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12.28   Thomas Sowell - "The Occupy Wall Street Movement"  -- Hard Hitting.  Read it, and stand up and fight.  We return to Godly common sense or we go down the tubes.  Where do you stand? 

      ** Which Grinch Stole Which Christmas? -- <-Audio    E-x-t-e-n-d-e-d Printed Version. Sermon.  The unhappy Theology of Santa Claus.....   Christmas Day Sermon from 2009.    E. Fox    

      US Debt Crisis Illustrates Failure of Ideas - (pdf) from The Journal (Summit worldview Ministries).  Excellent survey of why secularism (and paganism) cannot succeed financially.  Secular and pagan ideas have consequences...., quite different from Biblical ideas.  So, what's the Good News?  It is that Jesus came, as at this time, to save the world from its own self-destruction.  Financial, and all other sorts of, self-destruction. 

12.25                A Blessed and Joy-Filled Christmas Season

to One and All....!
Epiphany Season begins Jan. 6 (Friday) .... with the arrival of the 3 Wisemen...

   Reaganomics & the American Character - (pdf) Phil Gramm, from speech at Hillsdale College (Imprimis magazine).  The figures are compelling.  Why Ronald Reagan (and limited government) succeeded where Jimmy Carter (and big government) had dismally failed regarding economic success.  
      See also, in same pdf - Reagan's Moral Courage - Andrew Roberts.  Moral courage is necessary to any good leader, and comes from God.  

      The Unity & Beauty of the Declaration and Constitution - (pdf) an excellent essay on this issue -- hotly contested today.  The author is right about the unity between the two -- but weak on importance of spiritual unity.  Only under the law and grace of God can there be either a moral or a political unity.  He has the facts right, just needs the right spiritual worldview.

      ** Lord Jesus -- Please Come Back! <-Audio.  Printed Version.   Why is it so important that Jesus return??? Advent 4, Dec. 18, 2011. 

12.16   A Short Course in Economics -- possibly the 5 best sentences on economics you'll ever read:
    1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
    2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
    3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
    4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it
5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
    None of this excuses the "rich" from their obedience to the law of God to love their neighbors.  The "conservative" leadership needs to talk more about its obligations and less about its rights.  Note: the real "beginning of the end for any nation" is when a people thinks it can construct the "good society" without obedience to God.  
Government centralizing is The Primary Example.   

        ** "Making Love" - the Purpose and Meaning of Sexual Intercourse  --  Some answers to perhaps the most profoundly misunderstood aspect of human life -- even, sadly, by most Christians....   Sex & Gender - the Wonderful Godly Way...   E. Fox  

       Criticism of Islam could soon be a Crime in America -- Clare M. Lopez --  a fair warning to America.  We are being led by traitors, not themselves Muslims, but who are using the Muslims as "useful idiots" to help destroy America -- for their own benefit.  The globalist crowd.  

       ** The Two "Comings" - Bonding & Judging <- Audio.  Printed Version.  BookEnds to Jesus' Ministry.  Advent 3 - Dec. 11, 2011 

12.06   The "Greed" Fallacy - by James Wilson --  How "greed" is manipulated in economics and in politics. 

        ** ..Who has caused all Holy Scripture to be written for our learning...   <-Audio.   Printed Version  Why were the Scriptures written, and why are they so wonderful? - Advent 2 - Dec. 4, 2012.


11.29   The Truth About Men and the Church -- an astonishing Swiss report on how the fathers determine the religious sympathies of their children.  So, you think fathering and religion do not go together?   Wrong!   Men! Get your butts to church!  

       ABORTION -- Dear Friends,  If you view nothing else at all on this website, please view this Pro-Life & Pro-Jesus video (the two go together...).  Runs for about 33 minutes.    E. Fox. 

      Letter to Common Sense Science -- and a reply.  E. Fox

  **Jesus, the Temple, & Us <-Audio.   (Happy New Year!  First Sunday of Advent - Christian Liturgical New Year...  We begin the cycle of Jesus' life over again. ) Sermon on the spiritual, moral, & political impact of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.   Printed version.  Nov. 27, 2011    

11.23   Thanksgiving - George Washington Proclamation - Pilgrim story - & several other Proclamations.  A good piece of  history....  

      Charlotte Iserbyt Page - a superb researcher on the deliberate demolition of America and of freedom by globalist forces.   Her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, reads like an exposure of the plans of Satan to dismantle America  -- in their own words.  And, sadly, it is working -- because the Church of God is not the Church Militant, but the Church Impotent, and will remain so until Christians become truth-seekers before they become position-defenders.  Only truth-seeking can lead to and sustain the true position.  That is precisely what honest education is about -- including Godly Sunday Schools. 

       Taking the "bull" out of homosexualist "anti-bullying" programs -- Linda Harvey --   She does an excellent job in this straight-on article.  Like "hate-crime" laws, anti-bullying is another means of keeping their cause in the news, and shutting down discussion.  Any disagreement is considered bullying.   She needs to add the coup de grace (see the evidence and the strategy).   That is, she needs to force onto the table the nature of homosexual behavior.  And she needs to encourage all parents to get their children OUT of the Public Education system (which is neither public nor education -- it is run by a private cartel of globalists, and it is mind-control, not education.  See Charlotte Iserbyt Page).  

       Jesus' Visit -- a parable. 

      The Budget-Cut Farce ---  in plain terms...   

       Virginia Stands up against Federal Government & ObamaCare -- right in the tradition of their forefathers -- Washington, Jefferson, Madison, et al.   IF they continue, and IF other states likewise stand up, IF we do this with our own Biblical form of government,, and IF we submit ourselves to the law and grace of God,  it will be costly, but we will win this battle.  The arms of Obama (et al) are too short to box with God. 

      Common Sense Science -- an astonishing article by David Bergman ("Conflict of Atomism and Creation Science in History" pdf file) on how secular science is intellectually collapsing (and has been for half a century), and how the Biblical worldview is totally compatible with science.  
     This has been my message for 40 years -- that the science is inherently and inevitably Biblical.  It arose out of the Biblical mindset, focusing on the world of time and space, not on the Hellenic world of Ideas and Abstractions.  And, yes, it was greatly aided by the Hellenic gift for abstract thinking.  But the abstract nature of its worldview prevented science from being developed by the Greeks or Romans. 

       ** Christ, the King & Fatherhood  <-Audio --  What does Christ being King have to do with our being a father (and by implication, mothers also)?  End-of-the-Church-year sermon.  Printed version.  Nov. 20, 2011.   

      The skinny on Newt Gingrich -- from Don Hank. 

      Insight into the corruption in China, being imported into America.   

      Facts on the Economy... Perry Willis at www.DownSizeDC.org  

      Education's Armageddon - Beverly Eakman -  IF you think education has improved (as of Nov. 2011) with the massive amounts of money thrown at it, and the massive amounts of time spent in school seats, think again.  NOTHING has improved substantially, and most things have improve not at all.  The break date was 1962 with the Supreme Court decision, Engel vs. Vitale, illegally outlawing prayer in schools.   SAT scores began plummeting, and have not regained their ground.  Get your children OUT of government run schools!    This kind of education is treason -- if a foreign power had done this to us, we would consider it an act of war....  Bureaucrats do NOT love your children.  You do.   E. Fox 

      Who said this?  "The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced. If the nation doesn't want to go bankrupt, people must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance." –      Attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero, 55 BC   

      ** Imperturbable Spiritual Warfare <-Audio.  What is spiritual warfare, and how do we conduct it?  Sermon Printed Version.   Nov. 13, 2011  

      ** The Beatitudes & the Saints <-Audio   All Saints Day Sermon - What does it mean to be a "saint"?  Maybe some surprises...    Printed Version - Nov. 6, 2011   

      Stats - Health Care & Obama's Cabinet -  the stats tell the story....   See also Obama Page, Health Care

      ObamaCare - you want to see the truth?   Take a peek at Judge Kithil's commentary.  This has all been reported before, but we must renew our commitment over and over to honest Godly government.  Get on your government representatives -- ASAP.  At all levels.  Sufficient resistance at the state and local level can bring the whole mess stumbling down.   And beg God for a spirit of confession and repentance on the part of We, the People, who have allowed this travesty of government to happen.  There is no solution other than submitting ourselves once again to the sovereignty of God.  


10.30   ** Jesus & Truth <-Audio.  Is the Bible concerned with truth-seeking and truth-speaking today?  Yes.  The prophetic voice of the Bible needs to be applied to the present time.  When so applied, we find the American civil government to be apostate and treasonous.  This government, once under God and of, by, and for the people,  has rejected both God and the American people.  It has become no longer our servant, but our taskmaster.  As with the Hebrews, it is our own fault, but we can turn it around, if we repent of our own sins.  Printed Version.  Oct. 30, 2011. 

      "7 Days that Divide the World..."    Prof. John Lennox on his new book of that title -- superb analysis of Genesis and the creation story.   About 20 minutes.... 

10.24   Getting the Pig out of the Poke...  letter to a bishop in the Episcopal Church.

      IndoctriNation --  the mind-control of our "public" education system - a book on the evils of government control of education.  Public education is neither public nor education.  It is a criminal enterprise run by a globalist political cartel for mind-control, not a freemarket of education.  That has been true since the 1830s-50s with Horace Mann's starting  of government control of education in Massachusetts. 
      See Education Library for more....   There is no systemic change which we could make in America which would do more to restore cultural sanity than getting government 100% out of education, and giving it back to students, parents, and non-govt. public interest organizations.  A free-market of ideas requires free-market education.   E. Fox

      Libya, Gaddafi, & Islam -- a successful Jihad.  Christians are oblivious that we are in a spiritual war far more crucial than the political nonsense.  God have mercy on us!     E. Fox   See Biblical Government.  

      ** Jesus is Lord - Personal & Political <- Audio  "Jesus is Lord" is a political statement -- as all early Christians (and Caesar) knew.  Why are we Christians today so silent about that???  And what are the consequences???  Sermon.   Printed Version.   Oct. 23, 2011 

      Was George Washington a Christian? -- Jay Haug - says "Yes..." 

      Conservative Ineptitude Regarding Homosexuality -- a point I have harped on for at least two decades...  maybe coming to light???   The article is very good, but does not get to the core -- putting homosexual behavior on the table, and forcing an honest, mutually respectful discussion on whether such behavior is acceptable to God or to righteous men and women.   Click here for strategy.

10.18   Wall Street Insider - Ulsterman Report --  Does Obama want "all of us gone"?  I would not be surprised.  Obama has calculated his chances carefully, and is, I must suppose, going for broke.  He knows that his time is short, and needs to create a monumental crisis to grab more power -- before he and the globalists who own him are booted out. 

       9-11 REVISITED -- Somebody had to get into those huge buildings to plant the explosives -- a monumental task.   And, it turns out, as explained by the www.ae911truth.org website, there were "elevator repairs" made about a month prior  to the attacks -- a perfect cover for planting demolition charges which could bring the buildings down on the central supporting columns. 
       The evidence against the government NIST report is convincing and overwhelming.  An independent government investigation MUST be opened.  Was there collusion between the government of Afghanistan to put the blame on Bin Ladin

      Diversity & Survival  --  a myth of terrible proportions. 

      The Pope on Islam - an anniversary to be honored.  9-11 is now a decade ago, but we live with it today --  by the design, I think, of those who really were responsible.  
      The Pope does not recognize the extent of the evil of that day of infamy.  He rightly speaks for honest dialogue and discussion, but that has been effectively shut down, for most people, about who and what caused the event   One keeps hoping that truth will prevail, but the likelihood of that in our mind-controlled America is very small.  That will not change until Judeo-Christians become truth-seekers rather than position-defenders.  Then we will recapture the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground.  Nothing will be able to stop a spiritual renewal of mighty proportions across the West.    E. Fox.  

      Master Plan #3 -- How to  use the Road to Emmaus....

      IndoctriNation -- the mind-control of our "public" education system.  It is neither public nor education.  It is mind-control.  That has been true since the 1850s and Horace Mann's implementation of government control of education.  It was never meant to educate, only to control. 

      Impeach Obama -- he is guilty of murder by his own confession?   See the case.  I think it is valid. These people know the Constitution.  E. Fox.   

      Obama & Kagan + Snopes & Soros  =  corruption in bed with corruption???  

      The Misery of Diversity -- by Ilana Mercer -- Worldnet Daily  --  "When an academic discovers what ordinary mortals have known for eons, it's called science.  Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam has found that diversity is not a strength, but a weakness; the greater the diversity in a community, the greater the distrust.  Professor Putnam's five-year study was reported last year by the Financial Times and is finally percolating down to others in the media and blogosphere."   
     The real question is "relative truth..." and the failure of truth-seeking.   Nothing much will change unless Christians understand that you cannot be a disciple of Jesus if you are not first a truth-seeker.  We must stop being position-defenders and become truth-seekers -- the only way to the true position.  E. Fox   See Epistemology Library

      Fables of the 14th Amendment - Dr. Edwin Vieira - Constitutional scholar.  On the fairy-tale processes by which our government has run our financial system.  Read it and do something about it...

      ** The Harvest Truly is Great...  <- No Audio Available.   St. Luke's Day sermon on "doing the work of an evangelist"  Printed Version   Oct. 16, 2011  

10.11   Freedom Lost - Chuck Baldwin -- 2008 presidential candidate for the Constitution Party.   America is no longer the most free nation on earth... we barely make into the top 10....    And we are headed progressively downward.   It can be reversed, but only with a deep spiritual renewal, repentance, and reformation within the Church of God, especially the clergy.     E. Fox

        The New Sovereignty - excerpt from R. J. Rushdoony's book.  Powerful and accurate description of the enemy we Judeo-Christians face. 


     ** Abortion, the Bible, & America -- new book by Earle Fox on why Pro-Life people have not been able to end abortion, and what to do about it.   Can you spell  w o r l d v i e w ?    The above video will help get people on board against abortion.   But we must change the culture and the worldview of our culture.  This book will help keep them on board.   To purchase, go to www.emmausmall.org

    COLUMBUS DAY -  October 10, 2011 -- Thanks be to God for that courageous Christian who set out to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the sea.  May we Christians on this side now of the Atlantic have that same courage to bring the Good News back to Europe.   

** Jesus, Miracles, & Reason <- Audio.  Are miracles real?  Are they rational?  Yes, and Yes.  E. Fox Sermon Printed Version -  Oct. 9, 2011  

10.05  Jewish Sermon on Iwo Jima - 1945 -- Read it....    This Jewish sermon captured the essence of the kind of democracy (the level playing field) which only the Biblical God could give us.  Secular humanism, so-called "liberal democracy" cannot do that.  Nor can paganism.  Only the Biblical God. 

      The Debka File -- Israeli information from the "inside" so to speak....  

      War on Terror - or - War on Freedom???  Chuck Baldwin.  

      Government Seizure of Internet -- More centralization and more control of we the people.  It MUST be stopped. 

      Obama's Goal --  Dick Morris - TV in the Morning -  Morris has a significant part of the truth......  

     The Front Lines are now at Your Front Door -- Will we, at our front doors, stand firm?  or cave in???   Comments from Christopher Hitchens in pre-debate (on theism with William Lane Craig) interview at Biola University in 2009.   E. Fox     

      Government Seizure of Internet -- Get in touch with your Congressmen and Senators!   This MUST be stopped.   E. Fox. 

      Posse Comitatus Act --  Go to url ( http://www.jackmclamb.us/ )  and click on "posse comitatus act" in left column.  This bit of legal information is essential to maintaining a limited government for a free people -- as per Biblical government.   Posse Comitatus is Latin for "power of the county".  That is the title of a law limiting the authority of the federal or state government to interfere in the county.  The county sheriff is the highest peace officer in the county, superseding even the federal govt.  

      Has Science come to a Dead End?  Some are saying so.  I think not at all.  But I do think that secularized science might be doing so.  It rejected metaphysics, to its own shame and demise.    E. Fox. 

      ** ...and All These Things Shall Be Added unto You   <-Audio.   The promises and the commands of God lead to the same goal - the Kingdom.  Why do we so seldom vigorously follow either of them?  And what is added unto us when we do?   Sermon  Printed Version.  Oct. 2, 2011.    


9.28    Mr. Obama lies again.  This is serious stuff, enough for him to impeached on grounds of violating the constitutional limitation of his "presidency" to "good behavior".  (That assumes that a constitutional imposter - not an American born citizen - can be impeached... rather than just thrown out.)   Lying to the public cannot by any stretch be called "good behavior".   This time about the amount of fossil fuel reserves we have available to us under ground.  He was so wide of the mark (going by recent government reports!) that, if he is lying, he is both dishonest and stupid -- He could not possibly have rationally thought that he would not be caught on such a huge mistake. 
       We have fossile fuel reserves for a loooooong time.  Could it be that our globalist rulers want to fund Muslim oil to support the Muslim chaos-creating intrusions -- a "new Pearl Harbor" as they put it, to galvanize we, the people, behind more centralized government?
      But the problem is not Obama, it is the public who are so mind-controlled that they cannot think their way out of a wet paper bag, and most of whom would not challenge Obama in the first place.  But God is at work and that is all changing.   Pray for serious spiritual renewal in America and the West.  Only God can change hearts to turn this around.  It must begin with the Church.  

       ** Commands, Promises, & Spiritual Renewal  <- Audio.  The whole of the Gospel message is about the powerful renewal in the Holy Spirit - Pentecost.  Those who do not catch on to that truth will remain in the backwaters of spiritual growth and maturity.  Sermon, Printed Version  Sept. 25, 2011  

   ** The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific World --  booklet by E. Fox on the Biblical understanding of faith and reason. 

9.20   The Front Lines are now at Your Front Door -- Will we, at our front doors, stand firm?  or cave in???   Words from Christopher Hitchens in pre-debate (with William Lane Craig) interview at Biola University in 2009.   E. Fox

    This is the moral insanity of our post-American culture -->  "In the U.S., if you destroy an Eagle's egg (i.e., which is an embryo) it is a federal crime punishable by more than 10 years jail time and a $250,000 fine. Destroy a human embryo and it is federally funded."   The federal government is paying hired assassins (abortionists) to kill our children.   
    The real America (and the real Western Civ.) was Judeo-Christian.  Let's get it back -- under the law and grace of God, and with a Biblical government

    ** Be Like Your Father in Heaven Above...  <-Audio.  The power and beauty of being made in the Image of God.  Scary, and powerful.  Can we risk getting that close to God?  Sermon.  Printed Version.  Sept. 18, 2011. 


   ** What is Truth? and How do we Know It? <-Audio.  The Vital Question facing Judeo-Christians today.  Sermon  Printed Version.  Sept. 11, 2011.   

9.09   ** Choose Life -- for the Littlest and for Yourself.  Sermon - Printed Version.  E. Fox,

     All the Good Things - Sister Helen P. Mrosia -  an old memory...    E. Fox   

  ** The Power to be Merciful <-Audio.   Why has the fallen world not the power to be merciful?  And why does God have that power?  Sermon, E. Fox   Printed Version.  Sept. 4, 2011    


8.31   Muslim Inbreeding devastating  to Muslim culture and health.  We have a tidal wave of sickness and disability arising all around the world.   Google "Muslim, Islam, inbreeding, gene pool" to get several more articles on this matter.      See Islam Library.  

** Pythagorean Theorem:................................................24 words.
** Lord's prayer:........................................................66 words.
** Archimedes' Principle:...............................................67 words.
** 10 Commandments:.................................................179 words.
** Gettysburg address:................................................286 words.
** Declaration of Independence:....................................1,300 words.
** US Constitution with all 27 Amendments:.......................7,818 words.
** US Government regulations on the sale of cabbage:...........26,911 words.

                                                       ...Speaks for itself...

    ...the Push for Pedophilia Rights -- Why the Surprise???   Why indeed!   Will YOU stand up?  America has lost its intellectual, moral, and spiritual sanity...  Do you want to recover our sanity?   http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/EM/ShpMl/WinSxWrs.htm   and to http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/BroSx/00BroSx.htm        E. Fox   

     ** Abortion, the Bible, & America -- new book by Earle Fox on why Pro-Life people have not been able to end abortion, and what to do about it.   Can you spell  w o r l d v i e w ?   

    ** ...the Time of Visitation - & Believing from the inside-out  <-Audio.  The tragedy of not knowing the day of your visitation by the Lord, and the two ways we can know that day.  Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox.  August 28,2011 

   Obama will have his Day in Court -  (we hope...)  Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.   Hawaii being sued to come up with the original birth certificate or admit that it does not have one.  We have had hopes before dashed to the ground, pray for this one to emerge into the light.     (See also 2nd article on Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona getting ready to investigate the Birth Cert...) 

     Global War & Spiritual Warfare - a Debate between Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian living in America vs. Aleksandr Dugin, high-ranking official from Russia. 

    ** Idolatry in Their Hearts <-Audio.   What is idolatry, and why is it so bad?   Sermon.  Printed version August 21, 2011. 

    Yuri Bezmenov - former Soviet agent - on How the Soviets planned to subvert America.   A stunner.  Video interview by Edward G. Griffin. 

8.19   "Gold & Freedom" - Jeffrey Nyquist at  Financial Freedom  "Many have forgotten the extent to which property rights are linked to freedom. It may also prove the case that commodity money (i.e., gold) is linked to freedom, insofar as the abandonment of the gold standard leaves property rights open to attack. Yet, despite all this, nothing can really be done. In 1960Friedrich Hayek reminded his readers that “the functioning of the international gold standard rested on certain attitudes and beliefs which have probably ceased to exist.”   
        Those attitudes and beliefs will be restored -- only as the Judeo-Christian community recovers it intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity.  Otherwise, we are headed for disaster.    E. Fox 

    Communism in South America -- Jeffrey Nyquist, Distinguished Senior Fellow in Political Science at the Inter-American Institute, revisits interview with Venezuelan anti-Marxist patriot Alejandro Peña-Esclusa who was jailed by Hugo Chávez and recently released. He talks about the advance of Communism in Latin America.

   Episcopal Church - Hired Gun against Property Rights...   These people will have a hard time surviving the Last Judgement.   This behavior may be "legal" in some warped sense of the word, but it is criminal behavior in the eyes of God.  E. Fox. 

8.17   Command Economy in China -- See for yourself...  Centralized government is a plague on us all.  China would grow much with much more stability and realism if it had an honest free-market economy.   E. Fox. 

   Is Mitt Romney the Father of Gay Marriage: 24 Reasons Why He IS....   Steve Baldwin & Brian Camenker (at the Inter-American Institute...)   Romney has persistently and obviously lied about his beliefs, as the article indicates.  And it was he as governor of Mass., not the Mass. Supreme Court, which engineered the pseudo-legalization of homosexual "marriage".  He is no more "conservative" than the man in the moon.  

   The Door Bell -- a very short video.   

   Face to Faith: After the Riots, my Faith-based youth work gives me hope in this generation...  Martin Saunders (UK)...   There are thousands of youth eager to make a good difference to their society.  Are you helping to mobilize them???  Praying for them? 

   ** Jesus & "Works" <-Audio.  Are Jesus and Paul in conflict on works vs. grace?  Sermon Printed Version  August 14, 2100  

8.08   In light of many recent events...  "When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you,… you may know that your society is doomed."       –Ayn Rand       Listen up, Voters! 

    NEO - Network for Educational Opportunity --  Led by Alan Schaeffer.    Home Schooling at its BEST --  This organization is doing ground-breaking work in setting parents and students free from government intrusion into their education.  Miracle in the works in New Hampshire....     

   Testimony of Brad Phillips, President of Persecution Project Foundation, and Sudan Country Director for The Voice of the Martyrs -- To the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights -- on the Muslim genocide continuing in Sudan against Christians and others.

   ** We Have a Sick & Sinful Society -- Is there a MetaPhysician in the House?  <-Audio.  Sermon for the Feast of the Transfiguration  Printed version.  August 7, 2011  

   Death Squads by Barak Obama?   By Dr. Edwin Vieira -  constitutional scholar at the Inter-American Institute.  If Obama is doing as indicated, he needs to be removed as promptly as possible.  Removed from any office in the land, and never again allowed to function as a lawyer.  Vieira is a good and reliable analyst...  E. Fox  


7.31   ** In the Face of Terror -- 9-11 revisited.  A sermon preached after 9-11 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Bladensburg, MD.   E. Fox

   Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans -- by Anglicans who refuse to accept the disintegration of orthodox Christianity in the Anglican Communion.  We aim to preserve honest Anglican teaching and tradition, which is the only reasonable thing to do.  Reason and Revelation are wed. 
   GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) the global conference at which the FCA all came together...

   Anders Behring Breivik.   Fundamentalist Christian or Deranged Social Darwinist?  This Norwegian terrorist is not a Christian, by his own admission and philosophy.  He is merely using Christianity for his political program, he says.  A rather odd combination of honesty and stupidity.  No surprise that the press would pick up on his religion as one more way to club Biblical Christianity.   The Globalist union of communism with corporate monopolism (the government centralizers) crowd fears a Biblical revival more than anything else. 

   ** The UnTamed Warrior & the Peace of God  <-Audio.  The warrior culture  of the fallen world -- must be tamed by God to serve Him and neighbor -- Sermon, E. Fox - Printed Version - July 24, 2011

7.21   ** Abortion, the Bible, & America -- new book by Earle Fox on why Pro-Life people have not been able to end abortion, and what to do about it.   Can you spell  w o r l d v i e w ?   

   NEO - Network for Educational Opportunity --   Led by Alan Schaeffer.    Home Schooling at its BEST --  This organization is doing ground-breaking work in setting parents and students free from government intrusion into their education.  Miracle in the works in New Hampshire....     

   ** Finding our Way to Holy Communion <- Audio -- Holy Communion at the altar is meant to produce a holy community out in the world --Sermon -  Printed Version -  July 17, 2100  

7.10   ** Lost & Found - a Sheep & a Coin <-Audio -  the Parable of the Good Shepherd -  Printed Version.  July 10, 2010 

  ** The Crisis of Capitalism & Socialism -  Jeffrey Nyquist - a superb moral / psychological analysis of Marxism and government centralization generally at http://www.theinteramerican.org   E. Fox commentary.

   Gold & Silver Storm the Fed --  Some possibly hopeful thoughts on the disaster of the Federal Reserve.

7.03    Alan Keyes - a response concerning the moral and spiritual collapse in political America.   

   Wal-Mart vs. the Morons -- insight into our terribly corrupted Western society.  You cannot fix stupid, but you can vote it out...   ...IF we first vote it out of our own lives....!!! 

   ** God... & Successful Independence -- How does God view our being "independent" -- personally and politically?  A 4th of July Sermon.   E. Fox   Printed Version.   July 3, 2011  

 ** a New Reformation - a generic statement of the basics of the Christian faith.   

   Total Truth - by Nancy Pearcey --  What God has joined together, let not man put asunder...


6.29  ** The Fall - the Death of Relationship Reality <-Audio - Life is about relationships.  You take only your relationships with you when you exit this earth.  The Fall is about the death of those relationships -- necessarily so.    Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox   June 26, 2011  

6.21    God or Mammon? - Alan Keyes -  a bit of truth-telling about the American political situation, and what we, the people, must do.   

   Albert Ellis now thinks homosexual persons not emotionally OK.   Part of an article from a Jewish point of view.   See also Dennis Prager's article

6.15   ** Pentecost-- (no Audio)  Pentecost sermon.   What is this "power" of the Holy Spirit?  And how does God communicate that to us?  Printed Version   June 12, 2011    

   ** Ascension Day -  (no Audio)   Jesus' home coming.  Why the Ascension, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday are the High Point of the Christian year.  Everything else builds toward that.   Sermon E. Fox  Printed Version.  June 2, 2011   


5.29   Common Sense Science - Is Science not already common sense???  a striking New (really the Old) Way of Looking at the Universe -- from Common Sense.   This view Reverses many of the anomalies of Einstein's Relativity Theory and much of Quantum Physics - back to Common Sense.. 
        Prediction: this new (old) understanding of science will change our future dramatically, and be found quite compatible with the Biblical view of Reality.   So far it looks good....  Stay tuned.  E. Fox   

   ** A Small Gideon Army <- Audio.  The future for St. Luke's REC.   Sermon E. Fox  Printed Version.  May 29, 2012   

   The Truth about Greenhouse Gases - William Happer -  The dubious (and worse) science of the failed climate crusaders. 

   ** The Community of Revelation & Faith  <- Audio.  The passing on of our worldview and faith requires a community of revelation and faith which carries on through thick and thin  -- in the power of the Holy Spirit.  E. Fox sermon.  Printed Version.  May 22, 2011    

5.15   ** Sexual Freedom <-Audio.  How does God free us from sexual bondage?  "3 steps" to sexual freedom and maturity.   E. Fox  (No printed version)   May 15, 2011 

5:10   HIV is Still an Epidemic for Homosexual Persons - Right from the federal Center for Disease Control.  Nothing much has changed over the 30 years of the homosexuality epidemic.   But the homosexual agenda is also STILL winning politically -- because of our cowardly pseudo-conservative leadership which cannot force the primary issue onto the table into the light of day -- homosexual behavior.    See also the evidence...   and...  Center for Disease Control Slide Set HIV/AIDS  

   ** The Good Shepherd <- Audio.   A trip through today's Scriptures: Psalm 23, Isaiah 40:1-11, 1 Peter 2:19-25, John 10:11-16.  E. Fox (No printed version.)    May 8, 2011  

 ** WHAT (& WHO) CAUSED the TWIN TOWERS to FALL on 9-11-01???   (UPDATED)  --   a short course in High School Physics,  (potential?) HIGH TREASON, and (real) SPIRITUAL WARFARE.   We MUST reopen the 9-11 investigation....    by E. Fox     Osama bin Ladin could not have been the key figure in this disaster.      
        Read this pdf brochure    (And see next item...  Letter to Dr. Shyam Sunder...)

 ** Letter to Dr. Shyam Sunder, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) from  Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth -- challenging the Federal report on 9-11.  Electric.  The evidence for a reopening of the 9-11 investigation is overwhelming.  pdf document   (See previous item...)  See also pdf brochure with summary of evidence and resources at www.ae911Truth.org 

   ** Called to Witness <- Audio.   Easter II sermon, the calling of the disciples to be apostles, witnesses to the unbelievers -- with truth & grace.   E. Fox   Printed version.    May 1, 2011. 

   Col. West on the Heart of Islam -  - a winner.  West was fired from the military because he (rightly) took things into his own hands which saved the lives of his soldiers.

   "Disproportionate" ...  In what moral universe?   Charles Krauthammer,  Washington Post, comparing Israel with their Muslim neighbors. 


4.28   The Importance of Fathers....   Fathers need to be fathers, not just  "friends".   Children need spiritual and moral discipline, someone to butt up against, not a weakling "buddy".   They need someone who believes that some things are worth standing for. 

   Bringing Up Girls -- James Dobson sequel to Bringing Up Boys    See Abstinence Clearing House

4.24   ** I'm Coming Back! <- Audio.  Resurrection Day Sermon - on the Sudarium and the Shroud of Turin, and why they are important.   E. Fox  Printed Version.   Apr. 24, 2011.   

   How Lying Marketers Sold Abortion to America  -  David Kupelian  --  REPORT ON THE TRAGEDY OF ABORTION

   Architecture for a New World Financial System - Antal Fekete, a superb economist -- with comments by E. Fox 

4.17   ** Dying Well <- Audio.  Palm Sunday Sermon -- Why Jesus went to the cross - to teach us how to die well.  Printed Version -  Apr. 17, 2011 

   IndoctriNation of our Children -- "Public Education" is neither public nor education.  It is owned by a cartel of politicians and others (think "globalist") wanting to control the minds of America.  Americans no longer own their own education.  See also www.exodusmandate.org   We can get it back.  See Home Schooling Grows Up 

   ** The Price Jesus Paid <- Audio.  There was a price.  It was demanded.  And it was paid.  Why so?  And what did that accomplish?  There are surprises.  Printed Version.  E. Fox Sermon   Apr. 10, 2011

4.08  Shroud of Turin - was it projected as a quantum hologram as Jesus' body was resurrected?   What does the science tell us?  This is a potentially culture-shaking piece of evidence. 

    Obama to go before the 9th Circuit Court -- in Pasadena, CA, May 1, Sunday at 2 pm on eligibility issues.  Thanks be to God, and to the persistence of faithful Americans and Christians.    (NOTE:  Sadly, this did not work out.  The judge caved in, it seemed, and let Obama off on the ground that the plaintiff had no standing.  That is nonsense, leading me to suspect that the judge had been threatened.) 

   ** Are Children "Infected" by Judeo-Christian Values? --  LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!  A piece from England with America right behind.   Christians and Jews had better get their intellectual, moral, and spiritual ducks in a row, or plan on being shut down for a long dark night of persecution.   Both the homosexual agenda and Islam are winning because of the apathy, stupidity, and cowardice of Judeo-Christians.   We are in a winnable war against both of these totalitarian movements, and against the globalists who are making "useful idiots" of them!    Commentary by E. Fox 

   ** Why Jesus had to die... <- Audio.   What was the point of the killing of the only innocent person ever?  E. Fox sermon - Printed Version ,    Apr. 3, 2011

   Free Lunch in California --  the downfall of our education and economic and political system. 

    Obama - Treason against Arizona and America -- This is nothing less than treason, a deliberate sell out of America to our enemies, and betrayal of our own people.   



3.30   Col. West testimony on Islam - a winner.  West was fired from the military because he (rightly) took things into his own hands which saved the lives of his soldiers. 

    Yuri Bezmenov - former Soviet agent tells of subversive Communist strategy (still) going on in America....   1984 Interview by G. Edward Griffin.  Obama (as per Antonio Gramsci) is right behind the subversion, and so are the many citizens in America who have given up their capacity to think straight -- logically and factually, and choose rather to "feel good".   Just as Bezmenov describes.  

   ** "I Am With You..."  the Mothering Gift <- Audio.  How gender is an essential aspect of God in the Bible.  By implication, how the Bible redefines the whole meaning of sex and gender, mothering and fathering.   Sermon - E. Fox  Printed Version.   Mar. 27, 2011 

   ** Justification by Faith Alone <- Audio.   What is 'justification', and why 'alone'???  2nd Lenten sermon on Salvation.  (Next week, Why Jesus Had to Die)  Printed Version.  E. Fox  Mar. 20, 2011    

3.19   That troublesome flagellum!  and "irreducible complexity"....  More on ID (Intelligent Design) vs. Evolution --   Michael Behe has not been refuted on the flagellum...  It cannot be explained by evolution, only as an intelligently designed artifact.  Read it and see.... 

   Home Schooling Grows Up --- MUST READ! ---   There are now(March 2011) enough students who have grown up through home-schooling to make valid tests comparing them with government-schooled children -- to see how they function as adults.  The results are astonishing, not even close.  Government-schooling is child abuse not to be tolerated by any parent.  Resources are growing to help those in financial need.   
        In government schools, only about 15% of the students survive with their Christian faith.  In home school, 94% of Christian children keep on with their faith.  For more information on the 94%, Google "home school 94%".  
        For pdf copy, click on link above or go to http://www.hslda.org/research/ray2003/HomeschoolingGrowsUp.pdf   See also for downloading:  Homeschooling Grows Up (PDF)

     Auschwitz Album - the only surviving photographic memory of Auschwitz.  What we in America are doing to our pre-born is nothing less than another holocaust.  See Abortion Library.  

    The Air Gun that won the American West -- Lewis & Clark expedition....  Amazing bit of history. 

   ** Born Again <- Audio.  How fathering and mothering is the core of our identity, and our being made in the Image of God.  Start of a Lenten series on the basics of Christian faith.  (Next Sunday, "Justification by faith").  Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox   Mar. 13, 2011   

   ** Faithful, Loving, & Hopeful - What does that Mean for Us? <- Audio.   Preparation for Lent.   Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox     Mar. 6, 2011 

3.04  2nd Amendment -- in England -- coming to a neighborhood near you -- soon, if we do not stand up...  E. Fox. 


2.27  ** The Ground of Your Heart & the Power of Sin - meditation on the parable of the seeds.  Printed VersionFeb. 27, 2011 

   Abortion, the Bible, & America -- how to win this battle.  E. Fox

   American Deception -  Charlotte Iserbyt is one of the great researchers and thinkers of our time, tracing and documenting the terrible subversion of Christian civilization over the last 3 centuries.  She is making her documentation free on her website, though donations welcomed and necessary. 

  ** Preparation for Lent <- Audio.   Beginning a discussion of the nature of sin for the Pre-Lenten season.   Printed Version.   Feb. 20, 2011     

   Evangelism - "the best commercial" 

   Firearms -- 2nd Amendment Refresher Course - a must see - .pps file

   American Right to Life  (ATRL) -- and  ProLifeProfiles  Who is and who is not pro-Life?  And how do you tell?   ATRL I think, has it right.   E. Fox

   ** Evangelism Opportunity <- Audio (Coming soon)-- at St. Luke's church.   Ministry at local colleges and universities.  Sermon - E. Fox  Printed Version  Feb. 13, 2011 

   Taxes & Balanced Budget -- Stephen Moore, Richard Vedder, The Wall Street Journal.   From Summit Ministries The Journal ( www.summit.com )

   The Rise & Fall of Civilizations -- the sexualization of culture --  from Summit Ministries The Journal (www.summit.com )

2.08   The Tawdry Tales of ObamaCare -- how many are getting exceptions from having to use it...  An appalling story of deceit and favoritism. 

   Education Issues - 94% of homeschooled Christians will embrace Christianity - But  87% of public school educated Christians will leave their Christian faith, many forever.  Where do you want your child to spend eternity?      Government control of education is child-abuse.   It is part of the current government war against Biblical family and faith.  Government control of education is unconstitutional, and therefore illegal.

     Material Stones & Spiritual Stones <-Audio.  a Theology of Buildings & Worship - Sermon, E. Fox (NOT YET AVAILABLE) - Feb. 6, 2011 - Printed Version 

    Art & Religion - by Emile Cammaerts -- with Commentary by E. Fox.   (Coming....)    

    Cleon Skousen - former FBI agent, author of The Naked Communist -- tells the story of communist infiltration into the US - 48 goals of the Communist Party which are already in place in the US..  Not a new story, but bears repeating, over and over.   See also,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtoIfLgzpx4&playnext=1&list=PL43A0801B6C5350B7        E. Fox

2.02   Muslim Inbreeding devastating  to Muslim culture and health.  We have a tidal wave of sickness and disability arising all around the world.   Google "Muslim, Islam, inbreeding, gene pool" to get several articles on this matter.      See Islam Library.  


1.30  ** Why is the Law of God So GOOD?  <- Audio.   Is the law of God arbitrary, mean-spirited?  or is it the law of freedom and grace?    Sermon E. Fox.  Jan. 30, 2011.  Printed Version

   STUPID IN AMERICA  -- A few years ago, John Stossel produced a special report on government education in America. In the course of his investigation he found that even in "good" school districts academic achievement was quite poor, that a lack of discipline often results in chaotic classrooms, that taxpayer money is wasted in vast amounts, and that it is virtually impossible to fire incompetent teachers.  
    Now Stossel's special report is available free on YouTube. You ought to watch it, ask your friends, relatives, and pastors to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx4pN-aiofw    
     See also: ABC's 20/20 -- "Stupid in America" 

   Aldous Huxley -  "I had a motive for not wanting the world to have a meaning; consequently assumed that it had none, and was able without any difficulty to find satisfying reasons for this assumption. The philosopher who finds no meaning in the world is not concerned exclusively with a problem in pure metaphysics, he is also concerned to prove that there is no valid reason why he personally should not do as he wants to do, or why his friends should not seize political power and govern in the way that they find most advantageous to themselves. … For myself, the philosophy of meaninglessness was essentially an instrument of liberation, sexual and political."
Aldous Huxley (evolutionist, leftist, and grandson of T.H. Huxley, known as "Darwin's bulldog"):
Ends and Means, pp. 270 ff.
   [This is an evil-minded man, and also ignorant in moral-philosophy
The Law & the Grace of God).    E. Fox] 

   Are Christians Becoming Non-Believers? - Beverley Eakman reflecting on shrinking church populations.  

  ** Spiritual Warfare in the Church & America <- Audio.  What is spiritual warfare, how has it been employed against the Church and America, and what can we do about it?   Sermon, E. Fox   Jan. 23, 2011Printed Version

  ** The Last 6 Seconds -- 2 Marines, Spiritual Warfare, & a Large Blue Truck...   An extraordinary piece on 2 Marines, America, and God.  See Reason & Revelation sermon...   Commentary, E. Fox 

   How America Went Gay  -  Charles Socarides, MD.   Socarides' material was a major help for me in understanding the dynamics of the homosexual agenda.    E. Fox 

     "Give me liberty or give me death...!"  -  speech by Patrick Henry. 

1.17  Chico & Harpo Marx at the piano -- hilarious!   

   When WW III Started... 1979.   Maybe.    E. Fox 

Stalin on America -- "America is like a healthy body, and its resistance is three-fold:
    its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.  If we can  undermine these three
    areas, America will collapse from within." 
                    from "Agenda" at    www.videolog.tv/victor83/videos/592586
          Both the Chinese Communists and Stalin understood that our foundation
    is Biblical spirituality.  Why do almost no Americans understand that, and still
    less stand up and defend it???   Fellow Christians, where are you???     E. Fox

  ** Reason & Revelation Welded Back to Back - on the Offensive <- Audio.  The union of reason and revelation, the two edges of the Sword of the Spirit - an invincible weapon.   Sermon, E. Fox    Jan 16, 2011  Printed Version

  ** Engel vs. Vitale - the Supreme Court declares prayer in government-controlled schools to be unconstitutional.  This set the public up for Roe v. Wade by dismissing God from His sovereignty and thus making itself the decider of right vs. wrong and of who is or is not a person.   Commentary by E. Fox.     

  ** Roe v. Wade - the (illegal and unconstitutional) Supreme Court Decision which launched America on a holocaust.  Read it, and see what sense you can make of it.   E Fox commentary. 

1.11  A Bit of Providential History --  God at work in His mysterious ways.... 

  ** The Acts of St. Luke's <- Audio.   What kind of commitment must a parish have to be effective for the Lord?   E. Fox sermon - Printed Version.   Jan 9, 2011

  ** Epiphany - Gentiles & the Gospel  <- Audio.  The importance for Gentiles of Epiphany as a High Holy Day.   (No Printed Version.)   E. Fox Sermon   Jan 6, 2011

  French Revolution Declaration of the Right of Man - 1789 - an abortive attempt to create a secular constitution.   And also, UN Declaration of Human Rights   These two form the moral "ground" of Globalism -- the attempt to construct a morality out of nothing.   See Biblical Government

  ** Christian Faith -- what is it?   Essay on the reality contact of faith - catholic, evangelical, and charismatic.  (Still a work in progress...)  E. Fox

1.02  ** 'Justified'...  What's That???  & Who Needs It???  <- Audio.  What is the meaning of 'justification', why we need it, and who can supply it?  E. Fox Sermon Christmas 2 - Printed Version - Jan 2, 2011.   


A Happy New Year to All --
May the Lord draw you to Himself and Bless you
for Service to Him and Your Neighbor!

Anno Domini



2010 Anno Domini


12.28  ** Christmas & St. Stephen - Christian vs. Pagan Joy - Christmas I Sermon on Christmas & martyrdom - Printed Version  - E. Fox - Dec. 26, 2010

 **  Personal Testimony of Holy Spirit.  <- Audio.  (No Printed version).  E. Fox Christmas Day Sermon - Dec. 25, 2010

 ** Worldview & the Coming of Jesus <- Audio.  Christmas Eve Sermon - (No Printed version).   E. Fox   Dec. 24, 2010

12.20  ** Which Grinch Stole Which Christmas? -- <-Audio Sermon.  The unhappy Theology of Santa Claus.....   Christmas Day Sermon from 2009.   Extended Printed Version.    E. Fox           

12.17  ** Summary of Salvation <-Audio Sermon. - Advent 4 - Lessons & Carols   A short Salvation History.  (No Printed Version)  E. Fox .   Dec. 19, 2010

  ** Abortion, the Bible, & America - the Preborn Person Deserves the Same Protection as the Born Person -   a talk given at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA  October 23, 2010.   E. Fox   With extended PDF revision. 

  ** God - a Loving Person, not an Abstraction <- Audio Sermon -  a meditation on the two Comings of Christ --  Printed Version - Advent III, December 12, 2010    

   The WikiLeaks "Gay" Connection - by Scott Lively - on the rightness of not allowing homosexual persons into the military or into sensitive political positions.  

12.10 ** Encouragement for Pro-Lifers (& others) in the Midst of Failure.    E. Fox

  ** "...Who had Caused All Holy Scriptures to be Written for our Learning...
<- Audio Sermon.  What's so important about Holy Scripture???   Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox, Advent II,  December 5, 2010  

  The Mother Heart of God -  Nancy Hicks - on true & radical femininity.     See also, Radical Femininity by Jean Zampino. 


11.27  ** The "Comings" of God <-Audio Sermon.  God comes into the lives of men -- bridging the illusory chasm between the spiritual and the material.  Printed Version.  E. Fox, Advent I,   November 28, 2010 

    Who is Antonio Gramsci?    Long dead, but one of the most to-be-feared men in history.  But not more than the living God.   And therefore easily dealt with -- if we have the will to obey God.    E. Fox  

   Roster for Council on Foreign Relations -- CFR -one of the subversive organizations running America. 

11.25  The Costs of Illegal Immigration  

  Awesome! Pop-Up Hallelujah Chorus at Macy's  - a random (so to speak) act of cultural kindness.  Just this past weekend, shoppers at the the Macy's in Philadelphia (the old Wanamaker building- ) were surprised when over 600 choristers who were there mingling with regular shoppers suddenly burst into Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. It's pretty awesome.  The Opera Company of Philadelphia was instrumental in bringing it together to perform one of the Knight Foundation's "1000 Random Acts of Culture" which they'll be doing over the next three years across the country. Accompanied by the Wanamaker Organ - the world's largest pipe organ - the singers burst into song at exactly noon.   (See "Just for Fun" Library)

  The 2nd Verse of the Star Spangled Banner -- you need to hear it!!!  And sing it!!!

   A Discussion on the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs -- Economics 101..  So to speak.   Superb!   Even though they touch only the surface.  For more, go to www.theMoneyMasters.com.  And to www.FreedomToFascism.com   And to Conservative Collapse  E.  Fox.  

  Teaching for America - Thomas Friedman -  NYT --    Right on the problem, wrong on the solution -- more tax money, more government control.   And more disaster.  Not the way to go.    Commentary by E. Fox.

  ** Because He's My King!  that's why!  <- Audio Sermon.  Why do so many people do such extraordinary things for Jesus???  When will the Western Church find its true loyalty again?   Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version    November 21, 2010 

  Humanist Manifesto #3 - Scroll down to # 3.  A good place to test your Christian Apologetics... 

  ** Jesus & the Best of All Possible Worlds  <-Audio Sermon.   God would not create anything less than the best.  How can that be possible?    Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox   November 14, 2010 

  Samuel Adams - AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE -  almost unknown, but powerful bit of American history - a MUST READ. 

  ** Sainthood - Biblical or Pagan?  <-Audio Sermon.    Biblical Sainthood is Quite Different from that of Paganism....     Printed Version   All Saints Day Sermon, E. Fox     November 7, 2010 

11.4  ** Raimon Pannikar dies - his Legacy   -   Can Eastern Religions be united with Biblical Religion???   Excellent article with which to test your knowledge of these two religions.     Commentary E. Fox 

  Two New Websites on Hindu religion - Vishal Mangalwadi & Ravi Zacharias 

  ** Meaninglessness, Pain, & Pleasure - Ravi Zacharias --    

  ** How the "Marketing of Evil" Really Works - David Kupelian & Judith Reisman  -- 
See "Marketing of Evil" #1    A sad commentary on America today -- not the real America -- which, by the grace of God, we will get back again.   


  10.31 ** An Election Day Sermon - Jesus is Lord & Savior <= Audio Sermon. --   Can Jews & Christians uphold a Biblical form of government with truth and grace?     Printed Version.  E. Fox    October 31, 2010 

  ** Yahweh or the Great Mother?  --  Outline for LAST SESSION - HOW TO PUT THIS TO WORK  --  video stream seminar on the two basic worldviews.   
    If you missed earlier lectures, you will be able to view and/or download them as the sessions are generated, using same password. 

    Sign up & directions for logging in - at ww.EmmausMall.org/seminars.html.  

Beginning January 2011 - date to be announced
a New Live Video Streaming Seminar
WHY GOVERNMENT NEEDS GOD -- the Theology of Civil Government

     Begins Tues. Nov. 2, 7 pm. (Pacific Time)   Sign up at www.emmausmall.org

  ** Spiritual Warfare - Knowing Your Enemy <-Audio Sermon - Getting to know your enemy and taking the offensive...   Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version October 24, 2010

  10.18  The Venona Papers -- a large batch of information decoded by the US and others dealing with Soviet infiltration of American government.  The results are astounding -- in their revelations of the extent to which America had been compromised most of the 1900s.  The actions of our politicians ranged from stupid and incompetent to treason.  Google "Venona Papers" for a list of articles.  The Wikipedia article linked to above introduces the subject.  If you still believe there is no "conspiracy" going on in American government, maybe this will change your mind.  Politics is, in every age, full of conspiracy. 

 ** Our Sacramental Nature -  <-Audio Sermon - Our bodies are outward & visible signs of our inward & spiritual souls -- a watershed which distinguishes Biblical religion from all others.  Printed Version - October 17, 2010 

10.10  ** Without Thee, We are Unable to Please Thee <- Audio Sermon.  Why, without God's help, can we not please Him?  The nature of the Fall and of Salvation.  Printed Version - E. Fox    October 10, 2010 

  Patton on Prayer.  Funny how so many great men are convinced that God makes the crucial difference in our lives.  General George Patton was one of them.  Prayer changed the course of the Battle of the Bulge.  

  ** Christians are to be -- Truth-Seekers -- Not Position-Defenders - <- Audio Sermon.  Truth-seeking is the Royal Road to God.  Position-defending petrifies and stultifies.   Printed Version.  Earle Fox     October 3, 2010  


  9.30  Common Sense Science - a striking New Way of Looking at the Universe -- from Common Sense (of all things!).   This view Reverses much of Einstein's Relativity Theory and much of Quantum Physics - back to Common Sense..  Prediction: this new understanding of science will change our future dramatically, and be found quite compatible with the Biblical view of Reality.  So far it looks good....  Stay tuned.  It will be a long testing period.     E. Fox

  Dennis Prager - Judaism's Sexual Revolution - (an oldie) Why Judaism Rejected Homosexuality --  A classic on the subject of human sexuality.  

  ** Why the Commandments are for our Good - <- Audio Version.  The commandments are part of the grace of God, not contrary to grace.  They become contrary only when we do not have a personal relationship with the Law Giver.  The Commandments are for our good, not God pestering us to show us how important He is.   Printed Version.   E. Fox   September 26, 2010

  ** Hate-Crime Coercion - a Totalitarian Mindset....   E. Fox 

  Shariah a Danger to US - Security Pros Say -  For those who think the Islam is freedom-friendly and compatible with the American Constitution, this PDF is for you. 

  9.19  ** Why is it So Hard to See God? <- Audio Version  God tells us to "seek His face", why is it so difficult and what can we do about it?  Sermon, E. Fox - Printed Version -   September 19, 2010 

 Mexican Military invading American borders -- routinely and at will.  That could happen only with the complicity of our own government at the very highest levels.  Mexican Military along the border has apparently been bought out by drug cartels, and runs interference for the drug carriers, even inside the US borders!  And Obama does nothing?  If these reports are accurate, does the word 'treason' come to mind?    

   The Illegal Income Tax - Pete Hendrickson - see http://www.losthorizons.com/ and book, Cracking the Code.     READ THIS ARTICLE!!!  

  9.12  ** What I Learned about Islam Yesterday...   <-Audio Version.  A comparison between Islam and Biblical Religion.  Sermon, E. Fox   Printed Version.   September 11, 2010 

  ** Loving that which Thou doest Command....  <- Audio Version.  Why do we resent the commands of God when they are only for our good?   Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version September 5, 2010 

   Abortion is NOT Legal...   Not anywhere in the United States -- Dr. Herbert Titus, Constitutional lawyer.   See set of articles by Titus on how to deal with abortion at http://www.theinteramerican.org/commentary/dr-herbert-titus.html  

   ** An Extended Response to Muslims from Christians -- There are very few Christians (or anyone else)  who know how to respond to Muslims about our relationship to them.  But the numbers are growing and there are excellent resources, but Christian clergy are very slow to pick up on the matter or to preach about it.  The contest is primarily spiritual, not military or political.  The issues are some of the most fundamental any civilization can face.      E.Fox   


   8.29   The Voice of the Martyrs - a ministry to Christian under persecution.  Children's website.  Powerful testimonies to the effectiveness of Christian witness under persecution. 

  BarnabasAid - a ministry to persecuted Christians, mainly  in Muslim areas   One of the best available resources on how to relate with truth and grace to Muslims. 

  ** Blessed Assurance....  <-Audio Version.  How can we find assurance that we are saved?  How can we know that the Gospel is true?  For ME?    Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version  August 29, 2010 

   Parents AND TEENS favor Abstinence over Promiscuity --  Under pressure from researchers, educators, and parent groups, Health & Human Services has released its full report "National Survey of Adolescents and Their Parents: Attitudes and Opinions About Sex and Abstinence" after originally limiting access to a brief summary.  One thousand students and an involved parent of each were questioned concerning parent and peer influence and communication on teen sexual behavior, revealing 70% of parents and 60% of teens supporting pre-marital abstinence. 

   8.22  Edwin Vieira on Judicial Tyranny - Excellent audio interview by Steve Deace with Constitutional lawyer and author Dr. Edwin Vieira, our Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government and Social Thought.  

   ** God or Chaos?  Which is Bigger?  <-Audio Version.   How does chaos dominate our lives?  Is the God you worship bigger than the chaos you face?  Printed Version.  E Fox sermon - August 22, 2010 

   A Free Man's Worship -- Bertrand Russell -- his testimony to his own atheism and faith in himself.  

   ** The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive  <- Audio Version -What does "fully alive" mean, and how does that affect our relationship with God?  Do God and man have to compete with each other for glory?    Printed Version - E. Fox Sermon.   August 15, 2010  

   8.14  ** Fractional Reserve Banking -  an ugly Evil in the Financial System - E. Fox

   Alan Keyes - www.LoyalToLiberty.com  - well worth the visit.... 

   ** Transfiguration by Light <- Audio Version.  The Transfiguration of Jesus is aimed at our transfiguration so that we might shine with a holy Light.  Printed Version.   August 8, 2010  Sermon, E. Fox. 

   From the Desk of Judge Roy Moore --  on the judicial attack against our Constitution. 

   8.02  www.loyaltoliberty.com   Go to website of Alan Keyes , Loyal to Liberty -- for a good foundation on political freedom and our constitution.   

    ** The Church Militant vs. a Renegade Government <- Audio Version.  How can Godly people take back their government from illegal and treasonous betrayal by the power hungry?  Printed Version August 1, 2010  Sermon, E. Fox. 


   7.27  Ben Bernanke (former governor of the Federal Reserve Board) spoke glowingly about the contributions of Milton Friedman (arch-critic of the behavior of that board...) at Friedman's 90th birthday in 2002.  Bernanke was doing damage control.  He did a "good job" of it, but it won't wash....!   If past history is any indication, the Fed is a criminal organization.  See testimonies.  And also, go to www.theMoneyMasters.com.

   Architects & Engineers for Truth about 9-11 --  over 1200 architects and engineers have banded together to produce the evidence against the official government report on 9-11.   The buildings did NOT fall because of the airplane impacts, explosions, or fires, but because of internal detonation.  The evidence is overwhelming.  There MUST be a reopening of the government investigation with an open contest of evidence.  It will not happen without a substantial change of membership in Congress and in the Whitehouse.  And in the clear thinking of the American people.  

   7.25  ** Have We a Testimony Like St. James? <- Audio Version.   And what might that cost us?  Sermon, July 25, 2010   Printed Version.   

   ** The Road to Emmaus Master-Plan -- is taking mature shape....  

  Jesus & Stalin's Dove - Olavo de Carvalho -- a superb piece on the meaning of the dove of peace - high-jacked by Stalin. 

   The Inter-American Institute -- Led by Olavo de Carvalho.    The Road to Emmaus joins the Inter-American Institute to create a pan-American effort to restore Godly government and intellectual, moral, and spiritual freedoms with which God has blessed us.  Governments are instituted precisely to administer and protect those freedoms -- centralized governments are meant (for the most part) to control (or eliminate at will) those freedoms and the citizens under them. 

   Codex Alimentarius -- Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD. (at Health Freedom USA) -- on the UN attempt (inspired by former Nazi industrialist) to take over world food supply, including vitamins and minerals, declaring them dangerous and in need of control by the government, pharmaceutical giants, etc.    America MUST GET OUT of the UN, it is an enemy of the people (all people!), not a friend. 
     Right in line with ObamaCare - complete & unchallengable control of not only health but food (!)  by government.   See Dr. Laibow's talk introducing Codex Alimentarius -->  http://www.youtube.com/user/tryharder30#p/c/8EC64143C9736125/2/rvnGNlKI-8I 

 CONSPIRACY - in Global Finance? -- fact or theory?   Are there no serious facts to support the claim that a small group of financiers are in fact running the world, a shadow government behind probably every major and many smaller governments in the world?  Ask these folks: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, & many others... (see text).   The case is locked-in regarding the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and various versions of Communist, Socialist, & centralized corporatist power mongers.  Read this list of quotes.   E. Fox.    

  7.18  ** Abraham... Take Your Only Son....   <- Audio Version.  July 18, 2010   What can we make of such a request from God to a father....?   Printed Version.  E. Fox. 

 The Normal State of Man - Tyranny & Misery -- Milton Friedman - a top economist of our time - gets many points beautifully here (e.g., govt. does everything at gunpoint), but he does not show understanding of the necessary role of God in our freedom and in civil government.   For more on this "normal state of man", see above on the "Conspiracy in Global Finance" - Federal Reserve and the IRS.   You will see WHY this continues to be the "normal state".

 The Moral Disgrace of the "National Right to Life" organization -- posted on the American Right to Life website.  Read the badly failed policy of "regulating" abortion rather than ending it.  Read it, weep, and get busy -- support the American Right to Life - which has backbone and Godly wisdom.   

  7.11 ** Passing on our Faith & Heritage <- Audio Version sermon.  July 11, 2010  Why we Christians are losing 85% of our children to secularism and paganism -- and how to change that...   Printed Version.   E. Fox  

 Deism & the Declaration of Independence -  Interview with David Barton.  Was Thomas Jefferson a deist?  Did he in his actions show an animosity toward Christianity?   What was his theology and Christology?   

 ** The Theology of Civil Government -- (Book in the making) one of the most important issues for Christians to understand -- so that we can again have a reasonable presence in the Public Arena.   E. Fox

 Stand With Us -- support Israel in the fight for its existence.  YES! 

 ** WHAT (and WHO) CAUSED the TWIN TOWERS to FALL in 9/11???   (UPDATED)  --   a short course in High School Physics,  (potential) HIGH TREASON, and (real) SPIRITUAL WARFARE.   We MUST reopen the 9-11 investigation....    by E. Fox       
        Read this pdf brochure    (And see next item...  Letter to Dr. Shyam Sunder...)

 ** Letter to Dr. Shyam Sunder, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) from  Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth -- challenging the Federal report on 9-11.  Electric.  The evidence for a reopening of the 9-11 investigation is overwhelming.  pdf document   (See previous item...)  See also pdf brochure with summary of evidence and resources at www.ae911Truth.org 

 ** The Theology of Civil Government <-Audio Version.   July 4, 2010   - Trinity V.  The Western Tradition of Biblical Government --  leading to the American Constitution -  4th of July Sermon.   Printed Version.  E. Fox   


  6.27  ** "Come into my Parlor".... said the Spider to the Fly.  <- Audio Version.   June 27, 2010   The two basic stabilities of life, and our salvation.  Printed Version.   E. Fox 

Architecture for a New World Financial System - Antal Fekete, a superb economist -- with comments by E. Fox 

 ** Yahweh or the Great Mother?  -- a live, video stream seminar on the two basic worldviews.  System under Construction --  Coming soon....   Earle Fox

Ustream Test    ApolTree   TEST Page

How to Think about Regulation -- that is, how should government regulate businesses?  Or Should It?   Perry Willis at www.DownsizeDC.org    Brilliant series!!!    Also contains article on Upton Sinclair, his book The Jungle, and more on regulation.  

** The Fatherhood of God  <= Audio Version -- a Fathers' Day sermon  June 20, 2010, on the fundamental importance of Godly gender relations, the cost of rejecting & the power of accepting --  the Fatherhood of God.   E. Fox  Printed Version

The "New" New Deal - Charles R. Kesler - on Obama in American politics.  Editor of Claremont Review of Books speaking at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI.          
       See also Hillsdale policy on never taking funding from government -- ought to be in every school in the land.  NO government funding.  Get civil government totally, 100%, out of education.  Top to bottom.  See also Education Library

6.13  ** Including my Neighbor in my Circle  <= Audio Version.  June 13, 2010  What does it mean to "love my neighbor just like I love myself"?  Sermon - Trinity 2 Sunday - Printed Version.  E. Fox 

World Communism - Alive & Well --  Olavo deCarvalho   

America Rising!  We're Coming After YOU!  --  ...all you politicians who are selling out America for your own greed and lust for power.  That is the message of this superbly  done Youtube -- but it will not happen unless we get serious with the Lord.   E. Fox.

** How do we Live this Life in the Trinity?  <= Audio Version.  June 6, 2010   The liturgical Trinity Season gets ignored because our understanding of the Trinity has been so abstract and thus hard to related to actual life.  Need not be that way....   Trinity 1 Sunday, Sermon E. Fox -- Printed Version

St. Luke's REC / ACNA Page -- information and resources for parish ministry. 

A Tale of Two America's on Memorial Day 2010 -- by William Forstchen on B. Obama.  We are being betrayed from within, and mostly by ourselves who let this sort of thing happen without effective response.  Let the response begin...!  Thank you William Forstchen!   E. Fox 

** Biblical Government -- What is it?    A presentation by Earle Fox  -- 4 Sessions.   For audio recordings of past sessions, go to www.AIPNews.com,  click on "America's Summit - Restore the Republic" near top of left column - then scroll down to date wanted.  


5.30   ** The One, Holy, & Undivided Trinity -- in a Personal & Biblical Mode..  <= Audio Version.  May 30, 2010   Getting the doctrine of the Trinity down into the lives of the people...   Sermon Trinity Sunday, 5/30/2010, E. Fox    Printed Version.  

           ** "Marriage is for White People..."  - by Joy Jones -- a deeply touching story --  with consequences.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

 5.23  ** OnLine Seminars -- on Christian Apologetics -- Learn how gracefully and reasonably to explain and defend your faith.  A resource under construction....   Coming online soon....   E. Fox 

           West, Samuel - 1776 sermon on Right of Rebellion --   This is a SUPERB piece on the logic of the American revolution -- not a rebellion, but a conservative revolution.  The American colonies had not violated their charters with the King of England, it was the king who had consistently violated those charters.  See the website, sermon, and articles

           How Stare Decisis Subverts the Law - by Jon Roland at the Constitution Society -- Read this on how our Constitution was subverted out from under us.  One of several strategies.  

           ** "Making Love" - the Purpose and Meaning of Sexual Intercourse  --  Some answers to perhaps the most profoundly misunderstood aspect of human life -- even, sadly, by most Christians....   Sex & Gender - the Wonderful Godly Way...   E. Fox  

           ** The Baptism of the Holy Spirit <- Audio Version.   What is it? &, Is it for us Anglicans???   Day of Pentecost Sermon 2010 - E. Fox   Printed Version

           Obama Page -- see quote "from an unknown but wise man..."   The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of...

           When the Music Stopped...   at a theater in Iraq - as our National Anthem was being played prior to a movie.....   Awesome! 

           ** Overcoming Sin...  <- Audio Version.  We are not locked into a "sin life", the power of sin can be, and is being, overcome.  Yes, by the grace of God -- and a little bit of Godly common sense on our part.    Sermon, 5/16/10 E. Fox.  Printed Version

 5.13  ** The Ascension -- and US   --   <-Audio Version - What has the Ascension to do with US?  E. Fox. sermon 5/13/10 (No printed version.) 

          ** Choose Life  <- Audio Version.  Choosing life for the littlest -- and for ourselves -- choosing to be truth-seekers, at any cost to ourselves.    Sermon, 5/9/10  E. Fox.  Printed Version

          ** Is Social Justice a Christian Doctrine - Don Hank (commentary by E. Fox)  

          ** The Body of Christ in a Sacramental World...  <- Audio Version.  An extraordinary idea with no parallel in all of secular or pagan history.  The most powerful community ever seen.   Sermon, 5/2/10  E. Fox.  Printed Version


4.25  Global Warming Information --

          ** The Holy People - the Redeemed of the Lord...  <- Audio Version.   What is holiness?  How does the Biblical version differ from the secular or pagan versions?  How can we put holiness to work here and now?   Sermon, 4/25/10  E. Fox.  Printed Version

4.19  ** Biblical Government -- What is it?    A presentation by Earle Fox  -- 4 Sessions.   For audio recordings of past sessions, go to www.AIPNews.com,  click on "America's Summit - Restore the Republic" near top of left column - then scroll down to date wanted.  

           ** WHAT (and WHO) CAUSED the TWIN TOWERS to FALL in 9/11???  -  (updated)   --   a short course in High School Physics, (potential) HIGH TREASON, and (real) SPIRITUAL WARFARE.   We MUST reopen the 9-11 investigation....    by E. Fox    (See next item...)

         ** Letter to Dr. Shyam Sunder, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) from  Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth -- challenging the Federal report on 9-11.  Electric.  The evidence for a reopening of the 9-11 investigation is overwhelming.  pdf document   (See previous item...)

        ** The Good Shepherd <-Audio Version -  Easter 2 - Who are the good shepherds?  Printed Version   E. Fox Sermon 4/18/10 

4.11  ** You are My witnesses...   <-Audio Version  -  Easter 1 -   Who is a Witness for God?     Printed Version.  E. Fox Sermon 4/11/10

           ** Two Shrouds  <-Audio Version.   Resurrection Morning -  One shroud destroys the other.        Printed Version.  E. Fox  sermon 4/4/10

          ** A Spear Wound in My Side <- Audio Version.   Good Friday - Jesus is creating the Body of Christ n Earth in preparation for His departure.  E.Fox Sermon  4/2/10  Printed Version

          ** Foot Washing in an Airport <- Audio Version.  Maundy Thursday.  We are to wash the feet of one another -- any time, any place.   Printed Version.   E.Fox Sermon 4/1/10      


3.28   ** Riding into Santa Ana on a Donkey   <-Audio Version - Palm Sunday 2010 Sermon.  Printed Version.   E. Fox 

           ** Only the Innocent can Die for the Guilty <- Audio Version.  Sermon, Lent V, 3/21/10    Printed Version.

           ** The Kingdom (Relationship Reality) is Among You!  <- Audio Version (coming).  Sermon at St. Luke's REC, Lent IV, 3/14/2010.  Printed Version.     E. Fox  

3.09   Why Christian Women Convert to Islam -- This is an interview broadcast on Premier Christian Radio (UK) in June 2009 where Rosemary Sookhdeo is interviewed by Maria Toth for the programme “Woman to Woman”.  She is discussing her book “Stepping into the Shadows”.  Is it true that Christian women are converting to Islam? If so why, and how do we as churches and individuals need to respond?   27 minutes.   From BarnabasAID, a superb Christian ministry to persecuted Christians.  

           The Coming Evangelical Collapse - Michael Spencer --

           Good Bye - Good Men - by Michael S. Rose -  Homosexual Infiltration into Roman Catholic Church --  a story waiting to break in our sexualized public school system, and in the Episcopal and other churches which have embraced the homosexual lifestyle as "normal".  E. Fox   (See Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? on how America got sexualized, and how to win the battle.)

           ** How does God Draw People to Himself?  <- Audio Version - Sermon,  Lent III, Mar. 7, 2010.  Printed Version.  

          Episcopal Church Polity -- Is a Diocese Free to Leave the Episcopal Church? -- Yes, says Mark McCall...  A thorough documentation of the legal aspects.  TEC is NOT 'hierarchical' in the legal sense often taken by the courts.  The legal argument appears to be clear and plain.   E. Fox.   

          Proposed 28th Amendment to the US Constitution --   A Non-Partisan Winner....!    Putting Congress back, literally, under the law of the land, along with we, the people.   We have had, literally, an outlaw Congress, refusing to obey the laws it makes for others.          

          ** Crime, Guns, & the 2nd Amendment -- Murder down 10%  in 2009 as firearm sales soar.  The Stats are clear and amazing. But why so amazing?  They ought to be expected!  Gun owners are law abiding, and significantly help lower crime.  by E. Fox


2. 28  ** The Virtue of Faith <- Audio Version --  Sermon at St. Luke's REC Church, Santa Ana, CA, Lent II, Feb. 28, 2010.   Why faith is not arbitrary, and is the foundation of science, not the enemy of it.  - Printed Version.    E. Fox 

           ** Satan in the Bible - & How to Conquer Him <- Audio Version.  The Cosmic Spoiled Brat - We can become invulnerable to Satan and take the offensive in the same sense that Jesus was, and did -- by God restoring our two primary stabilities.   Sermon at St. Luke's REC Church -- E. Fox.  Printed Version

           In Praise of Islamic Civilization (Carly Fiorina) -- & a Neat Response (Peter BetBasoo)  On how Islam fools the rest of the world (or tries to....)    A superb exchange....   Every Christian, Jew, and common-sense Westerner needs to  know this stuff!    E. Fox 

2.24   ** Islam, Epistemology, & the Koran -- analyzing the epistemology of Islam.  How does Islam know what it knows about God?   E. Fox 

           CARBON-SENSE.COM -- Website for common sense info on carbon dioxide in the air...  

          False Dawn - The story of how Globalism is trying to reinvent religion to fit its Globalist-control program.  It is not about freedom of religion, but like every centralization of government, about control of religion, and therefore of people.  God will not permit it.  God sets us free.  But we Americans will have to fight for this freedom, like never before.  The Road to Emmaus is here to help Christians uphold the intellectual, moral, and spiritual aspect of Biblical religion, which alone can sustain human freedom.   (See "One World Government" block above right.) 

           The Generosity of America - (PDF file) Adam Meyerson speaking at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI.  An extraordinary summary of the place which freemarket human generosity holds in the life and spirituality of America.  

          ** What is Love - Biblical vs. Pagan?  <-Audio Version.   Pagan love vs. Biblical love.  Sermon by E. Fox.   Printed Version

          ** UN "Rights of the Child" -- a failure of truth and justice.  E. Fox 

           Supreme Court Website -- 

           Why English Is NOT Our Official Language...   It began as part of the Marxist war against Western Civilization, and, especially the remainder of Biblical foundations in America.   Does any other nation demean its own language?  Hard to find one....   Campaign for the bill in Congress to make English our official language.  

2.10   Honest Money -- at www.DownsizeDC.org  How should we produce our money supply after we get rid of the Federal Reserve?  

           ** The Criminalizing of Ignorance --  E. Fox -- Government control of education dismantles a freemarket of ideas and criminalizes education.  It is always wrong to give our children over to the coercive forces of government to be educated.  

           ** Saving Civilization <-Audio Version -  Only God can create civilization.    Printed Version.   E. Fox at St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA, 2/7/10.

           ABORTION IS NOT LEGAL - Not anywhere in the United States....   by Herbert Titus, JD, & Christine Ross.  Titus is one of the top constitutional scholars in America.     See set of articles by Titus on how to deal with the abortion issue at http://www.theinteramerican.org/commentary/dr-herbert-titus.html

          White House Undocumented Guests -- YouTube in Congress.  Would you open your home to undocumented guests?  The White House will not.  So, why not???  The White House pretender welcomes undocumented aliens, why not undocumented guests?  That is a question for every supporter of illegal immigration. 

          Check the Age of Your TIRES...!   Go to http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=4826897   


1.31  ** The Law & the Grace of God -  <-Audio Version.  Sermon, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA.  How law and grace are absolutely and eternally wedded.  Printed Version.     (See also the extended article, The Law & the Grace of God.)

          Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling <<See Wall Street Journal article.... But... in Brazil, not in America -- and for the benefit of China and George Soros, largest stockholder of Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company (and large contributor to Obama's campaign)  --   Is the US going to be free to drill?  Or is this one more betrayal by Obama and his Globalist Handlers? 

          EHD - Endowment for Human Development - "Improving lifelong - one pregnancy at at time...."   An amazing array of visuals on the nature of pregnancy, fertilization, and growth within the womb.  Want to see the humanity of the unborn???  Stunning...!  See also Abortion Library & Life-Health Library.     Clergy -- this is for YOUR congregation!

         OBAMA - MOST POLARIZING "PRESIDENT" EVER....    See Gallup Poll  

         SARAH PALIN -- NOT PRO-LIFE   --  See this http://prolifeprofiles.com/palin   See Top Page for more information on other persons.

          Anglicans for Life -- Georgette Forney, President --  An excellent resource for pro-life evangelism ( http://www.anglicansforlife.org/ ).  See "Reflection's on My Journey", Georgette's testimony.    Also here on the Road..., Abortion Library & Life/Health Library. 

1.22   What is "Cultural Marxism"?  by William Lind, an excellent short description of how Marxism gained control of America.  

           ** WHAT (and WHO) CAUSED the TWIN TOWERS to FALL in 9/11???  -  (updated with new response on pro-government report side Jan. 20, 2010)   --   a short course in High School Physics, potential HIGH TREASON, and SPIRITUAL WARFARE.   We MUST reopen the 9-11 investigation....    by E. Fox    

           Mayflower Compact -- one of our originating and organic documents defining the meaning of being an American.  Part of the background leading to the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.   

           Northwest Ordinance - 1787 - another of our originating and organic documents -- set the rules for new areas to be incorporated into these United States.    

1.16   Christianity & the Rise of Science -- a super UK website on this subject, e.g., on the role of Galileo, religion, & the Inquisition.  The evidence has been known for many decades, but our "dedicated" secular media has not wanted us to know the truth.  Truth will out.  See also the Science Library

           ** The Hour After The Day After -- Armageddon, not Gotterdammerung - <-Audio Version.   Sermon at St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA     Printed Version.  

          ** The Hour After The Day After - Original article from 1983 -- (basis for sermon above by same name).  E. Fox 

           Magna Carta -- a marvelous history and description archived in Britain.  A turning point in human history.

1.10   ** Flocking to the Mountain of God -  <-Audio Version.   Sermon, St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA -  Christmas II, Jan. 3, 2010.  Why would the world flock to the Mountain of God???  Printed Version with E. Fox theological commentary on Israel and America.... 

          ** How is God a Trinity?  --  <-Audio Version.  Sermon on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2009, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA     Printed Version (with theological commentary on "modalism" by E. Fox).

         ** Jesus & Gentiles - <-Audio Version -- Epiphany - Jan. 6, 2010 - Sermon by E. Fox    (No printed version.)

         ** Jesus: 12 Years Old in the Temple - Child in God = Adult in the World - <-Audio Version.  Lesson from a 12-year old -- to become an adult in the world, you must be a child in God - by E. Fox.   Printed Version.


A Happy New Year to All --
May the Lord draw you to Himself and Bless you!

Anno Domini

Anno Domini


12.31  ** Islam in Malmo, Sweden --  Islam wants to rule Sweden (and the world) with an iron (sharia) fist.    E. Fox 

            ** What it Means to be a Somebody - "& you shall call His name Yeshua"...   <-Audio Version.  Sermon, Christmas I, 12/27/09  St. Lukes, Santa Ana, CA  Printed Version.   E. Fox.  

All 12 Days....!
From Earle Fox & the Road to Emmaus...! 

           ** Jesus: the Sacrament of God...   <-Audio Version.   Christmas Eve sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA  -- 2009 AD.   Printed Version.  E. Fox 

           ** Which Grinch Stole Which Christmas? -- <-Audio Version - Sermon.  The unhappy Theology of Santa Claus.....   Christmas Day  Extended Printed Version.    E. Fox          

           Calculating the Date of Christmas -- the 25th of December is commonly thought to be not an accurate date for the birth of Jesus.  Not so, says the Rev. William TIghe in Touchstone Magazine.   

          "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"  in lots of languages...   

          "The 12 Days of Christmas" -- the history of a Christmas Carol....     

12.23  ** The Law & the Grace of God --  an Invitation to a Wedding -- (PDF file)  Reconciling LAW and GRACE in Biblical Theology. 
Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love' and Biblical Theology & Pelagianism in one book.)   How we can resolve issues such as the foundation of moral language and the supposed contradictions between freewill on one hand and the sovereignty and the grace of God on the other hand.  E. Fox 

            ** Our Schools are Killing Our Children...   PART I.  The tragic and lethal abandonment of educational responsibility by parents all across Western Civilization...   E. Fox

            ** Incarnation - Christmas - Jesus Making God Imaginable --  <-Audio Version.   Sermon, St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA - Advent IV, 2009.  Can we really imagine God???    Printed Version

            Conspiracy Testimonials???  What???  You don't believe in Conspiracy???  Read what these well known and respected authors and politicians have had to say about our "Money Masters" --  the financial heirs of those whom Jesus flogged out of the Temple (and may have assassinated Julius Caesar.....   

12.14  ** What is "Socialism" and what is "Communism"?   and, What is Obama?  What is the difference between communism and socialism?  ...and, does Obama & Co. want America to be a socialist/communist state?    E. Fox.  

            ** The Two Comings of Christ - God & Man --  <- Audio Version - Sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA - Advent III, 2009.  The personal coming of God into the world is unique to Biblical religion.  The two Comings are the foundation of the unique Christian faith.  Printed Version.    E. Fox

            Harry Reid Twists Civil Right History to Bash GOP - Frances Rice --  An accurate assessment, I think, and a good summary of some important American civil rights history.  E. Fox

            The Missing 13th Amendment --  POTENTIAL BOCK BUSTER!  IF ANYONE CAN VERIFY THIS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW (efox2@theroadtoemmaus.org) -- this matter is, I think, of equal or greater importance than the Federal Reserve!  There seems to have been a 13th Amendment which got "dropped" out of sight at the time of the Civil War -- you will see why... -- more intrigue in the "conspiracy" department -- globalists, lawyers, and more....   An amazing bit of happenstance sleuthing  --  It appears to ring true with other things we have investigated... such as www.themoneymasters.com .   E. Fox   

          Berit Kjos on Real Conspiracies, Past & Present...     For much, much more, see Conspiracies

12.07  ** "I Will Give You a Testimony" - God.   <-Audio Version - sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA - Advent II, 2009 -  How does God give us a testimony? And what happens when we lose it?   Printed Version.

            REPEAL 1913!    Part I -- Ron Paul's Program to Audit & End the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Service passed in 1913.  Click here for Part II.  Economically, this is the most important systemic change we can make to restore honest freemarket economics..  Ranks right up with getting Government totally out of education, and giving it back to parents and students -- to restore freemarket education and a freemarket of ideas.   
         The globalists behind the Fed and the IRS are some of the most evil people on earth (see
www.themoneymasters.com), and get the DVD.  See also http://www.secretofoz.com/ , a companion to The Money Masters. 

            The REAL Copenhagen Global Climate Conference -- a group of honest scientists are gathering at Copenhagen December 8-9 to give the lie to the travesty of science which has blown wide open with the exposure of corruption at the UK East Anglia University center for climate information, a main pillar of the Global Warming agenda..  The official Copenhagen conference will run from December 7-18.  Keep tuned.  The East Anglia debacle may go a long way towards pulling support from the Global Warming Scam.  The evidence will not matter to the perpetrators of the potential disaster, but there may be enough honest folks there who will catch on and sound the alarm.    E. Fox  

          Plundering California: How Public-Sector Unions Brought The State To Its Knees  --  Wonder why California, and much of the rest of America, is in such horrendous shape?  Still think limited government is not a good idea?  

          Obama & Abortion signs to be displayed, 6' x 12', around the country.   PDF file.  Spread the news about how Obama favors the killing of babies in the womb for any or no reason.  That is material complicity with murder -- unless it can be shown that the baby is not a baby, not human being, not a person.  And, that cannot be done.  The evidence is clear and unassailable. 

          The Detroit-ification of America --  Detroit is America-in-Preview.   Once the richest city in America, now probably the most destroyed -- by political and industrial power-struggle, greed, and mismanagement.  The rest of America stands ready to follow suit....  IF we continue on the present political course. 


11.30   ** The Other Education - David Brooks on Bruce Springsteen -- Commentary - E Fox on Springsteen and spiritual warfare

             ** "...because you did not know the time of your visitation..."    <-Audio Version - sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA Advent I, 2009 -  Printed Version.  

            Education, Freedom, & Government -- E. Fox on the most crucial systemic issue of our time.  The most helpful systemic change we can make in America which will do the most to set people free (short of a deep spiritual renewal) is getting government totally out of education, and restoring our freemarket system of education -- under which we had the best educated population in the world. 

            Aldous Huxley lets the secular cat out of his philosophical bag....  Gives his reasons (political & sexual license) for denying the existence of God and thus of moral meaning in the universe.  

            ** Christ the King -- <-Audio Version -- Sermon by E. Fox at St. Luke's Church, Santa Ana, CA, Sunday Next Before Advent, 2009.  How Abraham's conversation with the King of kings over Sodom shows God's plan of confession, repentance, and salvation.  Printed version. 

            American Independent Party ( www.AIPNews.com ) Call-in Conference Call (often with Alan Keyes) and Online Meeting Room  --  Hosted by Tom Hoefling and Paul Waple. 

11.16  Peg Luksik (National Parents' Commission) interviewed by Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party -- subject - the travesty being imposed by our Federal Dept. of Ed.   Peg Luksik was running for governor of PA when I lived in Ambridge, PA, for 8 years.  She is on target, intelligent, and persistent   Go! Peg!    This is from the late 1990's, I suspect.  She is running against Arlen Specter in 2010 for Senate.  She did some of the spade work in unearthing the betrayal by our educators in turning education into a mind-control program.  Yes, it is that bad.  GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF GOVERNMENT EDUCATION...!     E. Fox.   See Education Library.

            ** The Law & the Grace of God - a new book by E. Fox on how we can resolve issues such as the foundation of moral language and the supposed contradictions between freewill on one hand and the sovereignty and the grace of God on the other hand.   The resolution of these issues will greatly enhance the public perception of Christian intellectual and moral credibility.  

            ** The Church, the State, &....  God.   <-Audio Version - sermon by E. Fox, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA..  On the Biblical basis for civil government...   Printed Version

            Swine Flu - One of the Most Massive Cover-Ups in American History --  Dr. Russell Blaylock.  Another one of those asinine escapades by our increasingly control-minded government.  We had better cut them short, or.....           E. Fox

            Cultural Elites - the Next Unreached People Group -- Eric Metaxas - PDF document.  On evangelizing the cultural elites, most of whom think themselves above the Biblical worldview and Gospel of Jesus Christ.    

           The Man who 'Murdered' Slavery --  Mark Steyn & Eric Metaxas.  

            What will Obama Do???  by Olavo de Carvalho - a refugee from Brazil which has been taken over by the same Globalist forces at work through Obama here in the US of A.  One of the best assessments I have seen of Obama's goals and probabilities.    E. Fox   [Also available at http://laiglesforum.com/2008/11/18/408/ ]

11.08            ** Who I Am,  What I Do,  &.... Original Goodness....   <-Audio Version.  Sermon by E. Fox, St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA.    Printed Version.

           Is Obama a Muslim?   Hear his own words, over and over....   If this were all you knew of Obama, what would you conclude?  Could this be faked?  I doubt it.  We are in serious trouble in America when a man as  dishonest as he becomes a would-be president of our country.   But I believe that Besmenov (defected former Soviet KGB agent)is on target, and that the Muslims (and Obama) are the "useful idiots" for the globalists, who are the real masterminds behind our current distress, second only to wimpy and disobedient Christians who have no idea of what is happening.  There are signs of waking up.  And when all is said and done, Jesus is, and will be, Lord.    E. Fox. 

           Yuri Bezmenov - former Soviet agent tells of subversive strategy going on in America....   1984 Interview by G. Edward Griffin.  Obama (as per Antonio Gramsci) is right behind the subversion, and so are the many citizens in America who have given up their capacity to think straight -- logically and factually, and choose rather to "feel good".   Just as Bezmenov describes.  

            ** Tell My Brothers I Died Well...   <-Audio Version -- Sermon at St. Luke's REC 10/25/09 -- All Saints Day 2009.   Printed Version -- Earle Fox 

           Roots of American Culture & Community in Disarray  -  Rep. Bill Wood in House Ways & Means Committee.   SUPERB assessment of  the war within America.  Do you know the name -- Antonio Gramsci   


10.30  ** WHAT (and WHO) CAUSED the TWIN TOWERS to FALL???  -  (updated and revised 11/03/09)   --   a short course in High School Physics, HIGH TREASON, and SPIRITUAL WARFARE.   We MUST reopen the 9-11 investigation....    by E. Fox    

           Cyrus the Great, ancient Persian king -- Pioneer in civil rights.....   Persia is now Iran.  The Bible agrees.... 

10.23 Marx, Satanism, & Spiritual Warfare --  by Richard Wurmbrand -- 14-year brutalized prisoner in Communist regime.   A long and painful read, but a good contribution to understanding the downfall of the West.  We are at war with Satan and all his demons, only secondarily with each other.  

           North American Merger -- not a "conspiracy theory" but bold fact ---  says Thomas d’Aquino, CEO and president of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the Canadian counterpart to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

           Nazism is Socialism, not Fascism...  by Don Hank, Rene Guerra, and Friedrich August von Hayek --  Comment by E. Fox (Centralization is the real issue...)

           ** Good & Bad Religion... How do you Tell?    Earle Fox -- an email response in a family discussion.  

           ** ...Who brings good tidings of Good, who Publishes Salvation.  <-Audio Version -- Sermon at St. Luke's REC 10/18/09 -- celebrating St. Luke's Day & the ministry of Luke.   Printed Version -- Earle Fox 

10.11  ** The Law of Love -- the Wedding of the "Good" to the "Right" (Audio Version) -- Sermon at St. Luke's REC, 10/11/09  Resolving the alleged "contradiction" between law & grace -- Printed Version --  E. Fox  

            "Mental Health, Education, & Social Control" --  Quotes from atheist psychiatrist Brock Chisholm.  See whole series of Dennis Cuddy articles on the degradation of our education system, and what to do about it.  See also Education Library

           Ann Coulter -- new twist on US Health Care vs. European....   European Health Care "looks good" until you analyze things correctly.....

           Perversion 101L Children taught "gay" sex, rape, bestiality      A father of a high-school student is infuriated after he said a teacher provided "banned books" to her 11th-grade students, including at least one with explicit descriptions of homosexual sex acts, rape, masturbation, profane language and even bestiality.           Read the latest now on WND.com.  

           ** Mr. OBAMA!   WHO HAS STANDING???    We, the People of the United States....  That's who!   THE QUESTION IS YOUR STANDING, NOT OURS!  E. Fox     

           ** Judgement by Light - Audio Sermon by Earle Fox -- on how, by turning on the Light, God forces us to judge ourselves.  We either build heaven with God and one another, or we build hell all by ourselves.   Printed version.

           What is a "Right"?  What is a "Welfare right"?   We badly need to rethink a costly cultural error. 

           Is this a SIN?   How would you like to get this message from your mother??? 


9.30  ** Biblical Theology & Pelagianism --  by F. Earle Fox  --  Augustine vs. Pelagius on freewill vs. grace, and the sovereignty of God.   Is there a solution to this dilemma which has plagued the Church for most of its history???         YES....   E. Fox  

          "Absolute Proof of Hawaiian Conspiracy"  --  The state of HI is colluding in the hiding of evidence regarding our pseudo-president.   There will be one mell of a hess when it all hits some court-room fan.  The sooner the better.  Pray for Judge David Carter in Orange County, CA. who has a case under way.   

          ** The Power of Being - What is Spiritual Power? -- Audio Sermon, St Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church - Santa Ana, CA   Sept. 27, 2009  Printed Version  E. Fox 

          Egyptian paper: Coins found bearing name of Joseph ---  Biblical patriarch ID'd in hieroglyphs, depiction of cow linked to Pharaoh's dream   [We must wait and see on this to see if it survives public testing....   If true, it will be a VERY important find.   E. Fox] 

          BIRTH CERT:  "The Mistake, the Evidence -- Obama is NOT a Constitutional President" ---   The DNC did NOT properly Vet Obama -- If so, then Obama was NOT an eligible candidate for Presidency -- and is NOT now the President. .  The evidence appears massive and compelling.  by JC Williams   Word of caution -- as with anything, wait until you see the "other side" respond to what looks like a good piece....  E. Fox

9.23  Sunstein: Fetuses 'use' women, abortion limits 'troublesome'  -- These are the thoughts of an evil-minded man, and this is a war on the Imago Dei, the Image of God in which we are made.  It is a war on life itself.  When life is no longer sacred, of what use are our other "rights"?   The Globalist-Government-Centralizers must believe that they have us in their grip, that we have not the capacity to respond and to take them out of power -- or they would not be so bold.  We had better show them otherwise....    E. Fox.  

         Human Trafficking ....  An American Horror Story.... 

          ** Spiritual Warfare - the Fool, the Evil Man, & the Wise Man --   (Audio or printed) Sermon by Earle Fox at St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA, 9/20/09. 

          Johns Hopkins Professor on Cross-Dressing, Gender Disorder, & Sex-Change operations.   A sad tale of the perversion of science.    

          Transsexualism -  Ken McGuire at Help for Families   Getting past the smoke and mirrors to the facts of the matter.  

9.19  Islam in the Whitehouse???   from the Washington Times 

          DownSize DC with Jim Babka on how to limit government to its rightful (Constitutional) size...   with Judge Andrew Napolitano    

          Beverly Eakman on UN Rights of the Child scam.   Eakman is one of the leading critics of the Globalist takeover of the West, largely through education. 

          Walking Targets:  How our Psychologized Classrooms are  Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks.   a new book by Beverley Eakman --  on the disaster of American education.  GET YOUR CHILD OUT OF GOVERNMENT EDUCATION --  IF YOU CANNOT, DO SOME SERIOUS TEACHING AT HOME ON REASON, FAITH, AND MORALITY IN THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW.  INTRODUCE YOUR CHILD TO THE ROAD TO EMMAUS....    E. Fox 

           http://www.jbs.org/jbs-news-feed/5360-where-have-all-our-outraged-gone   by Beverley Eakman -- on the situation in the Congo -- where, apparently, malevolence rises to new depths of total violent depravity.  And where is a "liberal" voice to be heard in protest?  (Or, for that matter, the pseudo-conservative voice?)    

          Trading US Rights for UN Rules - (at the Berit Kjos website, http://www.crossroad.to/ )   

          UNESCO's Declaration of Principles on Tolerance --   (at the Berit Kjos website, http://www.crossroad.to/ )    The UN is not an organization for freedom, it is not for the common man, it is not for helping the poor, it is an anti-Christ organization (literally) dedicated to redistributing the wealth of the poor into the pockets of the rich.  Its principles are centralization of civil government into its own hands.  That MUST mean totalitarianism.  
        The UN moral documents are not worth a tinker's dam.  Any government which does not recognize the authority of God is an outlaw government (see
William Blackstone and also Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love'). 

          Red Flag (Chinese) to Fly over Whitehouse --  (Does Obama have a death wish???)   See also, http://en.epochtimes.com/news/4-12-1/24696.html on the reality of Communist (Red) China 

          THE MONEYMASTERS -- GET IT & SEE IT --   the best history of how money has been used to control nations, and now bids to control the world.  This is the core of the Globalist conspiracy.   A 3.5 hour video scanning from Rome to the present and our own so-called Federal Reserve.  The best  I have seen on the subject.  You will not view politics or money the same...  Documentation is superb.    I used to wonder if this stuff was "for real".   But in some 40 years of looking I have yet to see a rebuttal.  The Money Masters want to control the world.     You can see the YouTube version, which is the same & free, but of lesser visual quality at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936&hl=en
        If we recover our moral consensus, possible only under God, we will run the criminals from the arena.    E. Fox.    

          Gangster Government --  a video on the state to which we have come.... 

9.15  ** St. Paul & the Bible on Truth....     on Putting Truth ahead of God.....  YES!    Commentary by E. Fox 

          Is "Liberalism" a Mental - or a Spiritual/Moral - Disorder? --  John DeVries, www.WorldNetDaily.com,  Nov. 12, 2008   

          Watch videos of border crossings live at http://www.blueservo.net/   and at http://www.usborderwatch.com/   

           Ann Coulter on "Liberal Lies about National Health Care -- Parts 1 - 4.    I am not a fan of Coulter, but I think her four articles here have a sizeable amount of truth.  She raises valid issues, so sort it out for yourself.    E. Fox. 

          Massachusetts uses alleged health crisis to further centralize government.  Go to http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=108604

          CAR-JACKING WARNING --   From an email -- some common sense:    BEWARE OF PAPER ON THE BACK WINDOW OF YOUR VEHICLE--   NEW WAY TO DO CARJACKINGS   You walk across the parking lot, get in your car. When you look into the rearview mirror to back out, you notice a paper on the rear window. So, you unlock your doors, and jump out to remove that paper. When you reach the back of your car, carjackers appear, jump into your car and take off.  If you see a piece of paper stuck to any window, lock your doors, and just drive away.  

          Judge David Carter Orders Trial of Obama's Eligibility to be President.    See earlier article just below.  

          ** Obama Will Have His Day in Court....   Yes!   A morning (July 13, 2009) in the Santa Ana, CA, Court...  Judge David Carter...   E. Fox.

9.03  ** You Must Be a Child in God to be an Adult in the World --  <-Audio Sermon by Earle Fox at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, 9/6/09  Printed version.

          Obama Supports Homosexual Behavior -- which is compulsive, lethal, & addictive.   

          ** Telemachus - & the END of Gladiator "Games" in Rome --  404 AD.  On the gap between the pagan and the Christian view of violence.  Commentary by E. Fox.

          ** ObamaCare Death Panels -- vs. Church, Family, Freemarket Med.--  by E. Fox

          ObamaCare Shocker: Gov't Sees You Naked Too --  There is no bottom to this pit of centralized control.  They want total control of your personal finances. 

          More on ObamaCare Death Panels from Trustworthy Sources --  from Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt --  Now aimed at Veterans....  Does Obama himself have a death wish?  He is heading for his own destruction.  How does he think American citizens will  react to this moral and spiritual obscenity?   Or do he and his Globalist handlers think that they have America so wrapped up in their mind-control program (via government schools, etc.) that they can say these incredible things and get away with it?  

          Are free market prices and government rationing the same thing?  ...as said by proponents of Obama Care? Well, NO.  They are not at all.  READ THIS PIECE!   ...one of the BEST assessment of freemarket superiority over government-control that I have seen.  Read the links also, the evidence is written in history. 
        NOTE: another aspect of the German "miracle" (I have heard) is that the German govt. offered interest-free loans -- i.e., their version of the Federal Reserve was silenced for a while, and the govt. issued its own money free of interest -- or something like that!  The US Government printing its own interest-free money is what the Constitution calls for, and what Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Garfield, JFK, and others recommended for America  --   which was possibly what got three of them assassinated by the proponents of privately owned control of our money system (Lincoln, Garfield, and JFK).  

         Is Anti-Abortion RC Bishop (Joseph Martino) Too Outspoken?   Martino resigns -- possibly under pressure from Papacy -- to moderate his stance on abortion???     Pray that the highest Roman Catholic leadership is not going soft on abortion!!!       


8.31  Who's Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue???   Who is behind this, and where is it leading???  

          ** God is NOT an Opaque Mystery -- Sermon at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Sunday, August 30, 2009.   Discover the connection between Biblical faith and logical consistency.....!     E. Fox  

          More on the ObamaCare deceit ---   No barrier to illegal aliens getting free health care... 

          Obama, Quigley, & Soros -- info on the conspiracy connections.  Out of some of their own mouths.    Quigley, who was given permission to examine the archives of the globalist folks, gave it all away.  His book, Tragedy & Hope, was pulled off the market for a while until pirated copies began appearing. 

          Muslim Women burn selves to death to escape Islam -- YouTube   See also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0P5IaIE_LI  with Rifqi Khon testimony -- for her life and for Jesus.   How many ex-Muslim women have been killed in America?  Does anyone know?    And see www.radiojihad.org for some of the answers

 8.26  ** Why I Think Obama Is a Very Bad ?President?...   Earle Fox 

          American Deception #1 -- Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is. 

          American Deception #2 --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- an exceptional writer.   From her intro page. 

          The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  -- Charlotte Iserbyt --  (PDF file) Again the raw evidence.

          More on the MoneyMaster inner connections --    Edward Noonan...

          Dr. Orley Taitz, Esq. --  Her website is constantly being attacked, but here is the info on her case to be tried here in Orange County, CA, September 8, 8 am.   by Judge David Carter, who promised to judge the issue of Obama's eligibility on the merits of the case.

          "Making Love" - the Purpose and Meaning of Sexual Intercourse  --  Some answers to perhaps the most profoundly misunderstood aspect of human life -- even, sadly, by most Christians....   Sex & Gender - the Wonderful Godly Way...   E. Fox  

          "STAY AWAY FROM MY KIDS!!!"  YouTube:  a Marine to a Politician....     Bravo!!   E. Fox

          More on the Money Masters --  In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson approved the Federal Reserve Act.  A few years later, he reflected:  "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated.  The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world -- no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." 
        A century before, Thomas Jefferson reflected much the same sentiment: 
"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks....will deprive the people of all property until their children wakeup homeless on the continent their fathers conquered....  The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

          Dr. Orley Taitz, Esq. --  Her website is constantly being attacked, but here is the info on her case to be tried here in Orange County, CA, September 8, 8 am.   by Judge David Carter, who promised to judge the issue of Obama's eligibility on the merits of the case.

          A Safe Place for Kids to Learn Homosexual Sex --  from Mission America - Linda Harvey    GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, & Transgendered) Youth Centers are nothing short of centers for sexual child abuse.  How is it that American parents will allow their children to attend such places???

          Let Them Do Their Worst....     Sermon by Earle Fox, St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Santa Ana, CA  

          The SILENT SCREAM --  see the reality of abortion.  

            ** Homosexualists:  Take the Pig out of the Poke, Please -- so we can give an honest answer about our approval....!    E. Fox 

8.16  Democrats:  Why all the "Nazi" Rhetoric???    A clue to the nature of Obama.  So much for Obama's "faith". 

          ** Alinsky, Beck, Satan, and... Obama???   An astonishingly candid admission of evil intent and strategy.   E. Fox 

          Why Are Internment Camps being Built?  --  Chuck Baldwin -- Pres, Candidate Constitution Party.   Read this before you think -- "Conspiracy Nut!!"     The pseudo-liberal publications aim at anyone who poses a threat to their control system. 

          Sudanese Anglican Christians -- bear magnificent testimony in the face of Islamic persecution... 

8.11  Quotes from ObamaCare -- See for yourself. 

          The Stand for State Sovereignty -- Timothy Baldwin -- son of Chuck Baldwin  --  An excellent piece on American history. 

         "The law will never make men free; it is men who have got to make the law free." -- Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) Source: Slavery in Massachusetts (1854)   NOTE: Henry David is correct, EXCEPT regarding Biblical law.  The law (in tandem with the grace) of God really does set us free, the very highest law being the law of love (of God and neighbor).  The highest law of love ensures the wedding of justice to grace and the promotion of ordered freedom.   See discussion of Love as the Basis of Law.   E. Fox

          Biblical Inner Healing -- a Biblical version of psychology - by Earle Fox   The following very supportive review (copied August 11, 2009) is on Amazon.com where the book is being sold: 
"How to achieve the abundant life --    
        This book is second to the bible in terms of how to live your life.   In contrast to many books on healing, it lays out the principles needed to understand how to live the abundant life. The rules and strategies of many other books are not only difficult to remember but fail to apply to many situations we meet in our lives.  Although some sections may be difficult going, the rewards are so great that following through is well worth the effort.    Dr. Fox has made a great contribution to humanity."    Submitted by "Happy" from Dallas, TX,  May 12, 2008

          ** Islam in American Public Schools  --  a meeting of ACT! for America -- Mission Viejo, CA, Chapter  --  Commentary by E Fox
  "The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."   Thomas Jefferson.

          The Palestinian Myth -- by Prof. Paul Eidelberg -- There are people in Palestine, but there is no "Palestinian People".  The Muslim countries have done little or nothing themselves to aid and assist those trapped in the Palestinian nonsense -- mostly because they want them there for political, not humanitarian, reasons.  "Palestinian People" is a myth made up by Muslims for political leverage against Israel.   Israel had better catch on before it is too late.  And so had America.  We are all being manipulated by "moral guilt" because we have ourselves lost our moral compass. 
        If there is a reasonable article which shows that there is a Palestinian people, let me know.  E. Fox.   

8.09  ** Government is Our Referee -- not Our Parent --  We will be Children either of God, or of Civil Government.  Only a Child of God can be an Adult with respect to Government.    by E. Fox 

          Responding to Right Wing Attacks in the Field --  Margarida Jorge -- from the Obama camp about us extremists.  We find ourselves described in the same way as in other current government documents.   E.g., "We can expect to see anti-abortion groups, pro-gun groups, insurance company employees (mandated by employers to come out), militia groups, and anti-immigration groups"
        If you are one of these, you are a part of the radical fringe.  Our founding fathers would not fare well here.   The 'insurance employees' get into the picture, I suppose, to emphasize the capitalist-like greed of anyone against the ObamaCare package. 

          What's In ObamaCare?   Take a peek at this....  Like Obama's financial program, this is insanity -- not just a pragmatically bad program, but an evil-minded control of the population.  Stand up and object, folks, or forever hold your peace.  See above, "Government is our Referee, not our Parent..."   

          Why Darwinian Evolution Cannot Create Biological Information --

          Consumer-Centered Health Care -  Not ObamaCare, Please.   A Heritage Foundation article on why consumer-centered (i.e., free market) health care is far better than centralized control of our lives -- and deaths.   This is a long article, but a good education on how incentives and markets work for the benefit (or detriment) of the consumer, i.e., we, the people.   

          ** Homosexuality; Good & Right in the Eyes of God?  -  by Earle Fox -- Selected pages for viewing.  
        Get your copy at the
Shopping Mall.

          Another Black view of Obama....    Watch it!   From the Deeep South -- I could work with this guy!   E. Fox

          Glenn Beck on the EVIL INTRUSION of government into our computers via the Junk Cars absurdity.  This is a boost for the car makers, not for the public.  The production of the new car to replace the old one uses up an enormous amount of fuel, probably more than saved by difference between the economies of the two.  

          ** Why I Think Obama Is a Very Bad ?President?...   Earle Fox 

          "Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say what should be the reward of such sacrifices? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!"
-- Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.

          Obama a Racists???   Francis Rice & Thomas Sowell --  two black opinions on 1/2 black Obama -- who apparently despised his mother's white color.   

          See www.foxnews.com/hannity/sfmap/  to track events at Mexican border. 15,000 persons in Mexico have been killed in the drug war.  Watch the videos available.  No sane person will still say that we should not close our borders.     E. Fox  

          Obamamania is Over.... Says Dr. Jack Wheeler --  "Especially when the entire Cambridge Police Department - which has a number of black officers in a town with a black mayor in a state with a black governor in a country with a black president - stands by their white officer and demands an apology from the race-baiting black professor."   
             I think he points toward some hopeful signs -- that
perhaps the brainwashing done by American schools and media is washing thin, that there is modicum of common sense and reality contact left among us after all.   E. Fox.   

JULY 2009

7.27  Soft Tyranny:  Behind the Captivating Rhetoric -- a Revolutionary Globalist/Obama Control-Agenda Unfolds 

          Obama "Health Care"  --   travesty and betrayal -- a not-so-subtle death warrant for many....?  

          Lodi, CA  --  Public Prayer - Under the Law   --   Debate on "Jesus" in prayers, and on prayer at all.    How can Christians win this debate honorably???   E. Fox

          PERSONHOODUSA.COM -- Yes!!!  This is THE ISSUE!   Are the littlest babies persons?   Visit this website and get on board.  We are all persons in the sight of God and therefore necessarily in law, from conception on.  The law of God is the only logically sustainable basis for making law at all.      E. Fox.

          Socialized Medicine in Japan -- Like Canada, not a pretty picture.  This is what Obama has in mind for us.  We elderly are scheduled to be coached into suicide, if he gets his way.    

          ** Muslim Principle in Dearborn, MI, punches student for converting to Christianity and fires wrestling coach.  
        Do you still think that "moderate" Muslims are safe to have in America?   The moderates (and some really are) are the camouflage for the radicals.  Only if the moderates are willing to openly challenge the radicals, turn them in, are they to be trusted.   Go to
"Ordered Freedom" amendment for how to handle such issues.  A lawsuit was filed by the Thomas More Law Center, and a private litigation firm of Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho, P.L.C. located in Livonia, Michigan. [Read Complaint here.]
   The legal complaint has full story.   This principal is a good example of what we can expect in spades as "moderate" Muslims settle in America with no requirement to support our government under the true Biblical God.  Religion does make a difference!     E. Fox  

          ** Economic Justice under the Law of Love  ---  Memorize these principles:  
"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.  What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.  The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.  When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.  You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."         Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931     See Commentary - E. Fox 

          Government control of Global Warming Science (via "monopsony") -  is badly distorting the results.  Government-control of just about anything distorts it.  The role of government is to be the referee for the public, NOT a player in the game, which always turns out dishonest and ugly.  A tool of tyrants.   

          A Good Day for the Marines -- Afghanistan -- Marines outnumbered 8-1, route the enemy in an 8 hour battle.  Why is this not on the News????   

          Biblical Inner Healing -  PDF -  selected pages available for viewing.     The Biblical view of human psychology by Earle Fox.. 

          Dr. Orley Taitz in front of the Supreme Court on Obama's betrayal of America -- with the officer who refused to be deployed to Afghanistan under orders from a non-President.  His orders were rescinded...!   I see no reason to doubt Taitz's word.  Obama is an imposter.  The objective evidence is clear.   He may be no citizen at all, let alone a natural born citizen.  All this must be tried in court to be settled. 

          Ploughmen, peasants and boys aged 12...  6 Centuries ago -- THE BATTLE OF AGINCOURT --
Named after six centuries --  the unsung heroes of the carnage of Agincourt
One hopes the English were fighting a just war.  What were they doing in France to begin with?  This is, of course, the English version.  But... an incredible and heroic battle by brave men against "impossible" odds.

            ObamaCare -- Forced Sterilization & Abortion???   --   The very face of evil.   

           ** On What is America based?  What is worth dying for?   --   from a conversation....  E. Fox  

           Blood Donations from Men Who Have Sex with Other Men  Why in both Europe and America, homosexual persons are not allowed to give blood.  Homosexual behavior is inherently self- and other-destructive.  

          The Center for Immigration Studies has produced a new video bringing attention to the growing stress illegal border crossers are placing on wildlife along the Arizona border.  Environmentalists are ignoring it.  DHS is ignoring it.  Obama probably doesn't even know about it. Video evidence is shown with Border Invasion Pics hidden camera footage.  Click here to see this excellent video:  http://www.borderinvasionpics.com/special/CIS1.html  

7.20  Obama Page -- Articles and commentary on Obama and his alleged presidency. 

          Glenn Beck on Obama and his mentor, Saul Alinsky - 3 minutes on the real Obama. 
        Socialism is not about redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor.  It is the redistribution of wealth from the gullible poor (welfare victims) to the self-appointed elite.  It is about the
centralization of wealth and power in the hands of the already super rich.  Obama does not care for the poor, his aim, under George Soros (and whoever else is currently leading the globalist/finance consortium), is to make us all poor, and slaves on a government plantation. 
        Go to
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936&hl=en to see THE MONEY MASTERS...  Or buy it at www.themoneymasters.com.

          Yikes!  Even Rolling Stones is Seeing Through the Financial Scam...!   

          Mitt Romney: GOP's Bridge to Oblivion -- by Gregg Jackson & John Haskins

          Any Real Men Left in Britain?   -  Judith Reisman --  on brothel training for children in British schools.  Coming soon to a neighborhood school near you.  Western rejection of God was bound to lead to this travesty/betrayal of teaching and education.  This is Child Abuse in capital letters.   And those responsible should be banned from education. 
        Or better yet, ban government from education, and give it back to the parents -- who actually love their children.  One of the most reliable forces in all of human history has been the desire of parents to do well for their children.  Yes, there are bad parents.  But the goodness of parents historically far, far, far exceeds the goodness of civil government -- which can get its
legitimacy only from God.    

7.16  Barak Obama & the Cloward-Piven Strategy of MANUFACTURED CRISIS...   More on the grooming of Obama for leading America into tyrannical control...  

          Money, Banking, & the Federal Reserve -- Ludwig von Mises Institute - workshop on the Fed and its Dangers to Economic Prosperity and Stability.   They have several videos worth watching.  

          READ THE BILLS Act -- link to Downsize DC -- an organization to bring our federal government back down to Constitutional size, and to get the people who vote on our bills to actually read them before voting on them.  We have an insane form of government operating in Washington, DC.  And, We, the People, are to blame.  Let's take charge of our government!  Only under God. 

          THE MONEY MASTERS -- GET IT & SEE IT --   the best history of how money has been used to control nations, and now bids to control the world.  This is the core of the Globalist conspiracy.   A 3.5 hour video scanning from Rome to the present and our own so-called Federal Reserve.  The best  I have seen on the subject.  You will not view politics or money the same...  Documentation is superb.    I used to wonder if this stuff was "for real".   But in some 40 years of looking I have yet to see a rebuttal.  The Money Masters want to control the world.     You can see the YouTube version, which is the same & free, but of lesser visual quality at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936&hl=en
        If we recover our moral consensus, possible only under God, we will run the criminals from the arena.    E. Fox.   

 7.13    Obama Will Have His Day in Court....   Yes!   A morning in the Santa Ana, CA, Court...  Judge David Carter...   E. Fox.

          ** "Making Love" - the Purpose and Meaning of Sexual Intercourse --  Some answers to perhaps the most profoundly misunderstood aspect of human life -- even, sadly, by most Christians....   E. Fox  

          ** Faith & Reason United -- Audio - given by Earle Fox at Biola University, La Mirada, CA, at the 2004 Intelligent Design Conference.   Available on CD from Biola.   

           Radical Femininity - Jean Zampino  -- Superb

           Free Teens" in the News/span>   "A 100% virgin"-That's how Demetrius Terry of Free Teens of Jersey City, NJ proudly described himself in news coverage of the abstinence program's success in local schools.  Birth rates in his hometown among unmarried 10-19 year-olds dropped 37 percent between 1998 and 2005.        Yes!! This is a winnable battle if Christians learn how to marshal and present evidence  (for Pete's sake!!!).   Nothing convinces like a winsome testimony!  

          Abstinence Clearing House -- the EVIDENCE that Abstinence Works --  (There's that Evidence thing again...!) 

7.07  Obama's Passport - clue to Birth Cert?

          http://abortionno.org/ - hard-hitting videos showing abortions being done.  Until the America public sees what abortion is, it will not end.  It is ugly, but the ugliness attaches to the doing of abortions, not the showing of them.  God bless The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform...

          Brad Scott's -- Ezekiel Wheel & the Mind of Messiah --  3 audios.

          Ride the Thunder -- a New Look at the Vietnam War - and on the Sacrifice of Vietnamese soldiers in alliance with Americans.  A war we could and should have won.   by Richard Botkin.   Watch the video. 

          America's Birthday - John Adams & John Quincy Adams on "Celebrating the Indissoluble Bond Created by our Founding Fathers...."   Superb!   p align="center" class="style94">           The Unhappy Truth about Mitt Romney - deceit and lies about his "conservative" program.  Romney is no more to be trusted than the man in the moon.  www.MassResistence.org tells the ugly story....    See also, www.undergroundjournal.net 

          We, the People, Congress -- The People are becoming aware of the danger in which we live under our own government.  May their tribe increase voluminously. 

          Obama & the Military's Moral Dilemma --  a MUST READ for every American. 

          ** Proud to Be White -- helpful article on racism....     Comment by E. Fox

JUNE 2009

6.28   The NATION'S Birth Cert.  --  Joseph Farah --  WorldNetDaily... 

          The Legacy of Judas: The National Right to Life (NRTL) -- a story of betrayal (again) amongst our pseudo-conservative leadership.  The Right to Life movement has been systematically undermined by its own leadership.   The article is written by leaders of the American Right to Life (ARTL) which split from the NRTL over the "Personhood Principle", that we are persons under the law from conception to natural death.  The law of God supersedes any contrary civil or military law.   

          WHAT IS BIBLICAL GOVERNMENT?  -- Sermon by Earle Fox, on the Sunday before the 4th of July, 2009. 

6.25   ** Letter to America's Prayer Network & Patricia Thompson -- on fighting the right battle -- government control of education, not prayer in schools.   by E. Fox. 

          Online Video about IRS vs. "Cracking the Code", a book by Peter Eric Hendrickson -- who shows that there is NO statutory justification for most Americans to be turning in a 1040 every April 15.  The video gives testimonies of the many who have totaled over $10,000,000.00 back from the IRS in recent years.   His website -- http://www.losthorizons.com    

          100-Year Study Shows Therapy for Homosexual Persons IS Helpful...  

          REDEEMING THE RAINBOW - Scott Lively -- Offered freely by the author to make the truth about homosexuality available for all who want it.  An excellent book for honest truth-seekers.  PDF format, 227 pages.  Download if you wish. 
        See also, Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? and other materials by E. Fox & Homosexuality Library

6.21   Biocentrism: How Life Creates the Universe --&n --  Robert Lanza and Bob Berman -- attempting to find the secret of the cosmos in biology rather than God.  Can they do it?  Compare with PEG. which tries to answer many of the same questions.   See also The BioCentric Universe Theory   E. Fox.

          The BioCentric Universe Theory --  Refers to Geo. Berkeley, and issues of Personality, Empiricism, & God.    See also, Biocentrism: How Life Creates the Universe

          "Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles...Virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone that renders us invincible. These are the tactics we should study."          -- Patrick Henry   

           Yuri Bezmenov - former Soviet agent tells of subversive strategy going on in America....   1984 Interview by Edward Griffin.  Obama is right behind the subversion, and so are the many citizens in America who have given up their capacity to think straight -- logically and factually, and choose rather to "feel good".  

           Global Warming has Problems --  from Telegraph, UK 

          ** How is God a Trinity?   Sermon at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Santa Ana, CA - Trinity Sunday, 2009   E. Fox 

6.16   Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood --  a summary of the Biblical position.  

          ** Holding the Moral High Ground -- Freemarket Capitalism - or - Socialism & Redistribution of Wealth?  See also Why Socialism CANNOT  work.   E. Fox.  

          Why Socialism CANNOT  work.  See also, Holding the Moral High Ground

          The OATH of OFFICE -  Taken (in this or similar form) by the police, military, and civil officers of the United States, individual states, and local communities. 

          An Increasingly Fascist America -- Ron Paul on Barack Obama and the Auto Industry.... 

          Antonio Gramsci reverted to the Catholic faith of his infancy --   

          ReSources on Conspiracy Theory -- in Politics Library.  There are competent resources available on the issues of conspiracy, a difficult and sometimes elusive subject.  Tread carefully.    

          Churchill & Socialism in America --  Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily -   

          The Truth about Men and the Church -- Robbie Low   

6.09   Link to a water-boarding test -- worth watching.  And quite impressive.  Is it torture?   If you commanded units in battle, you had troops heading right into an ambush, and you had captured an enemy soldier who knew the position, what would you do?    

          The BioCentric Universe Theory --  Refers to Geo. Berkeley, and issues of Personality, Empiricism, & God

          The Truth About Men and the Church -- an astonishing Swiss report on how the fathers determine the religious sympathies of their children.  So, you think fathering and religion do not go together?   Wrong!   Men! Get your butts to church!  

          Children Raised by Homosexual Parents -- 7 times more likely to identify as homosexual....   Big Surprise....?  

          THE MONEY MASTERS --  GET IT & SEE IT -- the best history of how money has been used to control nations, and now bids to control the world.  This is the core of the Globalist conspiracy.   A 3.5 hour video scanning from Rome to the present and our own so-called Federal Reserve.  The best  I have seen on the subject.  You will not view politics or money the same...  Documentation is superb.    I used to wonder if this stuff was "for real".   But in some 40 years of looking I have yet to see a rebuttal.  The Money Masters want to control the world.  
        If we recover our moral consensus, possible only under God, we will run the criminals from the arena.    E. Fox.

          ** Personality, Empiricism, & God -- Text finished -- (viewable online -- until it goes on sale in July or August.)   E. Fox. 

          Judaism's Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (and then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality - Rabbi Dennis Prager -- Judaism was the first religion to put the sexual genie into the marital bottle, transforming society and making Western culture possible.  See other item by Rabbi Prager

          How is God a Trinity?  --  Sermon on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2009, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA 

          Abortion Insanity -- the George Tiller place of killing had memorial services for the parents to grieve their children.   No doubt with the help of the Lutheran church where Tiller attended and was killed.   Pray for those Lutherans and for the many Christians who are seduced into this madness.   Pray for Tiller's family as they grieve for their lost one, to pray for his repentance, if possible, and, where necessary, for forgiveness for their own complicity.    E. Fox.   

          Obama: Your Papers, Please...  Obama's Fatal Dilemma  --   WorldNetDaily - best analysis of Birth Cert. issue.

6.04   All 50 States Honor God in their Preambles....  -- one more nail in the secular coffin. 

          Judge Roy Moore runs for Governor of Alabama -- thrown off the AL Supreme Court for acknowledging God in his line of duty.  See videos of his trial.  If there was ever a betrayal of our American government, this was it.  And it is proceeding apace today more than ever.   

          ** The Killing of George Tiller - Arch-Abortionist & Mass Murderer - killed -- in a church.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

         Margaret Thatcher was born OCTOBER 13, 1925.
        She was the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. While traveling through New York City in 1996, Margaret Thatcher had an interview with Joseph A. Cannon, which was printed in Human Events.
        She stated:  "The Decalogue-Ten Commandments-are addressed to each and every person. This is the origin of our common humanity and of the sanctity of the individual.  Each one has a duty to try to carry out those commandments. You don't get that in any other political creed...It is personal liberty with personal responsibility."
        Margaret Thatcher continued:   "Responsibility to your parents, to your children, to your God. This really binds us together in a way that nothing else does. If you accept freedom, you've got to have principles about the responsibility. You can't do this without a biblical foundation."
        Margaret Thatcher concluded regarding America:   "Your Founding Fathers came over with that. They came over with the doctrines of the New Testament as well as the Old. They looked after one another, not only as a matter of necessity, but as a matter of duty to their God. There is no other country in the world which started that way."

MAY 2009

5.31   Pentecost Sermon - "What is this Power of the Spirit?"  --  Earle Fox, at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Anaheim, CA 5/31/09

          ** Whaddya Mean, "America is not a Christian Nation"?  --  "A bipartisan group of 25 members of the House of Representatives earlier this month submitted H.Res. 397, which calls on Congress to affirm "the rich spiritual and religious history of our nation's founding and subsequent history" and to designate the first week of May as America's Spiritual Heritage Week for 'the appreciation of and education on America's history of religious faith.'"       Commentary by E. Fox.  
        See YouTube at http://wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=98369     

          The "Gay" Marriage Hoax (Continues) -- Prop 8 protected.....  BUT.....  Those "gay marriages" which have taken place are declared legal by the CA Supreme Court.  That is nonsense.  They never were legal, and cannot be declared so now.   E. Fox.  

          The Jerusalem Declaration --  a statement by Anglicans dedicated to honest and Godly Anglican renewal and ministry.

          ** THAT THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE THAT THE FATHER HAS SENT ME -  Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA  5/24/09.   

          AZ Border Patrol Chaplain -- tells his story.... 

5.20   Blog Site for Orley Taitz - leader in the legal battle to call Obama to account on his Birth Cert.  Pray for Orley Taitz.  She has put herself in the path of serious danger. 

          SCOTUS Clerks are MisInforming the Public Again....   from Orley Taitz, Esq.    

          Why Homosexual Behavior is more like Consensual Incest and Polyamory than Race or Gender -- Part 2 - What Disproportionally High Rates of Harm Mean -- by Robert Gagnon, Ph.D.    Go to Search Page for other articles by Robert Gagnon. 

          An extraordinary Pro-Life video by a father who has a Spina Bifida child 

          Vishal Mangalwadi - Must the Sun Set upon the West?  From Michelangelo to Freud - the Devolution of Human Dignity.   This is a powerful discussion of the meaning of Western Culture from an Indian Scholar. 

          Myth of the Tolerant God - by Dean Waldt --  Test yourself on this essay on tolerance....    

          Milton Friedman being interviewed -- on why FreeMarket Capitalism is good and Socialism, or any centralization of Government, is wrong.  

5.12   More Very Bad News about Obama, Blair, Abortion, and Approaching Tyranny.  

          American Psychological Assn. admits there is no "gay" gene.   5/13/09 --  Took a while, but they finally did it....  

          The Underground History of American Education - a quote from John Taylor Gatto, author of one of the finest books written on American dis-education, and one of the finest speakers on the subject.  Also one of the finest teachers in America. 
        We MUST get our children out of government schools and then get government totally out of education -- 100%, top to bottom.  Government ed. will always become a mind-control system. 

          The Center for Teaching the Constitution --  Go here to take courses on America's founding documents.  A superb opportunity...! 

          Beverly Eakman Page -- Eakman has done her homework in exposing the enormous grasp which mind-control has on American education.  Read it.   

5.04   Pew Research Poll - US moving in decidedly conservative direction on Gun Control and Abortion. 

          What pseudo-liberals think about the Judiciary ...  right from the horse's mouth...  A very brief UTube. 

          Open Discussion - a Profound Act of Love --  an email to my family on the Obama situation. 

          What the Evidence Really Says about Scripture and Homosexual Practice: (Pdf file) Five Issues --  Prof. Robert Gagnon, Ph. D.  Gagnon has done the best job I have seen on detailing the evidence on homosexuality & the Bible.   See also www.NARTH.com for secular evidence in psychology and medicine. 

          READ THIS on Orley Taitz, --  lawyer who is heading the suits against Obama's trashing of the Constitution and trashing the American public about his birth certificate.  She was raised in a Communist state and does not want America to go there.   She is only the latest in a long stream of immigrants from both formerly Nazi Germany and from formerly (in some cases)Communist states who have seen America going down the path of centralization and dictatorship.   The issue is not right vs. left, but centralizing vs. limited government run by a free people. 
        Also read summary of her accomplishment vis-a-vis Obama....
        Here is her blog: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/   Her urls often get hacked, so do not be surprised if it does not work. 

          "SEX & THE CITY" -  London Conference - picketed by homosexualists.  Speakers stand up for sexual sanity -- booed and verbally abused by those outside.  Nothing new.  That is what I saw when I was lecturing at the Exodus conferences

APRIL 2009

4.30  Shroud of Turin - was it projected as a quantum hologram as Jesus' body was resurrected?   What does the science tell us?  This is a potentially culture-shaking piece of evidence. 

         Personality, Empiricism, & God -- Volume I, The Substance of Science, almost finished, now online.   

         Peter Toon, a stalwart defender of the Anglican Reformation, died a day or two ago (today is April 28, 2009).  Most, of Dr. Toon's books are "posted" to a section within www.anglicanbooksrevitalized.us(When you get to the main page, click on "Peter Toon's Books Online" at upper right.)

         Homophobe: (1) A person who encourages persons active in homosexuality to continue in their compulsive, addictive, & lethal behavior; (2) a person who does not care for the welfare of homosexual persons.  (3) A person scared of homosexualist criticism. 

         Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force;
like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. 
Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.    George Washington
ARE YOU LISTENING, B. OBAMA - Unrighteous Resident of the Whitehouse?

         What "Gay Marriage" had done to Massachusetts -- So you think "gay marriage" is innocuous, do you...?  It is neither gay nor marriage.  It is a compulsive, lethal addiction, precisely as described in Romans 1:18-32,  The Fall begins with subversion of truth, then, secondly, lacking truth, falls into idolatry, worship of the creature rather than the Creator, and thirdly, now having an incompetent God, catapults us into compulsive, self-destructive behavior.   
        What we are witnessing is the systematic legalizing of mind-control by forces which are evil, which turn morality upside down to enforce evil and criminalized good.  Innocuous?  This is criminal abuse of both children and of adults. 

4.15  HAPPY TAX DAY!!!  Yup, and thanks to our Government for an illegal and immoral tax and money system.  On average, Americans still have several weeks of the year to earn enough to pay all of their taxes.

         A POWERFUL VIDEO ON THE "DAY OF SILENCE" & OTHER HOMOSEXUALIST MIND-CONTROL STRATEGIES.   A church in Bensonville, IL made this short, powerful video. Homosexual groups are going ballistic over it. Please pray for the pastor, John Kirkwood.  Go to:  http://www.illinoisfamily.org/news/contentview.asp?c=34355 
        And go to http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/BroSx/Html/Strtgy1pg.htm for another strategy on how to win with truth and grace. 

         Another Video on SAME-SEX "MARRIAGE", ETC. -- 60 seconds.  People are going on the offensive.  God bless them, and keep them safe!  E. Fox 

4.13  Jan Mickelson interviews Herb Titus, Constitutional lawyer, on the Iowa "gay marriage" travesty.  It is neither gay nor marriage.   This is the best short course on law ever, says one commentator.   (Look under "Interviews - Debates".)   
      Mickelson interview with John Haskins who runs the (UndergroundJournal).
      Mickelson interview with Steve Deace, talk show host in Ohio. 

         Right-Wing Threats -- as seen by our so-called "Home Land Security".   (PDF document)  If this is an example of homeland security, we are in deep, deep trouble.  Is anyone surprised?    Much of what is detailed here would apply to anyone with a Biblical view of government, including myself.   These people are not interested in security, they are interested in control of the people.  These are the people who leave borders open after 9/11.  That is either insanity or treason.    E. Fox 

         Steve Deace (radio talk host) interview with Tom Minnery (Focus on the Family) - heavy discussion on anti-abortion strategy.  Deace is right about standing on the Command of God & keeping our aim clear and banner held high.   E. Fox. 

         READ THIS on Orley Taitz, --  blonde woman who is heading the lawsuits against Obama's trashing of the Constitution and trashing the American public about his birth certificate.  She was raised in a Communist state and does not want America to go there.   She is only the latest in a long stream of immigrants from both formerly Nazi Germany and from formerly (in some cases)Communist states who have seen America going down the path of centralization and dictatorship.   The issue is not right vs. left, but centralizing vs. limited government run by a free people.  Here is her blog: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/ 

         Visit "Biblical Government" -- in case you think there is no such thing....

         ** The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age -- by Earle Fox -- Can we reasonably defend the authority of the Bible?  Yes! Yes! Yes! 

         Clueless in Congress - on "No Child Left Behind" - a Reckless Bill --  by Beverly Eakman, a super writer on education issues.  IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS ARE DOING TO YOUR CHILDREN, READ THIS.  The Public Education program is neither public nor education, it was designed right from the beginning (with Horace Mann in the early-mid 1800's) to be a mind-control program, not a freemarket of ideas with honest education.  

         1,000+ Retired Officers Change Debate on Gays in the Military - by  Elaine Donnelly   And the number is growing -- to affirm the unfitness of homosexual persons to be openly homosexual in the military.  The unfitness of homosexual behavior applies anywhere at all, but certainly in the military where human lives are at stake.  (The issue is, of course, that human lives are at stake all the time with homosexual behavior, which is a compulsive, lethal addiction.)  There is no such thing as a homosexual identity, there is atrocious homosexual behavior which needs to be named and identified as the essence of what the homosexual agenda wants the public to approve.  Do you want oral sex, anal sex, fisting, rimming, scat, and golden showers approved?  Do you know what these are, and what percentage of homosexual persons likely engage in them?  Do you know the death rate among practicing homosexual persons?   Read the Strategy for winning the sexuality battles. 

         Suggestions for Powerful Prayer -- and Spiritual Warfare 

4.05  THE NEW HAMPSHIRE RESOLUTION - for every state in the Union.  "The Federal Government Must Limit Its Reach to the Enumerated Powers Allowed It by the States under the Constitution or the Union Must be Dissolved"  YES!   A resolution to limit the activities of the federal government to those given in the Constitution.  Either we do that or drift further into tyranny. 

         Mitt Romney On Mitt Romney - will the Real Romney Stand Up -- if he can find himself.   

         30 Years After 3-Mile Island --  by Bruce Walker in American Thinker.   The stupidity of pseudo-environmentalists -- deliberate, I think.  E. Fox

         Barry Soetoro - NOT Barack Obama - & NOT PotUS  --  by Lynn Stuter 

         The Marketing of Evil --  SEE HOW EVIL IS BEING MARKETED IN AMERICA.   Two book reviews on the moral depravity in advertising and marketing industry.  And in POLITICS.    Click here for the book itself.  Also try Amazon for discounts & 2nd hands. 

          THE SHERIFF - MORE POWERFUL  than the PotUS --   In his county, the SHERIFF is more powerful than the President of the US.  The Division of Power and Authority in our Constitution is fundamental to the preservation of our freedom.  Concentration of power will always (as in "every case") lead to tyranny.  We MUST keep power dispersed.  The Fed will always have persons seeking to centralize power in order to control We, the People.   

MARCH 2009

3.31  The Last Sunrise - the final Fall of the Roman Empire some 550 years ago..  with the Fall of Constantinople, outnumbered perhaps 10 to 1, to the Muslim horde.   A Tragic piece of History.    E. Fox. 

         NCSE's "Talking Points" in the Texas "Science Ed" Debate -- either fools or villains.  

         Europe - a Dictatorship?  Is there still freedom of speech in Europe?  the Non-Discrimination Laws & Their Consequences -- by Lothar Gossmann - a German commentator.   Not the best written article, but tells the same story in Europe as is unfolding here in America. 
          We are only a few years behind them.  I used to put the distance at about 50-75 years.  But Obama has speeded that up to may be only ten  --  UNLESS WE HAVE A SERIOUS SPIRITUAL RENEWAL IN AMERICA, AND GET OUR CHILDREN OUT OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS.   Gossman does not well understand the role of God in government, and seems very naive about the wickedness of the power we are facing, but he does see the problem sufficiently to describe it politically. 
         Listen to Only a Saved People can Keep Civil Government on a Constitutional Tether -- Feb. 22, 2009     Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA,  Click for printed version.       E. Fox 

         Socialization of America -- by David Noebel -  a pdf file on how we are getting snookered into a tyranny.    E. Fox 

         States' Rebellion begins to Rumble -- Walter Williams  -  Maybe America is waking up??? 

         Dawn Stefanowicz - the story of a woman raised by a homosexual father.  Not a pretty picture.  But a story full of hope.  

         Obama Openly Silencing Opposition?   -- We are headed for Slavery on a Government Plantation.  Isn't it nice that we have a Black Subverter of the Presidency?  and that Totalitarianism is Color-Blind?  

         Websites on Law Suites against Obama,  Pretender to the Throne.   Go to this list of sites to learn what you can do about the matter of Obama's deceitful behavior regarding the Constitution and his Eligibility to be President.  The matter is NOT finished. 

         Former Transgender Testifies before Maryland House of Rep.    I had known Grace Harley when I lived in Alexandria, VA, and we worked together on a couple of projects.   Blessings to her for her continued courage and Godly good sense!      E. Fox 

3.18  George W. Bush's pseudo-pro-life Presidency....   Bush lied to the public.  He was strongly pro-abortion, but was used by the Globalists to draw in Christians with his pseudo-Christianity.  The fact that Americans could be persuaded otherwise is a sign of the degradation of our thinking processes.  Thank you, government-controlled schools, and ignorant and wimpy parents. 

         Harry Truman - After His Presidency --  a wonderful and telling bit of American history, then vs. now. 

         ER Baghdad - by Amir George -- on the American presence in Iraq....    Our soldiers on the ground are America's best representatives all over the world.  They still often show a Godly and Biblical attitude toward life.

         BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN....   (Thank you, Gene Autry...)  My whole Hard Drive crashed about ten days ago, and my five whole-HD backups were all corrupted, meaning that I had to reinstall everything from scratch on a new HD, which is a several day job with my set up.  I knew this was coming and should have been better prepared (like testing my backups...).   O Well....  Every time I rebuild, my computer system gets a bit better....   All my data was safe, because I have an (almost) fail-safe backup system.  My data is all on a separate HD, and then backed up regularly to a third and external HD, and copied to a fourth HD off site.   E. Fox. 

3.05   ** Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. - Demand on State and US Reps and Senators to issue subpoenas re: Obama's eligibility   EXTENDED COMMENTARY:  E. Fox.

          Putin Rejects Socialism --  Does Putin reject Centralization of power & authority?  (Who cares whether centralization is Left or Right?)  Will America reject Obama's centralization and grab for power via socialism/communism? 

          "To be an atheist is to play Russian roulette with all barrels loaded," says Ray Comfort, author of the newly released You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can't Make Him Think, and co-host of the award-winning TV show "The Way of the Master" (with Kirk Cameron, star of the hit movie "Fireproof").  
        Comfort rightly turns the tables on the atheists who like to claim that they hold the intellectual high ground.  God holds it, and is inviting us to join Him there.   E. Fox. 

          Eligibility Lawyer Argues for Obama's Deportation -- as illegal alien. 

          Psychiatrist: Obama Corrupting America with Socialism... 

          CO2 &  Your Health -- CO2 a Necessity...

          So, You Think there is No Globalist "Conspiracy"?   from www.WorldNetDaily.com   --
            Do your own research from independent and varied sources, especially on the internet (blogs, e-mail).  Check out attorney Phil Berg's website
for information on his further litigation of Obama citizenship cases ( www.ObamaCrimes.com ), and the United States Justice Foundation (California case) website ( www.usjf.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=index&catid=13 ) See also Arlen Williams' informative blog ( http://investigatingobama.blogspot.com/ ) and World Net Daily ( www.wnd.com ).  Links to several articles are provided below, through February 22

          FIRST US "PERSONHOOD" BILL PASSES in NORTH DAKOTA --- !!!  Victory for the Babies!!!  Several More in the PipeLine around the country....   Declares fetus in womb a "person" from conception on through natural death.                                                


2.25   ANNOUNCEMENT:  Illustra Media is excited to announce the arrival of our online video streaming channel and the role you can play in its future success.    Anyone in the world interested in Intelligent Design can now view our thought-provoking documentaries by visiting our channel at:  http://www.youtube.com/IllustraMedia. Once there, you can watch, free of charge, any chapter of Unlocking the Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet, or The Case for a Creator.  [NOTE: these are well worth watching...  E. Fox]  Or, if you prefer, you can view our films in their entirety.  
        The internet gives us a unique opportunity to broadcast our documentaries and share the evidence that is stirring a scientific revolution.  Now, we need your help to get the word out.   
        You can play a significant part in catalyzing this revolution by helping to position one or more of our programs to the front page of YouTube.  Here’s how:   
             •  Watch the documentaries (promotes us to "most-watched" status)  
              •  Submit comments on the documentaries (promotes us to "most-commented" status) 
              •  Subscribe to the channel (promotes us to "most-subscribed" status) 
              •  Email anyone you know who has an interest in ID and ask them to do the same.

        Thanks for your continued support of Illustra Media.  And, watch for announcements about our upcoming documentaries.

2.24   Alan Keyes on Obama -- Link to UTube - "Stop Obama, or US will cease to exist..."   Keyes is right.  The policies Obama is promoting are either insane (clinically out of touch with reality) or evil (intending to bring America down for the benefit of Globalists and Globalism), perhaps both.  They are spiritually, culturally, and politically self-destructive. 

          Investigating Obama Blogspot --  Alan Keyes and others contributing.    

          "State of Emergency" - Pat Buchanan - on the immigration question.  

          The Power of Redeemed Fatherhood --  Easy Eddie and Butch O'Hare. 

          What Cooked the World's Economy?  It wasn't your overdue mortgage.  Link to the Village Voice --  James Lieber  published: January 28, 2009     May be one of the BEST analyses of the Bailout Disaster available. 

          ** Only a Saved People can Keep Civil Government on a Constitutional Tether -- (on Audio-Video Page) Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, Feb. 22, 2009   E. Fox      Html printable version.

         John Adams -- "Duty is ours, outcomes belong to God."   John Adams (as opposed to his cousin, Sam) was not a Christian, perhaps more a unitarian, does not sound like a deist (who would not suppose God intervening in outcomes).  He was well within the Biblical worldview.   

         Exodus Mandate -- a repeat of Dunkirk -- UTube - Get our children out of the clutches of government-controlled brainwashing pseudo-education. 

         Obama, Oaths, and the End of Constitutional Government --   Alan Keyes & John Haskins  at The Underground Journal  -

"Question with boldness even the existence of a God, because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear."   -- Thomas Jefferson      Or, as Elijah shows up on Mount Carmel, I Kings 18, put truth ahead of God, because truth only then becomes the Royal Road to God.  

2.18  A Neurosurgeon, not a Darwinist -- Michael Egnor in Forbes.    This seems to me a  pretty fair assessment of the Darwinist situation.  Except that he does not give credence to the Biblical foundations of cosmology, and does not take into account the philosophical side of the issue, which is even more devastating to Darwinism than is the empirical evidence.   See Personality, Empiricism, & God (PEG) - by E. Fox 

         Alan Keyes on Barak Obama -- and Obama's attempt to silence dissent. 

         The Miracles of Obamic Faith by Ovalo de Caravalho - comment on Obama...    On target about a treasonous situation, marking another move toward the ending of America.   

         "...and the soul felt it's worth...."    Are we Dependent or Self-Sufficient Beings?  A New Year's Email Message to my extended family....   E. Fox  

         From Michelangelo to Freud: The Devolution of Human Dignity -- audio by Vishal Mangalwadi, an Indian Christian philosopher exploring the future of Western Civilization.  This is the first lecture of several.  Go to http://www.soughtaftermedia.com/musunsetonwe.html for more info on Mangalwadi's other materials. 

         UnoAmerica against the Sao Paolo Forum -- South American Crisis Update -  A very helpful and revealing piece about our South American situation.  We are under siege, and had better man the ramparts and pay attention to our Southern allies for Godly freedom and culture.  

         Obama's Nearly $8 Trillion Bailout -- a tragic misrepresentation of American Government. 

         Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love' -  by E. Fox -- the logical case to show that Moral Language is dependent on God Language.  Without God there is no such thing as Morality or Ethics.  There is only Power Struggle, Manipulation, Mind-Control, and (occasionally) Open, Honest Dialogue with Pragmatic (not moral) Persuasion.  
     This was a life-changing article for me, first draft written in my junior year in college for a religion class.  It began my passion for Christian Apologetics, which continues unabated nearly 50 years later.  It convinced me that Judeo-Christians would win the Culture/Spiritual War because that war is won by whoever holds the moral high ground.  God holds it, and we can stand there with Him.    

2.16  Obama: Civil War Disguised as Politics --  link to Alan Keyes - YES!  
        Obama's policies are not just bad politics, they are evil (abortion, centralization of civil government).  They will complete the destruction of America as a free people if allowed to continue.  Obama is part of a concerted effort to destroy what is left of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution with their protections of our God-given freedoms and responsibilities.  Obama is making war on God.  He cannot win that war (his arms are too short to box with God).  And if he persists, in the end, he will destroy himself - taking many with him.  Both our personal salvation freedoms and our political freedoms come from God, NOT from any human government.  God will restore His people when we become trusting and obedient with truth and grace.   Are you on board?     E. Fox. 

         United America Committee interviews Geert Wilders in Holland.  The loss of freedom in Europe.  Coming to America..?  Already here.

         Faithful, Orthodox Anglican Parishes -- online listing

         Silencing the Christians --  How could Christians have allowed themselves to get to this state of affairs???   Can you say "brainwashing"?  or "cowardice"?   or "ignorance"?  among our pseudo-conservative leadership??? 

         Homosexuality & the Laws of Moral Physics -- Matt Barber   YES!   

         Wicked Winter Festival -- Homosexual orgies in our hotels across the land.   This is OK?  No, it is wicked, damaging to the participants, and to society.  Stand up, Christians....!  with Truth and Grace. 

         The Declaration Alliance -- led by Alan Keyes.  Here lies the political future of America -- if we wish to survive.   Visit this site if you want to see a viable political stance.  
        Either we recover our Biblical foundations, or we perish as a free people.   A secular or pagan society is not capable of sustaining the kinds of freedoms we have known in America - because God alone can give and guarantee them. 
        This is the best site I know of which spells out the kind of government we must have to keep our freedoms. 
        See also Biblical Government, and the Declaration of Independence.  


1.31    A Year to Defend Free Speech -- By Geert Wilders & Robert Spencer  --  Defend free speech, truth-seeking, and truth-speaking -- or perish as a civilization (what is left of it).  

           Congress Sued to Remove Prez from White House --   

           The American Form of Government --  an excellent survey of what government is about, and a clarification of the forms of government.  Not right vs. left, not Dem vs. Repub, view and see....    This is not specifically about Biblical government, but very much in sync.   E. Fox 

1.25    HOMOSEXUALITY DEBATE:  WAYNE BESEN vs. EARLE FOX --  On Talk-Radio, the Gregg Jackson Show on KDAR from (about 20 miles north of Los Angeles, CA.   (See also several articles by Robert Gagnon just below...) 

            What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?  - by Robert Gagnon -- one of the best scholars available on the subject.  SEE THIS 28 MINUTE VIDEO PRESENTATION ---   

            Obama on Homosexuality & Christ -- critiqued by Robert Gagnon.  Obama is either grossly ignorant, deliberately deceiving, or has a Messiah complex himself which carries him over the brink of sanity (or all of the above).  Gagnon presents a Superb examination of the Biblical evidence for heterosexual standards, and has done as much as anyone on sorting out the Biblical passages on homosexuality. 
       But he does not appear to go after the jugular vein of homosexualism --
homosexual behavior, and thus fails in an essential part of the case -- linking Biblical faith with the empirical evidence.  

            Is Homosexuality Inborn or Acquired?   --   Robert Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary -- great article.  

           The Health Risks of "Gay" Sex -- John Diggs, MD  PDF paper version... (Click for pdf reader if you need it.)   Click here for *.html version

                    For a speech by Dr. Diggs giving this same information.... Listen to it HERE. (Length: 32 minutes)  

                    The speech was given at Tufts University, one of the most pro-homosexual colleges in America, on October 27, 2004.  They were required to hire four police officers to protect the speakers before they could put it on.  What does that say about the "inclusiveness" and the "compassion" and the desire for truth of the homosexual movement?  Or, about the attitude of the Tufts administration? 

                    God bless Dr. Diggs, who is ringing the bell on the cowardice and anti-science of the American Medical, Psychological, and Psychiatric Associations.   I had listed this paper some time ago, but here it is again, along with the speech at Tufts University. 

                    This kind of deception does not happen by accident.  Powerful forces want this to happen, and it is not just the homosexual lobby -- who are only tools for those who want the destruction of our Judeo-Christian civilization.  Total destruction.  They are the secular globalists. 

                    They are using the Muslims the same way.  They can shut down the teaching of Christianity in public schools, they could shut down the teaching of Islam also.  They do not want to.  Have you ever wondered why public issues (e.g., homosexuality and Islam) are so confusing and contradictory?  They are creating what is called "cognitive dissonance", a strategy used by mind-control folks to neutralized resistance.  They do this by forcing on the public mind contrary, contradictory issues, policies, ideas, etc.  The people give up thinking about the matter because there is so much confusion.  Exactly what we have.  All this is justified under the nonsense banner of "relative truth" and "pluralism". 

                    More examples: Bush wants to clamp down on the citizens "to keep us safe" from  terrorists (Patriot Act), but keep the borders open "to promote peace and openness and trade". 

                    Neither the homosexual community nor the Muslims have the intellectual or moral firepower, or emotional stability, or the money or political power to do what is being done.  This is a mind-control program by globalists who have at their disposal an enormous river of wealth being siphoned off from the public (see Conspiracy Theories), and some of the best trained and most brilliant psychologists in the world, people whose whole lives are bent on learning how to control the way people think.  And they are clearly succeeding. 

                    In the end, it will collapse on them.  But in the meantime, many will be destroyed by their evil. 

                    Read the strategy which will turn things around.   And also, visit the Corporate Research Council, which does a superb job of research on these kinds of issues. 

          The Evidence is In -- the Stimulus Package Won't Work --  Jim Babka - at Downsize DC  

1.21   Praise for Lee & Jackson  --   thoughts on two great generals and two great Christians by Chuck Baldwin. 

          Child Molestation & Homosexuality  --  Steve Baldwin -- an excellent and damning survey of the evidence that the actively homosexual community is mired in sexual abuse of boys.     

          ** Obama & the Price of Truth in Sri Lanka --  an email to my family..   E. Fox 

          Obama, Oaths, and the End of Constitutional Government --  Alan Keyes & John Haskins.  A MUST READ.  E. Fox. 

          What a Letter!!!  Jets over Sun City, AZ    Air Force Officer responds to "noise" of fighter jets over Phoenix/Sun City.  

          Obama Must Stand Up Now or Step Down --  Edwin Vieira - excellent constitutional scholar on the nonsense of American citizens not "having standing" to bring suit against Obama. 

         ** California Supreme Court Mis-Rules on Episcopal Church Property Rights....   a work in progress.....    by E. Fox.

1.11  "Puberty Blockers" Pushed on Children...   by Judith Reisman -- her last line is terrific:  "Shame on an adult culture that is so self-centered that it bombards its children with violent and sexual stimuli and answers its crimes by chemically violating and numbing the nation's cruelly and unnaturally traumatized youth.  Shame. Shame. Shame!" 
        And, shame on the apathetic public who are oblivious to the destruction around us.  
        This is (no doubt) another example of the planned psychological warfare tactic of "cognitive dissonance" (the introduction of contradictory principles, practices, and information to confuse the public, rendering it apathetic, impotent to reason well, or to act decisively). 
        Reisman shames our pathetic culture which has lost the capacity either to think or feel straight.  (They work only when yoked together for mutual edification and correction.)   She exposes latest plan to spread transsexualism to kids.

         Homosexuality: Bob Enyart vs. Wayne Besen  -- a debate on the merits of the homosexual lifestyle.  

         From a cartoon.  Scene - Two threatening FBI-type figures grilling a fellow seated -  "Alright, Madoff!  From where did you get the idea of paying early investors with money from late investors?"     Madoff:  "From the Social Security System..." 

         Obama Birth Cert. --  E. Fox response to family discussion....

         Mr. Gore: Apology Accepted!   Harold Ambler   ANY GLOBAL WARMING SUPPORTERS STILL OUT THERE? 

         CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS ACCEPTS CASE by Orley Taitz, Esq., challenging Obama's eligibility to be President of the US of A.  An astonishing change of events which just may resolve the whole mess.   God Bless Orley Taitz.  A true bulldog and patriot.  E. Fox

         Ageless Wit & Wisdom -- directed at Pseudo-Liberals..... 

1.07  Jews in the War for Independence --  

         Virginity Pledges & Virginity -- to they coincide???   Yes, despite claims to the contrary.  Read why...  

         Sam Adams - Advice to 21st Century America...  

         God vs. Science -- a class room challenge.   

         Leon Podles -- a Helpful Website on Gender Issues... and the recovery of Masculinity - Femininity balance.  Get free copy of The Church Impotent. 

         The Pope's Speech on Islam at the University of Regensburg --  

1.03  Mark Steyn  --  Gaza War vs. the Judeo-Christian West  

         ** What is "Original Sin"?  -- F. Earle Fox  -  a topic hotly debated all through Christian history.  Is there a rational way of understanding such a concept?  Yes.  

        IN THE SHADOW OF NEMESIS -- Edwin Vieira - on the Obama Birth Certificate constitutional issue.  
       From the end of the article:    "So, what now? The simple solution, if Barack Obama believes that he truly is 'eligible to the Office of President,' is for him to repair to Hawaii in a burst of publicity and make his original birth certificate available for examination by each and every unbiased forensic document analyst who cares to scrutinize it. And if, on the other hand, he already knows that he is ineligible, he should step aside gracefully. Now, before it is too late.   He has no other choice, because events will give him none.  When one walks in the cold shadow of Nemesis, hubris is not enough of a cloak."
      See also article from the Russian Pravda. The Mysterious Shadow: Code Name Obama        And Politics-Obama

      Item below is from Jim Babka, who runs DownSize DC, which is working on doing just that...  He gives us the Bad News about Big Bureaucratic Government, which is in contrast to the Good News that the Real Sovereign of All Life is Jesus, and that all government under Him (which is all legitimate government) will be properly limited as per our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  (My emphasis below.)     E. Fox

            Big Government is a blunt force tool of coercion -- nothing more:   

NOTE: See R. J. Rummel's website on the murderous character of Big Government --

        From the "So, What's New?" Department ---  "The budget should be balanced.  Public debt should be reduced.  The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered, and assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest...  Rome becomes bankrupt."  
Cicero, 63 BC

A Happy New Year to All --
May the Lord draw you to Himself and Bless you!


Anno Domini



12.31   ** Incarnation & Heaven!  --  Can You Imagine That??!!    Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, First Sunday after Christmas, 2008.    E. Fox  

             ** The Truth about Roe v. Wade & about "Judicial Supremacy"--  See also "Conservative Collapse"    E. Fox 

            Bail Outs = Socialist Redistribution of Wealth -- to the RICH!   Incredible!!!

            On Christian Selfhood --  John Eldredge --  Comment E Fox  ---  to be read by all Christians.... 

           Global Warming, Science, & Government -- Frank Tipler --   We had better get the relation between science & government right.  Or global warming and similar issues will never be gotten right.   E. Fox 

           Africa Needs God -- says Atheist Matthew Parris --    I think so too, Christian E. Fox.    

           The Rev. Bob Enyart - on the tragic betrayal by the pseudo-"pro-life" movement.   See also Conservative Collapse.

          Obama Education -- more of the same disaster  -- now demanding control of your child from birth on.   They say they want to help, but what they want to do is control your child.  Yes there are some honest people, even in government education, but when honest and good people work in an evil and perverted system, the system wins. Parents love their children.  Bureaucracies love their control and power.   It is the nature of the beast.      E. Fox 

          Birth & Citizenship --  How to deal with the issue....  a new Initiative in CA.   

Merry Christmas -  Anno Domini 2007

12.18   The Destructive Myth of the "Noble Savage" --  Dr. Ted Baehr & Dr. Tom Snyder

           Obama on Homosexuality & Christ -- critiqued by Robert Gagnon.  Obama is either grossly ignorant, deliberately deceiving, or has a Messiah complex himself which carries him over the brink of sanity (or all of the above).  Gagnon presents a Superb examination of the Biblical evidence for heterosexual standards, and has done as much as anyone on sorting out the Biblical passages on homosexuality. 
       But he does not appear to go after the jugular vein of homosexualism --
homosexual behavior, and thus fails in an essential part of the case -- linking Biblical faith with the empirical evidence.  

         Dictator in the Whitehouse --  by Olavo de Carvalho --  READ THIS...   

         Light in the Closet -- a good New Resource on Homosexuality by Arthur Goldberg.  Reviewed by Linda Nicolosi. 

         The Bail-Out Travesty vs. Common Sense....  

         What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?  - by Robert Gagnon -- one of the best scholars available on the subject.  SEE THIS 28 MINUTE VIDEO PRESENTATION ---   

12,16  Created Equal:  How Christianity Shaped the West --  Dinesh D'Souza (a talk given at Hillsdale College)   SUPERB!  READ IT!   Sounds like Rodney Stark.   

           American Independent Party lawsuit to forestall possible Unlawful Occupation of Presidency by Barack Obama --   

          'Pears that Global Warming is, well, like... OVER.....    

          ** Christianity & Its Critics --  from a family email.    E. Fox 

         "Another Barack in the Wall"  by Allen J. Favish -- on a deceptive and deceitful book for children -- "Barack"

         The Utter Failure Under Bush of our pseudo-Pro-Life Strategy to End Roe v. Wade --  Gregg Jackson....    

12.10  ** Who is Barack Obama?  -- NOT a Credible Candidate...       E. Fox 

           America in Full Suicide Mode --  Don Hank at Laigle's Forum -- with John Wallace writing The Council on Foreign Relations and Tack's Tackle Shop

          The Boys Project -- bringing our boys back into reality and life in a culture which is persistently (and often deliberately) demeaning boyhood and masculinity.  Manhood and masculinity does not put up with the oppressiveness of centralization of culture and government.  That is a major reason why the globalist strategy has been the subversion of masculinity and the propagation of feminism.  Both feminism and centralized government enervate a people, rob them of initiative, independence, intellectual prowess, and courage.  Look at Europe.  The Boys Project is setting about to help remedy that.  I hope that they will pay substantial attention to the Biblical worldview, which has given us the only workable capacity to unify masculine and feminine -- because we are made in the Image of God -- male and female.  In God masculine and feminine are absolutely wedded, and they are meant to be among us on earth as well.   Go to:  Sexuality Libraries   

         ** Freedom & Law - Libertarian or Biblical? -- is not freedom sufficient by itself? -- as some libertarians say?  Why do we need law? 

         Obama Crossing the Threshold into a Post-Constitutional Abyss -- John Haskins  

12.06   ** Alan Keyes: End of our Constitutional Republic?   the Obama Birth Cert. vs. the Constitution --  E. Fox commentary. 

             OBAMA BIRTH CERT...   at World Net Daily -- several articles -- and a looming Constitutional Crisis, not just a passing bump in the road.  The Crisis of deliberate subversion of the Constitution has been upon us for a long time.  The Birth Cert. just may bring it to a head.  .  Go to http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=82503
& to http://www.worldnetdaily.com/ for several more articles.  

           Advancing a Hetero-Sexual Public Ethic With Grace, Wit, and Natural Law  --  By Dr. J. Budziszewski - http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=WT00E1   --            

          Just How Many People has "Religion" Killed?  --  by Kirk Durston -- Death by Atheism --  see Death by Government by R. J. Rummel... 

          Bush: Freemarket is Best -- Under Government Control, that is....   by Donald Hank  --   excellent pro-freemarket commentary on current market crash. 

          Renew America --  a superb, Biblically oriented website with many good reviews

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. -- 

Attributed to Cicero, 1st Century BC  This perfectly describes the situation in America today, and all through the West.  We are consistently betrayed by our leaders who, in many cases, have no intention of submitting themselves to the rule of the people.  They have every intention of secretly destroying the Constitution in which we enshrine our God-given freedoms, and of becoming godlets themselves.

         “The church must take right ground in regard to politics . . . The time has come for Christians to vote for honest men and take consistent ground in politics, or the Lord will curse them . . . God cannot sustain this free and blessed country that we love and pray for, unless the Church will take right ground. Politics are part of religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to God . . . God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take in politics.”   -- The great 19th Century revivalist Charles Finney


11.28  ** The Protocols of the Elders of Zion --  a subversive document aimed at control of the world -- Who wrote it?  or, more importantly, Who is using it???

           Our Idol-Elect  --  Is "Liberalism" an Intellectual, Emotional, or Spiritual Pathology?   SUPERB!  Psychiatrist Lyle Rossiter on why so many Americans worship Barack Obama.  Deep flaws are being programmed into the American psyche.   Honest liberalism is rooted in finding new truth.  Current pseudo-liberalism denies the existence of truth and is rooted in deceit and a Hegelian power struggle. 

           Marxist (Gramsci-ite) Subversion & Perversion of American Youth -- Telling it like it is: the sexual agenda and Gramsci.  This is hard and unpleasant reading, but it is on target, and we had better wake up.  Do not wait for our religious or political leaders to help.  They will not do it, not the pseudo-conservatives any more than the pseudo-liberals.  Start educating your own children, and work out from there to build the Lord's new Gideon army.  And join the American Independent Party with Alan Keyes.   E. Fox.  

          Antonio Gramsci -- Death Bed Conversion to religion of his infancy -- Roman Catholicism.   Gramsci was one of the foremost Communist leaders of the 20th century.  May God bless him and all others who come to know the Lord on their death beds. 

11.27  !!-HAPPY THANKSGIVING-!! -- See articles below...

           ** The Massachusetts Thanksgiving Story -- from the pen of Governor Bradford -- & a lesson in economics.  E Fox comment.

           The Mayflower Compact ---  

           5 Grains of Corn --

           The First Massachusetts Thanksgiving Proclamation -- June 20, 1676, Charlestown, Massachusetts 
        See also link to Oklahoma U. College of Law, Historical documents:  The First Thanksgiving Proclamation  --

           The Pilgrims and Squanto -- the amazing story of the travels of Squanto and how God used him to take care of the Pilgrims.  

           General Thanksgiving - by the President of the United States of America - a PROCLAMATION

           Lincoln's 1863 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation -

           The World should Give Thanks for America...   Mark Steyn....... 

11.26  Because He's My King!   That's Why!   Sermon by Earle Fox at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, 11/23/08, Christ the King Sunday. 

           Zionism: a Defense --  Peter Hitchens on Israel -- a refreshingly candid view of history and reality.   

           Conservative Collapse -- Summary of issues --   

           ** Hate-Crime Law -- the Criminalizing of Truth-Seeking.    E. Fox   

11.20   Hate & Debate -- an email responding to a family discussion.

            Regulation & DE-Regulation -- Freemarket Common Sense  --  Perry Willis at Downsize DC -- How the Free Market does its own regulating -- much better than civil government can.  

           The Totalitarian Nature of Homosexualism --  described by Massachusetts Resistance. 

           John Rankin on Jeremiah Wright & the Level Playing Field --  John Rankin of Theological Education Institute --    

           2nd Amendment - Who more lethal -- guns or doctors?

           Palestinian Muslim Columnist Defends Christians in Palestine --  Pray for this man! 

11.19  Yuri Bezmenov - former Soviet agent tells of subversive strategy going on in America....   1985 Interview by Edward Griffin. 

           Global Warming has Problems --  from Telegraph, UK 

           Unjustifiable & Impeachable -- FOBP (Friends of the Border Patrol) Report on DHS, DOJ, & the Courts -- regarding their malfeasance in the border issues, failure to defend our borders, and calculated subversion of those who do their jobs.  The Report describes some ugly events behind the scenes which have subverted our rule of law. 

           Heresies & Other Truths -- Kathleen Parker  --  "Please get God Out of the GOP...!"  Too late, Kathleen, He has long gone...  and has taken His Hand largely off America also.  We are 'on our own'.   Yet, God said he would save Sodom for 10 righteous men.  Maybe God can find ten righteous men in America?   E. Fox   

           Obama's faith -- interview with Cathleen Falsani in Christianity Today --  Obama is not a Christian, he is some sort of universalist (all religions saying the same thing -- quite different from all religions have some very good people), avoids intellectual clarity (calls it "dogma" - with a suggestion of totalitarianism).  He is, I think, using the Church for his own political goals, not to convert the world to Jesus.  Jesus hardly figures in his description of his faith, which is mostly about himself.  Fits right in with our post-modern "feel-good" mentality, which thinks with its feelings, and is totally convinced of its rightness -- without any open, searching discussion based on fact or logic.  He is a dangerous man to have in the White House for that reason alone.   And on top of it all, he wants to declare open season for any reason whatsoever on babies in the womb.  That is an evil man.  There is only one position for Christians to take -- the unborn deserve the same protection of law and by citizens as the born

          Roman Catholic Priest stands up against Obama and the murder of babies in the womb:   COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion, and supporting him "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."

             The Rev. Jay Scott Newman said in a letter distributed Sunday to parishioners at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville that they are putting their souls at risk if they take Holy Communion before doing penance for their vote.

             "Our nation has chosen for its chief executive the most radical pro-abortion politician ever to serve in the United States Senate or to run for president," Newman wrote, referring to Obama by his full name, including his middle name of Hussein.

             "Voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life alternative exits constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil, and those Catholics who do so place themselves outside of the full communion of Christ's Church and under the judgment of divine law. Persons in this condition should not receive Holy Communion until and unless they are reconciled to God in the Sacrament of Penance, lest they eat and drink their own condemnation."       YES, YES, YES....     God bless that priest.  He will surely be descended upon by the IRS.  Lord, keep him safe and courageous!    E. Fox 


11.13  Franky Schaeffer - on the degradation of America   Speaking in 1992 to the Missionaries to the PreBorn.  Strong and true words.  

           Mark Steyn -- 'Center-Right' America Lurches further Left.   Steyn at his  usual perceptiveness. 

          Yes!  God does tell us for whom to vote --  Scott T. Whiteman, Esq.   Indeed He does -- There is no area of life over which God is not Governor.  And that is compatible with a freemarket of ideas, and of legitimate pluralism.    E. Fox  

          Thomas Jefferson & Gender Roles --  Brian Steele -- Interesting bit of history.... 

          Alan Keyes -- How Christian Voters have Denied their Faith -- voting for the lesser of two evils rather than for those who represent the Lord of truth and of righteousness. 

          The Anti-Reagan-Revolution Revolution  --  Peter Schiff  --  Defense of freemarket vs. Obama.  

          An Area of Darkness  -- Jay Nordlinger - National Review Online -- Insights into Middle East "information" situation.   

          Communist Manifesto - 10 Planks --  Read it well, folks, for you see the principles by which America is being run already in place.  Only a spiritual revolution will turn this around.  

11.10  ** Earle Fox was Interviewed on the Gregg Jackson radio talk show Sunday 9 pm
http://www.kdar.com:80/   For INTRO to interview; to hear INTERVIEW.  

          The Rev. Samuel Edwards -- on the coming November 4 election.  A prophetic warning.            

          Dealing publicly with homosexuality advocates -- Letter to the LA Times   Makes a good quick piece for dealing with homosexuality almost anywhere --  E. Fox

          CA Gov. Schwarzenegger tells backers of homosexual marriage: Don't give up!   and thus again lies to the public and betrays again his oath of office.  He must be impeached.  by David Jeffers.

          Gone, our Last Best Hope -- Peter Hitchens, UK.   An assessment of the cult surrounding Obama


10.30          Banned in Boston -- Maggie Galagher - what homosexual marriage will mean to America -- the coming train wreck. 

          Obama's Birth Cert. -- Why is he not producing it?  Logic says he is hiding something...  Is he not a legal citizen of the US?   Should the American people pursue this?  Should we give him a pass?   Or, should we say that if he will lie in this instance, he can be expected to lie in other things as well.  Most people would agree that the man who holds the power of PotUS should be squeaky-clean and totally open on matters affecting his bid for office. 

          Obama - Where the Warren Court did not go far enough...  U-Tube.  Obama wants a more radical change than the Warren Court promoted to redistribute wealth.    Yeah, right.   The sad truth is that the "lesser of two evils" is still evil.   See if the American Independent Party might be where you belong.  Get educated about your choices. 

          Alan Keyes - American Independent Party --  Understands the Biblical and moral issues, and the future of America, better than any other candidate.   

10.27  SIX FACTS:



GO TO 3 TOP ARTICLES (by ** E. Fox) UNDER "ROE v. WADE in the

          Obama's Real Problem with Ayers -- Ayers being a former Weather Underground member, and a current friend of dictator, Hugo Chavez, communist leader of Venezuela  

10.21  ** The Basics of Constitutional Law re: Abortion  --  E. Fox  

         The Massachusetts Disaster of "Same-Sex Marriage" --  Brian Camenker, Massachusetts Resistence 

10.16  2 U-Tubes & 2 Articles on Obama.   If these are true, then what are we going to do about it?  

          Folsom Street Fair --  Episcopal Diocese of CA Complicit in Perverted "Gay Pride" Parade. 
        If you think I am extravagant for saying that we must force homosexual advocates to admit what they want us to approve -- homosexual behavior -- read this.  If you will not deal with the facts, then get out of the fight.  Lead, follow, or get out of the way....    E. Fox.   

         ** Abortion & the Declaration of Independence --  E. Fox 

10.13  Proof Obama backed ruthless foreign thug..(?)   WorldNetDaily -- Bob Unruh 

          ** Hate-Crime Laws - Enemies of Truth-Seeking -    E. Fox 

         The Bible & Abortion -- 

         Justice John Roberts is pro-Abortion.  He is NOT pro-life.  His view of the matter is a betrayal of
        the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and his Christian faith.   It is time Christians got serious about their own faith and their voting habits. 

        ** "Yeah, but they'll just say: ......."     The Paralyzed Western Mind.   E. Fox  

10.9  Obama's Birth Certificate -- more intrigue.  Where will this all end? 

         Homosexual (and Judicial) Tyranny -- David Parker's case trashed by Supreme Court...

         ** Another Sad Chapter in the Fall of Western Christendom --  E. Fox Newsletter article - 10/08/08.   

         Free Trade has Failed!  -  a good analysis of the current bankrupting of America.    

         ** The Rule of Law -- an email to my family.... on rumors that McCain and Palin both think the Prez & VP have flexible authority not enumerated in the Constitution.   E. Fox 

10.1  ** The Constitutional Buck Stops Here - at We, the People! -- E. Fox -- on how to structure government to ensure our freedoms and protections without centralizing a government which can remove them. 
        "A government large enough to give you all you want will be strong enough to take it all away..."
  Thomas Jefferson. 


 9.25  Sound Bytes putting homosexuality into the light of day and promoting California Proposition 8 - defining marriage as between a man and a woman --

9.20  Issues at a Politics & Religion Seminar - Government control of education and the executive activism scam (NOT judicial activism). 

         Will the North American Union be American Patriots' Last Stand? -- Edwin Vieira --  superb Constitutional scholar explains the legal status of the Declaration of Independence
        Pursuit of the North American Union is, in my humble opinion,  nothing short of high treason -- a criminal attempt to subvert the sovereignty of the United States. 

        Alan Keyes speech at Missouri Right to Life, October 4, 1996.   A winner.   

       The Federal Reserve --  a pernicious system

       Homosexuality: again proven a lethal lifestyle - for those active, reducing lifespan by 24 years.    

       The Party is Over -- Patrick Buchanan -- Comment on our economy collapsing...    

       Pro-Life Roe v. Wade Defenders??? -- Joseph Farah.  McCain is NOT Pro-Life any more than Sarah Palin.   

9.16  Abortion: State vs. Federal Law -- Kerry Morgan -- excellent on the law issues. 

        Revealing the Truth about Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts -- Robert Paine, Esq.  How Mitt Romney betrayed his oath of office by demanding same-sex marriage under the flag of "The judiciary made me do it!!!"   He lied.   The judiciary did nothing of the sort.  It was legally incapable of doing so.   

       ** Sarah Palin is NOT offering a pro-life stance.   She wants the states to "decide"!  Does the child get a vote - or a veto?   REVISED EDITION - both SOFTENED UP and TOUGHENED UP.   E. Fox   

       Tyranny -- Today and Under the Czar --   a scary assessment.... of then and now. 

       2 Conservative Parties:   American Independent  vs.  Constitution    Vote for which??? 

      Letter from Bishop Robert Duncan to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, who is planning to depose him from his episcopal ministry this Thursday, Sept. 18.   A sad account of a power-hungry presiding bishop.  

9.10  'Bride' & 'Groom' now banned in California --  We brought this on ourselves by agreeing that the CA Supreme Ct could make and/or change law.  It cannot do that, and to agree to it is to subject ourselves to a tyranny.  Homosexual marriage is still ILLEGAL in California.  The Court changed nothing at all.  It was Gov. Schwarzenegger who violated his oath of office and should be impeached.  See Conservative Collapse.   See also just below - First We Defend Law...   E. Fox 

      "First We Defend Law ---  Then We Defend Life"  -- link to Kerry Morgan, Esq.  (Click here for a pdf copy.)  a stunning essay on why we have failed to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the only way to do so. 
        We must first address the deliberate and systematic overthrow by so-called Judicial Review (really Judicial Supremacy) of our whole legal system -- founded on the Law and Grace of God, on the Declaration of Independence, and on our Constitution.  READ THIS.  It will change your whole perspective on the meaning of law and its relation to life.   

     Unalienable Rights of Parents Act -- Kerry Morgan, Esq.   A bill, in effect, to disestablish education in Michigan, return education to the parents.  A stunner, which will elicit the strongest (it it gets support, violent) resistance.  There should be no "established" education any more than religion, & for the same reasons.   
        Government schools are the PRIMARY hold of evil on America today -- the Church of Secular Humanism, which has put a clamp on the freemarket of ideas and of public discussion.  If we do not return to a freemarket (Biblical) education system, we have no hope of restoring freedom in America.  It will not happen.  Visit http://www.revivetherepublic.com/ for excellent material on Biblical government. 
        Kerry Morgan writes: "I think that we still have the opportunity to disestablish state control over education and over ideas in general through the state legislatures.  Unto that end I have drafted a model statute.  No one else has done so and this is just the next logical step. The model statute attached is geared for Michigan's law but the basic outline is there for other states.  If you have contacts in your state legislature they may be interested in introducing small portions of this bill-a bit at a time.  Disestablishing has four components, teacher licensure, mandatory minimum curriculum, compulsory attendance and taxation.  In Michigan we have substantially reduced the power of the legislature over parental education in the first three areas." 

     Biblical Principles of Law -- Herbert W. Titus, former dean of Regent University School of Law.  A superb book on the basic principles of universal law, which only God can give.   (See also, Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love' on the logically necessary Biblical base for ethics and politics.)  

     LONANG - "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"  A SUPERB RESOURCE ON BIBLICAL GOVERNMENT -- Lots of historical and "organic" documents, and logical defense of Biblical government. 

     Women Leaders & Sarah Palin -- A Biblical view of the matter.  See also, Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women for my view of gender roles.  

    Saudi Arabia -- Daughter of Muslim Cleric Killed by Her Brother Leaves Poem.... 

9.8  Citizens not Subjects!   Constitutional Republic or Administrative Tyranny?  -- Edward J. Erler at Hillsdale College, Michigan -- on the meaning of American citizenship vs. British subjectship. 
        This is a superb analysis of another facet of the Immigration Problem, and its connection to the globalist treason being perpetrated upon us -- treason because it is being done dishonestly, with subversion of public debate -- and because it is anti-Christ -- against the Giver of our freedom. 

       ** The Black Hole of POMO Truth --  Nancy Pearcey  --   comment by E. Fox

       ** A Seat at the Table -- by Tom Hoefling -- on McCain and Palin... 
     Why are Christians asking for a seat rather than defining the table and seats to be had -- under the law and grace of God???   We do not want or need a seat at any table but that of God......Commentary E. Fox  

"AIDS has undoubtedly been the most politicized disease in history. A key feature of its politicization was the claim that without massive funding for prevention programs, the disease would escape into the general population from its bases among homosexual men and needle-using drug addicts.  Heterosexuals were all under threat, we were told, along with their spouses and children.  No one was safe!  Yet as the years have passed, no heterosexual outbreak occurred except in sub-Saharan Africa, which has its own peculiar problems.  Now the World Health Organization is conceding that there is unlikely to be a heterosexual epidemic outside of Africa in the future, either.  Apologies should be sent to Michael Fumento, whose book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS exposed the scam, to the outrage of AIDS activists, in 1990.”     —National Review, June 30, 2008, p. 10 

       ** Play, Work, & God --  Play can be serious business.   Many of our children are not learning how to play.  How can that be in an age which rejects serious work on almost every level?  It means they can never mature into adults.   Also included.... "Why I am Leaving 'Guyland'"

        Economic Sanity  --  common sense freemarket wisdom. 

9.5   If there is No God.....  -- Rabbi Dennis Prager --  What would be the consequences? 

       John McCain   Vs.  Sarah Palin -- by Chuck Baldwin --  Are they "unequally yoked"? - a good analysis of a serious moral dilemma.  Serious Christians (Sarah Palin?) do not need to compromise their faith by putting themselves under a clearly un-Godly leader.  Baldwin is right.  Palin will either have to shelve her principles or fight with McCain. 
See also --  other articles with url's embedded in this one....    Is Sarah Palin ProLife???    Or is Palin another decoy (like George Bush) to attract Christians into a morally and spiritually corrupted Republican Party???     I think the latter, but I hope I am wrong....E. Fox 

       The Muslim Threat -- is not an illusion -- Michael Carl.    There are no effective "moderate" Muslims....E. Fox

       Roe V. Wade is NOT the Law of the Land -- the Courts are legally incapable of making law and physically incapable of forcing anyone to follow their dictates.   Lawyer Kelly Morgan in Michigan writes a stunning piece on the subject.   America has swallowed a deliberate scam that the judges make law (when the evil is being done by the executives, not the judges) to overthrow our Constitution, which is quite clear on the subject of judicial power.  That means that abortion is still legally murder, and ought to be prosecuted as such by every executive officer in the land.  (Yes, Virginia, there are good lawyers...)

       Home: Seeing the Everyday -- Home, Family, & Holy Trinity, the beginning and end of all things.   See Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women for summary of man- & womanhood. 

9.1   Seen on a sign by a highway:  A TAXPAYER VOTING FOR BARAK OBAMA IS LIKE A CHICKEN VOTING FOR COLONEL SANDERS...   And that is just for starters....   He is a government centralizer, which leads to totalitarianism.  (The friendly kind, of course...)   E. Fox 

        Declaration of Independence - a part of the Common Law of the United States, the legal founding document, upon which the Constitution must be interpreted.        

        ** The Death of Protestant America: A Political Theory of the Protestant Mainline - by Joseph Bottum,
from First Things: a Journal of Religion, Culture, and Public Life --      E. Fox commentary

        Christianity: Mother of Political Liberty --  P. Andrew Sandlin -- at http://LewRockwell.com  The Roots of Limited Government --

       ** Reason, Revelation, & Ecclesiastical Authority --  E. Fox   On the place for separation of powers and other constitutional protections within Ecclesiastical government. 


8.30   Public School Hell - by Louis A. Turk -  On the Aggressively Totalitarian Humanist-Homosexual Agenda using our Public Schools to Control the Minds of Your Children.  Link is to PDF version.  Full printed copy can be obtained at Amazon, for about $20.  A free pdf version can be obtained at above link, as well as Chapter 26 separately, "Is your Child Gay?", on the aggressive and totalitarian homosexual agenda in schools.   

8.26   Charles Rice -  on Law and Religion.   Review of excellent book working toward restoration of Godly law.

         Huckabee Agrees -- Romney Responsible for Homosexual Marriage in MA.   So how then can Huck support Romney on a ticket with McCain???

         South Dakota --  First Abortion-Free State... in how many years???   Gloria Deo!!!  

        Judge rules in favor of Episcopal Breakaway groups -- Julia Duin, Washington Times.   

8.23   What is Anglicanism?  Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi (Uganda) -- a magnificent defense of Anglicanism.

         **The Future of Anglicanism -- Its troubles, and its solutions.   E. Fox

        No Choice but Evil --  Alan Keyes on Moral Principle & the Republican Party  -- a Profound Study....  Read it!   E. Fox   

        Ravaging the Republic -- David Jeffers -- excellent on the severe dangers our constitutional freedoms are in, largely due to the collapse of our Biblical foundations, and of our badly failing "conservative" movement.  E. Fox  

       Steve Deace - Ohio Talk-show host - on the Conservative Collapse, the failure of conservative leadership to stand up for either truth or righteousness.  See also his interview with Phyllis Schlafley -- There is no Conservative Movement in America, only swirling eddies in a few backwaters -- which will hopefully begin to flow again in a stream.   God will raise up a new generation of truth-seekers and speakers.  Steve Deace is one of them.  I am meeting others -- all of them outside of the "official" Church. 

       Global Warming --   A pdf file on some good science. 

8.21  ** Bill to apparently opening door to teaching Communism in California Schools on Gov. Schwarzenegger's Desk.  Go to Capital Resource Institute -- to call into the Governor's office and express your opinion -- http://capwiz.com/capitolresource/callalert/index.tt?alertid=11770716    Go to www.leginfo.ca.gov (do search for SB 1322) to read the bill.  It is very difficult legalese reading.    E. Fox commentary.

8.18  ** Defeating, not Kindling, the Power of Lust...   a commentary on how to deal with public homosexual behavior.    E. Fox 

8.9   Terrifying Event in Germany -- Totalitarian German Government Clamps Down (again) on Homeschoolers - in a house raid, removes children from home while parents away.  Sentences parents to psychological testing for homeschooling.  This is about totalitarian mind-control, not education.  These things are being done under a law passed by Hitler to control education for his own evil ends.  There is something demonic lurking in the German psyche -- which needs to be exorcised. 

        Global Warming - another nail in its coffin.   

        4th of July at Minuteman Camp Vigilance on the Mexican border 

8.5   ** Clarifying our Goals in a New Conservative/Liberal Movement --  E. Fox 

        Outgunned BP Agent Held at Gunpoint by Mexican Military on U.S. Soil  
http://www.americanpatrol.com/MISCNEWS/2006-UP/BP/Outgunned080804AZ_.html   Why is not President Bush impeached on the grounds of desertion of his post, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy? 

       Obama more "Pro-Choice" than NARAL...!   http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=18647   He would kill babies who survive the abortion attempt.    This isn't Nazi Germany in 1945.  This is the United States of America in 2008!

        Islamic Preacher Calls for Full Sharia in the U.K.  The cowardice and stupidity of Christians on these matters merits whatever we get.  But our children and grandchildren do not. 

JULY 2008

7.30  PA Supremes reject hate-crime law -- Gloria Dei!    May every state in the Union do so, and may Congress do so.   Such laws are contrary to our constitution and to any honest concept of due process. 
        However, the rejection was ambiguous, not directed at the nature of hate-crimes themselves, but against the procedure by which this particular hate-crime bill was enacted.  The real victory is not yet even close to being won.  We must reject hate-crime laws in principleThey are wrong in and of themselves

        Barack Obama's Birth Certificate --  Forgery?     Go to
        The forgery inspector appears, at least, to be legitimate.  The question is why O's birth certificate might be a forgery.  If he is not a legitimate citizen, he cannot be president.  Has anyone heard an answer from his direction?   Is the forgery a forgery?  a plant?   I get the impression that it is one he submitted at some point. 

       President Ronald Reagan - "Without God, here is no virtue because there is no prompting of the conscience... without God there is a coarsening of the society; without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure...  If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under god, then we will be a Nation gone under."  August 23, 1984.   
        Exactly right.  Without God, there is no prompting of the soul, because the Voice of God is the only possible source for moral obligation

       Christianity: Mother of Political Liberty  --  link to P. Andrew Sandlin  --  Superb piece on the history of liberty.  

        CONSERVATIVE COLLAPSE -- A series of articles on the betrayal of America by many of our pseudo-conservative leaders and organizations -- refusal to confront Executives (the Judiciary is NOT the problem).   

7.25 It's Not a Conspiracy -- Just a Cover-Up --  Part I by John Haskins & Gregg Jackson on the homosexual "marriage" debacle, and the subversion of truth and justice by Romney & Schwarzenegger --  See also Part II 

        NEA (National Education Assn.) Spells Out Its Policies -- for the destruction of Godly America.    

        Law, Truth, & Justice -- the Mannatech situation.     

        ATTENTION EARTHLINGS!!  You must accept Romney as your Deputy Leader!!!  -- Gregg Jackson and John Haskins at www.undergroundjournal.net    A spoof, but the truth about the destruction of the rule of law in America.  WAKE UP, AMERICA...

          ** Biblical Principles of Civil Government -- Sermon preached by Earle Fox Sunday, July 27, 08 at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA.  Either we get these principles under our Christian belts, or we Christians can plan on remaining in the backwaters of a dying civilization.   E. Fox  

         Aiming at Goliath --  link to Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) which aims at recovering Free Speech for Churches without losing their tax-exempt status.  The restriction on churches speaking out politically was imposed in an ugly bit of politicking by then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson back in 1954 when he was being criticized by some local Christian groups.  ADF now wants 100 churches to violate the IRS restriction on supporting or condemning a political candidate to force a court case.  Get your church on board!     and,   GO ADF!

         ** The Leipzig Connection, by Paolo Lionni -- a short review by E. Fox of an excellent book on how American education has been taken over by charlatans with no interest in education, only in control, and how the militant secularist movement was so enormously successful in commandeering education for its own evil mind-control purposes.    

         ** Obama & Homosexuality -- Why he is so wrong.   E. Fox.  

7.21   SAME-SEX MARRIAGES ARE LEGALLY NULL & VOID -- Link to Atty. Robert Paine.  The history is stunningly clear.  
        Legal same-sex marriage does not exist anywhere in the United States.  The courts have no jurisdiction to make it legal.  The governors of Massachusetts (Romney) and of California (Schwarzenegger) have broken the law and betrayed their oaths of office and the people of California by enforcing a law with NO statutory foundation.   Schwarzenegger MUST be recalled from office. 
        Homosexual persons, more than any others, ought to be clamoring for the truth of the matter.  Their lives are severely at risk.  But they are being sold into a lethal, compulsive lifestyle by persons who apparently profit by doing so. 

          No Global Warming Hot Spots -- & thus no significant Carbon-Based global warming....  

          ** Why our Skeptical God Puts Truth ahead of Himself --  Response by E. Fox to Edward Tingley in Touchstone Magazine.  

7.18   PAUL WEYRICH -- Conservatives Unwittingly Aiding in Destruction of America --- Weyrich agrees that courts cannot change the laws, and that our American civilization is in peril because Christian leaders have promoted the deceitful nonsense that they can.  Until we call the executives (presidents and governors - Romney & Schwarzenegger) to account, we will continue to lose the spiritual/culture war.  Only the executives have the power to enforce anything.  And they can decline to do so if they think it constitutionally right.  Until We, the People, hold them accountable, our freedoms will continue to erode.    Wake up, America!

           Letter to Mitt Romney from Pro-Family Leaders -- pointing to his lying and deception about homosexual marriage.  Former governor of Massachusetts, Romney is guilty of a felony crime -- enforcing the rewriting of marriage certificates without legal authority.    Romney should be tried for his crimes.  This man should not hold any office in the land.   Ditto for Schwarzenegger, governor of California, and for the same reasons. 
        NOTE: Many of these Pro-Family leaders later backed out and supported Romney, despite his betrayal of every principle of honesty, morality, of marriage, and of America.  
        GO TO WWW.UNDERGROUNDJOURNAL.NET and read several other articles by well versed persons on Romney.  It is an appalling situation which is being repeated in California under Schwarzenegger.  And ignored by perhaps a majority of so-called conservative leadership.   See also Spiritual Warfare Library/Conservative Collapse for several articles on scam of "judicial activism" when the executives are the criminals. 

          It's Not a Conspiracy, Just a Cover Up  --  John Haskins & Gregg Jackson -- the primary two who are ringing the bell on pseudo-conservative betrayal.  "The judiciary made me do it!" is a lie.   (Go on to Part II at the end of Part I)    
         Either we wake up to the betrayal among our highest leadership, or we continue to perish as a nation and culture.  It took me a few weeks of painful reading and soul-searching to come to accept the truth that Haskins and Jackson are right on the bullseye.   E. Fox

7.15   ** Does God command a behavior because the behavior is good, or, does the behavior become good because God commands it?  Here is my answer to one of the most debated ethical issues.   E. Fox. 

           ** The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit -- & Its Impact on World History ...  by E. Michael Jones -- reviews by E. Fox and and other writers.  Jones raises some powerful questions about where world history is headed.  I disagree strongly with some of his assertions, but he is raising issues with which we MUST deal, or perish as a meaningful civilization. 

          ** Spiritual Growth Requires Spiritual Freedom -- an email exchange with family.   E. Fox   

         ** A Paleo-Epitaph -- by Paul Gottfried - with response by E. Fox.   We are in a  winnable battle.  The "epitaph" will be on the tombstone of secularism and paganism.   

 7.11  Washington Post tells Truth about "Safe" Sex -- Then Ignores It --  Robert Knight --  the double-mindedness of our leadership is appalling.  Consistence of fact and truth do not matter to those who seek power and control. 

          Judiciary is NOT "The Problem" -- John Haskins on Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts and California.  A review of the legal issues.  The judiciary is covering for the executive treason against our country.  Is not deliberate, planned, and systematic subversion of our constitutional order not treason? 

         Changing the Common Law did NOT Change the [Massachusetts] Constitution (about marriage) --  Link to Robert Paine Esq. 

         Denmark Church pays Protection Money to Muslims.    

         ** Foundations of a Free People under a Limited Government --  This is a seminar which I often give at Camp Vigilance (Minutemen).  E. Fox 

        A Global Warming Primer -- National Center for Policy Analysis -- This is an analysis of Global Warming.  You will gain a real understanding of how much we do not know about it, how much we will spend to improve it, and how little it would improve.  Eye-opening!  

        California Court Did NOT Have Power To Strike Down California Prohibition On Same-Sex "Marriage"  -- Link to Gregg Jackson guest editorial at RFFM.org

        Stewardship & a Fallen Comrade Ceremony 

7.3   Why We are Free  --- Dave Jeffers on 4th of July -- a tribute to the God of Hosts...   By the grace of God, we are slowly returning to a true understanding of America, and a true celebration of our Sovereign King on the 4th of July. 

     ** THE GREATEST THREAT FACING AMERICA -- by Bobby Franklin, Georgia House of Representatives.  YES!  Read it.   Commentary by E. Fox.    See also "Conservative Collapse" on the depth of our disaster   

        Violent Mexican Military Intrusions into the US -- This is an appalling state of affairs.   It demands Congressional impeachment and prosecution of President Bush. 

        The Jerusalem Declaration -- from GAFCON  in Jerusalem, potential breakaway from the Anglican Communion.  They would do better to attend the Lambeth Conference in England under the Archbishop of Canterbury, and stay united with other orthodox Anglicans.  We are in a winnable battle IF we do not let the Enemy (again) divide and conquer. 

        The Relevant Muslims --  a German's reflections on Islam today.  On target.  E. Fox  

JUNE 2008

6.30   A Conversation with Justice Scalia -- with Charles Rose Interviewing  (U-Tube).   Justice Scalia, who styles himself as an "originalist", sticking to the original language of the Constitution, is only partly "conservative", and does not visibly allow his Christian (Roman Catholic) religion to "interfere" with his judicial activities, especially on the "life vs. abortion" issue. 
         By his own words, he is NOT the conservative we have been led to believe.  He is NOT a seriously conservative constitutionalist, he is NOT really pro-life.   
        The interview is very well done, Rose does a good job of pulling things out of Scalia.  A very engaging hour.  But a sad commentary on the role of his Christian faith in one of our most important leaders. 
        Either we Christians learn how to articulate our faith reasonably and gracefully in public (emphatically on Biblical government), or the Church will continue in the backwaters of Western Civ.  And Western Civ. will continue downhill into oblivion and totalitarian paganism.  The homosexualized version will be mindlessly totalitarian to a degree only rarely seen in Western history.  A politics focused on feel-good rather than truth will always become totalitarian. 
        Is this what you want for your children and grand-children?   Do you want them to have to fight the battle for honest freedom which you and I should have fought already, at much less cost than they will have to pay???      E. Fox.  

           ** A Letter to James Dobson - Focus on the Family  ---  on conservative collapse & Judicial vs. Executive tyranny...   E. Fox 

          ** Make Your Body a Living Sacrifice --  Sermon by Earle Fox at St. Luke's REC Church, Santa Anna, CA  

         Summer a deadly time along U.S.-Mexico border
The Border Patrol's McAllen Sector — which starts in the
Rio Grande Valley and includes a huge swath of territory that hugs the Gulf Coast — reports already finding 67 bodies in the first nine months of this fiscal year.  That compares to 61 for all of 2007.  Even more horrific than the figure itself is that the deadliest months of the year — July and August — are still to come. Other Border Patrol sectors didn't yet have June death totals compiled.   http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5859345.html 
        See http://www.capsweb.org/ for excellent updates on illegal immigration.  

           ** Remaking Anglicanism -- & Western Civ.     E. Fox commentary.   How helpful will 3rd World Christians be in helping Western Christians out of their mess?  Only in a limited way. 

6.25   Slaughter of the Innocents continues apace -- and no candidate for President says a peep.  That is betrayal of all life, including yours and mine.   If one person is not safe, no one is safe.  There is one and only one legitimate position for Christians -- pro-life.    E. Fox. 

         Muslim, Homosexualist, & Globalist.... cooperation -- Three totalitarians in bed with one another.   How long will this bizarre relationship last? 

         Heinz Pushes Homosexual "Marriage" on advert.  So, let's no longer buy Heinz products...   E. Fox. 

6.24  The Way Forward in California on Homosexual Marriage"  --  Gregg Jackson...   The people need to know that "Prop 22 defining marriage between one man and one woman is still the law of California, and that the changes to the marriage certificates illegally authorized by Schwartzenegger, are legally null and void."     
        Governor Schwarzenegger MUST be recalled and/or impeached for the felony crime of rewriting marriage certificates with no statutory authority.    

         5 Judicial Myths - Refuted -- courtesy of David Barton.    See also Conservative Collapse -- failure of religious conservative leaders to understand the myth of "judicial review". 

         Obama - strong supporter of Homosexuality -- a compulsive, lethal addiction for most persons who practice that lifestyle.  The evidence for that claim is open, public, and clear.   And here is how to counter it.  
        Question for those who support homosexuality:  If the above description of homosexuality were shown to be true, would that make any difference to your opinion?   If you were wrong, would you want to know?  

         ** Judicial Review & Marbury vs. Madison -- article on the case which generated the tragic move to Judicial Review, the authority of the Supreme Court to decide what the Constitution means.  So far as I can figure, the Court granted itself that authority, it did not ask the people or either of the other two branches of government whether it had such sole authority. 
        We MUST force a recall of Governor Schwarzenegger for the crime of rewriting marriage certificates with no legal authority.      E. Fox. 

6.18  ** Betrayal by Pseudo-Conservative Leadership -- It is worse than I had thought...   The loyal remnant (those who value truth and our constitutional freedoms) is now very small minority.   Read the unassailable evidence right in the Massachusetts Constitution.  The Courts are NOT the Big Problem, it is the legislators who will not stand up, and executives who desire power and control.  We have far worse executive activism than judicial.  To my astonished surprise, we ought to be going after the executive branch of our governments rather than the judicial.    E. Fox.

          ** Letter to Beverly LaHaye at Concerned Women for America -- the abortion and homosexuality problem is executive (not judicial) activism.

         Depravity in Massachusetts --  tax funded, and government protected.  Coming too your neighborhood as soon as homosexual advocates can arrange it.   I kid you not.   E. Fox. 

         The California Constitution -- and homosexual "marriage" 

6.15   ** We, the People continues to find government absolutely resistant to being held accountable under the First Amendment and the of the people to petition the government for redress against a grievance.   A story of established (not coming) tyranny, already in control.  With much worse to come.  UNLESS we, the people, stand up and let them understand -- Not with our country, you don't!   Are you ready?      E. Fox  

          ** Objectives, Strategy, & Tactics -- Why (and how) Christians MUST get their priorities straight....  E. Fox 

          ** Vigorous Fellowship in the Body of Christ --  How do we speak the hard truth in love to one another?     E. Fox  

          Freemarket Capitalism vs. Senate Restaurants....

          Freemarket Capitalism vs. Greens captivity of Oil Drilling...   Would this idea work??? 

6.11   Kung Fu Panda (& the Day the Slacker Died...)  --  One More Reason Why America is dying. 

          Illegal Attack on Family -  Dr. Ted Baehr --  A powerful defense of Biblical marriage vs. civil government control.  The role of civil government is to administer the laws God has already given us, it has no authority to invent its own.  

         http://www.lifesitenews.com/ -- a super Catholic website, mainly on Life issues, but others also. 

6.10   More on ILLEGALITY of Homosexual Marriage in Massachusetts.   Read this!  The Governors of both Massachusetts and California are standing in violation of the law and of their sworn oaths to obey the laws and constitutions of their states. 

          Gregg Jackson's letter to the LA Times -- on (MA) Romney and (CA) Schwarzenegger's felony crimes of rewriting marriage certificates without legal authority.

          How Mitt Romney Brought Same Sex Marriage to America --  Robert Paine -- It will change how you view the whole pseudo-conservative movement.  

          Oh, Stalinoid Canada -- by James Lewis --   

          Canada's HCRs  - (Human Rights Commissions)    June 6, 1944 --  On the 64th anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Normandy, liberty loving Canadians are alarmed that their so-called Human Rights Commissions (HRCs) are being run by tin-pot Gauleiters who are busily stifling and punishing all forms of non-PC speech.  
        See -- The meaning of 'treason' --  & Cicero on traitors within the gates...   

          ** An Amended First Amendment - disestablishing education -- .  An established education is as destructive of freedom as an established Church.   Some things (such as religion and education) should never, never, never be coerced (i.e., controlled by civil government).    E. Fox  

          Games, Children, & Death -- telling children when they should die....     The obscene use of the "carbon footprint..."  

6.03  ** What is Freemarket Capitalism?   E. Fox  

         ** Happiness, Sexual Perversion, & the Declaration of Independence --  by Peter LaBarbera -- A Sewer of Behavior --  Test your ability to deal with hard-core issues, in this case sexuality.   How would you respond to Mr. Frank Kameny?  Most people will not engage the issues.  And most who do  are incapable of putting forth a compelling response. 
        We had better get prepared, because we are headed for a sewer of behavior all across America.  And hardly a single public figure can stand up with truth and grace.   How about you?  We have only ourselves to blame if we let our own prudery, cowardice, and deliberate ignorance hold open the doors for this disaster.   In a healthy society, falsehood and evil are addressed immediately. 
        Kameny is dead wrong about the Declaration of Independence supporting his cause.  Could you say why?   Commentary by E Fox. 

         Watch this before it is taken off the internet -- a rousing conversation (well, really monologue) between an Arab (I think) woman and a Muslim supporter.   The woman raises many good points, but her attitude makes her monologue into just one tyranny ranting against another.   Also, she is wrong -- the beliefs of people are the business of other people.  Ideas have consequences because we choose our values and loyalties (or not) by what we believe.  We choose the laws we want coercively enforced on each other by what we believe.  What religion and worldview you think to be true matters to your neighbor. 
        The trick is to maintain and honor the public space as a level playing field upon which truth can be objectively and gracefully debated.   That rules out both the Muslim approach and hers as well, despite that I would agree with much of what she said -- mostly about Islam.   E. Fox

6.02  ** Truth in Politics -- on the failure of our "conservative" leadership -- almost across the board...   Especially in sexuality issues. 

         Rabbi Dennis Prager on Homosexual "Marriage" --  We have, coming from California, a disaster of major proportions staring us in the face.  And what is our so-called "conservative" leadership going about it?  Where is the Church?  

         Will the North American Union be American Patriots' Last Stand? -- Edwin Vieira --  superb Constitutional scholar explains the legal status of the Declaration of Independence
        Pursuit of the North American Union is, in my humble opinion,  nothing short of high treason -- a criminal attempt to subvert the sovereignty of the United States. 

         The Declaration of Independence -- see comment by Laura Engels Wilder comment at end....   See also magnificent explanation and defense of the Declaration by Edwin Vieira 

         Carbon Chastity -- by Charles Krauthammer --  More on the absurdity of the Global Warming speculations. 

         And Watch - Listen to this -- Battle Hymn of the Republic --  

         Executive "Pro-Homosexual" Tyranny in CA -  Gov. Schwarzenegger says he will alter marriage licenses -- when he has no legislative or constitutional authority to do so.  

MAY 2008

5.28   (No-Fault) Divorce - Feminism's Crowning Achievement --  Rick Scarborough     This attack on marriage is one of the great issues of our time.  It is an attack on the Image of God -- in which we are made, male and female. 

          31,000 Scientists reject Global Warming --  "Mr. Gore's movie has claims no informed expert endorses."  't'pears like the Global Warming "event" is turning out to be the Global Scam of the Millennium. 

          The Question of Global Warming - by Freeman Dyson.   Wow!  quite a new approach, with some totally new (to me at least) science.  Well worth the read....    See also 2nd article:  Sacrificing to the Climate Gods.    E. Fox  

          Czech President Klaus ready to debate Gore on climate change -- 

5.21   ** The "Ordered Freedom" Amendment --  (see also the meaning of "Freedom")   Understanding the nature of freedom is absolutely essential to either spiritual or political renewal and freedom.   E. Fox

          The Case against condoms and for chastity is clear and unassailable.  But that does not stop persons who want to be able to kill babies from saying otherwise.  They want the abortion business.  These people are evil-minded, and need to be told so.  E. Fox.

          'Exodus' From California Schools --  a Call from  Exodus Mandate, Phyllis Schlafly, and a Coalition of Christian and Pro-family Organizations 

          NARTH Responds -- to APA's objections to treatment of homosexuality.  (pdf file)  Both APA's (Psychiatric and Psychological) have abandoned science for dishonest politicizing.  They are supposed to be the watchmen in the towers to warn us of threats to our health.  But they have seriously betrayed the American public.  They are guilty of the deaths of many persons who have contracted AIDS and many other sexually transmitted diseases, and thus and are no longer to be believed unless supported by independent witness.  Both APA's ought to be sued for malpractice. 

          ** The Quigley Formula or the Jesus Formula?   the Biblical response to the "conspiracy" all about us.    E. Fox 

          Astronomy - Pictures of the Day --  every day a new picture of the cosmos is put up with explanation.  Put it on your Favorites list....!    Show your children....  

5.19   Ron Paul WIN???  (pdf file)--  a very looong shot, with lots of places to stumble -- but truth is always worth the effort.  As Whittaker Chambers said, a man makes his decisions on what is right, not on what is probable.  Ron Paul will "probably" not win the nomination.  But that is irrelevant.  Work for the man who most fully presents the truth.  Otherwise, truth will never have an honest and full testimony in the public arena.  And that is betrayal of our Great Commission
        Chambers was remarking in 1938 to his wife, as they left the Communist Party to pursue a Christian life, that he thought they were leaving the winning side for the losing side.  He knew the power of the Communist movement, but saw no serious spiritual leadership in the Christian community.  Yet he knew what God was telling him.  And he knew in 1938 already that Communism was indeed the Evil Empire.  One needs only to expand that to include any centralization of civil government to see the real issue before us today.  Either Jesus is Lord, or civil government will be lord -- a new Tower of Babel. 

          Cutting the Lethal Wire - Pictures  --  Camp Vigilance near Boulevard, CA, on the Mexican border, about 50 miles east of San Diego, where I go once a month for a Minuteman muster.    The "other side" is vicious, mostly the drug runners, not the illegal aliens. 

         Same-Sex Marriage NOT Legal in Massachusetts.   NOR IN CALIFORNIA.   Much deceit and dishonesty on the part of homosexuality advocates.  Stop letting them get away with it!   They need our apathy to succeed! 

         2nd Amendment - helps create a safe and peaceable environment -- says a Brit correspondent. 

         Agri-Processors -- a blight on the land....  Illegal alien smuggling.   Another ugly side of the story...

         Alan Keyes -- Amazing speech on the American borders --   God bless Alan Keyes....    

         John McCain for President?   McCain was more than a hero during the Vietnam War, especially during his time in prison.  But he has lost any sense of the spiritual war in which we are engaged, so that I cannot support him.  If the looong shot which Ron Paul has (see pdf file above) does not work, I will vote for Chuck Baldwin who is running in the Constitution Party.   
        See also http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com/c2008/cbarchive_20080516.html -- Chuck Baldwin more on McCain's positions. 

5.14  ** WITNESS - by Whittaker Chambers...   Chambers is one of the heroes of the 20th century -- leaving the Communist underground to expose the Communist infiltration, standing almost alone through severe Congressional investigations, and writing a stunning book to tell the story....  He understood the spiritual warfare in which he was engaged better than almost anyone of the time.   Reading WITNESS is like reading the Lord of the Rings in real time.     E. Fox 

          Polar bears NOT endangered -- a response to more junk science.   Who benefits from junk science?  who benefits from distorting information essential to the public welfare? 

          Is "Organic" better?  Not according to a UK study....    Take a look at environmental expert Rob Johnston's article.  More junk science???

          How the Mass. Legislature Spends its Funds --  $3/4 Mil. for perversion of youth.  Has it gotten bad enough for you, dear American public, to do something about it? 

          YES!  Michigan Supreme Court bans same-sex marriages!    The states are where protection of marriage should take place, not the federal government.  We do not want to put any more than we have to under federal jurisdiction.  In the Federal Constitution we should put something relating the constitution to the Declaration of Independence, thus relating it to our Biblical worldview and reestablishing our obedience to the law of God (see William Blackstone). 

          CALIFORNIA next, headed for epic "marriage" battle...   Talk to your representatives!!!   Gracefully and directly.  

5.09   Trash on the Border -- from Fox News -- If this was your back yard, would you complain???  Much of it is someone's back yard, those who live right on the border.    

          The Biblical Vision regarding Women's Ordination --  The Rev. Rodney Whitacre, a solid essay on a controversial issue.  Rod Whitacre is right on target.   E. Fox.   See also the Women's Ordination Library.  

          Why Students "Drop Out"....    Would you believe Depression....??? 

          The True Face of Muslims...???   A Gallup poll.... of Muslim thinking. 

          Former Dire Predictions -- global cooling, end of oil, gas, etc. 

          Environmentalist-caused environmental disasters....  Wouldn't you know....?   

          Is Homosexuality Inborn or Acquired?   --   Robert Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary -- great article.  

5.06   Eminent Psychiatrist Says Homosexuality is a Disorder that Can be Cured LifeSiteNews  That is no surprise.  Before homosexuality got politicized, everyone was saying that they could change, on both sides of the fence.  Then they discovered that people felt sorry for them if they were genetically or otherwise "compelled" to do it.  "My genes made me do it..."   Etc.  The problem is the cowardly conservatives who will not stand up and force the discussion on homosexual behavior and its terrible consequences.  
        How about you....???   See evidence and strategy.   Print them up and pass them out like popcorn.   For pdf ready to print, go to evidence & strategy

          US Sovereignty Upheld by Supreme Court vs. UN.   

          Slavery, Terrorism, & Islam --  Peter Hammond's new book on the front-line realities of Islam around the world.  Not a pretty picture. s

          Earliest Biblical stories built into Chinese language --  Believe it or not....     E. Fox  

          "EXODUS REVEALED"  - a stunning archeological video report on where the Exodus event actually happened, with solid empirical evidence for the crossing of the Red Sea.  Available from .  This is one of the best examples of Christians doing their scientific homework I have run into -- with the predictable results -- success!  Deo Gratia!!!  
            Go to http://www.amazon.com/Exodus-Revealed-Searching-Red-Crossing/dp/B00005AUE2  or http://www.questarhomevideo.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?Search=Yes 

          Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq -- not as glum as we are told, he says.  I think he is right.  "In his latest desperate rant, a suddenly “green” Zawahiri was reduced to appealing to environmentally conscious Muslims to fault the United States for our supposed culpability for global warming!  No wonder polls across the Middle East show a sharp decline in support for his boss, Osama bin Laden." 

          Peter Hitchens from the UK on the slavery into which we in the West are voting ourselves, and out out from which we will not be able to vote ourselves. 

          CHUCK BALDWIN for PRESIDENT -- CONSTITUTION PARTY CANDIDATE.   Perhaps the beginning of a new era in America....

APRIL 2008

4.28   The Continuing Collapse  #7 -  by Bruce Shortt.   More of the insanity of our government dys-education.  Much of it right from my back yard in the LA County schools....   Friends, this is not an accident.  It is UnIntelligent Design.    E. Fox 

          Continuing Collapse   #8  -- Is American public education a form of child abuse?  Mark Steyn, et al.  

4.25   Darwin & Hitler ---  Natural allies.  Commentary on the new film -- "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" on the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debate. 

          England eradicated off the map -- to form the EU....   Don't believe it??  Take a look.   Coming soon to your neighborhood to form the AU (American Union).   This is deliberate subversion of local autonomy and identity, to create an isolated and atomized population -- i.e., a controllable population. 

          Do you understand the health risks of homosexual behavior???  The FDA (!!!) does.  Of course, they do not mean anyone to take seriously that we ought to vigorously contest the "gay" movement...  

          Free to Change Your Religion??  from Islam??  --  One brave soul stands up...  

          ** We, the People continues to find government absolutely resistant to being held accountable.  A story of established (not coming) tyranny, already in control.  With much worse to come.  UNLESS we, the people, stand up and let them understand -- Not with our country, you don't!   Are you ready?      E. Fox  

4.16   Judge fines couple $6000 for not photographing lesbian "wedding".   Coming to your neighborhood soon.  What are you doing about it?  Do you care that truth, righteousness, and people are being trampled? 

          Comprehensive Response to American Psychological Assn's Rejection of Treatment of Homosexuality -- from NARTH (National Assn. for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality).   A NARTH fact sheet.  The facts are, and have been for a long time, abundantly clear. 

          Chinese Olympics and Persecution of Christians - Rutherford Institute - John Rutherford, Godly legal scholar. 

          The American Legion on Illegal Immigration ---

          ** Pope's Remarks at Whitehouse -- good but bland.  Christians must learn how to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in public.  Read it and see what you think....  If we cannot say that Jesus is Lord in public, we will never be able to take the offensive, and will be always on the defensive.  As Napoleon said, "The logical end of defensive warfare is surrender".   That is what we Christians have been doing.  Time to be obedient to the Great Commission....      E. Fox with commentary. 

4.15   Ballroom Dancing and Gender Roles -- Fr. David Baumann     (Yea and Amen... E. Fox) 

          Ben Stein's Intelligent Adventure -- by Kate Wright in American Thinker.   I have not seen this movie on Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design, but the review is tantalizing.  E. Fox 

4.12    So, you want socialized medicine, do you?   See what it is like in Canada if you need brain (or any other) surgery: http://www.freemarketcure.com/brainsurgery.php    Government is good at only a very few things (health care is not one of them), like being referee for the public arena, and then only when kept under constant vigilance by the real governors, the people under God.  

          Mikhail Gorbachev says he is a Christian  -- wonder what that will lead to???  Maybe he has gotten off the Globalist bandwagon...???

          If I die before you wake -- from a soldier in Iraq. 

4.11   An 11-day Motherboard/Software Saga -- About 2 weeks ago (3/31/08), I tried Registry Booster, a software for cleaning up your Windows Registry, and it caused severe problems (beware of people who think they can fix your registry - several of my applications stopped working). 
        In the process of fixing that, restoring the whole C: harddrive from a backup file (a long story not worth telling), the Motherboard BIOS got corrupted.  It was an old Mb, and the BIOS was not "flashable", so I got a new one which runs much faster.  But then when I tried to restore again from the same backup files (of which I had about ten on a different harddrive, going back several months), it turned out that all the backup files but one, the earliest (with just XP and a few applications on it), had gotten corrupted also.  All this took several days to get straightened out, but with Acronis tech support (the backup software can be found at www.acronis.com - highly recommended, especially "Workstation" with "Universal Restore"), things gradually got back in shape, and my harddrive is just about completed again with all software reinstalled (about a 3-day job). 
        Lesson:  backup, backup, backup -- on a different harddrive.  I did, but even then, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray..." (Thank you Robert Burns -- I think).   The Lord has used such events with my computer more than once to test my patience and trust in Him, and to teach me that I can stand even when the world seems to be crashing -- on my head.  Deo Gratia!   Back in the saddle again...!  More fully committed to Jesus... 
        He keeps reminding me that He has me right where I need to be to do my growing.   Yikes!  But knowing that will turn any event, no matter how bad, into a growing situation rather than a disaster.   Spiritual warfare...  is for turning the tide back against the Enemy, whose primary weapons are deceit and self-condemnation (vs. Jesus' primary weapons -- truth, forgiveness, and salvation).   With Jesus, there is nothing that can make you lose.  You, in the end, always win through to stability and sanity and purpose.  Most of spiritual warfare is fought in the trenches of one's own personal life.  If we do not win there, we will not win in the larger public arena.  

        Powerful rally for Sally Kern at OK Statehouse, standing firm on homosexual issues and for freedom for Christians to speak their views -- with truth and grace.   Watch the UTube version on the website. 

        Syphilis Rates Skyrocket in San Diego -- reported by San Diego News at http://www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=11922 .  Why are they skyrocketing?  Because homosexual persons are falling back again into their addictive condition and exchanging body fluids in their sexual behavior with infected persons. 

        Why Do They Love US?    from an Aussie soldier on his American counterparts in Iraq.  
        Yes, the American soldiers on the ground are the best ambassadors for America, not the politicians, most of whom have lost contact with real life on the ground.   That graceful personhood so often shown by our soldiers has to be a percolating up of our almost buried Biblical foundations.   Gloria Dei!
        Pray for the day when Christians in general will come to have that reputation!  And begin with #1. 

        New Mexico Human Rights Commission orders $6000 fine for Christian photographer who refused to take pictures of homosexual wedding.   Coming to your neighborhood soon.  What are you doing about it?  
        What kind of "human right" are they talking about?   What would you say if it were you being fined?  Would you have enough knowledge, wisdom, & gumption to stand your ground?   Would you be able to speak the truth about homosexuality, and be able to go on the offensive?     See also

MARCH 2008

3.31   Deep Financial Doo Doo -- the Consumerist mentality --  How to turn that tide..  http://www.sharesavespend.com/   
        Here is a website to visit if you are concerned about the consumerist mentality which has taken over both our adult and child population.  We are being told (often indirectly) to "spend, spend, spend" by our politicians because it will "help the economy".  The website gives stats which suggest just the opposite.  A society which has next to no savings is in deep doo doo when troubles hit.  The consumerist mentality has been fed to us for several decades and it will take at least that long to get out.  It is one of the worst traps we can get into.   
        But there is a way out.  The website teaches you how to get a grip on your spending and have a saving/sharing mentality.  The program does not appear (at first glance, at least) to have a religious connection, but it seems that it would go well with a tithing attitude.  Following Jesus is the real way out.

          What does the Koran teach about Jihad?   (Update - see 3.27 below)  At this moment, the Google video site still has Fitna up (video on the violence of Islam).  But this site will probably also soon cave under pressure from the PC crowd.   The only hate that is expressed in the video are the words from the Quran and various Imams along with the vicious hateful acts of cruelty and violence upon the innocent, which was inspired by acting upon those words.     

          The Apostate Episcopal Church and the UN Millennium Development Goals -- go to
http://www.ndxhound.org/discom/Shared%20Documents/MDGs.pdf   the MDGs have replaced the Great Commission and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Marxism in the Church of God...   

3.28   ** The Sword of the Spirit -- What is it?   E. Fox   ---   a MUST READ for every Christian....

          Parents of 166,000 California students could face criminal charges -- if recent ruling stands.  The state does NOT own the children.  But so long as God is kept out of the public arena, including politics, the state, run by control-minded subverters of truth, will work to make that claim, and it will in the long run succeed.   Prayer is not the problem in education, government is the problem.  Get government totally out of education.  Government education cannot be "fixed", it is inherently wrong and always drifts toward mind-control.  Education, like religion, should never, never, never be coerced.  Where are the millions of Christian fathers to protect their children???     See Education Library

          Better Together???   Only in holy matrimony, not in cohabitation -- by Michael McManus.   Will common sense take over America???  or not?!?   Hey, it's up to us --  WE, THE PEOPLE. 

          Sharia in Nigeria..   So, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, you think Sharia law is innocuous???  It turns children into murderers. 

3.27   More on Pope baptizing Muslim -- from Thomas Haidon -- see third article: "The Conversion Heard 'Round the World"

          Like feeling a heartbeat....   Another conversion story -- this time of former atheist John C. Wright.  One of those beautiful, classic, and powerful conversion stories.  If you are out there wondering what it might be like to know God, read this.  Powerful. 

          What does the Koran teach about Jihad?  (See Update, 3.31 above) The controversial film by the Dutch filmmaker (about 15 minutes long) is posted on the link below….well worth watching -- if it hasn’t been hacked, or shut down due to pressure.  Network Solutions pulled it.  It is pretty graphic…..but every bit of it is truthful.    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7d9_1206624103&p=1
        Some will say this is inaccurate.  But there is little among the so-called "moderates" which gives convincing evidence that Islam will change and oppose the radicals.  A few stand up, but as with other religions, most "moderates" just want to be left alone and not bother to fight the real battle. 
        The moderates will need prior firm evidence that the Judeo-Christian side means business militarily with the radicals, and more important, that we can win the propaganda war with truth and grace.  That is not yet happening, and there is little evidence that it will happen in the near future.  Western Christendom is apathetic, subverted from within, and intellectually, morally, and spiritually incompetent to fight the spiritual war in which we are engaged.   See Spiritual Warfare and Islam Libraries for strategies.


3.26   ** the Black Hole of Relative PoMo Truth -- Nancy Pearcey & E Fox --  If you think government education is innocuous, read this. 

          ** 4 Levels of Christian Unity -- Understanding the terms upon which Christians can reunite with each other and with others outside the faith.   E. Fox

          The Stranger......  Is there one in  your life??? 

          Pope Baptizes Muslim -- Two articles.  New Christian's life in danger.   He tells story of conversion.    Will the Pope and other Christians stand openly with Allam, who has put his life at risk to stand in public in his Christian faith, and gracefully and truthfully expose the deceit and violence of radical Islam for what it is???   Will moderate Muslims publicly support this man's free choice of religion, and openly condemn terrorism?  Who among us will put our lives at risk for the same precious freedom ordered under the law and grace of God?    That is the duty and calling of every Christian. 

          Shay Day -- What would you have done?  

          The "Rt. Rev." Paul E. Moore -- a travesty of personhood and leadership from which the Episcopal Church and the whole Anglican tradition must repent and recover -- and a sad example all too typical of so-called "spiritual" leadership.    

3.24   Eye in the Sky -- new technology for the Minutemen. 

          Trip to the Mud Caves -- Anza-Borego Desert  

3.23                                                                               a HAPPY & BLESSED DAY of the RESURRECTION!!!  

          Water from His Side -- by Edward John Craig -- National Review Online -- an essay on the water flowing from Jesus' side at His death on the cross. 

          Global Warming (again...)  --  2 good articles on the honest science of the matter. 

         "If you do not believe in miracles, you are not a realist...!"  --  From a friend.  Yes,  indeed.   See PEG for a reasoned argument for the existence of God, a God of miracles.   The "cosmological" argument for God makes a valid and compelling case for the existence of God.  See especially Chapter II. 

3.22   I believe we have  resolved the formatting problems on the Road to Emmaus.  Thank you for your patience.  If you see any problems, please let me know at emmfox@theroadtoemmaus.org   Blessings, E. Fox.  

          ALERT: Minutemen to Provide Support for Hard-Pressed US Border Patrol Agents   A good summary of the situation on the border. 

          2nd Amendment Case Argued in Supreme Court recently -- here is a brief filed by two Christian constitutional experts. 

          UK Anglican Bishop Fined £47,345 and Sent for "Re-Education" in Gay Employment Case  --  the coming totalitarianism. 

3.18   Christian Librarian Takes "Gay" Profs to Fed Court -- Deo Gratia!  Someone with back bone is standing up!  

          Immigration Flags -- UPsideDown -- in Montebello High School, Montebello, CA. 

3.17   Ron Paul's Health Care Reform Bill --  a link to Downsize DC, go to it and send a message to your legislators.  Health care costs are soaring because the prices are set by bureaucrats and lobbyists, instead of by competition in the free market.  
        STRATEGY NOTE from DownSizeDC: 
"It is very well understood how government grows, and why it is so difficult for taxpayers to protect themselves from the large-scale looting that goes on in Washington . . .     Government confers huge, concentrated benefits on select groups of people, while spreading the cost over all taxpayers.  The groups that benefit from government favors have large incentives to fight for those benefits, while taxpayers have small incentives to fight any particular instance of looting."  

3.15    WALKING TARGETS: How our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks --  new book by Beverly Eakman on government mind-control in the school room. 

3.12   The Epicycles of Global Warming --  James Lewis in American Thinker.  "When True Believers begin to harbor doubts, they don't immediately give up the faith. It's too scary; too much pride and money has been invested; too many jobs and reputations are on the line; and they need to find a new reason to live. So they always try to add on new wrinkles and qualifications to their crumbling story. Today that's happening with the global warming cult."  

         CA Judge ORDERS Homeschoolers into Govt. Schooling...   Get your children out of government schooling and stand firm!  The government does NOT own your children.  And the government has no legitimate interest at all in compulsory schooling -- any more than compulsory religion. 

       WEBSITES to support LEGAL Immigration --

3.06  The Case for Terrestrial (a.k.a. Nuclear) Energy  -- Fascinating article on nuclear energy.  Author William Tucker's talk written up in Imprimis, a free publication of Hillsdale College.  [If article does not appear, click on Imprimis Archive, and do search for "Terrestrial energy" or "William Tucker".] 

         Western Civilization, Our Tradition  --  link to James Kurth pdf file, and to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute  --  a powerful resource -- well worth visiting and revisiting.    These folks have it right -- Christendom is the only viable foundation for Western (or any other) civilization.  They have super DVD's for as low as $2, and they know how to argue the case. 

3.04  ** Why are Americans apathetic about Islam in America?  -- because we have been brainwashed and emotionally and morally neutered by our education system.  We have little fight left to stand up against our own destruction.  There are 7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal, but it will be some time before they will make any significant difference, it appears. 

        Ron Paul Health Care Bill -- Yes!   Get government out of commerce, welfare, and education.  Totally.  Back to being the referee (not the nanny) for society.   From www.DownsizeDC.org.   

3.02  Stopping Illegal Immigration?  When are conservatives going to stop talking and start acting?   Frosty Woodridge 

         Civilization Depends on the Health of the Traditional Family --  Rod Dreher. 


2.28   Schmoozing with Terrorists...  Interviews an Orthodox Jew has with Terrorists, who candidly tell their viewpoint and intentions. 

          Which is more dangerous, guns or doctors???  

2.25   Violence more common in Lesbian than Heterosexual relationships  -- and more common than in male homosexual relationships also (which above heterosexual relationship -- because women tend to be more emotionally compulsive). 

          GLOBAL "INCIDENTS" MAP   -- tracks, in (almost) real time, incidents as they occur around the globe.   Note that all the news is "bad" news, no good news reported.  Why are we so fascinated with evil and 'ho hum" at good?   It has, I think, to do with our apathetic, consumerist attitude, and our lack of hope for any substantial good, or ability to recognize it, and our capacity to be entertained by evil. 

2.22   Disrupting our Legal System with Sharia Law - by Michael Nazir-Ali, Anglican Bishop of Rochester, England. 

2.17   Secular Scandal of the Conscience - Jon Shields -- in Books & Culture.  Seems that being religious is the best predictor of being also charitable, and by a wide margin. 

          The Ron Paul Money Bill -- and the Meaning of Inflation --  by Jim Babka  at DownsizeDC.   See next item below on The Creature from Jekyll Island, i.e., the Federal Reserve. 

          The Creature from Jekyll Island -- G. Edward Griffin.   An excellent CD (good summary -- see also the book with much more detail) on the history and significance of the Federal Reserve.  Either we get rid of the Fed and the IRS, or we will find ourselves slaves on a fascist plantation with no way out.  We can vote ourselves into a tyranny from which we cannot vote ourselves out...  (If the link above does not work, go to www.realityzone.com and do a search.)   Also, go to the Politics Library and do a search for "Griffin". 

2.16   PEG Chapter V - Freewill & Causality" now online.  The Biblical worldview has its own unique understanding of freewill, how it is right at the foundation of all creation, and how that impacts all the rest of life, including salvation, politics, economics, education, and the whole of both the personal and public areas. 

          Beverly Eakman on Mind-Control in Education -- Eakman is one of the best researchers available on this subject.  If you think our government schools are about education rather than mind-control, go to her website
        The use of mind-control is a sure sign of spiritual warfare.  Satan is called the father, not of adultery, murder, or war, but of lies.  Deception is his primary and easily most powerful tool.  Persons to do mind-control are sold out to evil, and need to be confronted with the light of truth.  Evil cannot stand to live in the light, and, though we cannot stop all evil until Jesus comes back, we can make them head for the caves and hide under the rocks, and run them from the public arena. 

          New John Rankin Website --  his blog, and easy to remember -- http://www.johnrankin.org:80/   One of the best apologists around for the Christian faith. 

2.14   DVD on Homosexual activity in San Francisco, being sent to the Vatican for help in meeting this horrendous blasphemy.  Pray for these people, that they use wisdom and be steadfast, gracious to all, that hold to the truth of the Faith. 

          Exodus from California Schools -- Thank you, Gov. Terminator.  Glory be to God!  You may just be terminating the California school system --   Exodus Mandate, Phyllis Schlafly, and a Coalition of Christian and Pro-family Organizations Endorse Call for 'Exodus' From California Schools...  Watch now for the clampdown on Home Schoolers. 

2.12   ** Archbishop Williams argues for some aspects of Sharia law -- Many demanding his resignation...   Superb response by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo of the Barnabas Fund.       E Fox commentary. 

2.09   Emerging Anglican Covenant --   search for a new base for Anglican unity amidst disintegration.  St. Andrews Draft -- It looks good -- so far.  E. Fox

          Archbishop Rowan Williams & Scripture --  An assessment of the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury on Doctrine and Homosexuality. 

2.05   National Pro-Life Alliance  (NPLA) sponsors "Life at Conception" Act (H.R. 618)--  Call your Representative (202 224-3121) and and for his or her position on this.  It specifies that life begins at conception, effectively overturning Roe v. Wade.  Our Constitution guarantees protection of government for any person, and "Life at Conception" would be an official government acknowledgement that that is the case for infants in the womb. 
        It is much easier to get people to be pro-babies than to be anti-abortion.  Put the pressure on your Congressmen.  We have destroyed the lives of nearly 50,000,000 persons who are rightfully American citizens.  America has blood on its hands.  We MUST set this right before God and man. 

       Islam in our Schools  ???How can this be???   Mind-control...  Government-run schools....    GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT... 

- James Madison ---  If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. The loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad.    

2.02   Federal Court - horrific decision denying parents' case regarding teaching of homosexuality to children.  The state now claims to own our children.  Where are the fathers defending their families??? 

          ** Putting Truth ahead of God  --   Do we have a conflict here???  How does that compare with the Muslim view of God (Allah)?  E. Fox 

          The Charles Schultz "Peanuts" Philosophy -- 

          The Death of Free Speech --  How Our Broken National Dialogue Has Killed the Truth & Divided America  -- By John Ziegler   We now need to tell the story of how Jesus will restore the truth and raise up America as one of His servant nations.  E. Fox.

          Treason at the State Department -- a Whistle Blower's Story.  

          Your child on a school trip to buy condoms?   Well, yes, in some places.  Have you looked at your curriculum?  We have lost our capacity for outrage.  The fathers of our children have been spiritually castrated, and cannot rise up to protect their families.  OK, men, time for a change. 

          The Feds are trying to Steal Your Water -- Don't believe it?   Read this article on current legislation - H.R.2421, Sec. 5(1).   How much evidence do we need that there are conspiracies to take over America for the benefit of a centralized few, to put the rest of us on their government plantation?   Americans no longer understand the meaning of or the need for "limited" government.  We had better catch on before the noose is too tight to get off without armed resistance. 

          How America Went "Gay" -- Charles Socarides, MD   -- a clear and accurate brief history. 

2.01   The Face of Evil...   Speeches of hatred from the Muslim radicals.   

          Eternal Questions: on Heaven & Hell -- Why do people go to hell -- from an Orthodox perspective -- and right in line with C. S. Lewis in his book,  The Great Divorce.  PDF file 

          ** Email to my family - Discussion on Obama -- Politics & Religion --  E. Fox  

         UK NHS could pay surrogates £15,000 to have babies for gays --  this pit has no bottom.  E. Fox. 


1.29   Is Revelation Propositional?  Does God reveal Himself in words or in actions and events only...? by Canon D.B. Knox, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Phil. Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia.  Test your wits on this one.  Does Knox have a good argument, or would you side with The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age?  

          Property Rights in the Episcopal Church -- the Parish is the Basic Unit...     A matter of legitimate and legal freedom, both materially and spiritually.    If you are Anglican or Episcopal, get this out to everyone you know.

          Anglican Ordination of Women -- Where is Forward in Faith now?   Those in England who support a male clergy, and thus oppose the ordination of women (as I do), are making plans to maintain themselves for the future against heavy opposition.  I think they are on the right track.  Forward in Faith exists here in the US also.  E. Fox. 

                        FOUR ESSAYS ON FREEDOM...

          ** The Necessary Foundation of a Free People: Limited Civil Government under God  -- An essay on Love and Politics -- a seminar given regularly at the Minuteman Muster at Camp Vigilance, near Boulevard, California, by Earle Fox. 

          America: From Freedom to Fascism.  -- a re-run. 

          ** The "Ordered Freedom" Amendment -- with relevance to secret societies, secret oaths, and  the Islam situation...

          ** What is FREEDOM? -- by Earle Fox -- a basic but badly misunderstood concept, the right understanding of which will help
        resolve enormous problems in Western Civ. and the Church.

1.28   ** 5 Decisions -- & the Best of All Possible Worlds --  a sermon preached Sunday, January 27, at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA.

         Is Canada's Economy a Model for America?  Mark Steyn --  We are being drawn into the noose by our President -- this is the Canada with which he wants us to merge? 

         What a Strange Place Canada Is...   Ezra Levant --  More on Canada, our neighbor to the North.  Not what you might think...

1.24   Face to Faith -- by Theo Hobson -- Test your skills on the Church, liberalism, & homosexuality.  A classic example of.... ??? 

          China -- a powerful economic problem...     The greatest shift of capital in world history, now washing across Asia, poses a dilemma for American policymakers.   

          Sharia Law in Britain...   The coming tide.  We are digging our own graves in the West.   If you do not want to live under our laws, do not move here.  We in America are a covenant community under the law and grace of God (IF we can get it back, Christians!)   E. Fox. 

1.23  German Police Warn about flood of immigrants into the EU...   Sound familiar?  The EU may be in for the test of its short life...  From the English Daily Mail. 

         Hillary's Oedipal Problem --  "If you want to know what a Hillary Clinton administration would be like...." 

1.20  Colorado Swat Team Invades Homes, Abducts Child -- on pretext of providing medical aid. 

1.15  ** German Authorities will seize homeschooled children....   ...using a law from time of Hitler.   Have the German people learned anything or not?  Families fleeing Germany.    The statist mentality seems quite durable.  Horace Mann got his idea for American government-controlled schools from 1830's Prussia -- a militaristic forerunner of modern Germany.  Government should never, never, never control education.  It will always become a mind-control system.    E. Fox commentary. 

1.11  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari for Landmark Right-to-Petition Case -- from We, the People...  This denial may force a severe constitutional crisis.  The right of the people to petition the government is at stake -- a fundamental right necessary for a people to keep government accountable to the people. 

1.8  ** Huckabee's Speech to the Council on Foreign Relations....   That he is even thinking "CFR" raises serious doubts about the man's suitability for any office at all in the United States.   The CFR is up to its eyes in globalism.  The Globalists are the primary enemy of America today, not Islam, not homosexuality.   The Globalists are doing their best to manipulate both of these negative forces for the destruction of Biblical civilization -- what is left of it.               E Fox commentary.... 

        A view of George Washington....  

        Rodney Stark -- the Effect of Judeo-Christianity on World Culture...   Stark is one of the best apologists available today, a sociologist who simply does his scholarly homework.  Pursuit of truth always, in the end, leads to God -- the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 

1.7  Barnabas Fund responds to Islamic attempt to look "Moderate"..... An excellent survey of Islamic theology... 

       TERROR ON THE RUN --  2007 ends with large successes in Iraq.  To the chagrin of the media...   Is that treason?  Morally if not legally? 

1.3  Huckabee, Tancredo -- & the Treason behind Illegal Immigration.   These two are apparently in cahoots with the Globalist crowd.  One of them (or both) is being groomed to be the successor to Bush -- the "conservative Christian" who will sucker Christians into voting for the Globalist agenda -- one more time.  The real terrorists are the Globalists. 
        This article has convinced me for the first time that, politically, the War on Terror is a fraud, that the real goal is Globalism, and that we ought to get out of Iraq as soon as possible.  It will create chaos, but continuing there, especially if we "succeed", will be worse.  It will be one more victory for the Globalists, not for freedom. 
        The only chance for good to come out of this is indicated by the news of success, generated, I suspect, mostly by the troops on the ground rather than by the political leadership.   Their American/Biblical spirit of reaching out to the people has probably done more to touch the hearts of the people than anything else.  That would militate for a slow withdrawal rather than immediate.   There might just come out of this a success despite our leadership.    E. Fox   

      Mao to Now - a 30-Year History --  Melinda Liu --

1.2                                                         Happy New Year - Anno Domini 2008 ...!!!

        There has been a gap in the posting because I have been out east visiting family for Christmas....     E. Fox

        "It never happened...."   The lethal ignorance and apathy of the West - which has lost its own memory, even of only 60-70 years ago, within my lifetime.    E. Fox  

hh  2008    Anno Domini    2007 ii



Merry Christmas -  Anno Domini 2007

12.19  ** Which Grinch Stole Christmas?  -- you might be surprised at the answer.   Some serious cultural theology.    E. Fox  

12.14  ** The Power of Satan over the Very Young...     E. Fox 

          Hope Rides Alone  --  a Soldier's Last Words on Iraq...  I agree with these sentiments.  We have lit a fire for freedom in Iraq, and we must see it through.   But that requires rediscovering our own Biblical foundations.   E. Fox  

12.14  Mike Huckabee on Quarantine of AIDS patients --   YES!  Right on target.   I am not a fan of Huckabee, but he is very right on this issue, and I applaud him for standing up with a very unpopular message which will get him a lot of abuse. 
        On the political spectrum, he thinks Big Government can solve too many problems, such as welfare and education -- neither of which belong to the Federal domain.  Or to government at any level
        But support the issue, whatever you think of the candidate. 

          Emergency Preparedness --  from the Patriot Post... 

          France's National Suicide -- 

12.11  Police protection for British Imam's daughter who converted to Christianity --  Ruth Gledhill -- More on Islam in Britain (and elsewhere...).   If Muslim "moderates" will not stand up openly against the terrorists, expose them and turn them in, they are not to be believed or trusted.  Before becoming citizens or being allowed to vote, they (and we) should be required to publicly renounce loyalty to any religion or philosophy which rejects an open, truth-seeking approach to life, the level playing field of honest pluralism.   See more in Islam Library, under Strategy with Islam.

          Joseph Farah on Mike Huckabee -- does Huckabee understand the Biblical form of government, or is he a socialist at heart?   I think Farah is right.  I do not agree with Ron Paul on Iraq, but I do believe that Paul does understand the Constitution and Biblical government -- limited and under God. 

          HONEST MONEY Act -- Ron Paul   -- A WINNER from Downsize DC!   

          READ THE BILLS Act --  Another WINNER from DownsizeDC  

12.05  Judaism's Sexual Revolution --  Rabbi Dennis Prager --  a classic on the subject.  

12.04  GOP Map to political officials

         ** The Necessary Foundation of a Free People: Limited Civil Government under God  -- An essay on Love and Politics -- a seminar given regularly at the Minuteman Muster at Camp Vigilance, near Boulevard, California, by Earle Fox. 

12.03  Pathological Science -- Yes, we have invented pathological science -- any science where truth-seeking is not the first order of business.  Which, of course, is no science at all. 

          More Pathological Science (or History) -- on the history of the early scientists and the myths which still surround them fabricating a false opposition between science and Christianity. 

          Basic Anglicanism -- by Louis Tarsitano ---  akin to C. S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity"  


11.29   Muslim Leaders Approach Christians -- More Muslim Subterfuge???   I think so --  you read it and decide.  From the Barnabas Fund -- an excellent Christian organization on top of the Islamic issues.    


11.28   Californians for Population Stabilization --  lots of info on the economic and other costs of illegal immigrants.  I do not agree with their advocacy of contraception, other than by natural family planning, because it is almost in fact an abortion, not a prevention of a conception.  But they do have good articles on the impact of our illegal invasion of immigrants. 

           Peace Breaking Out in Iraq???   Sunni-Shia Fatwah against violence???   See also Come Home!  Will we see these in the media, or are they dedicated to having a failure in Iraq?  

11.27   The Continuing Collapse #6  -- of Government Education --  If you think this is a joke, read on....    And GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF GOVERNMENT EDUCATION. 

           ** The Dark Night of Mother Theresa's Soul --    Commentary, E. Fox

           Safe Sex Education accompanied by soaring Sexually Transmitted Disease rates.  Link to Laigle's Forum.  Thank you, government run schools, for your service to our children....   GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF GOVERNMENT EDUCATION...  

11.23   Come Home! -- Link to story on --  Appeal by Muslims in Iraq to Christians who have fled....     
        Wow! here is some info you do not much hear or see.  These Muslims are doing the right things, putting their own lives at risk to protect and welcome Christians right in Iraq.  God bless them...!  
        Where is the support for these people in our press?  They are a central part of the hope for any kind of stability and peace in the Middle East.  This ought to be read in Congress, and all across America -- once it gets verified....    If you hear reliable news about the truth or falsity of this story, please send me an email at emmfox@theroadtoemmaus.org  E. Fox   
        See also
Peace Breaking Out in Iraq???

11.22   Happy THANKSGIVING DAY & WEEKEND!!!  ---  Articles below from the Thanksgiving section of the American History Library

            ** The Massachusetts Thanksgiving Story -- from the pen of Governor Bradford -- & a lesson in economics.  E Fox comment.

            The Mayflower Compact ---  

            5 Grains of Corn --

            The First Massachusetts Thanksgiving Proclamation -- June 20, 1676, Charlestown, Massachusetts 
        See also link to Oklahoma U. College of Law, Historical documents:  The First Thanksgiving Proclamation  --

            The Pilgrims and Squanto -- the amazing story of the travels of Squanto and how God used him to take care of the Pilgrims.  

            General Thanksgiving - by George Washington, the President of the United States of America - a PROCLAMATION

            Lincoln's 1863 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation -  

            The World should Give Thanks for America...   Mark Steyn....... 

11.20   Downsize DC -- go here to help bring our government back down to Constitutional size and to stop current bad legislation. 

           New studies End Debate on Stem Cell Research --  for the good of the littlest ones. 

11.19   The Psychopathic School - by John Taylor Gatto -- New York Teacher of the Year - Speech on the disaster which is our public school system. 

           ** Our Reasonable God --   E. Fox on the relation between God and reasonableness. 

           ** Why Warren Buffett is Dead Wrong About Estate Taxes --  Dan Ferris.   Buffett is one of the world's most successful investors.  That does not make him necessarily a good economist -- two different things.    E. Fox commentary. 

           The World should Give Thanks for America...   Mark Steyn.......  

           German student returns home after kidnapping by German govt.  --  because he was homeschooled.    See Education Library on German education

11.17  School in the Barrios of LA --  Battle-scarred 'sub' in L. A. Barrios speaks out...  I lived in Compton, near Watts during the  1960's, and watched as Watts was burning at the hands of radicals then.  This is the same area.   E. Fox.  

           DC Imam Declares Muslim Takeover Plan ---  

11.16  ** Unity in the Episcopal Church -- to leave or not to leave, that is the question....   A letter by E. Fox

           ** Forced Hiring of Cross-Dressers (and any other so-called "gender identity") --  Regina Griggs, Exec. Dir. of Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays -- ministering to parents & friends of persons caught in homosexuality.   E. Fox Comment. 

           The SAVE Act -- an electronic system for businesses to check whether a job applicant is legal or not.  Looks like a winner.   Tell your legislators to vote for it.... 

11.13  Denmark:  ID vs. Evolution -- scholars stand up for intellectual freedom. 

           ** The Criminalizing of Ignorance  --  E. Fox    From an old issue of Emmaus News.  How government education works by mind-control. 

11.12  Illegal Aliens -- Cheap Labor???  

           Denmark & Muslims -- a radical turnaround.... for the better.   Deo Gratia!  

           Be Careful Whom You Marry --  Stephen Baskerville, Ph. D.     A STRONG warning about marriage and who is to blame for the chaos.  He rightly nails the heterosexual population...   E. Fox

           The Cost of the Sex Revolution --  Mike Heath  -  Christian Civic League - Maine.   Some good history here about how we got into this tragic sexuality mess. 

11.09   The Boy who refused to Die -- in the womb....!   An astonishing story of the will to live.   For the story of life in the womb, read The Secret Life of the Unborn Child  -  by Thomas Verney.  

            www.NumbersUSA.com   on IMMIGRATION....   Go here to see a website that takes seriously doing research about the immigration problem.  One does not have to agree with everything they say to be impressed with the research and the facts they present.  If anyone knows of a counter-website which does equally well, let me know, and I will post that also.   E. Fox.  

12.07  ** Good & Evil -- Right & Wrong -- & Pragmatism --     E. Fox    Sorting out the collapse of moral language  --  and discovering that God is the Original Pragmatist.  

           Introducing Ron Paul  --  from Chuck Baldwin --  Get to know this man.   Ron Paul is conducting a campaign which is apparently frightening the globalist strategists who control both the Reps and the Dems.   Young adults are listening to him....  

           The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh prepares for Realignment --- 

           Bishop Robert Duncan addresses his diocese -- on the future.... 

           Montgomery County, MD, trying to get on board with boys/men allowed into girl's/women's showers and toilets

11.06  Global Warming -- some websites to visit on the issue. 

           ** Sexual Brainwashing in California Schools -- from the Alliance for the Separation of School & State -- Alan Schaeffer, Pres.  Extended commentary by E. Fox 

11.04  Prisoners of Zelda -- California School Children  --  The Continuing Collapse -- our path down the road into sexual self-destruction continues, with the Church oblivious.    This is a sign of the impending persecution of Christians.  We had better get our selves ready.   E. Fox

11.03  Property Rights in the Episcopal Church -- the Parish is the Basic Unit... 

           Calvin Coolidge, the Vote, and God....   on American Minute.  Scroll down to November 3, 2007. 

11.01  John Rankin -  apologist  -  His testimony....  

           Christians in China -- Testimonies --  Will China become a Christian nation?   Or, will American again?  To our shame, the Chinese look like they may beat us.    


10.29  Deist Minimum  by Avery Cardinal Dulles in First Things -- on religion of American founding fathers.  Was America founded as a Christian nation?

           Golden Compass -- an evil book mimicking The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe, aimed at children -- to kill God.  (On Snopes.com...)  Check this out and protect your children.  We are at war.  Are the fathers defending their children?    E. Fox. 

10.28  Ron Paul Website ---  www.RonPaul2008.com   Has videos showing him in action....  He is running for the Republican nomination, but is being considered, it is rumored, also by the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party.  
        See also --
http://www.VoteRonPaul.com   a group of filmmakers, artists, and activists. 
        Ron Paul attributes some of his success to Aaron Russo's film, America: From Freedom to Fascism.  Concerning which, go to http://www.AFTFMovie.com where you can get copies for $1 if you buy 100.  Normally $10 each. 

           New Zealand -- Foster Parents forced to teach homosexuality to child.   Coming to your city soon....

           Bin Laden admits defeat in Iraq??? go to http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htwin/articles/20071027.aspx   Is this reliable? 

10.26  Is Hating "Haters" Hateful?  --  Scott Lively, a true spiritual warrior. 

10.25  Too Good, but True -- A Sheriff who Enforces the Law  --  on Townhall...

           ** Right & Wrong in Islam -- and a discussion about God and morality....  E. Fox 

10.24  Two articles on Global Warming --  No, not by Al Gore. 

          We, the People -- Superb law suit against the Fed to have the Fed affirm the right of the people to sue for redress of grievances and the obligation of the government to respond to the request.  This has to be one of the most important law cases in progress.  Take a look.  Go to the We, the People website at http://www.wethepeoplefoundation.org/default.htm   We, the People, have a right to complain, and they have an obligation to listen.  Pray for this one to be heard by the Supreme Court. 

10.23  Kurt Goedel was a brilliant mathematician who is alleged to have proved that mathematics is incomplete, that, for example, it cannot be proved that 2 + 2 = 4.  Mathematicians have generally accepted that conclusion -- which cuts the bottom right out from under the certainty of most of what we call science.  But science goes on anyhow because it appears (at least) to work so well.  Go here to read (surprisingly) Goedel's mathematical version of the Ontological Argument for God.  Be ready for some heavy stuff.  You will be led to further links for completing parts of the article.  
        This has serious implications for science as a whole and its relation to theology, etc.  For more on science and theology, visit Personality, Empiricism, & God (PEG) as it takes shape on the Road to Emmaus.   PEG will be dealing with this uncertainty in coming chapters.    E. Fox

          Global Warming Delusions -- Wall Street Journal 

          Why Evade the Truth About Immigration?   Telegraph (United Kingdom)   Exactly the same issues here.  

          If you think schools are "not that bad", read these items:  Criminal Complaint Puts Texas Teacher on Leave ...    See also PABBIS - Parents Against Bad Books in Schools.  I can assure you that in some Massachusetts schools, students as young as 14 are being taught how to "fist" and about other homosexual behaviors. 

10.22  Ron Paul for President -- in more than one party!???!   This largely unknown man is worth getting to know.  And thank God for the Internet... 

10.19  ** Sex and Gender in California -- If you think this is not radical warfare on the Biblical point of view, you had better go back to grade school and learn all over again how to think.  And then learn the Biblical way out of this horrendously destructive mess. 
            The explanation by Bruce Shortt pulls the evil out of the smoke and mirrors to be exposed to the light of day.  The homosexualist language is cleverly disguised to look sleepy and innocuous.  They are good at what they do.  Too bad that what they do is evil.  Deliberate systematic deceit is always evil, and always leads in the end to the perpetrator's own destruction.     E. Fox 

10.15  The Judiciary as Tyrant --  comments by Madison, Jefferson, & Lincoln...

          Scott Lively to the Russians -- on the danger they are in concerning homosexuality. 

10.14  ** Penthouse, the Minutemen, & the Best of all Possible...       E. Fox Sermon  at the Episcopal Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA

10.12  Islamist Trojan Horse is Already in Place -->    in America....

           20 Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality --  right out of the Episcopal Cauldron.    Read it, copy it, and pass it out like popcorn. 

          43% of Teacher-Pupil sex is Homosexual --  Paul Cameron...   Homosexual persons are thus about 20 times over-represented in the teacher-molester population.  Homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction.  We are insane to give it legal protection. 

          Matthew Shepard: Horst Wessel of the "Gay" Movement  --   Scott Lively. 

          Bush:  All religions pray to the same God...  No, Mr. Bush, they do not....

          Folsom Street Fair -- we Americans view our orgies with apathy and death of spirit...   E. Fox 

          Hate Crime?  Pastors 7 Years in Jail... 

          George W. Bush -- Globalist --  Patrick Buchanan  

          Margaret Thatcher on American Minute ...   Margaret Thatcher understood the Biblical founding of America.  Click on American Minute and scroll down to October 13, 2007

10.1    The Black Hole of PoMo (Relative Truth) Culture --  Nancy Pearcey on Post Modern views of truth and education. 


9.30  Episcopal House of Bishops' Response to the Global Primates on Homosexuality --  More manipulation.  The question is whether the so-called orthodox will be able, not only to stand up and gracefully hold their ground, but take the offensive.   If not, they will continue to lose.  They will have to take the offensive with truth and grace.  
        See Joint Response by 3 orthodox groups...  (Click on "Item #2"). 
        See also The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age- Parts I & II...   for how to take the offensive with truth and grace. 
        And - 4 Levels of Christian Unity.   We MUST get the "truth" issue straight, or we will continue to walk in confusion, smoke, and mirrors -- in which only the forces of darkness profit. 

        IRS Suffers Staggering Defeat...   Jury declares 9 accused innocent of 161 charges.  Overthrow the IRS movement is gaining ground.  See also Conspiracy Theory articles. 

9.29  ** The Lessons of Kyoto - & the Real Global Crisis --  our "Global Crisis" is spiritual, not global warming, not political or military.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

        ** Sonora Desert - a Minuteman view -- and a tumultuous family discussion...    E. Fox

9.28  Hate Crime Bill - 2007  --  Preachers, get ready to preach from your jail cell --  Rick Scarborough Report. 

         German Home Schooling -- persecution continues  --  Rick Scarborough Report.   And coming to the US of A if Globalists can manage it   They want control of YOUR children.  The Germans are going it with laws which Hitler passed and were never revoked.   

9.26  ** George Washington's God --  by Michael Novak and Jana Novak  --  one of the best books out on the Christian religion behind the founding of America, correcting the misinformation that our founding fathers were not mainly Christian but deist.   Review by E. Fox. 

         ** A Letter to my Family - on Immigration and the Minutemen --  E. Fox 

9.20  Mass Slaughter in our Schools:  the Terrorists' Chilling Plan -- and where is Pres. Bush, and why are our borders open? 

         http://www.lonestartimes.com/   (Do a search at the top of the page for "Ted Poe")   Listen to Congressman Ted Poe's report from the Border.    It will frost you.  

        ** More on the Mannatech lawsuit.  See selection on Mannatech's provisional response. 

9.17  ** The Labyrinth & the Bible --  Turning the tables on Satan....    E. Fox 

9.13  Religion & Politics -- Allan Dobras -- on the current interest in religion sparked by Mitt Romney's candidacy and Mormon religion. 

         Justice Joseph Story on American Minute --   Scroll to September 10, 2007. 

         Sanctuary Policy: Illegal Immigrants Killing Americans in their own Cities.....  

9.12  Young Muslims begin dangerous fight for right to abandon Islam  ---   YES!   YES!   YES!   This may be the beginning of a serious reformation in Islam.  Christians and truth-seekers everywhere MUST stand with these people.  They are affirming the first level of honest community life -- the right to freely pursue the truth - with respect for others doing the same.  That is the very basis of the American Constitution.  Such freedom can be sustained only if one's view of God sustains it.  No religion outside the Bible does so.  And thus the spirit of honest freedom will lead to the true God.  See "Four Levels of Christian Unity -- and the Way There   Pray for and support these people in any way you can!   E. Fox 

          Charlene Cothran - Editor-in-Chief of Venus Magazine -- out of homosexuality - "Folks, you hear a lot of bad news these days, but here’s some very good news: men and women are leaving homosexuality and living a life in line with God’s moral precepts — not in rebellion against them. Click this “700 Club” link to watch a wonderful video segment about how God drew Charlene Cothran OUT of the homosexual activist movement. Cothran, who went from “gay” activist to Christian evangelist, will be speaking at Americans For Truth’s banquet on Friday, October 5, in Lombard, Illinois, outside Chicago.  See below or click HERE for more details and how to sign up online."

          al-Qaida, Bush, and Mexican Borders --  Is our government engaged in high treason??? 

9.11  ** Texas et al vs. Mannatech  --  Two lawsuits against Mannatech and their flagship food supplement, Ambrotose, raise critical issues of law in America --  Law vs. Truth & Justice.   An example of why the Biblical form of civil government is superior to any other.  E. Fox.   

9.09  ** Four Levels of Christian Unity -- and the Way There --  E. Fox     How can Christians approach the disunity in the Church with hope of reunifying?  How can people anywhere successfully seek unity?  

9.06  Gay by Choice?  the Science of Sexual Identity ---  "If science proves sexual orientation is more fluid that we've been led to believe, can homosexuality still be a protected right?"  by Gary Greenberg  
        [Comment:  This article is mostly on target about sexual fluidity, but it has been known decades that sexual orientation is "fluid" -- at least in the sense that one can change homosexuality. 
        Up to the 1990's, everyone who dealt with sexuality, on both sides of the morality fence, including Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, John Money, said, "If you want to stop being homosexual, go ahead, that's your business.  Difficult, but possible."  Then in the '90's, homosexual advocates caught onto the idea that if homosexuality was "inborn", then people would feel sorry for you because you could not change.  It was a political scam, with no relationship to honest science.   
        Anything on Mother Jones is not likely to be Biblical-friendly, but if you can get past the cute jibes in various directions, there is a lot of interesting history, and some common sense about the fluidity of life, let alone sex.  The argument, sadly, gets lost in its own fluidity, the moral fluidity of pragmatism with no objective moral foundation.  But there is some helpful stuff there as well.   E. Fox] 

9.05  Website on Homosexual Health Issues --  Woody Walker 

         ** Putting Truth ahead of God  --  E. Fox

9.04  ** The Case Against Gene Robinson's Homosexuality --  E. Fox  --  Using the strategy which can win the debate...  If we have the grace and the gumption. 


8.31  ** What do we Mean by a "Christian Nation"???   E. Fox   

         We, the People  --  fighting for the right to petition the government -- often denied by the government.  Support these folks, they are on the front lines in the struggle for the preservation of our Constitution and liberties under God. 

8.30  Socialized Medicine -- compare the anecdotes and the stats between fully  socialized (England, Canada) and half-socialized (US) medical care.  What are the results?    

8.29  Who is Allah?   Some wisdom about the use of a name, and the proper focus of our meetings with Muslims. 

8.28  American Minute -- history indicating Biblical foundations of America.   Geo. Washington, Jesus Christ, and the Cherokee Indians....   See cuts from previous editions. 

        Personality, Empiricism, & God -- Chapter IV now online.  Metaphysics is a good past time...!    :-) 

8.23  Declaring War on Straight America:  Big Mistake!  -- David Crowe at www.RestoreAmerica.org  Good news.   Some people are becoming proactive in defending Godly common sense. 

         The Continuing Collapse (of Education) -- Bruce Shortt again --

         Regent University Law Review -- very good articles on homosexuality and the law.        

8.21  Christianity is part of the Common Law --  wrote James Wilson in his lectures on law.  He was a founding father, member of Constitutional convention, Supreme Court judge, first law professor at U. of PA.

8.20  "Sanctuary Policy" Killing far more Americans in their own Cities than terrorists killing soldiers in Iraq  --  Frosty Wooldridge  
This astonishing fact MUST be shown all over the country.    It is not possible that our President and other leaders are ignorant of this.  They simply do not care.  If this is not treason, what else needs to be added to make it so?    This is worthy of impeachment -- at the very least.     E. Fox.  
        U.S. House Representative Newt Gingrich said, “There is a war here at home, and it is even more deadly than the
        war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Far more Americans are being killed by violent, evil people here in America than in
        our official military 'combat zones' overseas.”

8.18  The Real Roots of Poverty  --  Tom DeWeese - The DeWeese Report from The American Policy Center.   A superb (and short) lesson in economics, how poverty is sustained, and how it can be ended.  Much to do with security of private property. 
        Top-down government has probably killed more people than all other unnatural causes combined (see Death by Government, R. J. Rummel).  It has also been a (if not "the") primary source of poverty worldwide.  On this same theme, read Rodney Stark's The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success.  High time we Christians got on the ball about our own faith!    

8.16   Hate Crime Law -- as happening in England.  What will Congress do to us?   See the video.... 

          Oklahoma and Arizona are cracking down with state legislation on illegal aliens -- because the Fed will not.  Thank God for common sense in those two states.  Pray for all concerned, including the aliens.  Pray for a spirit of truth, righteousness, and love, and of repentance on all sides. 

         Do Laws & Standards Evolve?  --  Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.    ---- Another superb discussion of Biblical law and its relation to morality.   

8.15   ** Church in Dallas pressured to allow memorial of a deceased to honor the homosexual lifestyle.  It refuses with extraordinary grace, but that does not deter the nastiness from homosexualists.  However, conservatives are being trapped in their own stupidity.  See article and links to original and to statement by the church.   E. Fox commentary. 

          ** Astonishing account of 800 martyrs at the hands of Islam --   800 men of Otranto, who knew how to die well --- Italy, 1480 AD, probably saving Rome (which was their target) from capture by the Muslims.    E. Fox commentary. 

          Quote of the Day - “Government cripples you, then hands you a crutch and says, 'See, if it wasn't for us, you couldn't walk.'” -- Harry Browne.   Benito Mussolini would be proud of our growing fascist welfare system.    From  http://www.DownsizeDC.org

          Patton on Prayer -- Prayer in the trenches -- from WW II.   And thoughts on prayer from one of the best generals. 

8.14   Roman Catholic school in England cannot sack homosexual headmaster....   Appalling, and coming to a neighborhood near you soon...   Why are our leaders so vapid, incompetent, and cowardly?  And how would you respond if you were the governing board for that school??? 

          Legal Status of Catholic Church in Spain Threatened --  over opposition to Mandatory Pro-Gay Citizenship Course.  I do not know the legal status of the RC Church in Spain, and maybe it should be changed, but to change it to stop criticism of the homosexual lifestyle is wrong, and suggests that the RC Church is not very adept at presenting its case to begin with -- as in the West almost universally.    E. Fox.  

          The Legal Jihad is already underway --  by Phyllis Chesler --  FrontPage Magazine.   This is scary stuff.  More evidence that the Globalists are using Islam.  Who else could get away with this treason and betrayal?  And where are the alleged moderate Muslims protesting this?   Globalists have successfully banned Christianity from the public arena, and are using Islam as a club to beat what remains of of a cowardly-apathetic-consumerist Christianity.  They are scared to death of a Biblical renewal.  (They must be watching China, where Christians have been winning against the full pressure of Chinese Communism, or what if left of it.)    E. Fox. 

8.13   Illegal immigrants protesting enforcement of illegal alien laws (!!!)   See the 14 + reasons below.....  

8.11   14 (Plus) Reasons to deport Illegal Aliens ---  An astonishing (& damning) array facts & figures.  (And a personal, nearly lethal, story.) 

          Welcome to the Continuing Collapse - #3   (of govt. "education").    Bruce Shortt --

8.10   Bush removes National Guard from Mexican Border...  Chris Simcox -- on border situation.   Simcox is head of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (of which I am an active member ...  E. Fox) 

          The New Paganism and the Culture of Death: "False gods always demand innocent blood"  --  at Virtue Online

8.09   Bad News for the "Gay" Rights Movement...   at Family Taxpayers' Network -- 

          Court affirms Church's Right to Discipline Members...  & thus supports legitimate separation of Church & State.  A SUPERB PIECE ON BIBLICAL GOVERNMENT IN AN HONESTLY PLURALISTIC SOCIETY.  

8.07  Excitement Deprives Children....   Dennis Prager 

         Homosexual advocates are brainwashing our children in elementary schools  --  watch the videos.  Homosexuality is provably a compulsive, lethal addiction.  Yet we allow such abuse of our children to go on because we are apathetic, ignorant, and consumer oriented.   Time to wake up, folks.   If you willingly keep your children in government schools, you are betraying your children and the Lord. 

8.06  Christianity Sparks China's New Cultural Revolution --  Orlando Sentinel --

         IRS Loses Challenge to Prove Tax Liability via 1040...   

         The Muslim Brotherhood Project --   On the Muslim "Project" to dominate the world. 

         Stare Decisis -- Maybe not what you have been led to think...

         True vs. False Militia - & Why It Matters...   Edwin Vieira  --  an excellent 3-part discussion.  READ IT.  And, if you value America and honest freedom -- act.    Vieira misses the necessity of God being the Supreme ruler over all things.  His respect for constitutional order will not survive the loss of God, who is the only Supreme Ruler, and from whom all authority flows.   See William Blackstone, British juror on this, and also Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love', the defense of the notion that all morality, and thus all political authority, flows from God.  Either Jesus is Lord, or civil government will be lord.  Take your pick.   Read Vieira's other articles.  He is the only person I know of who is actively promoting the return of the Constitutional Militia. 

         Harry's Last Battles & Rowling's Beliefs...   Berit Kjos.   I have read none of Harry's battles, but I do respect Berit Kjos.  Whether she is on target here, I am not sure.  But worth reading.  It is clear to me that C. S. Lewis had the better of his argument with Tolkein, Lewis insisting that one should make his spiritual commitments reasonably clear through his writing, Tolkein saying that it should just come through the story.  Sadly, Tolkein's powerful writing was picked up more by pagans, leading to the Dungeons and Dragons genre much more than to Biblical themes.  (What would Tolkein say if he knew?)  I think the Christian meaning of The Lord of the Rings is somewhat debatable.  A bit too hidden.  I suspect the same of Rowling. 

         How Public Ed Creates the Generation Gap --  Gennady Stolyarov II  --  Hurray, a writer who tells it like it is --- GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF GOVERNMENT EDUCATION! 

8.04  Homofascism in Brazil -- Peter LaBarbera from Americans for Truth

         American Minute -- clips from history on America's Biblical Heritage -

         A War We Might Just Win --  New York Times (!?!)  

         Insurgency in America --   This needs widespread discussion and action. 

8.01  From Don Wildmon of the American Family Assn"NEA begins massive drive to promote homosexuality in public schools --  Is it time for a school voucher program?"    [NO! it is not time for a voucher program, it is time to get your children totally out of government educationTake charge of your children's education.  Government education is not about education, it is about control.  E. Fox] 

                        "Without allowing members to vote on the matter, the executive committee of the National Education Association (NEA) decided to advance aggressively the homosexual agenda.  The decision was made at the association's annual meeting in Philadelphia.   First, the committee voted to put the weight of the NEA behind an effort to pass federal hate crimes legislation, a measure that would greatly expand federal power and lead to the silencing of moral opposition.    Second, the executive committee voted to boost the NEA's Web site to "include all resources" devoted to homosexual causes.   The third resolution urged NEA members to push to make sexual orientation training a requirement for earning a license to teach."

        The Goddesses 'R Us -- Old Product, New Package --  Debra Rae does a very good job discussing feminism and the perennial pagan goddess Gaia worship which fills the vacuum when Judeo-Christian religion falls on its face.  She actually quotes the Bible intelligently, and believes in the sovereignty of God over all things.  And she does not pull punches.  Amazing.  There are 4 parts, well worth reading.  See also Worldview Library, especially the comparisons between the Biblical and the "Perennial" worldviews.  The bottom foundation of all paganism is the Great Mother.  

                        We are watching the end of Western civilization, and a Fall back into a pre-Christian Dark Age, i.e., paganism.   By the time Christians wake up, we may well be already under the tyranny inherent to such a view.  If you doubt the "tyranny" part, read the article...   Do not send your child to any government (public) school, nor to about 95% of all the colleges and universities, which have become enemies of the cross of Christ and promoters of self-centeredness.   There is no religion which can sustain a free people, a free commerce, and a free government other than Biblical religion.   So wake up, Christians.    E. Fox

        San Diego School Bows to Sharia Law --  If we do not name the real enemy (not Islam), we Christians will find ourselves at the bottom rung of a pyramid of tyranny.  The Globalists are using the Muslims to beat Judeo-Christians.  The Muslim culture is far too dysfunctional, corrupt, and self-centered to carry out its alleged world domination.  They could accomplish what they have only with the support and help of Globalist money and strategy.   The Globalists are not themselves Muslim-friendly, so why would they promote Islam other than to torpedo the Biblical hold on America? 
          In that sense, I do believe that some of our own people (the Globalist shadow government) indeed helped promote 9-11.   As with the Waco disaster, the Oklahoma City bombing, and other such events, there remains too many unanswered questions, questions which are refused an honest answer.   We can no longer trust anything our government does without independent verification.  

        US Arming Wahabis to the Teeth??? -- 

        NIgerian Anglicans will not succumb to pressure from the West - Archbishop Akinola....  Good to get an African viewpoint on the Anglican - Episcopal situation. 

JULY 2007

7.27   Marijuana and Mental Illness -- two articles
Study:  Even Infrequent Use of Marijuana Increases Risk of Psychosis by 40%
Smoking Just One Cannabis Joint Raises Danger of Mental Illness by 40%  
     My view of illegal drugs is that we are incapable of making people be nice to themselves.  As with alcohol, we ought to protect children and throw the book at drug dealers to children.  But until we raise our children with the warning that -- "into adulthood, you are on your own, and will suffer, or rejoice in, the consequences of your behavior" -- we will never have a mature, adult population.  As with homosexuality, we are convinced that the Magic of Science + Govt. Nanny = salvation from all consequences.  Pass another law, appoint another committee... 
     Drug laws only create a huge and lucrative black-market drug trade, the war against which we will never win --- not until we preach moral responsibility and rugged independence again.  Under the law and grace of God. 
     The politicians and police themselves are too often a part of the problem to be enforcers of drug laws.  We must again take responsibility for our own lives, and raise children that way.  We will have much healthier children and much less drug trade.  Christian history has proven that over and over again.      E. Fox. 

          Will Islam Embrace the Level Playing Field?  -- John Rankin --  a superb way of doing apologetics and evangelism. 

7.25   ** America - 1943 vs. 1993 -- Why the astonishing difference???  Why did America trash its Biblical foundation?  Comparisons by Patrick Moynihan.   Comment by E. Fox 

          Sex Ed - & the Consequences of Christians losing their intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility.  The problem is not the pagans. 

          What happened to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence? 

          Washington's God...   Mark Tooley's review of Washington's God: Religion, Liberty, & the Father of our Country by Michael Novak & Jana Novak (father and daughter).  An excellent and reliable corrective to revisionist history.  

7.23   Iraqi Leaders Discover 2nd Amendment -- even if they never heard of it... 

          ** America's Second Army -- the 2nd Amendment and the militia of the War of 1812. 

          ** William Blackstone on the Nature of English Law -- based on principle that all law comes from God (see Romans 13:1).  That was a principle well understood by all the American founding fathers and by the people of the land.   E. Fox comment. 

          When all the forces of Sai Nippon surrendered to the Allies aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Douglas MacArthur spoke these words which were beamed to the American homeland.  They are not as famous as "I shall return," the  "Old soldiers never speak to Congress," or the "Duty, honor, country" motif of his final address at West Point -- but they are relevant nevertheless to us today: 
     "Men since the beginning of time have sought peace, but military alliances, balances of power, leagues of nations, all in turned failed, leaving only the path to be by the way of the crucible of war...  We have had our last chance.  If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system, Amageddon will be at our door.  The problem is basically theological and invokes a spiritual recrudescence...  It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh." 

                   The answer is a person -- Jesus Christ, not a more equitable system.   Only the living God can turn us around.  We will never do it ourselves -- a logical impossibility.  If we do not get an understanding of the logic of being dependent persons, we will probably not see the sense of submitting ourselves to the law and grace of God.  A dependent person, by definition, cannot save himself.  He must find that upon which he can safely depend.  Besides God, there is no other choice. 

7.22  ** Minuteman Event -- July Muster - a  hot afternoon at Split Rock --  E. Fox 

7.18  Toward Reuniting the Church  --  Peter Kreeft  --  Does a good job at offering terms on which Protestants and Roman Catholics could join together and help stop the tragic and sinful condition of separation.  I generally agree with his terms excepting that I believe that we must reformulate our understanding of Biblical and Church authority, putting truth-seeking as the first obligation of the spiritual life.   See Epistemology and Bible libraries.    E. Fox. 

         Historic Meeting in Egypt between Christian and Muslim leaders...  Will it bear fruit?? 

         The 1996 Righter Trial & Church Discipline -- Steven Noll - on dealing with heresy in the Episcopal Church. 

         The True Story of 9-11 --  Stanley Monteith.    This, in my opinion, is a quite accurate version of the political truth in America and the world.  I believe our government is almost entirely untrustworthy.  I believe also that the force they fear more than anything else is a renewed Judeo-Christian civilization.  A renewed Church.  The will have little to fear in the short run -- the Church is too ignorant, oblivious, and cowardly.  But in the long run, they have God to fear.  He will not have it any other way, and will raise up His own people who will not fear death, and who (as with Rome, only now against a much tougher foe) will take on the enemy and bring it down.  

        Homosexual Clergy mainly responsible for Sex Abuse Scandals in Church -- 

         Evelyn Hooker - Mother of the Homosoexual Movement -- Hilary White ---  More history of the Homosexual tragedy. 

7.16  Our Cultural Train Wreck --  Bruce Short - on American Education. 

7.15   "Gay" Orgy Gang's HIV Rapes Stun Holland -- WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED??? 

7.14   Will Ex-Gays bring down Big Sodomy?  by Donald Hank  --  This article is a winner on how to defeat the homosexual agenda. 

          "Gays" Don't Want Marriage After All ---  Matt Barber...   Big Surprise!!! 

7.13   Homosexual Role-Playing to get at Your Child...   Proposed in Germany, and coming to your school soon -- if homosexual advocates have their way. 

7.07   News from the June Minuteman Muster...

7.06   How a Jewish Patriot saved America in the War for Independence ....  

          ** Sharia Law now honored in Britain...    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon....   E. Fox comment.

          ** It's the People vs. the Government --  Devvy Kidd  -- 
        I now fear the role which the military will take in a serious contest between the people and the government. 
        The role of the Militia in New Orleans, removing weapons from people, was shocking.  They had a few qualms, but no one refused the order.  See Aaron Russo's  America: From Freedom to Fascism for a clip of this.   Every soldier in the group should have said, "No, we will not."    Is there only one Michael New in America?   New refused to serve with a UN uniform.     E. Fox commentary. 

          ** Church Hierarchies & Church Property - Peter Toon --  a survey of the differences between hierarchical churches and "democratic" churches.    E. Fox comment. 

          ** Lesbian Gang Violence -- the two places most dangerous for a child to be --  mother's womb & public schools.  Now we have lesbian relationships - the most dangerous place for a woman to be.    E. Fox comment. 

          WorldNetDaily on the treasonous activity of our government, from the President on down.  THE LATE GREAT USA - by Jerome Corsi describes the underhanded betrayal of We the People by our government.  Will we rise up and stop it???

          Rabbi warns of coming purging --  Rabbi Daniel Lapin on -- How the world of today compares with the world of Noah. 

          Opposition to "gay" marriage increases....   Will it be in time?   And will it honor and love all persons even though it criticizes behavior?

          It never was about "gay" marriage --  they do not want it.  They want their BEHAVIOR legitimized, not marriage. 

7.05   Lesbian Activist becomes Christian --  Charlene Cothran, publisher of Venus magazine, after 29 years as lesbian activist, becomes Christian and dedicates her magazine to spreading the Gospel among homosexual persons.   Gloria Dei! 

          The 39 Articles of Anglicanism -- The Anglican Communion is not by nature intellectually mushy (though one might not know that from recent history).  Its past history shows that it has some of the most perceptive minds in Christendom.  We have a clear and defensible view of the Christian faith, which can be expressed and defended with grace and clarity --  IF we will once again do our intellectual, moral, and spiritual homework.   

          Weapons of Mass Destruction???   --  the debate continues.  I have a hard time believing that there were none.  E. Fox. 

          Nation-wide network of radical, anti-US Islamic centers --  under-cover team exposes them... including Muslims.   This is the kind of cooperation we must ask, nay, demand, of "moderate" Muslims if they are to be believed.  That takes courage and determination. 

7.04   American Minute with Bill Federer  July 4 & 5....  Biblical foundations of America... in our history. 

7.03  "Gay" rights leader quits homosexuality --  link to Worldnet Daily  God has a way of getting through to those who want the truth of the matter -- any matter. 
Here is the leader's story in his own words...  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=56487 

         Honoring God & the Ten Commandments - Pamphlet (pdf) from the Family Research Council by Justice Antonin Scalia.  We have been betrayed by our politicians.  The scuttling of our religious heritage is also the scuttling of our political freedoms.  As the Declaration of Independence accurately implies, either our freedoms come from God, or they do not come at all.
        Scalia gets a good start in his argument defending religion in public life,  but the case can be carried much more deeply and decisively.  See the Constitution Library, especially the Biblical Government and related sections.   See also Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love', the argument that without God there is no morality, and thus no political authority.   The only law is the law of God - a view widely held in England and America at the time of the revolution. 
        That means that the acts of the Court were direct violation of our Constitution which they swore to defend.  On the battle field, that kind of behavior is treason and can bring the death penalty.  It is no different on the Court bench.  If the persons on that Court do not know how to support and defend the Constitution, they either should get off the bench or be subject to the most severe penalties.  They have succeeded in what all the wars of our history could not accomplish (with the partial exception of the war between the states), the destruction of our Constitution. 
        Either we Americans wake up to our own Biblical heritage and discipline our politicians, or we will continue to become increasingly slaves on our government plantation, no longer people who choose their own rulers, no longer the primary officers of state. 
        See also, Wallbuilders, especially Original Intent by David Barton, a treasure of information on the Biblical foundations of America -- past Supreme Court decisions, quotes from the founding fathers, and the moral collapse occasioned by the 1962 forbidding of prayer in government-controlled schools. 

         Jefferson vs. the Muslim Pirates --  the Jihad against America did not begin in 9/11/03.  It began two centuries ago.  Jefferson put a stop to it by building our first real navy able to carry the war clear into the Mediterranean and the coasts of Muslim occupied North Africa. 

         Are God and Allah the same God?   by Emir Caner, once a Muslim, now Southern Baptist. 

         IMMIGRATION GUMBALLS -- You will not see immigration and world population the same after viewing this....   Pass it on.    E. Fox.  

         CEO Sam Caster's pointed response to the hatchet job by 20-20 on Mannatech, a food supplement producer, and on Ambrotose, their flagship product.   Click on link to Caster's letter.  

         The Misery of Diversity -- by Ilana Mercer -- Worldnet Daily  --  "When an academic discovers what ordinary mortals have known for eons, it's called science.  Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam has found that diversity is not a strength, but a weakness; the greater the diversity in a community, the greater the distrust. Professor Putnam's five-year study was reported last year by the Financial Times and is finally percolating down to others in the media and blogosphere."   See Pluralism in the Constitution Library, and Multiculturalism does not make Vibrant Communities, but Defensive Ones

7.01  Was Hitler's Homosexuality Nazism's Best Kept Secret?  --  review by Nathaniel Lehrman of German historian Lothar Machtan's massively researched new book, The Hidden Hitler, which shows homosexuality's central role in Hitler's personal life.

JUNE 2007

6.30  ** The World Turned Upside Down - Philip Brennan - on a decadent Islam vs. a dying West.  E. Fox commentary.

6.27  ** Back in the Saddle Again....   These last two weeks have been "interesting".  Both my car and computer crashed (so to speak).  My car had to have the transmission rebuilt.  The runaround to get the right diagnosis, and then the right folks to fix it was something of a test of my good character.  And then my hard drive crashed, so I have been rebuilding my whole system, backing up the whole hard drive as I went so that I will now have an instant rebuilt system anytime the next crash comes -- something I have been planning to get ready for over a year.  At best that rebuilding, reinstalling all the software and hardware on a new drive, takes two full days, but with complications, it was about ten days.  With the backup it will take half an hour... 
        To be fair to myself, that ten days included three away at the Mexican border with the Minutemen.   At any rate, the Lord keeps reminding me that He has me right where I need to be to do my growing.  Deo gratia!  It really is a growing experience.  And the Lord keeps proving to my doubting mind and heart that there is no better way to live than with Him.  None at all, not even close.    E. Fox

        God (not the devil) in the Details --  Roy Abraham Varghese on why God is logically necessary. 

6.15  ** William L. Shirer, Hitler, and a piece of our lives...    a letter to a relative...   E. Fox 

6.14  Angie Rhoads' response to 20-20's deliberate (and therefore evil) distortion of her battle with cancer, and of Mannatech and Ambrotose. 

6.12  ** Colon Cancer & Anal Sex -- If  you still believe that homosexuality is not a compulsive, lethal addiction, click on the link...    Commentary by E. Fox. 

6.7    What if Israelis had abducted a BBC man?  Charles Moore  -- on the moral non-equivalence between Israel and Palestine. 

6.6    ** Responding Effectively -- to the Homosexual Agenda  -  E. Fox 

         Dr. Robert Spitzer discusses his study that some persons can change their homosexual orientation to heterosexual.  (Link to U-Tube presentation...) 

6.4  ** The Real Hate Speech --   I rarely meet a Christian who has any belief that God can give us good answers for the tragic betrayal of life, of our Constitution, and of our own Christian faith.  The response is almost always some version of "But they will just say..." -- (as though "what they would say" ended the discussion)  instead of carefully looking at the situation and finding the Godly (truthful and loving) response.    Commentary by E. Fox  

       ** Quotes from "The Rise & Fall of the 3rd Reich" by William L. Shirer -- Hitler on Education --  commentary by E. Fox

6.1  ** 20-20 (TV) vs. Mannatech -- a lesson in slanted and abusive reporting.  E. Fox

MAY 2007

5.31  A Call to Faith in an Age of Secularization - Allen Dobras -- a good test for your views on evolution/creation. 

5.30  Mannatech GlycoNutrients -- another health-care revolution.  Websites to visit -- scientific backup -- and other information. 

5.26  Ripping the Lid off Secret Immigration Bill --  from Heritage Foundation.  Read, and then go to www.downsizedc.org  or http://action.downsizedc.org/wyc.php?cid=73 for more info.   The immigration bill is nothing short of tragic and treasonous.  Our government is betraying the apathetic and self-centered people who cannot stand up and defend their God-given freedom.  So, we, the people, are betraying God.  Resistance to tyranny is service to God -- a colonial revolutionary slogan.

        Intro to the American Income Tax -- a pdf "Cliff Notes" version of the first few chapters of Cracking the Code: the Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America by Peter Hendrickson.   READ the pdf intro before reading the book, and then ACT.  This a summary by the author of some primary points from Cracking the Code. See also E. Fox review of Cracking the Code

        Mothers are the Key to Creating Financial and Cultural Prosperity -- Carol Soelberg, United Families International

        Gun Control Refresher Course -- 

5.25  ** How to Win the Cultural, Moral, & Spiritual War ...     E. Fox 

         Personality, Empiricism, & God --  Chapter III, "The Dialogue of Creation", now on line...   E. Fox

5.21  ** More pictures at the Minuteman camp -- a weekend (May 19-20) -- & some pleasant surprises.  

5.10  ** What is Biblical Government?  --  E. Fox   This is an absolutely crucial issue for the survival of Western Civilization, and for the health of the Church worldwide. 

         NOTE: the reader may notice the emphasis of the Road to Emmaus changing -- from current events articles, as examples for testing your understanding of Biblical theology (we now have a wealth of those...), to supplying that Biblical theology itself.  E.g., the items below and above....  There will be current events articles, but fewer of them.   And the pace of additions will be a bit slower.  But, I think, more substantial. 

                    The Reformation, largely Calvinist, theology which America inherited and which stood us in pretty good stead up through the end of the 1700's collapsed over the 1800's under the attacks of the secularized Enlightenment.  So (about two centuries late) we need to get down to the business of helping supply the world with a reformulation of Biblical theology which can stand up unashamed in the public arena -- i.e., with intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility.    Personality, Empiricism, & God just below is the foundation for doing that, a refurbishing of the cosmological argument for God, and applying that to a whole raft of current issues. 

5.03  ** Personality, Empiricism, & God -- Vol. I of  "a Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei" -- On the Biblical Bedrock of Empirical Science.  The first two chapters completed (almost), and online.    E. Fox

         ** Cracking the Code -- on the IRS - by Peter Eric Hendrickson -- a review by E. Fox   Go to www.losthorizons.com.  See also Aaron Russo's  America: From Freedom to Fascism on the IRS. 

5.02  Our new Culture War Library....

         ** 5 Days with the Minutemen on the California / Mexico border...    E. Fox  

         EU and Enforcement of Homosexuality Approval...  -  Scott Lively

         ** Jesus or Civil Government -- who is Lord?   An exchange with a relative....  E. Fox

APRIL 2007

4.21  First Things -- James Hitchcock on "The Enemies of Religious Liberty"  --  Can you give a good answer to the dilemma Hitchcock describes?  How can we combine realistically the use of coercive force (which is what government is) and genuine freedom?  How can we maintain a freemarket of ideas, religious freedom, and a stable society all at the same time?  Is there a built-in conflict between religion and freedom, as some "liberals" are claiming today?  And how do we Judeo-Christians respond?    

        A Culture of Passivity -- "Protecting" our "children"... at VA Tech...   Mark Steyn. 

4:13  Oregon 'Gay'-rights bill lets court define church's 'purpose'  --  "Well, no -- It won't happen here." 

                    The homosexual agenda and lifestyle is inherently tyrannical.  Any lifestyle based on feeling rather than fact and logic, rather than on reason, rather than on a willingness to submit one's views to open public debate, is inherently tyrannical.  It will always, in the end, fall back on its own infallibility.  It does NOT believe in inclusiveness nor in openness nor in love or compassion.  It talks about those things only so long as it is not in power -- to get its opponents to be nice to it.  But once in power, it shows its true colors.  It makes laws not only enforcing its views (which is what all laws do), but shutting down the discussion about which laws will be made.  That is the mark of tyranny.  It is too sure of its own righteousness to bother with such irrelevancies as honest discussion.  It does not believe that it is in need of, or obligated to promote, honest public discussion.  It just wants it way. 

                    The Church is getting what it all too often promoted from its own side.  The Church has gained the reputation of being intellectually and morally corrupt.  I have said, ad nauseum, and will continue to say it until we get the point, that Christians have been the primary cause of our own dilemma, that we lost our own credibility through our own intellectual and moral cowardice, through our own manipulation of public policy.  There have been Christians who have been faithful truth-seekers, but that is for sure not our reputation among the people.  Until we are willing to be truth-seekers and truth-speakers at any cost to ourselves, we do not deserve to get back any credibility.  The very idea scares the daylights out of most people, including, emphatically, clergy.  We need better leadership than that. 

                    I predict a day coming when Christians will wake up, a day when evangelism will be an open and honest part of public debate and discussion, a day when Christians will once again be known for fairness and honesty in discussion, known for promoting a level playing field in civil government, and in all matters affecting public policy.  But that will take deep changes among Christians, not first among pagans or secular folks.  The deep changes in the pagan and secular folks will happen when they see the changes in us Christians -- which only the grace of God can produce.  It is time we stopped whining about those nasty secular and pagan folks, and started following Jesus. 

4.12  Roman Catholic "Back to Basics"?  news of a retrenchment by the Pope.  The author of the article seems to believe that getting back to the good old days is the way to a healthy Church.  Not the case.  Returning to the old Mass and other decorative changes may be more about comfort seeking than about spiritual renewal, and will have little effect if four things of substance do not also happen: 
        (1) Christians regain their intellectual credibility, (2) Christians learn how to articulate and defend the Biblical worldview, (3) Christians learn how to interpret the Bible in public with reason and grace, and
(4) Christians learn how to die well.   

                    These four steps will put you well on your way to becoming a spiritual warrior who can stand face to face with the the world presenting Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

                    Properly understood, the Mass or the Holy Communion is indeed all about learning how to die a successful death, but it is a terrible error to think that changing the liturgy will itself have a deep effect.  The RC Church had that Latin, ultra-conservative liturgy all through the 19th and most of the 20th century.  Those were the years that the whole of Christendom was collapsing into its present state of infighting and other self-destructive behaviors, not thriving. 

4.11  The Health Risks of "Gay" Sex -- John Diggs, MD  Paper version... (Click for pdf reader if you need it.)  

                    For a speech by Dr. Diggs giving this same information.... Listen to it HERE. (Length: 32 minutes)   The speech was given at Tufts University, one of the most pro-homosexual colleges in America, on October 27, 2004.  They were required to hire four police officers to protect the speakers before they could put it on.  What does that say about the "inclusiveness" and the "compassion" and the desire for truth of the homosexual movement? 

                    God bless Dr. Diggs, who is ringing the bell on the cowardice and anti-science of the American Medical, Psychological, and Psychiatric Associations.   I had listed this paper some time ago, but here it is again, along with the speech at Tufts University. 

                    This kind of deception does not happen by accident.  Powerful forces want this to happen, and it is not the homosexual lobby -- who are only tools for those who want the destruction of our Judeo-Christian civilization.  Total destruction.  They are the secular globalists. 

                    They are using the Muslims the same way.  They can shut down the teaching of Christianity in public schools, they could shut down the teaching of Islam also.  They do not want to.  Have you ever wondered by public issues are so confusing and contradictory?  They are creating what is called "cognitive dissonance", a strategy used by mind-control folks to neutralized resistance.  They do this by forcing on the public mind contrary, contradictory issues, policies, ideas, etc.  The people give up thinking about the matter because there is so much confusion.  Exactly what we have.  All this is justified under the nonsense banner of "relative truth" and "pluralism". 

                    More examples: Bush wants to clamp down on the citizens "to keep us safe" from  terrorists (Patriot Act), but keep the borders open "to promote peace and openness and trade". 

                    Neither the homosexual community nor the Muslims have the intellectual or moral firepower, or emotional stability, or the money or political power to do what is being done.  This is a mind-control program by globalists who have at their disposal an enormous river of wealth being siphoned off from the public, and some of the best trained and most brilliant psychologists in the world, people whose whole lives are bent on learning how to control the way people think.  And they are clearly succeeding. 

                    In the end, it will collapse on them.  But in the meantime, many will be destroyed by their evil. 

                    Read the strategy which will turn things around.   And also, visit the Corporate Research Council, which does a superb job of research on these kinds of issues. 

                    But having a good strategy is of no use if we are not men and women of courage and fortitude.  See "Dying a Successful Death"

4.10  ** Minuteman Muster -- the Month of April....   E. Fox

4.9   ** Dying a Successful Death -- Palm Sunday sermon by Earle Fox. 

        ** The Emperor has Women's Clothes - Janet Folger -- on government and the homosexual idiocy.  Commentary by E. Fox.

        ** Magna Carta Libertatum -- "The Great Charter of Liberty" being trashed in England.  And the principles being trashed everywhere in the West.  The primary vehicle for this trashing is the homosexual movement.  But the One Worlder leadership is behind the whole nonsense.  And Judeo-Christians oblivious.    E. Fox commentary. 

4.4   The Patriotic Case for the US Supporting Israel -- Don Feder

        On the Road to Thought-Crime Tyranny --  We are well on our way.  What are you doing about it? 

4.1   The nature of Islam -- heaven for lechers.  How can we address this travesty of sexuality? 

MARCH 2007

3.24  International Baccalaureate - courtesy of the UN -- another mind-control system, not education. 

         "Read the Bills" Act -- here is why we need it....   Our President is scheming (there is no other word for it, yes, as in 'conspiracy') to subvert American freedom.  He cannot post police at the borders, but he wants to put the military on our streets to control us in a manner trashing the very core of our freedoms from tyrannical government.    

3.23  Good News from Iraq -- Possibly a turn in the tide???

        Homosexuality not Hardwired -- says Dr. Francis S. Collins, head of human genome project, and a born again Christian.  This is exactly what was reported some 16 years ago, in almost the same words, by Jeffrey Satinover, psychiatrist, in Homosexuality & the Politics of Truth 

        Anglican Covenant, Modernism, & Godly Common Sense -- an assessment by Bishop John Rodgers on the attempt to formulate an Anglican Covenant to which both sides will agree. 

        "Rome" is good because its bad ---  the TV series tells it like it was in Rome...  Ugly, harsh, but... preparing the way for Judeo-Christianity...

3.22  Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) website and items to purchase to support coming out of homosexuality.

        Anal Warts -- the ugly side of homosexual behavior --  Graphic picture of physical damage done by anal intercourse.  And this is just for starters.  A loving God would never "create" such people.  Homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction  --  not an "identity". 

        Dead Babies -- the very ugly side of abortion -- graphic picture. 

        Abortion and the Christian -- Touchstone Magazine -- 

3.20  More on Globalized Education -- from Germany --  the return of totalitarian education globally, and already in America. 

        Bruce Shortt on Math Education Disaster -- 

        Sexual Self-Destruction in Ivy League Schools -- If feeling good is more important to you than relating well, then this is the world into which you will descend -- the one being "taught" at many of our colleges and universities.  E. Fox. 

        Brazil to criminalize disagreeing with homosexual behavior?   Coming to America soon... already before Congress.  Appalling...!

        A Defense of Homosexuality...  Could you respond gracefully and truthfully? 

        ** Homosexuals in the Military...   by David Barton.    Extended commentary by E. Fox.

3.19  More on globalization of American EducationPDF article.  If you think the Fed Dept of Ed is a disgrace, wait til you see the UN Dept of Ed.  Go to second article, "Will students lose the American dream?"  
        Lose it?  We have not been teaching it for at least a century.  It all began with Horace Mann, who, with others, persuaded America to adopt the system of the most militaristic nation in the world at that time, Prussia.  A system perfected by the so-called "progressives", made for tyrants, not a free people, aiming not at education, but control.   Read the article.  Your child will no longer choose his or her profession.  A bureaucrat will.   
        We are on our way to being globalized because Christians are too timid (cowardly), ignorant, or on the wrong side to begin with.  There is a Biblical form of education, and America does not have it.  And for sure the UN does not.  It is an anti-Christ organization.    (Pdf file.  If you need the free Adobe pdf reader, click here.)

3.17  Responding to Homosexual propaganda & threats ---  Can you?  with truth and grace?

3.13  ** The Globalization of American Education --  E.Fox.

         The Sexualization of Girls -- Nothing New....   Judith Reisman --

3.12  ** Edwin Vieira -- Constitutional "Homeland SecurityVol. 1. The Nation in Arms.   Reviving the constitutional militia as a key in preservation of Godly liberty.   E. Fox

          Jamestown QuadriCentennial - More Betrayal of our History --  Jamestown, Virginia, was founded exactly four centuries ago.  However... 
        "For nearly two centuries, our leaders have recognized the importance of celebrating the providential goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ through our nation’s birth at Jamestown in 1607,” observed Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum Ministries, “But this year during America’s QuadriCentennial, officials are intent on belittling our nation’s Christian past and painting the Jamestown settlers as blood-thirsty cannibals, environmental terrorists, and worse. They have even gone so far as to ban the word ‘celebration’ because, after all, as one official stated, ‘You can’t celebrate an invasion'." 
 This nonsense will cease -- when Judeo-Christians regain their intellectual credibility (and their courage).  For Doug Phillips' version of a true Jamestown celebration, visit http://www.visionforumministries.org/events/jq/

        Gore in the Balance -- Global Warming -- corruption & hypocrisy in science & politics...   by Helle Dale

        The Dawkins Confusion --  In Christianity Today, Alvin Plantinga takes on Richard Dawkins -- two well-known and very capable philosopher/scientists types who disagree completely on the "God" vs. evolution question.    
       This is an super assessment of Dawkins' passion against God, and of some issues involved in the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution debate. 
        I am in the midst of revising my doctoral thesis at Oxford granted 43 years ago, on the relation between science & theology, in which I show (I think) that science, as a logical fact, could not have arisen in any but a Biblical culture.  Personality, Empiricism, & God is relevant to all the contention between Evolution and Intelligent Design, and will, I think, help clarify many of the metaphysical issues.       E. Fox

        WW II Revisionists Turn on the Swiss --  Eric Margolis.   Powerful story of how the small Swiss nation defended itself against Fascist Italians and Nazi Germans of vastly larger size. 

3.11   The Man who 'Murdered' Slavery --  Mark Steyn & Eric Metaxas. 

3.4   More on the IRS -- and the lack of statutory authority to demand a 1040 on April 15.  The momentum seems to be growing, with more and more well researched persons challenging the government. 

        American Deception -- Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is. 


2.28 ** Episcopal "Gay" Bishop , Gene Robinson, responds to demands by Anglican Primates at Dar es Salaam.  E. Fox responds to G. Robinson.   Robinson is good at what he does.  The problem is that he is either ignorant of the facts, or he is deliberately lying and manipulating.  The test is, always, if he (or we) were wrong, would he (or we) want to know?  Is he willing to get into honest discussion and debate to find out?  If he is not, then he is morally immature or morally corrupt. 

2.26 The Secret Curse of Hollywood "Stars" -- David Kupelian.  In the end, like it or not, life always forces us back to the simple basics.   Kupelian is one of the best Christian writers in the public arena.  May his tribe increase. 

        Gregory Venables from the Southern Cone on Dar es Salaam --

        First Things on Dar es Salaam & the Anglican Crisis --  Jordan Hylden   Some good insights into Anglican hisotry and how we got to where we are -- the typical English "muddlng through".  The Anglican Communion was not planned.  It came about accidentally as the Empire grew.  When the Empire collapses, the Anglican Communion was left to its own devices as to how to keep itself together.  We have not succeeded. 

2.22 ** Dialogue in Darkness -- or Scientific Debate?   --  on the nature and solution to the terribly destructive debate being conducted on sexuality (and a lot of other) issues.  If you want to win the battle for sexual sanity, read this.  We MUST restore the unity of truth with compassion and of reason with revelation -- or we will continue to lose this war.     E. Fox

        Dar es Salaam: end of the Anglican Fudge?  Anglicans are noted for their strategy/policy of finding the middle way.  Via Media...  But there is Godly compromise with basic truth. 

2.21 Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, revealed (no secret & no surprise) to be pro-homosexual. 

        Episcopal Church put on notice at Dar es Salaam -- Ruth Gledhill 

        Goeffrey Kirk on the Anglican Conference at Dar es Salaam --  Sees through the failure to call the Episcopal Church to account now?  Will the eight Primates stand firm next September?   

2.18 I was away for a week, and then most of the next week, telephone service was out, cutting off communication by phone, email, or website.  So the Road has been somewhat inactive.  Gee whiz!  What did people do before we had all these wonderful communications?   E. Fox  :-)   

        WW III began in 1979  -- 

2.8   Government abuse of Border Guards continues to escalate and unfold.  See two reports:  https://www.grasstopsusa.com/compeanxix.html  
and    http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=54133   
 This is betrayal and yet one more attack by our government on our own people.  And do-nothing G. Bush is culpable. 

       Ron Paul on Political Power ---

       www.OneNewsNow.com  --  A Christian news service. 

       Radical Homosexual Groups Approved by UN....   with Bush Support -- the man ought to give up his pretense of being a Christian....   Along with a lot of others... 

       When Grandma's go to jail for witnessing...   It is very difficult for me to think of what to say -- in the face of the massive moral and spiritual impotence in America.  We are headed for tyranny, right down the pike.  E. Fox. 

2.7  Government Admits lying about jailed border agents.   This astonishing admission ought to bring about an acquital of the two agents, and a severe discipline upon those guilty. 

      Sex with children as young as 14 at "approved" homosexual clubs.  How bad does it have to get for the American public to stand up?

2.5  Imam leads Democrats in prayer of conversion -- Well, a veiled sort of prayer for conversion.  That claim of "conversion" is certainly what Muslims are likely to be hoping for.  But the real news is the further confirmation that Islam and the globalists are in cahoots.  I.e., each is trying to use the other for their own ends.  They certainly do not agree with each other in any significant way, other than that Biblical religion is their chief enemy.  Who will win this bit of mutual manipulation and deceit? 

      Family sues school district over rape of 6-year old in school.  School replies they not required by federal law to protect students.  What has federal law got to do with it?  And how can these loving caretakers of our children not want to take care of our children???   It must be a mistake. 

2.4  Mandatory vaccine in Texas -- for school age girls to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.  Not with my child, you don't!  The drift toward control of our medical lives is one more step toward tyranny.  We must get government out of just about everything it is doing -- & limit government to only those things authorized by the Constitution. 
        Furthermore, vaccines are not the safe medial procedures we have been led to believe.  Many of them contain mercury, which apparently inflames the brain tissue, helping to cause diseases such as Alzheimers.  The warnings keep appearing.  
        For more on this, see http://dealwhudson.typepad.com/deal_w_hudson/

      Women in Government -- for anyone interested, a website. 

      Police in Germany take home-taught student to psych ward --  Hitler is not yet dead -- his law against home-schooling is still on the books.  Religious beliefs will have to conform to school laws, says German government.  There can be no freemarket of ideas so long as government controls education. 

      Map of churches in the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA). 

2.3  I was away visiting friends in northern California, so not much happened on the Road this last week. 

       Advice on cancer and Laetrile...  More needs to be researched on this... 
        But the subject keeps coming up of negative government control of effective therapies -- probably inspired by those pharmaceutical companies which seem to have a hand in controlling our government regulations of pharmaceuticals.  If so, that is betrayal (yet one more time) by our government and by our corporations.  Mussolini called it fascism. 


1.22  Behind the Veil in Washington, DC.  --   Thomas Horn -- on the occult underworld which lives in the shadows of every society.  Just how much influence these people and views have is hard to determine.  But to ignore them as irrelevant is setting oneself up for a bad fall. 

        Christian Chaplain Dismissed -- Muslim Chaplain Promoted....   Chuck Baldwin.  
        Yes, Islam is the favorite of the globalists over Christianity or Judaism.  More evidence of the globalist underhanded support of terrorism as part of their Hegelian/Gramsciite strategy to support both sides in order to create chaos and to control the outcome.  Note the high-ranking politician who personally promoted the Muslim -- an unprecedented honor.  This is not a mistake, it is a signal.  But globalists do not like Islam itself, only as a club to beat Judeo-Christendom.
        Who else in America would support Islam -- after 9/11?  Who else would benefit by it?  Follow the trajectory of government behavior, not their words.  They are using Islam (like homosexual persons) for their own ends.
        The scary part is that the military may not be reliable in a serious confrontation between tyranny and freedom.  Will military leadership support whomever is in the Presidency?  Or will they support "We, the People" who wrote the Constitution -- to which (and thus to whom) they have sworn obedience and support.   
        You can be sure globalists are working hard to tie up the military on their side.  And, not only the generals, but the grunt troops.  Scenes of the national guard taking away guns from New Orleans citizens were not exactly reassuring...  See the video, "From Freedom to Fascism", for a clip of this (or go to www.freedomtofascism.com).   Where are all the Michael New's when you need them?  
        And where is the Church?   Christians seem to have locked themselves behind church walls, and come out only to fight other Christians -- about the only public witness many Christians have.    But better things are on the way -- mostly outside of the "official" Church. 

        Lies & Fraud of Roe v. Wade -- David Kupelian.   Surely, the 20th century will be remembered as the century of violence, deceit, and debauchery, rather than the century of growth in science and technology.  The human race was ill-served by the 20th century.   Ask 40,000,000+ little American babies. 

1.21  We, The People -- Case coming up to Supreme Court --  A  terrific summary of our current political disaster -- and the hope for better.  The case is about the government's 1st Amendment duty to respond to a petition for redress of grievances -- the Capstone of all rights.  Our government has consistently and routinely violated this obligation.  The webpage describes a wonderful conference coming up in March 2007, Alexandria, Virginia....  Sign up if you can...  

         ** Iraq, America, & Theocracy --  response by E. Fox to a query... 

         Little White Excuses -- Rev. Jesse Lee Paterson -- the hard word from a Black to Whites -- "Get honest with us!". 

1.19  Ron Paul's Website -- exploring the possibility of running for President.  See articles on Ron Paul

         Bush's Plan to Bankrupt Social Security --  Phyllis Schlafly.  Those are hard words.  Read it yourself and see what you think.  I believer Phyllis Schlafly is on target, and that George Bush is betraying America.  Bush is a captive of the globalists, and they have a plan, a deliberate scheme, to bring America to its knees under their globalist vision.  The absurdity of their open borders at a time when terrorists are on the loose, and when Social Security is already in danger of bankruptcy, is obvious and treasonous.  Why does Congress let him get away with this nonsense??? 

        Youth Ministry Stunner in Gatlinburg -- Would you believe----?   "There were no BMX demonstrations, no rock bands, no dancing girls, no smoke machines, and no gross-out games. In a move that would horrify most modern day youth experts, the sponsor of this youth event lined up pastors and teachers to do something that is increasingly rare--preach the Word of God to teenagers. At this conference there were also some people present who have been marginalized right out of most youth ministry today—parents."  
     Yes! and you can bet this will take off.  Thousands of young folks are HUNGRY for something substantial, and confused and fed up with the patronizing silly froth so often handed out to them by churches.   E. Fox  

        Koran for Court Room Oaths Gets Green Light --  Better wake up America!  See also articles on oaths.

        Historical Perspective on a Muslim Being Sworn into Congress on the Koran -- link to David Barton   *.pdf file  

        The "Ordered Freedom" Amendment -- with relevance to secret societies, secret oaths, and  the Islam situation...

        TIME for SECOND EXODUS --  Joseph Farah - on Getting Your Children Out of Govt.-Run Schools  

1.17   ** Ron Paul for President???   --   This just may be God at work to restore America...   E. Fox commentary. 

          **  Emmaus eNews article --

          Aaron Russo on Ron Paul's Possible Candidacy --  Exciting...! 

          Ron Paul for 2008?   -- Steven Yates ...  Interesting insights on infighting in the globalist crowd --

1.15   Of Mad Cows & Illegal ImmigrantsWe know exactly where one cow with Mad-cow-disease is located among the millions and millions of cows in America but we haven't got a clue as to where thousands of illegal immigrants and terrorists are located.   Maybe we should put the Department of Agriculture in charge of immigration. 
 Clue:  The Department of Immigration does not want to know where the illegals are.  We MUST identify the real enemy - or we continue in circles getting nowhere. 
        The Dept. of Immigration is under the thumb of globalists (Bush, et al, have been bought out) who desire the destruction of American (and other) national sovereignty.  They want a top-down authority structure which eradicates local communities which buffer us from rigid and distant control at the "top".  They want everything governed from the top, nothing left to govern from the bottom -- because, of course, they plan on being at the top.   That is totalitarianism at its best.   Its primary weapon is enormous wealth stolen from the people, and "1984" style mind-control. 
        How else can you explain < National Guardsmen Forced to Retreat at Mexican Border > or, < Government Travesty Against Border Patrol, and Update on Border travesty by Border Patrol against its own officers >.  We have the imprisonment of two border guards for the act of doing their duty.  And President Bush will not grant them a pardon in the face of their superiors railroading them into prison.  Bush has no intention of guarding the borders.  This is treason against the people.  Where is our investigative press???
        Either we undo the plans of these folks, or we submit to tyranny.  Our choice is between "Jesus is Lord"  vs.  "Civil government is lord".   Take your pick. 

1.14  Street Gangs in Los Angeles -- 

1.13  Hate Crime Law again in Congress.  Stand up and be counted...! 

         Rabbi Daniel Lapin warns Christians - WAKE UP!   Our Judeo-Christian America is being systematically dismantled, largely due to the cowardice and ignorance of Christians (and, yes, Jews also).   Jews should know the signs of coming persecution...  And Lapin is not the first Jew to issue such warnings to Christians. 

         Koranic Commands to Kill Infidels -- a list.  (That's us, folks).  A good place to start for research. 

         The Original 13 -- review of a book by Wm. Federer on religion in the first 13 states.  Much needed. 

     Please check your weekend (Jan 13,14) TV schedule for PBS program entitled "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly." Our sponsored sister ministry, "Homeschooling Family to Family," is featured with Jube Dankworth, Drs. Bruce Shortt and Voddie Baucham being  interviewed. The PBS program has a huge national audience and this may be the biggest "secular"  media moment for people involved in our various ministries. The program has  interviews pro and con on home schooling. Please forward this ALERT to your pastor, family and friends. 
     After the program runs this weekend, it will later be posted on Jube's web site at www.homeschoolingfamilytofamily.org in streaming video. You can watch it a second time or direct your friends to the web site to review the program.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.
(E. Ray Moore, Jr., Chaplain (Lt.Col.) USAR Ret at www.Exodusmandate.org)

        Navy dismisses Episcopal Chaplain who prayed in Jesus' name -- & won his case in Congress!   Powerful testimony.  Go to http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53731   (And, yes, there are still Episcopal clergy who pray in public in Jesus' name...)

1.11  The Right to a Driver's License? -- Chris Simcox, leader of the Minutemen. 

         ** Multiculturalism makes Defensive, not Vibrant, Communities--  Steve Sailer.  Comment by E. Fox --  Jesus makes vibrant communities. 

        Jesus and Multiculturalism -- the real thing -- see video, "Forbidden Peace" put out by the Jews for Jesus, about the deep love which Jesus inspires between Jews and Palestinians.  No one but Jesus can do this.  Go to http://store.jewsforjesus.org/ and search for "Forbidden Peace".  Powerful. 

1.10  Know Thy Enemy --  Philip V. Brennan.   Some helpful history on Islam. 

1.9  ** Holland's Surprising Post-Secular Future -- Joshua Livestro, in the Weekly Standard.  It appears that the Spirit of God is not conquered by secularism, not even in Holland.  Surprise! Surprise!     E. Fox commentary. 

       Science, Crowbars, & Bats -- Chuck Colson --  on science vs. scientism.  A good summary of "where we are" on science vs. religion. 

       What Thomas Jefferson Learned from the Muslim book of jihad --  Ted Sampley, US Veteran Dispatch   --  So what do you think of this, Congressman Keith Ellison? 

       New Frontier for Zero Tolerance Policies -- and the Continuing (& Hilarious) Collapse -- of Public (government-run) "education".   By Bruce Shortt -- 

       Minuteman Summary for California 2006 -- Carl Braun, State Leader -- 

       Intro to the Constitution Party -- 

       Debate between Christianity and Islam --  John Rankin of Theological Education Inst. (TEI) with various Islamic scholars.  Rankin does his job well, and goes right to the real substantial issues. 

       Homeschooling, Regulations, & the Democrats --  Bruce Shortt  

1.8  Residents of Planned Union to be "North Americanists" --  WorldNetDaily.  Put pressure on your legislators.  And fast.  We MUST identify the real enemy -- secular globalism.  See Road section on "Conspiracy"... 
        The reduction of local sovereignty is a major step in the erosion of personal freedom -- which  requires buffering communities, and requires the principle of "subsidiarity" -- that authority be established at the lowest, most local possible level, not at the highest.  Concentration of power at the top guarantees unrest and the continuation of war. 

       Pelosi's Brassiere Brigade will soon be on the rampage in the corridors of Congress. Make no mistake about it: these mothers and grandmothers just sworn in will allow their hormones and backgrounds to influence them into introducing and voting for unlawful legislation with the first order of business the fascist minimum wage. Women in this country need to take a hard look at their own behavior and choices in life before asking for someone else to fund their mistakes. Women who think government is there to provide for their needs and replace a husband are only enslaving themselves and their children, binding themselves to a lifetime of debt and a slave mentality instead of being independent and self-reliant.  from  Devvy Kidd at   http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd241.htm   (Preach it, sister!)

1.7  More on Homosexual behavior and its consequences.  from Paul Cameron.  A loving God would never create such a condition or promote such behavior, and the evidence shows that it is not "inborn". 

1.5  ** Allah, Christ, & America--  On taking oaths -- Lessons from the Keith Ellison incident.   E. Fox 

       National Guardsmen Forced to Retreat at Mexican Border --  and what is the US government response???  Both drug dealers and Mexican military have crossed the border with NO significant response from the US.  Why is that not to be called dereliction of duty, and betrayal by our own government? 

1.4  More evidence of manipulation of Islam by Globalists -- continued insertion of pro-Islam materials into public school agenda.  This is not solid proof, but the astonishing promotion of Islam by our government after 9/11 requires some explanation.  These people behind our government are extremely intelligent, and they have a plan.  Just follow the trajectory.  Promotion of Islam could not happen in America apart from mandate from those powerful globalist forces which control the media and politics.  Just as with the homosexual promotion in government schools, globalists, who run our public ed, are using our children for their own ends -- "human resources", as they say.  Both hFomosexual persons and Muslims are cannon fodder for their globalist purposes.  

1.3  Lee Penn responds to Roman Catholics on Sexual Abuse by Clergy.  An excellent piece.  The war is far from over.

       Ten Top Junk Science Moments for 2006....     See also, other debunker websites:

1.2  Shadow Government in America - & New World DisOrder -- Maybe the manacles will wake us up???   Only a Godly people can sustain freedom.  Secular liberalism cannot do it.  E. Fox. 

1.1   IN THE NAME OF JESUS, Anno Domini 2007 --  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   
The "Happy New Year" greeting, like "Have a good day!", is a bit like a shot in the dark, or an "I hope the best for you...," where hope has not much substance in reality.  Most people will experience the same ol' same ol' regardless of your wish.  Not much different from the previous procession of days and years. 
        But in Christ, there is a substance to the wish, a solid promise of the two basic requirements of a good life -- the two foundations of salvation:  first, ontological security, security of being, and second, moral stability, direction, purpose, and meaning in one's life.  With those two securities, one can deal with anything. 

        Calculating the Date of Christmas -- Christian??? or Pagan background???   4 articles...

        The Twelve Days of Christmas -- from Peter Toon 

See Christmas articles

hh  2007    Anno Domini    2006 ii


12.31   ** The Tragic & Disastrous Failure of Western Christendom --  and what lies ahead....   E. Fox 

12.28   ** Peace on Earth -- True or False?   by Berit Kjos --  Who will lead to peace -- the UN or Jesus?  That is the overwhelming public policy issue of our time.  2000 years ago it was Caesar or Jesus.  Nothing has changed.  Either Jesus will be Lord, or civil government will be lord.  Take your pick.  Choose this day whom you will serve.   Commentary by E. Fox. 

           ** The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific World -- by E. Fox    This (along with Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love'  on the worldview foundation of morality) is perhaps the most important thing I have written or will write. 

12.27   ** UN Threatening to Trump US Constitution - Olivia St. John -- at World Net Daily.    E. Fox commentary.

            Islam in Fast Demise....???   by Ali Sina   "In Africa alone everyday, 16,000 Muslims leave Islam..." 

12.24   Record Number of Ex-Muslims Celebrate Christmas This Year --  A spiritual revolution underway in Mideast -- says Joel Rosenberg    I have heard several times of the  kind of stories Rosenberg tells.  I hope they are true, but must wait and see.  And pray -- for wisdom and stamina among those who are converting.   E. Fox. 

           1995 OKC bombing -- more on "conspiracy" from a Congressman, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.,.  who led the probe as chairman of the International Relations' Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.   The news of collusion in our government keeps coming up, and keeps getting not explained. That means darkness and evil-mindedness.  That means conspiracy to hide the facts.  Given the stakes, why should that not be called treason?

12.22   Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:
and the government shall be upon his shoulder:
And his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,
The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of his government there shall be no end.
(Isaiah 9:6)  

            Who says that "Jesus is Lord" is not a political statement?  The early Christians, Caesar, and the Romans understood it as such....   And so does the Bible.    E. Fox. 

           CURE -- Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education -- founded by Star Parker to get the Black community off the dole and back to being self-starters. 

           See Listing of Websites dealing with Government efforts to control, not govern, the public  --  via the IRS, Federal Reserve, etc.   These folks are serious researchers, not flakes. 

           Joe Arpaio, Maricopa, AZ, County Sheriff, runs a penitent-iary

           Update on Border travesty by Border Patrol against its own officers. 

           Christians Thrown to Lions in Iraq -- 

12.21  Happy Shortest Day of the Year -- !  And a coming Merry 12 Days of Christmas!   

           ** Which Grinch stole which Christmas???  -- a theology of Santa Claus -- E. Fox 

           Why we are losing the sexuality wars --  Lisa Severine Nolland - & comment by E.Fox. 

           Answering Advocates of Gay Marriage -- Katherine Young & Paul Nathanson  -- very critical of "gay" marriage -- from authors, one of whom is homosexual. 

           50-year Failure of Conservatism -- Beverley Eakman -- The failure of "conservatives" to address the education and media issues have cost them the leadership of the US.   

           ** Islam & the Problem of Rationality -- Patrick Poole  --  The reasons why Islam CANNOT engage in rational discussion become more clear as one discovers not only the military history, but the intellectual history, of Islam.   E. Fox commentary. 

           ** War, Morality, & Religion --  an article on the new Marine CounterInsurgency Manual for the Marines.  Comments by E. Fox. 

12.20  Remains of St. Paul may have been found....

           A World Split Apart -  by Alexander Solzhenitsyn 

          2006: Muslim Year of Perpetual Outrage -- Michelle Malkin --  Super writer 

          Global Jihad: & Why We are All in this Together -- Don Feder

          What Patriotic Christians Can Do for America --  Pastor Chuck Balwin..  Baldwin is right -- but we MUST become able and willing to give our public witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things.  Until we do, we will have no one listening to us -- including Jesus. 

12.18  ** How do Christians deal with Public Blasphemy?  --  About the spiritual maturity of Christians more than about the blasphemy of pagans.  Comment by E. Fox. 

           America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF) just rocketed solidly back into Google Video's "Top 100" at # 33 yesterday. Some 500,000+ viewings of AFTF have now been logged throughout the world. Please keep this upward pressure going by sharing the AFTF Google Video viewing link with as many of your family and friends as possible:  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4312730277175242198  or  www.freedomtofascism.com

12.16  Disaster Preparation --  As the Boy Scouts advise,  Be Prepared...

12/13  ** Salvation, Dying Well, the Church, & the State ---  a sermon preached at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA., by E. Fox. 

           Soy is Making Kids 'Gay' -- link to Jim Rutz on WorldNetDaily.  The high levels of estrogen in soy are creating serious problems for both boys and girls, according to Rutz.  Keep on the lookout for verification. 

                    I think it might be more accurate to say that such effects of soy might cause confusion in children which would leave them open to embracing the homosexual lifestyle.  But boys being effeminate is not exactly the same as being homosexual.  E. Fox. 

          The Rape of Europe --  Still think there is no problem over there?  And how about here in the US of A? 

12.12  A Soldier's Story -- the emotional and personal conflicts of fighting in Iraq. 

12.11  Will the North American Union be American Patriots' Last Stand?   Edwin Vieira -- a radical (root, not "extreme") understanding of the legal standing of the Declaration of Independence.  If he is right (as I believe), the NAU is nothing short of treason.  

12.8   The Jewish Case for "Merry Christmas"  --  Don Feder 

12.6   ** Which Grinch stole which Christmas???  -- a theology of Santa Claus -- E. Fox 

          ** Why I am a Minuteman....   E. Fox

          How Does a Teenager Get Started in Homosexual “Sex Work”?   Why, just ask the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force…

12.3   America: from Freedom to Fascism --  an online video (or at www.freedomtofascism.com ).      SEE IT.   Also, see commentary

          Islam & the Problem of Rationality --  Patrick Poole.   An excellent historical and philosophical response to the Islamic responses to the Pope in Islamic irrationality. 

          Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin Prepares to Secede from Episcopal Church Jurisdiction --  Several articles on the subject included....

          Dialectics, Rockefeller, & Population Control  --  PART II -   Dennis Cuddy.  (See Part I below.)   These people are not just wrongly directed, they are evil in their intent.  Dennis Cuddy has been researching these issues for perhaps two decades.

          ** What do 'Good' & 'Evil' mean?  --  definitions. 


11.30   ** Who Decides upon which Book a Congressman takes his Oath???  Can a Congressman choose the Koran?  Comment.    E. Fox 

           Mother of All Purpose-Driven Deceptions -- Berit Kjos -- on Pastor Rick Warren.  If you thought Warren was a good guy, Kjos has another view of the matter.  If Warren is in cahoots with the CFR, and if Kjos's story is correct, then Warren is seriously misleading his people -- and being used by globalists to bring "religion" into their circle. 

11.27   I Can Still Hear Their Screams --  Devvy Kidd -- (Not the screams you might think....)  Devvy is a careful and a powerful writer, and almost always on target. 

           Flight 93 Lawsuit Update --  Devvy Kidd. 

           Dialectics, Rockefeller, & Population Control  --  Part I  --  Dennis Cuddy.   If you thought Rockfeller was benign read this.  The Hegelian "dialectical process" (also called "dialogue to consensus" and other names) must be understood, recognized, and exposed -- it is everywhere, using "relative truth" as its foundation, but only to manipulate the victim.  No one in actual practice believes in relative truth. 

11.26   ** Democracy's Problems with Islam --  from Amil Imani and his Freedom of Iran website.  Imani is right excepting that America does not have a democracy, we have a democratic republic under God.  E Fox commentary.

           The Creature from Jekyll Island -- G. Edward Griffin.   An excellent CD on the history and significance of the Federal Reserve.  Either we get rid of the Fed and the IRS, or we will find ourselves slaves on a fascist plantation with no way out.  We can vote ourselves into a tyranny from which we cannot vote ourselves out...  (If the link above does not work, go to www.realityzone.com and do a search. 

          We Are Family --  Betty Freauf.   On allegedly moderate Muslims.  Either they line up with police and military force against the radicals and report them, or they should be disenfranchised or thrown out of the US.  See Ordered Freedom Amendment

11.25   The Pilgrims and Squanto -- an amazing story of how God in His mercy took care of the Pilgrims.  It was, I think, no accident that Squanto appeared when he did. 

           First Thanksgiving Proclamation -- George Washington 

11.23   Don't believe the Hype:  Walmart is still in bed with homosexuality

11.22  The First Thanksgiving Proclamation ---

           The Mayflower Compact ---

           ** The Real Thanksgiving Story -- from the pen of Governor Bradford -- & a lesson in economics.  E Fox comment.

           PFOX (Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays)  store for purchasing items in support of getting free of homosexuality. 

11.21  Fatal Trajectory of the Episcopal Church -- Quotes from Urban T. Holms betray the revisionist plan which has destroyed the Episcopal Church.   Commentary by E. Fox.  

11.20  Psychology Behind Suicide Bombings --  Pierre Rehov 

          Lost Horizons - more resources on the  IRS question.  "Cracking the Code",  a book on sale there, purports to explain the income tax, and seems to do a good job.  I have ordered a copy and will report.  E. Fox. 

11.19  Taser Torture?  --  video of security at UCLA using a taser gun to force compliance of a student.  You will see a similar event, more clearly videoed, on From Freedom to Fascism.   Our government is out of control.  Or, more accurately, our government is "in control", and we the people are not. 

           ** End Game --  Western Civ. is being checkmated.  There is probably no turning back.  We must work through the consequences of our own sin, and, under the law and grace of God, get prepared to rebuild a new Christendom. 

11.18  ** America: from Freedom to Fascism -- by Aaron Russo, a documentary which starts out as a quest to find the IRS related statute which says that Americans must file a 1040 every year declaring their income, and pay a tax on it.  The astonishing thing is that there is no such bit of legislation.  If that is so, the 1040 is bogus.  But that is just the beginning.  

                    If anyone else out there has seen this CD, please let me know what you think of it.  Send an email to emmfox@theroadtoemmaus.org     E. Fox

11.17  Government Travesty Against Border Patrol -- This kind of event is not accidental. Someone wanted these two men set up as an example to anyone on the Border Patrol who really does his job.  I do not hear that the facts of the case are being contested.  If the facts are as reported, then we have, like Waco, and other such events, another example of our government trashing we, the people.  That is treason

11.16  Jihad Watch...   Changes taking place in the Jihad corral.  The West and Christians are not prepared. 

11.15  Three articles on teaching Islam in American public schools at www.thomasmoore.org -- right on the heels of 9-11.  This is surely an example of "cognitive dissonance", the deliberate creation of conflicting values and events to bring confusion and paralysis to the public.  It makes me more sure that some of the highest level people behind the globalist scene are involved in financing and training the jihad fighters. 

                    These actions of our government-controlled schools and courts are betrayal of the American people.  It is deliberate and conscious on the part of those who make these decisions, and should be severely dealt with -- if Americans can find their backbones.   That Americans put up with it is a sign of how far down we have gone in our own self-respect, our respect for God, and for the truth.  The Big Problem in America is not the elected politicians, it is the electors who elect them.  We the People.    God will raise up a new people, a new generation.




11.14 The God Vacuum: America and the Barbarian Hordes  --  David Kupelian -- one of the best Christian writers. 

          Conservatism's Death Throes?   Joseph Farah ...   Conserving is not enough.  We must go on the offensive.

          Slouching Toward Suicide --  Joseph D'Hippolito on the Roman Catholic Church and Islam.  Is the RC Church up to the task?  

          America Alone: the End of the World -- Part I by Mark Steyn 

          Cheap Labor -- My Armpit -   Frosty Wooldridge --  the collateral costs of our "cheap labor" delusion are enormous 

11.13  Religion & World Government  -- (Parts 1-4)  Dennis Cuddy  --  a bit of tragic and treasonous religious history...    And the way to sanity.  The One-World crowd knows that they must hold (not really, but in the public eye) the moral and spiritual high ground.  So they are working feverishly to convince the world that there is a One World Religion, just like a One World Education, and One World Government. 

                    Not so.  There are two of each -- the world's and God's.  We need to know the difference and which to choose.  In the world's version, centralized government controls everything else.  Tyranny.  In God's version, all of society is built on ordered freedom -- ordered by the law and grace of God. 

                    You Anglicans out there..., if you want to understand some of the primary pressures which produced our decadent ECUSA/TEC, read these articles.   The deepest tragedy is our own ignorant and oblivious participation in it all -- because we were more interested in our own comfort than in truth. 

          Bush's Sellout of America -- 

11.10  Amish Exhibit Model to Follow -- Bob Barr  --  This is superb.  The Amish are by far a greater threat to the American Way of Life than are the Muslims.  But we know  how to deal with the Amish, do we not?  We nod politely and ignore them. 

11.9   Election 2006 Aftermath --  Lou Sheldon  --  peaceful change of government -- a Biblical gift.... 

11.7   Islam - from Ishmael's point of view.... --  a book in the making by John Rankin... 

11.6   Cultural Suicide by Europe & the Democrats - Fred Hutchinson --  Is America next??? 

11.4   ** Christian Political Obligations --  "48 Hours that will Change America" --   E. Fox Comment

11.2   ** Ms. Shori (New Episcopal Presiding Bishop) on Sexuality and other Faiths -- interview --   E. Fox commentary

11.1   Rejecting our fathers, hating our country -- by Bob Just --  Were are we going, America?  Do you want to go there?

          ** Pictures of Minutemen encampment and the high desert at the border crossings.    My story

          How Britain is turning Christianity in to a crime -- 

          Israel at War  --  Lessons so far...

          Constitution Limits the President -- even as Commander-in-Chief -- Edwin Vieira 

          Support for "Adult Children of Homosexual Parents"  -- 


10.31  ** Civil War is Coming to Europe -- by Gregory M. Davis  --  extended commentary by E. Fox 

          Small is Huge -- from Christianity Today -- a piece on another Emmaus Ministries in the slums of Chicago. 

10.30  Religion & World Government  -- Dennis Cuddy  --  a bit of tragic religious history...    And the way to sanity. 

           Mark Steyn on the Iraq War --  The choice: to Win or to Lose.  He is both right and wrong.  

10.28  Preambles from our State Constitutions --  Yikes!  Could the ACLU be wrong??? 

           The Illegality of the 14th Amendment  -  Albert Burns --  a tragic step in the subversion of American government.

10.27  Minuteman Report on Last Weekend -- 

           Minuteman Border Fence --  sealing off illegal immigration.   Wow!  

10.26  American Deception #2 --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- an exceptional writer on the conspiracy holding America and the West in bondage.   From her intro page. 

           ** Two Days at Minuteman Camp Vigilance on the Mexico border --  E. Fox. 

10.18  ** The Amish and the Cross Life --  What happened there in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?  Commentary - E. Fox. 

          The Gay Invention - Homosexuality is a linguistic as well as a moral error -- Link to R. V. Young.  Not sure this argument works well, but it might be tailored to do so.  E. Fox. 

10.17 Betting on Defeat?  -  Victor David Hanson -- a very respectable military historian.   I do not believe we are promoting the right kind of freedom (secular liberal democracy), but I do believe that if we Christians ever get our act together, we can build on a successful venture in Iraq.  We must first learn what a Biblical government is and the nature of theocracy

          European Scholars Reject Macro-Evolution --   Macro-evolution dismissed at European Parliament seminar.  The debate continues....  

10.16  The Battle of Lepanto - defeat of Muslim navy - 1571.  By Michael Novak.  More on the nature of irrational Islam.

           Anglicans, Reform Yourselves!  --  Theo Hobson  --  an essay against the established British Church (Hobson is both right and wrong...).   How would you answer??? 

          Definition of 'God' --  We define 'God', not God. 

          YouTube hosts "I Do Exist" clip of Dr. Spitzer --  Dr. Robert Spitzer began the (slow) retreat of the American Psychiatric Assn. from its hardline pro-homosexual stance as Transformation Christian Ministries, an ex-homosexual ministry of Exodus, picketed outside of the convention hall.  

         More evidence that Bush is not pro-Biblical, that he is conning Christians into a dishonest political agenda.  I suspect that the war has been at least partly to distract the public from the home one-world government agenda (NAFTA, LOST, etc.).   E. Fox. 

          Muslim response to Pope --  Believable???  There is a way of testing....

10.15  The Gay Old Party Comes Out --- Frank Rich  (And people claim there is no conspiracy???)  Our political leadership is corrupt to the core  --  including most of the present administration. 

           Bush & Iraq - a bit of history --  Where Bush was (perhaps) right and where he was (and is) wrong. 

10.14  The Power of Informed Choice -- TEI & John Rankin...

           ** What is Truth?  -  the definition of 'truth' 

           ** What is Faith?  -  the definition of 'faith'   

           Further evidence that President Bush is NOT in the Biblical camp.  One more homosexual post appointed.  On every issue I am aware of, George Bush speaks only with vagueness on crucial issues (sexuality, abortion, etc., not with clarity.  It looks to me as though he was given the Republican leadership to con Christians into support the GOP.  He in fact supports many anti-Biblical positions (e.g., unlimited government and socialism). 
        A God who creates a heaven which is a free-will covenant, who supports, even demands, the freedom of His created persons, is not going to be in favor of a government which in effect replaces Him (by defining the difference between right and wrong, or by replacing Him as the Ultimate Guarantor of our welfare and safety).  Only the law and grace of God can prevent civil government from becoming totalitarian. 
        Until a president can say out loud that civil government is to be under the sovereignty of God, and lead his people that way, he cannot claim to support a Biblical position. 
        If you compare the trajectory of what Bush seems to want as his public image with the trajectory of his behavior, they do not match.  Believe the behavior, not the words or projected image.   

10.13  Good News at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament -- I mean really good news.   Pay attention....   E. Fox. 

           More Good News in the LA Times (!) -- and in Sacramento (!)   --   Russian immigrants taking to the streets to protest for common sense morality.   Some folks still have backbone.  Deo gratia!  Episcopalians are being evangelized by Africans and Asians, looks like Sacramento is being evangelized by Russians...  Says something about the ignorant and cowardly qualify of American Christendom.  

           Republican "Gays" are Closeted Dems -- Cliff Kincaid.  Some telling facts about the sexual and political nonsense going on in the government of the most powerful nation on earth.  How can we give these kinds of people that kind of power.   Our cowardly leaders and cowardly voters have put the homosexual agenda in places of the highest power in the world.  We are getting what we deserve, and it ain't pretty.  Where are you, dear reader, on all this?  And what are you doing?     E. Fox.   

          Marxist Subversion & Perversion of American Youth -- Telling it like it is: the sexual agenda and Gramsci.  This is hard and unpleasant reading, but it is on target, and we had better wake up.  Do not wait for our religious or political leaders to help.  They will not do it, not the "conservatives" any more than the "liberals".  Start educating your own children, and work out from there to build the Lord's new Gideon army.   E. Fox.  

10.11   Illegal Immigration -- Your local police DO have authority to question suspected illegal immigrants and to act on their information.  See Judicial Watch website for info.  JW is a good non-partisan legal watchdog organization.  "No one is above the law..." 

           The Time to Assert Checks & Balances is NOW....   Edwin Vieira -- on the Military Commissions Act, a danger to constitutional government.  We either act now, or risk losing our Constitution all together.  The President seems to want to be untouchable should he be caught violating the law. 

10.9    GLOBAL JIHAD Clash of civilizations: Sea Battle of Lepanto revisited
October 7 marked anniversary of crucial war between Islam and West. 

           ** Power Dynamics: 4 theorems of Politics -- Michael S. Rozeff -- a Libertarian view...  Commentary by E. Fox contrasting with the Biblical view.  

           Adult Children of Homosexual Parents -- Dawn Sefanowicz --  a wonderful story of courage.  And a new resource. 

           Truth about "Gay" Pedophilia -- Olivia St. John

10.6    Homosexual advocates claim a "right" to teach your children... about homosexuality.  Thanks to government control of education. 

10.4    Constitution Party Pro-Life Statement -- 

10.3    Rabbit Hole Of Elitist Perversion Far Deeper Than Foley...     I do not know how reliable this website is, but the unanswered questions are enormous, and the deliberate secrecy of most politicians leaves them open to legitimate doubt and questioning.  Whether all the people mentioned are involved remains to be seen, but there is, I think for sure, a network of sexual perversion filtering among the political crowd which needs to be exposed.  Evil always gravitates toward power and secrecy.  The dark world.   

          Discovery of King David's Palace...?   Deep controversy.

          Own the Curse... of Homosexuality --  Douglas Jones & Douglas Wilson  

          Indian Congregation Attacked 2nd time -- a 3rd promised....

          More school assassinations --  the stats are horrendous...  

10.2    The News (3 YEARS AGO!) on Mark Foley --  So who was protecting Foley's homosexuality?  Excellent article by Peter LaBarbera at Americans For Truth
        Persons (not immoral or illegal behavior) require protection.  What persons require protection from is -- immoral or illegal behavior...    Homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction -- an immoral, pathological, self-destructive (and until the enormously successful "gay" brainwashing program, illegal) behavior.  When we recover our sexual sanity, we will protect homosexual persons, not their wrong behavior. 

         ** Letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger -- on homosexuality -- E. Fox

         Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin prepares to severe ties with Episcopal Church and come under alternate Anglican jurisdiction.  (San Joaquin in central California is my diocese, and John David Schofield is my bishop. - E. Fox) 

10.1   George Whitfield & Ben Franklin (Deist???)  Franklin said he had been a deist, but found it inadequate.  (On the American Minute Page.)


9.28   Pentagon on Muslim Suicide Bombings --   Suicide bombers are making "rational" decisions (yes, given their beginning premises). 

          Islam Talking Points --  How to discuss religion with Muslims.

          Not by Epistemic Works -- Lest any Should Boast....   Douglas Wilson.   Good on how we know God. 

9.27   ** Baby Gap -- and the coming darkness...    E. Fox comment 

9.26   The Books were a Front for the Porn...  by Ronald G. Lee -- ex-homosexual.  Remarkable honesty, candor, and courage -- dealing with the behavior issues.

          Shadow Government in America - & New World DisOrder -- Maybe the manacles will wake us up???   Only a Godly people can sustain freedom.  Secular liberalism cannot do it.  E. Fox. 

          Bush is no more "Pro-Life" than I am an abortionist.   During the Presidential debates, he was asked a question about abortion, and mealy-mouthed his way around it.  He is not pro-life.  He is pro-centralization of government, pro-socialist, pro-globalization.  None of those ring true with "pro-life".

9.24   Dorm Brothels & Colleges that Let It Happen -- OK, America.  What did you expect -- given your apathy, studied ignorance, and own debauched behavior?  You have only yourself to thank for this betrayal of your children.  If you cannot repent, do not expect the abusers of your children to repent either.   E. Fox.   

9.23    ** American Deception #1 -- Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the (yes) conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is.  E. Fox commentary.   

           ** Is American Government Out of Control???  --  Yes, and has been for a long time....

          TV Show Turns Trollops into Genteel Ladies ---   Amazing evidence on power of imagination 

9.22    United Families International -- Website of excellent Pro-Family information & strategy 

           Netherlands -- Illustrates why "democracy" cannot work...  And the need for the "Ordered Freedom" Amendment

           Death of a School District...? --  Bruce Shortt     Pray, when the collapse come, for Judeo-Christians and others of good will to be ready to pick up the pieces.    E. Fox  

9.20    The "Ordered Freedom" Amendment -- with relevance to secret societies, secret oaths, and  the Islam situation...

           Jihad, the Lord's Supper, & Eternal Life -- Spengler at the Asia Times. 

9.19    Liberals - Islamists unite against Pope --   Superb writing....  
  The brouhaha caused by the Pope's remarks in the face of Islamic terrorism is having a transforming effect, galvanizing Westerners into intelligent word and (hopefully) action.  Pray for our spiritual leaders, president, and congress to do the same.  This battle is, above all, a spiritual war of ideas and commitments.  At long last the theological dimensions of the struggle for Western sanity are being debated.  This is a winnable war. 

           Muslims read the Riot Act - in Australia.  Some leaders have common sense and backbone to go with it.

           ** Text of Pope's message to Islam  -- a winner...!    With Pope's apology & commentary by E. Fox  

           A Sermon for the West -- Oriana Fellaci -- a call to stand up...

9.18    ** Courtesy, Etiquette, & the Wedding of Truth to Love - E. Fox    On the rules of engagement for living in the light. 

           In the Footsteps of Christiane Amanpour -- by Ilana Mercer -- The story of Osama bin Laden. 

           ** Letter to the editor ...(of "This is London") -- E. Fox on Muslim threats to kill the Pope.   Scroll down for the Archbishop of Canterbury's "support" of the Pope. 

9.17    Germans Reconsider Christianity --  Islam forces surprising turnabout in attitude... in Germany.  Deo Gratia!

           Layman's letter to Bishop Mathes of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego... 

9.16    Political Correctness - the Revenge of Marxism -- by Baron Bodissey, the Fjordman Report (from Norway?).  Excellent article on the fully operating Marxist strategy of "multiculturalism", relative truth, etc.  Marxism is NOT dead.  It will die only when Christ returns -- Until then, our choice is between "Jesus is Lord" and "Civil government is lord".   Marxism is the fundamental expression of the latter.

9.13    ** Powerful Papal Challenge to Islam and Secularism --  E. Fox commentary 

           ** Text of Pope's message to Islam  -- a winner...!    With commentary by E. Fox  

9.12    Reality Resources --  an Exodus member ministry helping people with gender identity issues.

9.11    From an email:  "If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.
If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.

The insane hatred of Israel and Jews by many Muslims, and yes, by many Europeans, is right out of Satan's pit.  "We fight not against flesh and blood...."  It is a hatred which falls on Christians when we stand up for Jesus in public. 

9.9   BIBLICAL INNER HEALING -- NOW PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE.....!   a Biblical challenge to the secular world on their interpretation of human nature and the central and necessary role of God in emotional healing

        Real Conspiracies, Past and Present  -- Berit Kjos


        Journals of the American Continental Congress -- a time of prayer, not of atheism or doubt.  

9.5   The Devil Wears Prada - or a Burka  --- Sam Blumenfeld  is right.  The visible culture contest is between a corrupt and effete Western Civilization and a bitter, angry Islam. 
        Muslims say they are against Judeo-Christendom, but there is little Western Judeo-Christendom around for them to be against.  What they see is corrupt Western life which they mistake for Christian.  Western Judeo-Christendom, apart from Israel, is hardly in the fight at all.  It does not know how.  And Israel is fighting as a secular state, not to support and maintain Jewish religion -- except as a cultural artifact.  
       I have come to believe that the war in Iraq has been indeed a terrible mistake.  I had hoped that some understanding of and clarity for freedom might be spread.  But we are fighting for secular liberalism, not for Biblical freedom.  The two are fundamentally opposed.  Christians should not be in this fight.  We fight a different war, essentially a spiritual war.  And any military effort should be under that umbrella. 
        If Bush is a Christian, he is a very poorly educated one and under the thumb of globalists who, I think, will stop at nothing, not murder or treason, to get their way, anything they think they can get away with.  The struggle for power has always, since the beginning of time, been of that character.  Nothing has changed -- outside of the Biblical worldview. 
        Our first task as Christians is to retake Western Civilization -- only then can we be of any help to the Lord in establishing freedom abroad -- Iraq or anywhere else. 
        I am not arguing for a churchocracy, but for legitimate theocracy.  Biblical theology is the foundation of American freedom, which is why secular humanists are seeking to destroy it.  But there is no way that political freedom can be supported other than Biblically.  All other political structures erode into centralization, control, and tyranny. 
        Well, if you think you can maintain that control, you just might want to dump the Biblical way, and go for it.  That is what is happening to the West.  But things are getting out of their control already and falling apart.  The attempt to control via creating crisis is backfiring.  The new Tower of Global Babel is (yet again) losing its coherency.  
        Only a Biblical renewal will turn the tide back from erosion and collapse of civilization.  On its way...

            An Open Letter to General Mattis  --  Philip V. Brennan -- on the Haditha, Iraq, incident.  If Brennan is right, we have enemies right in our own media and Pentagon.   As Cicero said, a nation can withstand its enemies at the gates, but it will fall much sooner from traitors within. 

9.4       French Roman Catholic Discussion on Evolution -- some Very Interesting points. 

9.1       Biblical Inner Healing -- at the printer -- available at Amazon, et al, in a few days....!!!


8.31    General Charles Krulak on Personal Integrity --  Former Commandant of US Marine Corps -- tells it like it is. 

           An E. Fox family exchange on Islam ---

8.30    Where is Anglicanism now???   --   a report by the Rt. Rev. John K. Rucyahana , Bishop of the Diocese of Shyira, Rwanda and the Rt. Rev. John H. Rodgers,Jr., Chairman of The Society for the Propagation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine (SPREAD).  Often lacking from such a perspective is undergirding in natural theology, an articulation of the cosmological argument for God, which establishes the Biblical worldview on a logical basis, and provides the answer to "evolution" as a cosmic event, and thus makes the Bible a reasonably believable book of revelation. 

          Achilles Heel -  Islam  - by Mark Steyn - New York Sun.

          Pilgrim's Progress & Teddy Roosevelt

          http://www.schoolandstate.org/  --  If you are fed up with the tragedy we call public education (neither public nor education), go to this website. 

8.29   Pro-Islam US Postal Stamp --   Is this a naive attempt to honor supposedly peaceful Islam?  Or is it a part of the cognitive dissonance strategy to keep people off balance with contradictory information and imagery?   It paralyses resistance. 
        Like the appearance of courses on Islam in American public schools immediately after 9-11, this smacks of underhanded collaboration between radical Islam and certain globalist interests in America.  Islam, I believe, is being used by globalists for their own purposes -- just like the homosexual folks.  Cannon fodder for globalist domination -- the Hegelian manipulation of both sides of a conflict to control the outcome. 
        This stamp is an astonishing contradiction of so-called "Separation of Church & State!!!"   Will we have a Christmas stamp celebrating the birth of Jesus?  Or the contributions of the Christian faith to Western Civ?  Well, just cultural stuff, like --  the rise of science and the development of due process in civil law?  E. Fox  

          Islam - a Religion of Peace?    --   Don Feder 

          Archbishop of Canterbury says -- Homosexual persons MUST change... -   Two articles --  Perhaps (!) an astonishing change of mind.  See also  below on APA...

          Deep Thoughts....    (in Just for Fun)  See also -  Grandchildren 

          Nazis and the Occult --  The occult is an obsession with power, and is naturally attracted to politics and government.  Including in America. 

8.27   Take 2 flyers (posters, not pilots)  to your local WALMART:  http://downloads.frc.org/EF/EF06H39.pdf  and   http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/BroSx/PDF/Strtgy1Pg.pdf 
 to assist them back to reality.

          APA says...  Homosexual Persons CAN change....  Another surprising change of mind.  The psychiatrists and the Archbishop are agreeing! 

          8.25   The Episcopal Dilemma -- Well Put  -  by Sarah Hey -- (there is also a solution -- E. Fox)  

8.24   Immigration Problems in Spain -- translation of Spanish article...  The subversion of national boundaries is not an accident.  It is part of the scheme for global domination by unelected and unaccountable dictators.  Is anyone awake out there?  No, too preoccupied with our creature comforts.  A prescription for tyranny -- if vigilance is the price of freedom.   From the article: "and the 'call effect' is a whole governmental propaganda network that inadvertently favors anyone who traffics in human beings."    Laigle's Forum is a good source for foreign commentary translated into English. 

       America: Freedom to Fascism -- film by Aaron Russo -   I have not see this yet, and would appreciate any feedback.  If it does not deal with the sovereignty of God, it might well describe the problem, but will miss the solution.   E. Fox.

8.21   Australia's Stance on Islam --  Yea and Amen!  

          Lessons so far...   Ralph Peters on Israel and war. 

8.17   Radio Liberty -- a superb resource for understanding our culture, and why systematic destruction of Western Civilization is happening.  As FDR said, "If it happens in politics, somebody planned it."    We are in a  war of the spirit, and the Church is waving a rubber sword (not of the Spirit) with its pants falling down around its knees. It is time we unsheathed the Sword of the Spirit.   Our choice is between "Jesus is Lord" or civil government is lord.  George Bush is neither teaching nor leading like a Christian, a follower of Jesus.  Choose this day whom you will serve. 

         Breeding Obvious, Mate...  Mark Steyn from Australia on Western self-destruction.  

         First Strike - TWA Flight 800 & the Attack on America  --  Jack Cashill & James Sanders  More on the occult (hidden) side of politics. 

         Mass. Resistance -- David Parker case - Who owns the children?  Schools adamant about right to feed homosexual lifestyle to children with no parental right to opt our or even be notified.  Coming to a school system near you soon.   What are you doing about it?  

                    Q: Why do parents leave their children in such schools????

8.15   Evangelist Charles Finney on Evangelism, Welfare, and Politics  Scroll down to cut from August 16, 2006.

8.14   Militarization of American Police  --  link to Greg Evensen.   Who benefits by the militarization of the police?  Not the people.  We are not safer, we are more threatened than ever.  Government is by far the greatest killer of mankind.  An armed citizenry is the bane of centralized government.  Well on its way.  But Jesus is Lord, and that will, in time, change everything.  When the Christians catch on

                    This militarization process had begun well over a decade ago (witness Waco).  Behind it are the Globalist folks, whose aim is not our protection and freedom, but their control. 

8.11   To Profile or not to Profile -- that is the question. 

          Still One Nation?   --  Dr. Harry Ellis -  Diversity & Survival  

8.10   How Israel Fights ---   Israeli Military Morality --  The Biblical heritage shines through...  (And how Christians should fight...)

            Lebanese Survivor of Palestinian Tyranny Defends Israel --  Brigitte Gabriel

         Homosexual Foster Parents Sexually Abuse Children at greater percentage than Heterosexual Foster Parents. 

         Barbara Kralis --- several articles on human slavery trafficking

8.9     Mass. Outrage -- website by a Mass. lawyer documenting outrageous behavior of the Massachusetts Dept. of Social Services in abducting children from their homes on no evidence other than hearsay, without due protection of law for the children or the parents. 

                        Note the slogan at the bottom of the home page:  The REAL root of the problem:  "Every child is our child ---  UNICEF"  In other words the state owns the children.  We are in a war against the family.  That, friends, is treason against the American people by the new Tower of Global Babel Builders.  We had better get serious about fighting back -- with truth and grace -- at any cost to ourselves.  They mean business, and the Church is not even in the fight.  Visit also www.MassResistance.org

8.8   Response from Archbishop of Canterbury on Anglican fragmentation.  PDF document, go to page 9. 

        ** Secret societies and the ritual abuse.   Discretion advised.  Extended commentary by E. Fox. 

8.7   Exposure to Degrading vs. Non-Degrading Music & Lyrics...  & Sexual Behavior Among Youth...  From Pediatrics  - official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  What common sense has told any parent all along.  But glad for the evidence -- if our long ago post-common-sense culture will listen. 

8.6   "Disproportionate" ...  In what moral universe?   Charles Krauthammer,  Washington Post (of all places). 

        Israel - Amazing Little Country --  4 short articles. 

8.4   US Comptroller General Warns of Economic Calamity  --  Well, how much of  this calamity is planned by those in power?  Teaching children to read is easy, but we are not doing it.  Staying solvent is very doable in a free-market economy, but we are not staying solvent.  Why?  Presumably the Comptroller  is not a conspiracy nut.  I repeat --  Is the American Government Out of Control???   Why would anyone tell us that we can spend and spend and still stay solvent?  Only someone who is ignorant, or who has an unspoken agenda (= conspiracy). 

       The New Left, Cultural Marxism, and PsychoPolitics Disguised as MULTICULTURALISM   --  Linda Kimball in the Sierra Times.   The Left, Communism, etc. are far from dead.  There are only two basic choices before us, Biblical freedom and secular/pagan centralization -- for which "Multiculturalism" is the current Trojan Horse.  Choose this day whom you will serve...   The West is nearly swallowed up.  

      Columbus and Jesus --  our founding religion...

      Democracy & the Fall of Athens --  Why democracy cannot last. 

      Muslims team up with Marxists...  Big surprise...  More evidence of collusion between globalists and terrorists. 

8.3   9-11 Live -- the NORAD Tapes  --  posted on Vanity Fair...  Partial response to the conspiracy theorists...  The amazing story of the airforce's attempt to stop 9-11. 

8.2   ** Is the American Government Out of Control?  -  E. Fox  (revised edition) 

        ** Ordered Freedom Amendment to the Constitution -- 

        ** What is Treason? 

8.1   San Diego "Gay" Pride -- Putting Lipstick on a Pig ---   Allyson Smith 

JULY 2006

7.31    Money: Substance or Symbol?  Part I -- link to Franklin Sanders  --- More on the economic debacle under which we live as slaves on a government plantation.  This is Part I, on the nature of money.  Part II on the solution will come soon -- which will help explain more of the dangers of our money system which he is getting at. 

          Is ISLAM Strong Enough to Handle Freedom?  Are WE???  -  John Rankin at TEI (Theological Education Institute)  See also ** Islam Talking Points -- How to deal with Islam  and the Islam Library

7.27   C-SPAN to Air Historic 9/11 Exposé --  9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda -- Panel Discussion to Run on Saturday, July 29th at 8PM (EST.   Is government collusion a credible charge?  How do we react?      E. Fox  See my response to critics of this invitation.

           Life in an Orwellian Universe --  Link to Jewish World Review  ---  I believe that the absurdity of the Israeli-Palestinian situation and the involvement of Islam are related to the above issue of Globalist drive for power.  Their strategy has been the Hegelian management of the conflict between thesis & antithesis to control the synthesis.  They have supported both sides of many of the recent world struggles, and use conflict to consolidate their own power.  (For a detailed analysis of the strategy, see Dialogue to Consensus.) 

                    This is their version of "survival of the fittest" and their version of taking over the reins of evolution by guiding the course of the inevitable power struggle.  And, where are the Christians??? 

                    Their turn is coming, but like those who exited Egypt, our present generation is too cowardly and ignorant to take leadership.   There will be a new generation coming up....   

7.26   Update on Infallibility -- much to my surprise... E. Fox 

7.25   Amerika, the "Gay"  -  Linda Harvey.  Is anyone surprised?  And what are you going to do about it? 

          How Schools Shortchange Boys --  Gerry Garibaldi --  a winner...  

          Be ye angry and sin not.... 

7.24   3-Year Olds to beTaught about "Gay" Relationships --  How would you respond to this?   

7.23   The World Turned Upside Down -- Philip Brennan  --  Muslims vs. the West.  Who is winning? 

7.19   EU - Sliding into Tyranny -- which, by any other name, is just as evil. 

7.18   Is the United States Bankrupt?  -  A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review (!) seems to think we are well on the way.  PDF file by Lawrence J. Kotlikoff. 
          See also Patrick M Wood, Editor of August Review. 
          And if you are still skeptical about the bankruptcy possibility, the Telegraph in England notes the same article.   Whether the US will go down the economic drain hole remains to be seen.  But if we do not return to our constitution under God, get rid of the Fed Reserve, the IRS, public education, and federal welfare -- and return government to being ONLY  the referee for society and the Church its conscience, we richly deserve it. 
        Another question:  How much of this economic crisis is just another part of the globalist strategy to use crisis in order to centralize government?  And where are the Christians?  Globalists fear nothing more than a renewed Christendom.     The author seems to be concerned for the future of our children and for honesty in reporting, and he  but he is a socialist, and shows no signs of wanting or understanding free-market economics.  E. Fox  

          Before the White Man Came? --  War.   Mark Steyn commentary on Before the Dawn by Nicholas Wade.

          The Flouride Story --  Not good news.

          Why War?  It's Simple...   Rabbi Dennis Prager comments on the Near East. 

          World in Process --  Book review on Process Theology -- commentary by E. Fox 

7.17   Confidential: America's Beginnings --  Devvy Kidd has done some research on what the occult folks were doing at the founding of America.  I have no doubt they were at work, and are still.  The problem, however, is not the occult folks, it is God's own disobedient people.   As I said in a recent sermon, "There is no force on earth, no totalitarianism, no mind-control, no misguided religion or government which can stand against an intellectually, morally, and spiritually mature Judeo-Christian community."  Our problem is Christians being faithful, obedience, and courageous enough to be used by God.  But things are happening. 

          Caution: Dialectical Process at Work --  Dennis Cuddy.  The "dialectical process" is the control program used by almost all socialist and globalist folks.  Get to know it, and how to pull it apart.  See Dialogue in Darkness...

          What's a Dangan?  

7.16   ** Catholic Faith, Common Ground -- Winning Strategy  - Earle Fox sermon -  the way to unity in the Anglican Communion -- & the rest of Christendom. 

7.15   Why the Nigerians Refused the Peace Plan of Rowan Williams --  David Virtue 

7.14   ** Islam Talking Points -- How to deal with Islam.   See also Islam Library

          George Gilder, Metaphsic --  John Derbyshire -- on evolution.   A good article.  At least someone out there is thinking of metaphysics.  

7.13   Episcopal Options...  Ephriam Radnor - and responses

          "Write the Laws" Act --  Downsize DC -- Jim Babka  --  Send a message to your legislators....  Our legislators rarely write or read the bills in order to vote on the legislation they pass.

          People Can Change...!  -- a ministry to homosexual persons in Virginia.  Survey on why people do change is on the site. 

          How Young is Too Young (for sex)...   Jane Jimenez --  Some astonishing answers from the CDC. 

          Why Mexico's a Basket Case  -- Joseph Farah   ---   the real problem and the real solution...

7.11   Bill Gates and Lucis Trust??? 

          Astonishing Blindness/Deceit of Pansexual Advocates --  documented. 

          Pedophilia and the CDC -- more astonishing blindness. 

7.10   ** Jesus Christ - World Governor ---   Letter to Tom DeWeese, a Conservative Political Leader... 

          What's Coming to Your Schools???  --  at Massachusetts Resistance in the front lines trenches against the homosexual agenda. 

7.8     On Loving God -- St. Bernard of Clairvaux ...

          One World Order - by Conquest or by Consent???  -- Deanna Spingola --  This first link is to parts 1-3.  For part 4 go to http://www.newswithviews.com/Spingola/deanna44.htm ; for Part 5,  go to http://www.newswithviews.com/Spingola/deanna45.htm
        We are in a contest between the same-old Tower of Babel and Jesus as Lord.  On the geo-political arena, all else is sideshow.  We have the winning weapons and winning ammunition, but who on the Lord's side is shooting?  Where are the Lord's witnesses?  We Western Christians have been turned into spiritual idiots and cowards.  We need not stay that way.  

                Deanna Spingola may or may not have all the facts straight -- she has the usual cast of characters and organizations, which no one can nail down accurately, I suspect.  But she understands the general problem.  The One Worlders fear a renewed Judeo-Christianity above all else, but I think she does not understand why that is so, or how to bring that renewal about.  All faithful Judeo-Christians are in for an "interesting" time.  See article below on theocracy.  Also, see 6.11 below, all three articles.     E. Fox  

7.4     ** 4th OF JULY -- Independence, Government, God, & Theocracy  --   E. Fox . 

JUNE 2006

6.30   ** The Rise of Christianity - comment by E. Fox on Rodney Stark's book of that name

          Christianity & the Rise of Freedom -- Chuck Colson on Rodney Stark's book, The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom...

          UN Plan for Gobal Migration -- Berit Kjos --  If you think our Mexican borders are in trouble, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.   When are we citizens going to do something about it?   The answer lies in a spiritual renewal.  Nothing short of Godly stoutness will change anything substantially.  Only a Godly people can stand against tyrannical government. 

6.24   Report on "The Gay Report"  --   Two homosexual authors are quite candid about the nature of their sexual behavior.  I used this work as a basis for my article on winning the sexuality debates.   E. Fox.

          Massachusetts Resistance -- Report from Brian Camenker. 

6.23   Canadian Gun Control -- being reversed  -   Larry Pratt ..  The monumental scam of the pseudo-liberals was exposed.  With world-wide possible consequences. 

           ** How the GOP Became God's Own Party --  Kevin Phillips, Washington Post.  True or False?  Test your wits on this one...   Extended commentary by E. Fox.  

6.22    ** Why the Episcopal Church has Self-Destructed  -- E. Fox  

           Bolshevik "Gay" Pride Disaster -- some history of the homosexual movement. 

          Minuteman Border Fence --  sealing off illegal immigration.   Wow!  

          The Trojan Couch: How the Mental Health Guilds allow Mental Diagnostics, Scientific Research, and Jurisprudence to be Subverted in Lockstep with the Political Aims of the Gay Sub-Components -- Jeffrey Satinover -- PDF document.  Satinover is an excellent scholar, and right on target.  What are you, dear reader, doing about these issues? 

          Iwo Jima and the Rabbi 

          Islam: a religion of Peace?  Gordon Nickel, National Post

6.20    ** Episcopal Tragedy -- & the Coming of Clarity...   E. Fox

6.14   First-grade boy beaten for father's stand against homosexuality in public schools. 

6.11   ** The Quigley Formula vs. the Jesus Formula  --  E. Fox commentary on a talk by G. Edward Griffin on the globalist  conspiracy.   How will Christians retake Western Civ?   For some more details, see "One World Order" above.

          ** So, you are a conspiracy theorist...???   Well, yes, as a matter of fact...  :-) 

          ** Freedom -- What is it?  --  Five Decisions to wholeness. 

6.9    IRS Checkmate???!!!   Has the IRS met its match?    An astonishing legal case has been won which may be the beginning of the end of the IRS as we know it.  Read about it at We, the People  (Click both of these links...)
        And then order the Fair Tax Book at Amazon or at www.fairtax.org to see what we should to do replace the IRS...., whether or not We, the People wins its case. 
        COMMENT:  The first link above is from June 2006, the second from January 2005.  The press is clearly not giving coverage to this issue.  Let's see where We, the People gets with this.... 

         Facts about Iraq --  surprises...

6.8    The Religious Right has Fled the Battle Field -- link to Pastor Chuck Baldwin --   Yes, indeed.  There is a Biblical politics, and we are mostly oblivious of it.  See also http://www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=15233 , and  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50451   The problem with the super corridor is not the corridor itself, but that a fascist US government (collusion between commerce and government is the meaning of 'fascism') is running the show, not free enterprise businesses.  NAFTA, etc, are NOT about "free enterprise" or "free trade".  They are about Corporate/State control.  

        ** Over His dead body....  commentary by E. Fox  on essay by Anthony Esolen in Touchstone Magazine

6.6   Money, Credit, & Banking -- Free Enterprise  vs. Control  --  Edwin Vieira again.  We are becoming slaves on a Government Plantation. 

6.5    The Founding of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) -- an American story....

        ** Meditation on Death at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  --  E. Fox    See pictures also. 

6.2   25 Years of AIDS - & no Vaccine in sight --  Washington Times

6.1   Muslim World's New Martyrs --  From the Jewish World Review.   Some Jews are more concerned about Christians being killed than most Christians.  Christians will one day again take the offensive, as did the early  Christians. 

        ** A "Gay" Success Story -- by Lisa Severine Nolland  -- commentary by E. Fox 

        Cheap Labor???   There is no such thing.  It is an economic illusion.  

MAY 2006

5.30    More on the Globalization of Money & Banking --  Edwin Vieira -- 

           ** Memorial Day Salute --  Powerful stuff. 

           Pedophiles forming political party... 

           www.MassResistance.com -- click on this site.  These folks are on the front lines in the sexuality trenches.  If you live in Mass., join them.  If you do not live there, donate.  They are a fighting bunch -- with a juggernaut on the road in front of them. 

5.29   HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!  and Deo gratia! for those who have given their lives for our freedom under God!

          Accountability in Congress....???  Article by Robert F. Turner on Rep. Wm. Jefferson -- & crucial constitutional issues. 

5.28   Senate Immigration Witch's Brew --  Ron Maxwell --  Our choices are coming down to the wire....  Do we want to live in a free America, or not??? 

5.27   End of the American Dream -- RIchard Lamm, former Governor of Colorado... 

5.25   ** Definition of 'Science'  --  the underlying issue of the Intelligent Design debate -- & without which there can be no resolution. 

5.24   Stephen Noll on The Da Vinci Code  and the Bible --

          What is Love???  --- Children's version.   Wonderful!  Wonderful! 

          Greg Quinlan -- ex-homosexual testimony at the New Jersey Family Policy Council. 

          Patrick Henry College, Liberal Arts, & Christian Education  will the combination survive??? 

5.23   Emmaus Ministries -- on the Streets of Chicago...  a few yards from the gates of hell. 

5.22   ** A Bizarre Event --  & Jesus on the Spot (or not)...   E. Fox 

          Dutch Courage -- a Dutch-Muslim ambiguity...  

          Saudi's have NOT reformed their education material -- as claimed -- to renounce hatred of other religions, says Nina Shea in Washington Post. 

          Tips for Parents Struggling with Child's Homosexuality --  good tips for relating to anyone struggling with homosexuality.  


5.21   Sgt. Sar's Silver Star --  one of those stories about America too good to miss.

5.20   Sustainable Development in Education -- the slow demolition of America.  America!  Wake up!  We either stop this, or go under. 

5.17   Joel Mobray on Bush & Iraq  -- more pro-Bush evidence??? 

          Roman Catholic "Da Vinci Code" website -- responds to Da Vinci Code historical nonsense. 

5.15   A Talk on Pain - Marjorie Avery -  Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA 

5.14   ** Intelligent Design Conference - Biola University --  Summary & commentary by E. Fox 

5.11   Idiots of 2005 -- Just for Fun...

          Ford pushing Homosexual Marriage -- Time to Stop Buying Ford.  And tell your local dealer. 

5.10   Rule of Law or of Man? --  Judge Roy Moore 

          Assoc. Press reports "Gay Brain" Study Incorrectly --  Are they (the AP) fools or knaves? 

          American Red Cross accused of possibly polluting blood supply -- by accepting blood from persons who engage in homosexual activities. 

          Iraq Terrorism Evidence --  Gary Bauer 

5.09  The UN Exposed...   a book by a reporter with the UN for his beat -- reviewed by Cliff Kincaid. 

         Home School Legal Defense Fund backs up Baptist drift toward exiting public schools.  

         The Coming Conflict -- between Same-Sex Marriage & Religious Liberty  --  are you ready for the final dissolution of Western (Biblical) liberty? 

5.06   Websites for AA - http://www.dickb.com/index.shtml  and  http://www.dickb-blog.com showing the Christian roots of AA. 

       The Rite of Sodomy --  massive effort by Roman Catholics to lay open the homosexuality issues. 

       Homosexuality & Child Sexual Abuse -- Timothy Dailey 

5.04   "Public Education Against America" --   review of that book by Bruce Shortt.  Helpful historical information on motives and strategy behind government control of education.  Do you know the name, Antonio Gramsci?   

          Bill to ban "mom" & "dad" in CA schools...   More of the homosexual agenda.  Keep it up, folks.  You are guaranteeing the evacuation of govt. run schools.  That is the best thing that could happen to America, short of a deep spiritual renewal.   

5.02   Washington's God...   Mark Tooley's review of Washington's God: Religion, Liberty, & the Father of our Country by Michael Novak & Jana Novak (father and daughter).  An excellent corrective to revisionist history.  

          Butch O'Hare & Emmaus Ministries -- in Chicago...  by John Green. 

          Preparing for the Mahdi -- What's Really Scary about Iran's Nuclear Program..   link to Chuck Colson, BreakPoint

          Home School Legal Defense Fund backs up Baptist drift toward exiting public schools. 

5.01   Ted Nagaki - Japanese American Warrior...   a Story from "the Greatest Generation" -- 

APRIL 2006

4.28   ** Homosexuality: Owning the Curse  --  Douglas Jones & Douglas Wilson -- a challenge from two conservative Christians.    Commentary by E. Fox. 

4.27   The Road to Perversion is Paved with Porn -- link to Jan LaRue -- The porn  folks are out to get your child.  And doing a good job of it.   Do you care?

          A democracy is always temporary in nature...   Alexander Tyler, Scottish professor of history at the U. of Edinburgh c. 1787. 

          ** The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific World -- Earle Fox

4.26   33% of Children of Homosexual Parents become Homosexual --  says researcher, Paul Cameron.  That means an over-representation of 11 fold.  

          Iraq: One of America's Greatest Millitary Operations?  -- 

          The Health Risks of Gay Sex -- link to *.pdf file by John Diggs, MD  --  a powerful essay on how dangerous typical homosexual behaviors are -- such as fisting, anal and oral sex, rimming, golden showers, etc.  As ugly as these are, we MUST talk about these things, and force homosexual advocates to admit openly that these behaviors are precisely the items they want the public to approve and God to bless.   If your computer cannot read *.pdf files, click here.  
        And then read the strategy which will turn things around.   And also, visit the Corporate Research Council, (location of Diggs's article) which does a super job of research on these kinds of issues. 

4.25   School Sex Clubs -- by Linda Harvey  --  Your school targeted.  What are you doing about it?  What is your pastor doing about it?

          Baptists Urged to Get their Children Out of Public Schools....  --  Go you Baptists!!!   See also #2. their Press Release;  and #3. a "School Risk Audit" to test YOUR school on sex content and direction.  You think it is not happening in your school?   Better find out.  

          Family Policy Network -- maybe, just perhaps -- an organization with spiritual backbone. 

          Video of Judge Roy Moore on the real issue of his being deposed.  The Decalogue was NOT the issue, nor was the monument. 

4.24    "Suckernomics" - link to Dennis Cuddy -  Suckernomics: the process whereby the American public is made, and kept, economically ignorant.  

          Auditing Public Schools --  Are we at last getting serious about protecting our children? 

          A Biblical Response to the Immigration Debacle --  Halleluia! 

          Committee on UnAmerican Activities - Report on Communism  -- a piece of history. 

4.21    ** What is FREEDOM? -- by Earle Fox -- a basic but badly misunderstood concept, the right understanding of which will help resolve enormous problems in Western Civ. and the Church.

           ** What is TREASON?  --  a definition worth getting under one's belt in a time of growing political unrest.  We must know our boundaries.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

           ** Judge Roy Moore on Gun Ownership...   Commentary by E. Fox. 

           Child Porn - Produced by Children -- the sexual addiction pit has no bottom.  Clergy -- (for starters)  What are you doing about it?

           Do we need religion?  - former Muslims trying to make it as secularists.  Another break in Muslim unity. 

4:15    Shameful Media Bias on Iraq -- the lies of the press will bring the judgement of God.  There is a serious disconnect between the media and reports form people on the gound

           The Marketing of Evil -- link to David Kupelian -- superb!  We are at war in America, and do not know it.  It is time we responded and declared war back on those who hate and bid fair to destroy our democratic republic under God.  E. Fox.    

4.12    Global Warming -- Stopped in 1998 --  by Prof Bob Carter, geologist at James Cook University, Queensland, engaged in paleoclimate research.  Kyoto Treaty an expensive politicized flop.

           ** "Marriage is for White People..."  - by Joy Jones -- a deeply touching story --  with consequences.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

4.11   We, the People - Link to -- Getting serious about taking back America...  See also America - from Freedom to Fascism for some serious resources.  Do they have a Biblical foundation???  What would that look like in our current situation?  What is the Way of the Cross, and how is that the fundamental Christian strategy?  Where does coercive force come into play in Christian strategy? 

          Converts from Islam -- Free to Choose?  -- Patrick Sookhdeo - Barnabas Fund -- More on Islam. 

          ** The "Emerging Christianity" -- critique by Berit Kjos  (and E. Fox) 

          Absolute Control over Citizens -- in the Pipeline   --  Jim Babka at Downsize DC 

          Welcoming Remarks - for Our Children's Children --  commentary on Western History by William Regnery

4.10   Forget About Civil War in Iraq -- One is Coming to America -- link to Chuck Baldwin -  I have been predicting internal civil violence in America for well over a decade, hoping I was wrong.  But the evidence and the incompetence (or evil-mindedness) of Federal government, from Bush on down, is growing daily.  The evidence points toward Bush being either a fool for not seeing what is happening, or a part of the scheme to give America away to global socialism.  If we continue down the present road, we will have to fight the revolutionary war all over again.  Only this time against our own government. 

                    The only thing more disturbing that the betrayal by our government is the apathy and comfort-seeking of the people -- their inability and/or unwillingness to stand for truth.  

                    Christians of the first three centuries AD knew better how to deal with Caesar as their enemy than they did later as their friend -- when they got seduced away from the Godly strategy for retaking the world.  We may have to repeat that condition -- under persecution Christians tend to get serious.  And then they start winning.   

4.8    Village Atheist Meets Village Idiot -- Don Feder  -  reflecting on Bill Maher...

         Major Alert for California's Parents -- Devvy Kidd on homosexuality.  Very direct and on target.  Massachusetts has gone much further down the pansexual road than California, so far, and every school system in the US is targets.  So what are you parents doing about it?  GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THE GOVT-RUN SCHOOL SYSTEM! 

4.7    E Pluribus, Unum --  the Patriot Post on Immigration -- a very balanced article. 

4.6    How Do You Deport Millions of Illegal Aliens?  --  link to Devvy Kidd 

         ** What Bush Fails to See at the Border -- Ronald F. Maxwell in the Washington Times -- Wow.  A hard hitting article right under Bush's nose.  And right on target.  I just moved to California, and already am feeling the pressure from the radical Mexican immigrants.  Commentary by E. Fox 

        WW III began in 1979  -- 

4.5    The American View of Law - "Courts Do Not Make Law" --  by Michael Peroutka. The American view is not that held by most judges or other politicians today.  What is the "American view?"  And how do we tell? 

         ** How the GOP Became God's Own Party --  Kevin Phillips, Washington Post.  True or False?  Test your wits on this one...   Extended commentary by E. Fox.  

         Inflation & the Federal Reserve -- link to Joan Veon.  The Fed is the key to the manipulation of the economy, and to the creation of inflation.  Creating money out of thin air is inherently and always inflationary because increasing the money supply that way sucks the buying power out of the economy, diluting the buying power of the money already in circulation in the pockets of us citizens.  The creators of the system know that, which is precisely why they did it.  They have a way of sucking the buying power out of the economic system and putting it in their own pockets.  The logic is, I think, irrefutable.  The Fed and the IRS are institutions of control and theft, not of freedom.  Unless, of course, you think that the State is the inherent owner of all things.   

         Homosexual "Pride" Event Pushed Back into Closet - Says Christian Group --  link to Agape Press.  This is the kind of witness which makes a powerful difference -- speaking truth in love.  Flip Benham is a winner.  I think he has been proactive in the pro-life movement as well.  See Operation Save America.  E. Fox

         Guess who... first opposed slavery -- See also...   So far as I can determine, St. Patrick was the first human being to oppose slavery in principle.  He was followed a few centuries later by St. Thomas Aquinas, the Pope, and (yes) the Inquisition, who backed up the Pope when he forbade the conquistadores to enslave American natives.  

                        The notion that all men are created equal is a uniquely Biblical notion.  Other cultures seemed at times to flirt with it, but no other culture really got is right and secure.  That is because only the Biblical worldview can support such a moral view

         What Jobs Won't Americans Do?  -  Link to Selwyn Duke on immigration and need for workers.

4.3    The Militia of the Several States -- Edwin Vieira on the Militia and Gun Control Laws -- 8 part article.  Excellent.  Scroll down to Second Amendment section.  The militia is the final guarantee (militarily speaking) of preserving "We the People..." as the governors of America under God. 

4.2    "We have got to eliminate the gringos..."  ("Gringos" is us white Americans...) link to Devvy Kidd, on the radical Mexican invaders (there is no other word for it - we are being invaded with malice aforethought).  These people are not immigrants, they are in many cases alien enemy soldiers with murderous intent.   The comment above is just for starters -- read the full quote -- by a professor at an American University.  If he said these things, he ought to be arrested for treason. 

                        Our president seems not to give a tinker's dam.  He is, it appears, sold out to the globalists, i.e., to neo-con socialism and centralized government.  That, in my book, (whether by ignorance, naivete, or malice) makes him (and most of the Republican Party) an enemy of the people  --  and of God. The first clue is his unwillingness to put these matters to open public discussion.  The subversion of truth is always the first clue of an enemy (see Romans 1:18 ff.). 

                        We are seeing the same cowardly leadership in politics as in religion  -- conservatives who cannot conserve anything.   The following from Devvy Kidd's article, took place in the area into which I just moved: 

                        Also as I predicted, there will be more and more violence. This is an e-mail I received March 27, 2006:

                        “You are right on! My son was attacked by about 200 out of control Mexican Youths this afternoon in Anaheim, California while sitting at a signal light. They threw plastic bottles of water and kicked in the door of his pickup truck. He did nothing to provoke the attack and they were shouting "we're Mexicans and proud of it among other things including calling him a f****ng Gringo.

                        "Fearing for his safety he called the Police on his cell phone and they apparently were already enroute as the Swat Team arrived with riot gear and guns drawn. He pointed out the two he thought kicked in his door and the cops handcuffed them for a few minutes and them let them go! Go figure! Three Freeways were shut down this afternoon around Orange and L.A. County as the demonstrators got on the freeway and stopped traffic for a time until the CHP herded them away. So the answer is no, this state nor any of the others are prepared for what is yet to come. An avid reader of your columns.” (Name withheld) Palm Springs, Calif.

                        We are in for big trouble -- with most of our religious and political leadership paralyzed and the general population oblivious, naive, and heads in the sand.  But God is not.  Lots of good opportunities for miracles.

          States Must force 17th Amendment Showdown -- another by Devvy Kidd.  The states are to be a buffer between the people and the Fed.  That was the purpose of the states (not the people) electing the federal senators.  The states have lost that power, and the freedom of the people is being trashed, not enhanced, because of it. 

                        The deceit of socialism's claim to "be for the people" has been very effective.  It is for centralized government, which does not honor the people, it treats them like ignorant children and enslaves them.  We are becoming slaves on a government plantation.  Our founding fathers gave us Godly government, the very bane of the control-minded elite.

MARCH 2006

3.30     Minuteman Civil Defense Corps --  the border situation continues to deteriorate -- in politics for the same reasons borders and boundaries are deteriorating in religion -- leaders who are cowardly, ignorant, or who just do not care.   Thank God for the Minutemen -- two centuries ago and today.  E. Fox 

3.29     Communtarianism: a Three-Level Con Job --  link to Niki Raapana.  More on globalism and how it works.  At present, Christians are losing the battle for freedom because we do not understand our own Christian worldview.  As Christians get back their worldview and thus their political and social and economic philosophies, we will be able to offer a winning challenge to the globalist tyranny into which we are quickly drifting. 

          Red Alert: Amnesty for Millions on the Horizon -- link to Selwyn Duke.  A bit of history worth reading on the immigration issue, and on the about to pass "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act", which Duke (rightly, I think) believes to be a disaster in the making. 

          Just How Many People has "Religion" Killed?  --  by Kirk Durston -- Death by Atheism --  Death by Government (see R. J. Rummel)...   The facts are clear, but Christians continue to cower under the misled critiques of secular and pagan folks. 

          The Wisdom of Crowds - a rather extraordinary discovery on wisdom, tradition, conservatism, and liberalism.

          Dick B's Website -- the early Christian history of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), from the days when AA understood the real meaning of "higher power" -- the living God.  Tons of material....

          See new Abortion Library

3.27     A Bargain from God You Cannot Refuse --

3.26     What's Behind Today's Epidemic of Teacher-Student Sex?  ---  David Kupelian  -- an excellent writer.  He is pointing to the very core of the evil which is destroying Western Civ.  The Muslims are wrong in their "corrective" tactics, but they are on the money with some of their critiques of the West, including, most emphatically, America.   We are decadent and getting worse --- mostly because our cowardly "conservative" leadership -- especially clergy.  God will judge America just like He did the Israel  with Babylon -- if we do not repent. 

                    (See also The MARKETING of EVIL and The Secret to Defeating Radical Islam by Kupelian.) 

            Why Dubai?  link to Phyllis Spivey -- on the recent port-control flap.  The dirty little secret is the further internationalization of American life -- and the further erosion of control of our own destinies, and of American sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats.  That is tyranny.  But it benefits the large multinational corporations.  We are being routinely betrayed by our elected politicians, who are apparently bought out by big business, and international control freaks. 
        There will be a one-world government, but it will be under the lordship of Jesus Christ, not UN bureaucrats.

3.25     Intelligent Design: why it will change Everything...    by Lynn Barton  

3.22     EMMAUS MINISTRIES HAS MOVED...!!!   ==>> -- See Calendar 

          What we are doing to our Children...   Betrayal.   The sad and tragic story of parents and teachers and clergy who have lost their way.  We no longer know how raise children.  Where are the fathers who will stand up and defend their children?  Where are the spiritual warriors who know the difference between right and wrong???   

          Public Schools = Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie to Parents and Betray Our Children --  link to yet another  book on the tragedy of our public education -- which is neither public nor education.  The most important systemic change needed to set America free again is getting govt. totally out of education and giving it back to the parents.  See www.sepschool.orgwww.getthekidsout.org; www.exodusmandate.org  

          Sharia Death Sentence .....

          Prophecy Fulfilled -- because its mortar is disappearing... Public Education.  By Joel Belz, World Magazine

          More on Collapse of Public Education  --  which is neither public nor education...

3.8     Iraq: the Untold Truths --  report on Iraqi army successes maintaining order...

          To Rape an Unveiled Woman --  a challenging symposium on the psychology of Islam...   as a Muslim rape epidemic sweeps across Europe and other places where Muslims have immigrated. 

3.7     Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)-- a potential health breakthrough.  I had run into H2O2 "oxygen therapy" (hydrogen di-oxide -- water is H2O - hydrogen oxide)) some years ago, and tried it, finding that it did indeed help lung congestion.  But it was so distasteful to swallow that I gave up on it.  This article points to a different way of taking it.  Worth checking out.  Apparently lots of applications.  E. Fox 

3.5     ** We CAN change the Weather -- Response to Frederica Mathewes-Green -- by E. Fox 

          Solution to "Evolution Problem"  --  Get Govt out of Education  --  link to Steven Yates.  Bravo!  See also www.sepschool.org www.getthekidsout.org www.exodusmandate.org, &  http://www.newswithviews.com/Turtel/joel10.htm  

          We Reap what we Sow -- Billy Graham's daughter...

          Judge Roy Moore to Pres. Bush on Prayer in Military...  Excellent --- 

          Judge Roy Moore on Public Education -- devastating...  Get your children out of Public Education!  It is neither public nor education.  

          Homosexual person claims "right to orgasm" --  Link to Virtuosity On Line.  That is narcissism run amuck (but most Americans have been persuaded to believe it).  The whole pansexual (sex revolution) is based in putting "feeling good" ahead of "relating well".  The two highest commandments in the cosmos (the two Great Commandments) are about relating well, not about feeling good.  When we relate well, we will feel good.  But if we focus on feeling good, we will lose both feelings and relationships.  Ask any repentant and recovered addict.  Homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction. 

3.4     America and the (Corrupt) United Nations -- Mark Steyn -- speaking at Hillsdale College

          Missions Incredible  --  South Korea sends more missionaries than any country but the U.S. And it won't be long before it's number one...  Quite a story...

3.1     Pentagon Breaks Islam Taboo -  investigates terrorism in Koran and Islam itself, not just "radicals". 


2.27     ** Islam Around the World -- not a pretty picture.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

            Homosexualists War against Christianity --  Ed Vitagliano in Agape Press.  

            ** Values Clarification Destroys Conscience -- an extraordinary story.  Commentary by E. Fox 

2.25     New Zealand Abortion Study - Abortion dangerous to emotional health -- link to Breakpoint...  This is common knowledge among folks with common sense and a bit of scientific curiosity.  It may have an impact on the coming Supreme Court decision. 

2.21     Orthodox Church sees gap widening with Protestants --  a serious rift occurring because Protestants and Evangelicals are being seduced off into secular ways of thinking -- especially in sexuality issues. 

            Survival of the Fakest --  link to the Discovery Institute -- article on Darwinist fakery. 

            Redefining Education for Global Citizenship -- on the UNESCO (and US Dept of Ed.) betrayal of all Americans.  Govt. education has never, not since Horace Mann, been about education, it has been about control.  The aim has been, not an educated citizenship, not citizens set free with truth, but controllable citizens, obedient industry worker citizens.  Americans have been dumbed down sufficiently that that do not know when they are being betrayed.  We are already in "1984".  God will lead us out.  Will we follow? 

2.20     ** A Constitutional Amendment -- uniting the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence.  We do not need a "marriage" amendment, we need a Declaration Amendment. 

            Constitution Limits President - even as Commander in Chief --  Edwin Vieira

2.16     Dick Cheney's Shotgun Accident...   comment by Larry Pratt -- of Gun Owners of America.    

            THE TEST  --  a super rejoinder to the Islamic nonsense about the recent cartoons.  There are good ways to respond to radical Islam, & we need to learn them. 

2.13     More than One Way off Brokeback Mountain --  Warren Throckmorton, MD.    The fastest way off Brokeback Mountain would be to clarify Behavior --   the ONLY real homosexual issue

            Forward in Faith - Australia -- responds to the "liberal" insistence on Women Priests.   Truthfully (which is a good start) but not yet effectively.  See Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women.  

            ** E. Fox email - to Worcester Mass. Police Dept. -- are they siding with tyranny?   the WPD is apparently charging a Christian group some $6000 to get protection from homosexual activists.  

2.12     Reforming our Corrupt Legal System - Making Lawyers Accountable --  David R. Usher --  a super idea which would have far reaching cleansing powers. 

            Global Governance Deception --  a good summary of the "globalist" issue.  We are in for trouble because we have lost the capacity to defend honest freedom.  We do not understand the Biblical basis of political freedom, and so have no convincing alternative to the juggernaut of globalism.  The turn around will come, but probably not before we have to fight the Revolutionary War all over again against the tyrants (right here at home) who have taken over the ship of state, and the cowardly who prefer personal comfort over Godly freedom.  There is hardly a Christian in the West who can explain Godly freedom -- either personal or political. 

2.11     Doublethink & the Church (& the West...)  --  The Revs. Paul Zahl  and W. B.  Two superb articles on the necessary foundations of truth for any coherent civilization.  

            History of Resistance to the Ordination of Women in the Episcopal Church -- a sad story... 

2.10      http://www.freedom21.com/store-prop-env.htm -- "Animal Scam -- the Beastly Abuse of Human Rights"

            Prescription for Tolerance --  is Moral Judgement a Mental Disorder?  --  Alan Dobras.  

            Homosexual (or any other king of) "Rimming" is NOT "OK" -- 

            Muslim Outrage???   Yeah, Right!   

            Churchill on Islam --  1899...  Nothing has changed. 

2.9        The Books were a Front for the Porn...  by Ronald G. Lee -- ex-homosexual.  Remarkable honesty, candor, and courage -- dealing with the behavior issues.

            A Different Glimpse of Cortez --  American Minute with Bill Federer

            Senior Chinese State Official Attends Archbishop's Installation in Singapore.... -- Jesus is moving in Asia. 

2.6        Are We Witnessing the Rise of the Fourth Reich?  ---  Pastor Chuck Baldwin -- "...any western nation will rise or fall according to the attitudes and actions of its Christian leaders and churches.  ....while any nation might survive corrupt politicians, greedy merchants, and sinful citizens, it cannot survive cowardly, compromising churches! As the churches go, so goes the country!"  Baldwin is exactly right.  The corruption of the West is the fault, primarily, of the Church, not the politicians, and just like in Germany, can lead to totalitarianism. 

2.4        Response to State of Union Message --  from Constitution Party -- good summary of issues by the only party which upholds Biblical principles for government. 

2.2        The Cuddle-Puddle of Stuyvesant High School --  Our schools are committing criminal sexual abuse of our children.  What are you going to do about it?   E. Fox 

            RE the above subject - sex in our schools, go to http://www.article8.org/ for updates on people fighting the battle in the trenches of Massachusetts.   

            Down-Size DC -- (That's the District of Columbia...)  Make the federal government s m a l l e r .  Led by Jim Babka, these folks are working outside of the parties -- which are either themselves making government bigger, or are incompetent to make a difference.  Worth a visit.  They mean business....

            Democracy in the Middle East:  Pres. Bush and the "realists" are both wrong...  by Barbara Lerner  Some common sense on the situation in the Middle East. 


1.31     John Adams & Jacob Duche' --  John Adams was not an orthodox Christian, but he was not a Deist.  He believed that we are both corporately and personally responsible before God, our Creator and Sovereign.  It would be accurate to say that Adams was a Unitarian, and, in that respect, within the Biblical worldview.

1.26     Islam: Hijra & Sacred Space --  Patrick Sookhdeo on the Islamic view of immigration.  The only reliable evidence that there could be a benign Islam is if the non-radicals will deal --  forcefully --  with the radicals, and win. 

            ** Relationship with God -- & "Jewish" Psychotherapy  --  Peter Toon with commentary by E. Fox 

1.24     History -- Fun and Funny...   in the Just-for-Fun library

1.23     ** Have We Lost the Culture War?  -- E Fox commentary on article by Beverly Eakman 

            ** God is showing up...  E. Fox 

            "Keep Playing...."  Humor or reality???  A child on stage with Paderewski. 

            Roe Babies and Reagan Babies --  shift in attitude away from abortion -- more Pro Life.  Deo Gratia!

1.21     ABC's 20/20 -- "Stupid in America"   --  commentary by Lynn Stuter on the continuing education disaster in America.  Get government totally out of education.  Only tyrants benefit by controlling what you believe and how you learn. 

            Where are we in the Anglican Communion? - Question by John Rodgers, bishop in AMiA (Anglican Mission in America). 

            Chinese Economic Disaster in the Making?  - by Jack Wheeler  -- 

1.19     Allopathic vs. Homeopathic Medicine -- a huge contest already long in progress.  My instincts go with homeopathic.  It seems that Big Pharma (as their critics call the pharmaceutical industry) is much too  involved with government control of things.   -- E. Fox.  

             Rosie the Riveter  vs. Illegal Aliens --  link to Frosty Wooldridge  --- Citizens taking action against illegal aliens. 

1.18     The Century Ahead: It's the Demography, Stupid -- the real reason the West is in danger of extinction. 

            Where are all the Men??? --  not in churches, but why?? 

1.17     America will become America again...   Frosty Wooldridge  --  commentary on Mexico and America.

1.15     Was Thomas Jefferson a Christian?  

1.12     Money Issue may be the America's Achilles Heel in War on "Islamic Fundamentalism"  -- link to Edwin Vieira   --  an essay on the vulnerability of the US financial system. 

            Sustainable Development Creating a Shortage & Crisis -- link to Michael Shaw on attempts to control ecology by government.  As with gun-control (see below), when the power to do things is in the hands of the citizens, not the government, things go better.  Government's role is protection and referee, under direction from the people, not as the decider of our every move.

            Will You Live Under the "Earth Charter"?  link to Dennis Cuddy on more globalist control

            Texas' (& NYC) Concealed Handgun Law - 10 Years Later --  Jerry Patterson  (and John Lott)

            ARE YOUR KIDS STUPID?  --  Watch ABC 20/20 Friday, Jan. 13 at 10PM EST --  for critique of failing American government run schools.  Civil government, whose specialty is coercion and control, should never, never, never be educating children. 

            Rebuilding Civil Society in New Orleans --  link to Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph. D.  The deeper problem is not the physical devastation, but the moral, spiritual, and intellectual devastation which had long before taken place. 

1.11     Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science -- now available at Amazon and on the Road to Emmaus.

1.9       Christianity Credited for West's Success -- Richard N. Ostling on book by Rodney Stark.  See Amazon for other similar items by Stark. 

1.8       Global Banking - International Monetary Fund -- Patrick Wood -- excellent scholar with background material on fundamental international issues.   Parts 1, 2, and 3.   A good study. 

1.7       Hierarchy of Needs -- Abraham Maslow --  one of the founders of humanistic psychology. 

            American Minute --  a daily memento from American history.

1.3       Frederick the Great on the American Revolution --   Also the President of Yale.... 

            See above, the new American Minute page -- with something new about American history every day.

            ReSources on the Destruction of American Education --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rare find for information and background on how it all happened. 

            Corporations the driving force for homosexual activism.   Good ol' American free enterprise...!

1.2       A  BLESSED   9 th    D A Y    O F    C H R I S T M A S --  &   a   HAPPY    N E W    Y E A R    ! ! !

            MORMONISM -- is it Biblical?  or is it a demonic intrusion to divide Christendom? 

            Never! Never! Never! Give Up! - Staying the Course in 2006  --   Charles Colson on Breakpoint --  about winning the culture war --  Presenting issue?  --  polygamy now in Holland.   The pseudo-liberal nonsense will eventually fall of its own weight of corruption, even if common-sense folks do not wake up to take them on.  

2006 Anno Domini

2005 Anno Domini


12.31   A  BLESSED   7 th    D A Y    O F    C H R I S T M A S --  &   a   HAPPY    N E W    Y E A R S    E V E    ! ! !

            ASLAN IS IN THE MOVE --  If you have not seen the Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe -- do so.  Very well done.  The appearance of the film is itself a sign of Aslan among us.  Yes, He comes into a world such as ours. 

12.30   Self-Worship: the God of Democracy --  Steve Farrell -- NewsMax.com   REBUILDING BABEL

            ** Our Schools are Killing our Children --  2-part essay from 1999 Emmaus News on the Littleton, Colorado, school killings, and the absurdity of gun control laws   E. Fox

12.27   Canada - new destination of choice for pedophiles???   Supreme Court OK's 14 year old sex clubs.  Which tells us that they have no interest in the health of society, no interest in future generations of children, only in the present and immediate "feel-good" of.... whomever.  A prescription for social disaster.  Coming to America if the pansexual and homosexual advocates have their way. 

            ** Letter to the Washington Times -- on the education disaster on education disaster (from early 2003) with postscript on globalist interest in keeping people ignorant. 

12.26   Truth on the Ground --  What is the truth in Iraq?  Should the US pull out?  The Washington Post (!) article makes a good case for seeing it through to stability.  People are beginning to see that things "on the ground" are not as being reported here in the US of A. 

            Terrorism Update -- a watchdog website

            Contribute to the Judge Roy Moore campaign to become Alabama's next governor.  Moore is one of the very few politicians who understands Biblical government.  See also the Constitution Party

            Will Your Kids be Christians???   --  Article on Baptists leaders urging Baptists to get children out of government schools.  If we get enough children out of government schools, they will collapse, and the globalist hold on America will likewise also collapse. 

            Are Muslims Held to Lower Standards?   Online Human Events, Robert Spencer.   The evidence is quite clear that multicultural nonsense has given the Muslims a free pass in many instances.  And the radicals are making the most of it.

            Iraqi Election -- Keeping Ten Balls in the Air...  Good summary of the juggling act necessary to get through to stability. 

            Stop Apologising for Being Christian!   --  says English Atheist  -- It's time Christians felt the same way. 

            Falling Birth Rates not just European Problem ---   Christmas message from Mark Steyn - Chicago Sun-Times 

12.22   Lincoln -- 2nd Inaugural Address -- & comment.

            American Heritage Girls -- Alternative to Girl Scouts -- who have been taken over by aggressively secular/lesbian interests, including Planned Parenthood. 
Tel: 513 771-2025;  Email: ahg@ahgonline,org;  Web: www.ahgonline.org  

12.15   The Truth Project  --  Focus on the Family --   Worldview issues are catching on...! 

            The American View -- Website representing the Constitution Party viewpoint --  The ONLY political party with a Biblical view of politics.  Some excellent materials on abortion and Judge Alito -- things may not be as advertised. 

            Taxes that were not here 100 years ago....   Sad picture of what we have allowed ourselves to fall into.  Will we stay here???   Not if we recover our Biblical foundations & limited government. 

            Did an American President Utter These Words....    Link to Devvy Kidd.  I hope no President said those words, but like Kidd, I would not be surprised, and for the same reasons.   E.Fox

12.14   Family-to-Family --  Home-School Mentoring -- a new website to help families home school.  The movement is growing.

12.13   The Anti-(Judeo)-Christian League  --  great article by Don Feder

            Revitalizing the Militia can Promote Monetary Reform - Part I  -- Edwin Vieira   [This seems like a long shot, but Vieira is a good writer.  And I agree that the economy is in serious trouble (for what my uneducated opinion is worth on that subject....)  E. Fox] 

            Revitalizing the Militia can Promote Monetary Reform - Part II  -- Edwin Vieira

12.12   Literacy -- & How Government Schools Can Ruin Your Child's Life -- Joel Turtel

            What Will It Take to Turn Education Around?  -- Lynn Stuter 

            Symphony of Life -- by Dr. Jerome LeJeune -- Geneticist - on how life begins at conception.  No question about it. 

            America Plundered by Global Elite - Part I --  link to a short history of the Elite -- by Patrick M. Wood -- on rebuilding the Tower of Babel.   Also, Part II.  

12.10   Consequences of Marriage for African Americans (Executive Summary)--  from  www.AmericanValues.org 

12.9     Government Sex Ed -- Criminal Child Abuse, not Education  

            Why we need the Freedom of Education Act --  Tom DeWeese 

12.7     More on the Avian Flu...   Are we being hoaxed?  Dr. Sherry Tenpenny 

12.6     Pro-Life legislation in the Congressional Pipeline...!!   Link to the National Pro-Life Alliance.  Call your congressman and tell him what you think...!   And pray for the babies...  What would you do if 4000 adults were lined up every morning before dawn and shot -- to solve someone else's problem...? 

            ** Harry Potter and the Baptized Imagination --  Commentary by E Fox 

12.3      Dethroning the Imperial Judiciary --  Larry Pratt on Edwin Vieira's book


11.29   New Burn Treatment --  link to Dr. James Howenstein.   Medical source: www.salibaburnsinstitute.org

            European Disaster Zone -- Arnaud deBorchgrave

            Roman Catholic Church to ban most homosexual persons as priests.  See article at  http://www.nytimes.com/ -- They are taking the right road.  Homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction     E. Fox

            Antonio Gramsci & the US Body Politic  --  by Alberto Luzarraga --  Gramsci is one of the primary strategists for communist globalism.  See below (11.24) on globalists. 

            Alexis deToqueville -- on the coming American despotism....  

            The Greco Report  ...   a fascinating site on intellectual freedom -- with a sad touch of racism (in its pro-Hellenism).  The pro-Hellenic crowd will founder on the same deficit on which the original Hellenism foundered -- their secular (or pagan) worldview.   The intellectual and political freedom for which they strive cannot be had without the Biblical God. 

11.24   HAPPY THANKSGIVING....!!! 

            ** GLOBAL SCHOOLING: the Hijacking of American Education -- Patrick Wood - commentary by E. Fox.  See above on Gramsci. 

            Globalization in Great Britain --  Dr. David Abbott (Englishman).   We are just a few years behind England in control by the secular globalists.  Only a spiritual renewal will turn the tide - recovery of our intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity.   It is on the way.   Will you be a part of it?  

            Marketing the Occult -- Harry Potter -- by Berit Kjos  (a very good writer).  Is she right or wrong?  If the name of Jesus is not mentioned, if there is no clear word of truth about ultimate commitments, then the material is suspect.  Where there is doubt or darkness, there is legitimate room for suspicion. 

            The Secret to Defeating Radical Islam --  link to David Kupelian --  The best defense is still a good offense.  We Christians need to learn (again) how to wage spiritual warfare.

11.23   The Global Elite: Who Are They?  --   an excellent assessment of "Globalism".  Patrick Wood is an author to watch.   

11.21   ** MORAL CLARITY & VIOLENCE -- What the "Muslim World" thinks ---  about its enemies.   Commentary by E. Fox

            Roman Catholic Cardinal rejects "Intelligent Design"  --   (He badly misinterprets it...) 

            Companions of St. Peter now fully an Anglican congregation -- (where I was their first priest... E. Fox) 

11.16   "Chem Trails" over Las Vegas - ???  Link to Las Vegas Tribune.   If anyone has first hand info on this, please let me know.    Email to E. Fox.

11.15   What is Love???  --- Children's version.   Wonderful!  Wonderful! 

            Crisis of Faith in the Muslim World --   a powerful insight into Islam today... 

            The Picture of Doria Gray --  a modern parable about feelings and relationships... 

11.14   SPEAKEASY --  THIS SATURDAY, NOV. 19  --  See Calendar --  Presentation on ID (Intelligent Design), & the recovery of Christian intellectual credibility.  If you want to know how to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in public, come to this....

           Deadly Consequences of "Expert" Advice on Child Rearing -  Beverly Eakman -- on of the best writers on the subject of sex ed and government intrusion 

           5 Questions for Muslims to Answer -- Rabbi Dennis Prager

11.13   School House Crock -- Sexual Eminent Domain  -- by Doug Powers.  This is a school system near Los Angeles (and the legendary 9th circuit court).  What about your school system?  "It can't happen here!"?  Do you know what is happening in Massachusetts?   Go also to www.honestedu.org

           Baptists Getting Ready to Get Children Out of Public "Schools" --  Homosexual agenda becoming apparent... 

11.11  ** Christians, the UN, & 1-World Government --  E. Fox  --  Why Christians should be working toward a 1-world government...  and how. 

11.10  Bill Gates, the UN, and One-World-Control of Your Education --  Probably the most dangerous drift in the world today.  More scary than the radical Muslim threat.  This MUST be stopped.   The way to do so is to get the US government totally out of education.  Break the federal link with the UN dis-education, mind-control project. 

           Biblical Politics Page -  new item.  Quotes from the Bible and elsewhere illustrating the political message of the Bible and of Biblical religion. 

11.9    Is America (George & Condi) Watching Europe (Eurabia)?    by Jan Markell   Eurabia - a second French Revolution -- natural sequel to the first? 

11.7    Open letter from Mary Wright, former prayer partner.  

11.6    "How Major Corp's Partnering with Govt. Plan to Track Your Every Move" --  Link to Mary Starrett.  More along the line of how our commercial folks are betraying the public (See 11.2  below, "The Marketing of Evil"  And 11.3 on govt. and health issues).  Do you know what "Spychips" are?  

                    Much, if not most, of this betrayal could not happen without collusion between govt. and commerce.  (Just as between education and government.)   This is an astonishing story about the destruction of American society. 

                    When Govt. does not stick to its rightful role of referee, when it colludes with business, with labor, or other special interests, the public is betrayed into the hands of thieves and charlatans.  Clearly, one of the separations of powers needed in government is separation of government and commerce.   A referee MUST not be a player in the game.  The only places where people can steadily get away with this kind of ugly nonsense is in (un)civil government and in the (backslidden) Church (and in both cases because the "elite" have ways of insulating themselves from public accountability). 

           9th Circuit:  Parents have no fundamental rights in their children's sex ed -- Get your children out of the government run schools, and then get government out of those schools.  


11.4      Two Articles on the Tragedy of Feminism:   "Time to Defund Feminist Pork" -- the Hate-Men Law, by Phyllis Schlafley (question: Where are  the men standing up???),   and "Jim Crow Days for Men" -- by Carey Roberts.   

11.3      Building Health Freedom from the Ground Up  --  link to Carolyn Dean, MD, ND.   More on the health wars which are heating up.   The massive control which civil government wants to exert over every aspect of our lives is a serious matter.  As is the growing collusion between government and big business (pharmaceutical corporations and other corporately moneyed people).  It works against the very "free trade" which politicians tell us they support.  Free trade will not exist until government shrinks and gets out of most of its regulatory coercion.  How this will shake out, I do not know. 

            New Orleans Disaster & the 2nd Amendment --  Is the behavior of the mayor (forcibly rounding up privately owned weapons) treason against the citizens?  And if so, what to do about it???

11.2     The MARKETING of EVIL -- by David Kupelian --  This is one of the best summaries available of the evils which are upon us, and describes the strategies used by the perpetrators of evil to sell evil as good, and America down the sluiceway into self-destruction.  (No matter -- it will feel good.  Well, until the consequences hit.) 

            ** Seminar on THE BIBLICAL AGENDA FOR HUMAN SEXUALITY --  how to win the sexuality wars. 

            ** Education and the Bible -- some Biblical quotes and commentary

11.1     In Bush We Trust...???   Link to article by Don Feder - very (and rightly) critical of Bush's alleged "conservatism".   Fair and to the point.  Excellent article.  The ONLY party (that I know of) which has a Biblical understanding of civil government is the Constitution Party

            More Tears & Grief -- Arkansas prison system knowingly sold HIV infected blood, infecting thousands all over the world -- according to new documentary.  Bill Clinton implicated.

            Boston Church terrorized by "gay" activists at "Love Won Out" conference on coming out of homosexuality.   Coming to a church near you....    Stand up and be counted. 


10.29   See new diagrams of Biblical and Secular/Pagan worldviews.  This theme will form the foundation of the apologetics for the Road to Emmaus==>>.    If you want to get prepared to talk to the world around you about your Christian faith, get these under your belt.  Much more to follow. 

10.28   "The thought of modern industry in the hands of Christian charity is a dream worth dreaming. The thought of industry in the hands of paganism is a nightmare beyond imagining. The choice between the two is upon us."   Teddy Roosevelt, 1909.  He may have had a premonition of the emerging 20th century, the most brutal in human history (so far).    See also Herbert Hoover.

10.26   ** Letter to a School Board Member whose board has OK'd the homosexual agenda --  E. Fox 

10.25   The Good Going on in Iraq...    from Conservative Petitions.  

10.24   EVIDENCE that DEMANDS ACTION --  HIV / AIDS  dramatically reduced in Uganda.  Link to PDF file.  This information MUST be spread far and wide, to schools, parents, politicians, clergy.   Anyone with a grain of common sense, anyone whose mind had not been erased by our treasonous education system and media, knew long ago that abstinence would work far better than condoms in preventing HIV / AIDS.  Now, after millions of deaths, and more in the wings, the evidence is IN (and, in America, being ignored!).  This and other excellent sex education materials at The Medical Institute  (Get on their email list...)    WHEN (not IF) Christians begin again to understand the power of evidence and its relation to faith, watch out...  It is on the way...

10.23   Archbishop of Canterbury - David Nichols Mem'l Lecture  --  "Law, Power, & Peace..."  Does the ABC articulate a genuinely Biblical view of civil government?   The ABC raises some good issues.  Does he have a clearly Biblical view of government? 

10.22   Prayer Request from Jordan --  Matthew Walter and his missionary language program in Jordan is in danger of being closed. 

            Anne Graham -- We Reap What We Sow --    A MUST READ 

            85% of Child Predators are Criminal Immigrants --  link to Jim Kouri (source: Dept. of Homeland Security) 

            Paul Hill - requiescat in Pacem -- a witness to his death at the hands of the government.  See other articles in the Life/Health Library 


            ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: HOW TO COMPEL YOUR GOVERNOR TO ACT  --  Link to Frosty Wooldridge  

            DISASTER PREPARATION:  how to mitigate the damaging effects.  It begins at the bottom, not the top.

10.20   Hate Crimes -- The Knock on the Door --  Robert Jason visited in Canada.    COMING TO YOUR DOOR SOON ...  IF YOU SPEAK OUT.    AND FOR SURE IF YOU DO NOT...  STAND UP, AMERICA! 

10.18   Marshall Law -- Coming to a Neighborhood Near You ---  link to Craig Roberts  --   I think Roberts is largely on target.  There is little will to fight back in America -- even though the barbarians are not at the gate, they are already in the command-centers, the pulpits, in every branch of government, the media.   E. Fox.

10.14   ** Politics, Religion, & Pluralism  --  E Fox. comments on Cal Thomas, et al.  BREAKING THE HAMMER LOCK OF SECULAR HUMANISM.   The quagmire of public discussion.

            Global Cooling - Next Ice Age On Its Way  --   impressive report....?   We shall see. 

            On Being Thankful for Crooked Cops -- link to Larry Pratt on gun laws. 

            More on Hate-Crime Legislation --   Don Feder   A MUST READ...

            Between Two Worlds -- link to Elizabeth Marquardt on what happens to the worlds of children of a divorce. 

10.13   ** Lex orandi - Lex credendi  --   PRAYERS FOR OUR NATIONAL LIFE -- a lesson in Godly politics.  Prayer is not an optional extra for Christians.  Comment by E. Fox.      (See also the Prayer Library.) 

            ** Pluralism and Christians -- see Constitution Library for several articles and letters to editors by E. Fox. -- (click on "Pluralism" in Contents box) 

10.12   Bird Flu, Liberty, & Quarantine -- Is this honest protection or more of the drift toward centralization? 

            Sex Runs Wild in the Military --  link to NewsMax.Com   ---   You put morally and emotionally and spiritually immature American men and women together under high stress..., and (surprise! surprise!) they sexualize their needs, and use sexual pleasure to sugarcoat their pain and loneliness. 

            Provinces of the Anglican Communion - You can get to the website of every Province in the Anglican Communion... 

            What You Need to Know About Root Canals --  link to Dr. James Howenstein  --  Are you sure you should get that root canal?   How can you protect your self.  A good read. 

            Welcome to the Disease of the Month Club --  link to Dr. Carolyn Dean and Seattle Times  on Big Pharma manipulation of the public.  True or not??? 

            UN & the Rights of the Child --  Stop Congress and the President from signing on to this travesty. 

10.11    Federal Hate Crimes Bill: Federalizing Criminal Law While Threatening Civil Liberties  --  Robert Knight

           ** What Happens in Countries with Hate-Crime Laws?  --  and response by E. Fox 

10.7     Gay Perspective -  Toby Johnson --  a classic piece of homosexualist propaganda.  A TEST: Could you respond gracefully ---  with intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility?

            SPEAKEASY --  I DO EXIST...  --  

                    See also Pastors' Prayer Conference at Episcopal conference center near Fresno.

            Davy Crockett on Govt. Welfare --  one of the best explanations around of the constitutional issue and limited government.

            Massive Cultural Campaign to Expose Children to Homosexuality ---   Robert Knight  ---  Do you care? 

            Our Passions & the Promiscuous Church -- David V. Hicks -- insight into Christendom's first openly homosexual bishop. 

10.1     Hate-Crime Laws -- an Assault on Freedom --  Robert Knight.   American society is steadily drifting away from freedom and toward control.  We are more interested in safety and comfort than freedom.   


9.30     Theory of Evolution (Not Intelligent Design) is Most Like Creationism -- Brian Fahling - excellent statement of the issues.  (Mr. Fahling is senior trial attorney for the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy in Tupelo, Mississippi)

9.29      NOTE: the Road is getting in better shape to be a "School of Christian Apologetics".  Most of the articles posted deal with current issues, and are examples (good and bad) of the more underlying issues.  To get at those underlying issues themselves, visit the Road Map for the various libraries, or read the articles by myself which focus on those basics.  These are where the Christian community has floundered for two centuries.  We can get back in the saddle again, and retake Western Civ. for God -- by His grace and mercy.    Generally, my articles are preceded by a double asterisk **. 

             ** What is "Science"???  a short essay by E. Fox 

             ** A Brief History of Religion vs. Science --  on the Science Page  E. Fox 

             ** What is Philosophy?   

             Polygamy ---  No bottom to the sexuality pit.... 

             The absurdity of the Homosexual Debate --  commentary on Roman Catholic position 

9.28     Do you need a flu shot...???    Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, D.O.   Maybe we do not need flu shots and other vaccinations.  How do we know who is trustworthy?

9.27     The ACLU vs. America --  by Jamie Glazov  --  


            ** "God & Tsunamis"  --  E. Fox  -- What is a Christian to make of all these "Acts of God"???   A good bit. 

            ** Terrorism & Metaphysical Stability --  on the ONLY reliable stability in times of deep trouble.  E. Fox

            ** 9-11 -- Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve...   How to respond in times of deep tragedy.   E. Fox

            Societies  *Worse off*  "When They Have God on Their Side"  --  Can we rescue the reputation of God? See article by George Barna taking opposing view

9.26     ** The Evolution of Justice -- a sermon by E. Fox  9/25/05   How do we resolve the tensions between the lex talionis (law of retaliation),  freewill, compassion, and justice? 

9.24     Biblical Inner Healing -- in the oven, due soon. 

9.23     Western Civilization, Our Tradition  --  link to James Kurth pdf file, and to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute  --  a powerful resource -- well worth visiting and revisiting.    These folks have it right -- Christendom is the only viable foundation for Western (or any other) civilization.  They have super DVD's for as low as $2, and they know how to argue the case. 

PART 3  -- Link to Edwin Vieira  -- Superb constitutionalist.  

           Not Liberating, After All...   Wendy Shalit --  Review of Feminist Chauvinist Pigs, by Ariel Levy -- the sad and tragic story of sexually-liberated feminism.  How many lives and marriages were destroyed by this idiocy which never had an ounce of scientific credibility?  Why did America buy into such nonsense?  And, when will we men stand up? 

9.19     Constitution Party Candidate for Congress....!    A potential winner. 

9.18     A NG Helicopter Pilot's Report on New Orleans Recovery  -- 

9.16     (Rick) Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan & UN Goals --   Link to Berit Kjos    I am not an expert on Rick Warren --  though I am reading his book, The Purpose Driven Life, which I do not find to be negative in the way described in this article.  But I am a great respecter of Berit Kjos.  Worth taking a look at.  She is very critical of both Warren and the UN.  She is more than fair to the UN.  Is she fair to Warren??? 

                    Look also at my article, The Purpose-Driven Cosmos.  Being purpose-driven is part of being human, not a deficit.  It depends on what purposes, and where you get them -- From God or elsewhere? 

            ** FAREWELL to the Republican Party --   Open letter to President Bush from E. Fox

            Revolution in Education -- Soviet Style  --  a piece by Charlotte Iserbyte -  a MUST READ if you want to understand why America can no longer think straight.   This is scary stuff.  Back to prayers and strategizing with God. 

            A Legal Immigrant Addresses Illegal Immigration --  Link to Frosty Wooldridge

9.15     House Adds "Sexual Orientation" to "Hate Crimes"  --   The ignorance and cowardice of our leadership is wreaking its toll.   If this goes through, then what?  Maybe it takes this to wake up the people.   We could