18, 2012

3.16   Parents' Guide to School Shootings.   Excellent for parents, high school students, and 2nd Amendment defenders.   Lacks an awareness of the spiritual issues which also need defending -- a return to Godly civil government which has NO control over education

      America's most Biblically-Hostile American President -- a long list of what Obama has done to snub his nose at Christianity.  I think he is not a Muslim, but rather that he is using Muslims and homosexual persons to create havoc, but will dump them when they are no longer useful idiots for the Globalists.  

     High Treason from Panetta and Obama? vs. the "Black Regiment" -- so called by the British during our war with George III.  The clergy wore black robes, many of whom preached fiery sermons against King George for his violation of the laws of God concerning how rulers should govern.  We appear to have a new King George for whom the Declaration of Independence fits -- read the list of complaints.  Sound familiar?   Some in Congress are preparing for an impeachment of Obama. E. Fox

   What is "Natural Born Citizen"?   And is B. Obama one of them?  SUPERB  -- SEE THIS.  Two utubes by Herb Titus, constitutional lawyer.   Quite a surprise, and shows the ignorance (in the Birth Cert squabble) of almost all of us concerning the Constitution.  "Natural born" means born of two American citizens, not born on the soil...!  That makes a lot more sense.  See Titus's comments.  E. Fox    

3.12   ** Pietistic or Sacramental? <Audio.  Printed.  "Pietism", limiting Christian faith to the personal and private and excluding the public arena (government, industry, commerce, etc.), is a heresy, not true Christianity.  It has all but destroyed the Christian presence in the public arena, in defiance of the sovereignty of God over all things.  Judeo-Christians must take back the public arena -- with an honest presence and testimony.  True Christianity makes itself known in every facet of life.   E. Fox sermon - . Mar. 11, 2012

     ** Father Sammie Maletta, Roman Catholic priest, on Obama and Obama care.  Electric...  Get your pastor to speak up like this to protect the life of the innocent and vulnerable.   Commentary by E. Fox.

3.08   The Misery of Diversity -- by Ilana Mercer -- Worldnet Daily  --  "When an academic discovers what ordinary mortals have known for eons, it's called science.  Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam has found that diversity is not a strength, but a weakness; the greater the diversity in a community, the greater the distrust.  Professor Putnam's five-year study was reported last year by the Financial Times and is finally percolating down to others in the media and blogosphere."     
     The real question is "relative truth..."  and the failure of truth-seeking.   Nothing much will change unless Christians understand that you cannot be a disciple of Jesus if you are not first a truth-seeker.  We must stop being position-defenders and become truth-seekers --  because that is the only way to the true position.  Only that can put an end to the silly nonsense of relative truth and "diversity" of truth.
     I think Mercer is at fault in her article by seeming to affirm the rejection of "getting to know each other".  But she is right that social planners cannot do the work of getting people to meet and love one another.  God can and does, when we follow His mandates to love our neighbor, including the sojourner.     See also Pluralism in the Constitution Library, and Multiculturalism does not make Vibrant Communities, but Defensive Ones  E. Fox

   ** Receiving the Glory <-Audio.  Printed Version.  Testimony on the negative effects of "the Glory of God" and transformation of that Glory to wholeness and righteousnessMar. 4, 2012

      Blasphemy & Free Speech - on how traditional Muslims are using charges of blasphemy to shut down necessary free speech.  Without free speech, properly understood, there is no hope of maintaining a free market of ideas, science, or an honest civilization at all.    E Fox commentary.

      VICTORY IN VIRGINIA!  From www.DownsizeDC.org  The State of Virginia will not cooperate by assisting the federal government in the unlawful detention of United States citizens.  The legislature passed it overwhelmingly, now needs to be signed by governor.  Pray for Virginia!   Other states in line to do the same thing...


2.29   ** Nancy Pearcey & Total Truth - The problem the Hellenic world created when adopted by Christians and Jews to explain their Biblical religion.  Book review by E. Fox.  

       ** Choose Life - For Yourself and for the Littlest.  <- Audio.  Printed.  If we have not chosen life for ourselves, we probably will not choose life for the babies either.   Feb. 26, 2012

      "One-Subject-at-a-Time" Bill now before Congress...!    HUUURRAH!   DownSizeDC led by Jim Babka is the sparkplug for this.  Call your Representative in Congress to support HB 3806.   This will prevent objectionable bills being tacked onto good ones to smuggle them though.  Each will will have to stand on its own merits.   Now let's get it passed.  Locate your rep's phone or email at http://www.house.gov/representatives/ to get him/her to support it.  And, yes, the Tea Party in Williamsport was instrumental...!   This, for sure,  will take many times of presenting the bill to get it passed, and the resistance will be enormous.  But we can raise up Godly persons who will go after the truth.  (Beginning with ourselves...) 

2.24  ** Faith, Love, & Hope - the three  which endure <-Audio.  Printed.  Law & grace - creation & redemption - faith,. love, and hope.  How do these fit together?   Feb. 19, 2012 

      The Soul(lessness)? of Obama - A Tale of Two Americas - Memorial Day, 2010.  William Forstchen 

       Washington Post on Obama -- Wow.   

       ** The Hour After The Day After -- Armageddon, not Gotterdammerung - <-Audio.  Printed.   Sermon at St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA   Jan. 17, 2010 

2.12   "He commits high treason against the faith who fears the results of any investigation," -- Frederick Temple, a 19th century scholar and the father of the great William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury.  

       ** How Then Do We Respond?  <-Audio.  Printed. to Obama, tyranny, sexual abuse?  Feb. 12, 2012 

       ** Roman Catholics & Anglicans on Obama's attempts at tyranny.  E. Fox

2,05   ** Law & Grace <- Audio.   Printed. How are law and grace connected?  Allies not enemies.  Sermon Feb. 5, 2012.   

        Supreme Court Upholds 4th Amendment -- against unlawful Search & Seizure!!!  Thanks to DownsizeDC - based on property, not merely "privacy".   A wonderful accomplishment....   And thanks to Jim Babka and to the lawyers behind much of the work of DDC...  

       Judge Andrew Napolitano - YES!  on defending our freedoms from the criminals in our government.     

       Gender-free children -- coming soon to your school from the NEA (National {dis}Education Assn.)  and the UN.   GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS...!!!


1.31   Modern Art & the Death of Culture - book by Hans Rookmaaker -- see also Art/Aesthetics Library. 

       How worldview affects belief in God - See cover story of Summit Ministries' Journal issue of Jan. 2012.   And see Worldview Library  here on the Road. 

       Obama Tampering with Conscience - Fr. Frank Pavone, Nat'l Dir., Priests for Life (Roman Catholic).  A very strong statement.  Brave man that he is, Obama is making war on infants, and on Christians and others who protect the littlest ones, and we had better let him know that he will get it right back.  He has started a war he cannot finish.  It is a war of the spirit, about which he knows nothing.   E. Fox

A Prayer Concerning Abortion

Lord God, I thank you today for the gift of my life,
And for the lives of all my brothers and sisters.
I know there is nothing that destroys more life than abortion,
Yet I rejoice that you have conquered death
by the Resurrection of Your Son.
I am ready to do my part in ending abortion.
Today I commit myself
Never to be silent,
Never to be passive,
Never to be forgetful of the unborn.
I commit myself to be active in the pro-life movement,
And never to stop defending life
Until all my brothers and sisters are protected,
And our nation once again becomes
A nation with liberty and justice
Not just for some, but for all,
Through Christ our Lord. Amen...!

       ** LAW - the Biblical Roots Thereof... <-Audio.Printed Version.   A sermon on the meaning of civil law, and the logically necessary Godly foundations.    Jan 29, 2012  

                   PASTORS PROLIFE RESOURCE CENTER -- a Powerful Resource-for-Clergy on Pro-Life issues...

      The Skinny on Obama....  And on the electorate....   Ain't a pretty picture.    TIME TO GROW UP, AMERICA!!!   E. Fox  

1.16    "Merry Christmas!"  from Ben Stein, a Jew....  a worthy and good read.  Thank you, Ben Stein  --   from E. Fox  

       "Alter or Abolish..." (see Declaration prologue) -- and tell your renegade governors and rulers who is boss. 

       ** Incarnate Grace <-Audio.  Printed Version.  John the Baptist announces the coming of the Messiah -- Why did He come?  What was the point of an Incarnation?   What was the connection to the Gentiles?    Jan. 15, 2012  

          Birth Control & Politics -- Young folks are catching on to the connection between birth control and abortion...  Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society -- a family & pro-life winner....  

          ** Wisemen, Herod, & Western Civilization <-Audio --  What is the significance of the Epiphany and the Visitors from the East to the Christ Child?  Printed VersionJan. 8, 2012 

1.07  Brigitte Gabriel on Islamic infiltration of education in America.  She is absolutely right, but does not see the Globalist agenda behind all this.  The problem is not Islam, it is the Globalists who fund them.   And we, ourselves, useful idiots who cannot see the truth.   E. Fox  

        The Bakken Oil Reserve - & our Treasonous (Globalist) Government  -- Why are we not developing the enormous oil reserves right within our borders?  Why are we not developing our economy and providing jobs?    The answers are not good.   Can you spell  b-e-t-r-a-y-a-l ?   E Fox  

       What if Jesus Had Never been Born? -- From Summit Ministries "Journal"    (See also Rodney Stark below....

       Rodney Stark -- the Effect of Judeo-Christianity on World Culture...   Stark is one of the best apologists available today, a sociologist who simply does his scholarly homework.  Pursuit of truth always, in the end, leads to God. 

      ** Freemarket Education vs. the Wall between Church & State -- Government education of children is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral (i.e., contrary to the law of God...)   

      What the highest level refugee from the Communist block says about the "Occupy" movement...  PJ Media correspondent Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest official who has ever defected from the Soviet bloc. In 1989 Romanian tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu was executed at the end of a trial whose main accusations came out of Pacepa's book Red Horizons (Regnery Publishing, 1987), subsequently republished in 27 countries.
     NOTE:  As early as the  1960's I was hearing people from Europe, from both Nazi and Communist backgrounds, warning Americans that what they lived through in Europe was beginning here.  They were ignored, of course.   Well, here we are.  We can still get back America, but only if (1)  we turn back to God, and (2) restore education to control of parents and take it totally out of the control of civil government (see http://networkforeducation.org/ the bright hope for America...   and also the reason why government education is a violation of the Constitution).    E. Fox. 

   ** Jesus - Circumcision & Name <-Audio.   Printed Version.   What is the importance and meaning of the circumcision as the sign of the Covenant between God and the Hebrews?  Why is that linked to both Abraham's name and Jesus' name?  Jan. 1, 2012

   Gender-free Children - Coming to a School Near You...   America is dead in the water on most of such issues.  Asleep at the switch, afraid to wake up, afraid reality might be a bit more than it can handle.  But we must.  There seem to be some signs that the wakeup is happening.  Will it be too little, too late?  Or, in the nick of time?  Only by the grace of God and our repentant and joyful obedience.

A Happy New Year to All --
May the Lord draw you to Himself and Bless you
for Service to Him and Your Neighbor!


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